Sling TV Support Phone Number

Enjoy your TV experience like never before with Sling

Enjoy the best of live streaming with Sling TV. Offering a large variety of channels, Sling TV gets you want you want at the most competitive price. With great picture clarity and good sound, entertainment comes alive with Sling. To get started with Sling TV, call on the Sling TV support phone number – now.
Right from setting up your Sling TV, to help you stream the popular TV serials and movies, we have got you covered. If there are any configuration issues, then our technicians can further look into it and resolve it, right in front of your eyes. All you have to do, is call us and relax.

What makes Sling TV great

Sling TV has a strong range of channels under its hood along with recording features. It allows its users to watch a collection of live and on demand TV channels as and when they like. It functions like a regular cable TV service, however it is over the internet. It has a combination of base packages and pay on the go options as well. Here are some features of Sling TV that you must take notice of.

• Live Sling channels
• Works on the internet
• Has many a-la-carte channels to pick from
• Large variety of base packages
• Watch on Demand channels
• Available for Apple TV (till 2015), Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Android, and Chromecast

Call Sling Support Phone Number – and Get Started

Whether you are just starting off with Sling TV today, or are already a subscriber, we can help you get the most out of internet TV. Just call on our Sling support phone number – and connect with Online PC Support tech experts right away. We will get you started with Sling TV in a totally customizable way and will set up the connection as per your preferences. You can pick your favorite channels and then set it up, the way you want.

Things you should know about Sling TV

• When you are taking a Sling TV connection, please note that the subscription is only available for one device. So, if you are an Orange subscriber, you get access over one TV only. For getting access for multiple TVs in the house, you need the Blue Subscriber that allows live streaming up to 3 devices.
• If you have the Orange + Blue connection, you still can stream on 3 devices at a time. However, some channels only allow single stream.
• Even with the cool internet Sling TV, you will have to watch the commercials as on a regular cable TV.
• Only limited channels have pause, rewind and fast forward option. It is definitely not there for all ESPN channels.
• Sling TV doesn’t support DVR function, so you can’t record live shows. However, on-demand channels are surely available.

To understand all the features and components of Sling TV,
call on our Sling TV support phone number let our technician explain everything out.
From guidance to support, we are there to help you every step of the way.