Google brings a new and appreciable security feature that requires a code sent to your phone, in addition to username and password, before it allows you to log in

Are you aware of the two-step verification for signing in on a Google Account? The feature is an introductory step towards protecting your account safety in a unique manner. As soon as you enter your username and password and hit the sign-in button, you are taken to a new screen that asks for a verification code. This is the six-digit code that is sent by Google to your registered cell phone number through a text or voice message each time you log in. This is an effectual way of shielding your account against any possibilities of your password getting stolen or misused.

Once you enter the code, you can check the box below the verify button on the screen that reads ‘Remember this computer for 30 days’. This way, you would not require entering a code again for that particular period. However, this option is specific to the computer you would be using at that moment. If you log in from another computer, the two steps would be repeated again. To complete the two-step verification, you can go to ‘Account Settings’ and click on ‘Personal Settings’. After that you would need to select ‘Using 2-step verification’ and follow the instructions. Once done, few ‘Backup verification codes’ would be displayed that you have to write down or take a print of. These codes come handy in case your phone is unavailable or lost. You would further be asked to provide a reliable back up phone number (like that of a close friend) in case the primary number is lost or inaccessible.

One thing worth your attention here is that non-browser programs (such as Picasa Desktop app, Gmail app, etc.) would not be able to connect to your Google Account as usual. To enable them, you would need to go to ‘Personal Settings’ of your account. Once there, click on ‘Authorizing applications & sites’ and follow the instructions. You are required to go through this particular step for non-browser applications, just for once.

This exemplary security feature from Google is simply one of the best practices users can follow while using the Internet. It would certainly add value to the user experience and enhance the safety of the account. You can read more about this feature at the Google website.

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