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Are you a victim of malicious online scams?

One of the most prevalent threats today are the online scams that act as a threat to your private security, confidential information and even identity. Terms like identity theft, malicious programs and banking hacks are now often heard of. The scams seem to be everywhere and it is quite difficult to identify them.

What can you do about it? The first step is to be aware of the ongoing scams and then taking adequate steps to keep your digital data protected. We believe in providing end to end protection to our customers and have come with scam alerts that can make each of our customers aware of the online threat and how to protect themselves.

How to protect yourself from the scam?

There are scams coming up every day. To keep your digital data protected, here are the things that you can do on a regular basis.

◆ Keep all your software updated
◆ Have a strong and active antivirus installed
◆ Avoid clicking on any attachment from unknown sources
◆ Avoid storing confidential details like bank account number etc. on the computer
◆ Always log out after visiting social websites
◆ Avoid sharing private details online

To keep you protected, round the clock, call on our scam protection helpline number – and get instant support for any online threat.

Different types of scams you need to be aware of

Inheritance Scams: If you are getting any sudden mail that you have inherited some property or money, then don’t believe in it. These are fake email notifications that ask for your bank and personal details to transfer the funds and compromises your details.

Internet Video Scam: If you suddenly see false videos appear on your screen out of nowhere, close it down immediately. These videos corrupt the system and you can end up losing a lot of your data. Further, avoid filling any surveys that come along with these videos. It will ask you to fill your personal information that can be used against you.

Online Software Scam: Are you suddenly getting software installation proving it can improve your system performance? You can get this communication over phone or mail. These are actually pirated or unlicensed versions of the software, that can cause your system to freeze. These are one type of cyber-criminal and aims to get access to your credit card and bank details.

Fake Antivirus Scams: This is one of the most common types of scam. The scam detects a false virus on your computer and then end up selling a fake antivirus to you. They can also remove the original and perfectly running antivirus on your system. You need to be very careful of such scams and get your computer checked by professional tech support experts.

Online Dating Scams: Online dating is a trend. However, you need to be aware of the different scams out there. These scams start as regular dating websites and once a person gets emotionally connected, asks for money on one pretext or the other. Never give money on any online dating website. Further, never share your financial details with anyone over the internet. It is not safe and you can end up compromising your confidential data.

There are many more scams out there and our scam alerts will keep you posted regularly. Just call on our scam alert helpline number – and get round the clock protection for your device.

Why you need to call our Scam Alert support

Scams are around us and to keep yourself protected, you need PC Support Online scam alert protection support, working round the clock. We have got your back and keep your system secure at all given times. Here are things we do to protect you from online scams.

✔ Block pop ups that lead to malicious programs
✔ Keep your PC updated with antivirus and firewall protection
✔ Enable strong spam filters and give email support
✔ Modify browser settings for online protection
✔ Enable auto scan before downloading any attachment
✔ Two-layer password protection enabled
✔ Keep all confidential and private information secure
✔ Always check for new threats and protect your system immediately
✔ Unlimited tech support for any online scam problem

Call us on our scam alert support and stay protected and safe 24/7.