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Malicious Add-on on Mozilla Firefox Reported

Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading web browsers today. Many have been into this browser because of its security and features that centers to a user – friendly interface.

But just recently, it has been into current issues regarding with a malicious add-on in their browser. Reports said that it steals the passwords of users who have installed this malware.

Although the Firefox Company has stated that it doesn’t come from them, it is still there responsibilities to ensure their user’s safety.

The reported malware has been available for weeks in the AMO ( thus leading to the involvement of the Mozilla Company.

The reported malicious add-on is called Mozilla Sniffer.

What is Mozilla sniffer?

This is a newly discovered type of malicious add-on that steals information, specifically passwords, from the users who have installed it to their browser. It does an action of intercepting important log in details that user’s use to different web sites. With no origin as to how was it directly made, the company are doing their way of removing it from the AMO.

How does it work?

Reports have said that when this malicious add-on will be installed, it then acts by stealing all the user’s passwords and automatically send it to a remote reported site or location.

It threatens user’s privacy and security and therefore it is very alarming and must be uninstalled directly. It could or might blocked user’s log in details to a certain site or might be able to control user’s profile and could get through with it and could cause damage.

There were approximately 300 active users, as reported, who have installed this add-on.

How can they protect their users?

The company stated that user’s who have installed this add-on will be receiving a warning dialogue advising to uninstall the malicious add-on. They will also be prompted with it and will be advice, after uninstalling, to renew or automatically change log in information or passwords they have been using.

They will also strengthen their security system for the AMO by instructing a stronger code – reviews before presenting different add – on.

It was stated that unchecked add-on will just be automatically scanned for viruses or malware activities, and some others requires a great code-review before proceeding.

They will also do a manual review and update of different new add-ons that will be released before showing it to the public and proclaiming it is ready for public use.

How can we protect ourselves as users?

With this issue on hand, this will serve as lessons for the near future. We should always checked information before downloading. We must see to it the files we will about to download or add comes from a trusted source.

We must also check for its status and virus free details and descriptions.

With these precautions, we can now prevent this malicious thing from harming our data or applications.

How to Add on Internet Office Word 10

Microsoft is ready with its new product. The product this time is its new Office suit 2010. Its coming after 3 years as the last suit was launched in year 2007 and it was the best selling office 2007. Office 2007 has given a completely new dimension to the interface of office applications. This new feature has replaced the old and classical menu based interface with the new ribbon based interface. These ribbons have really proved themselves and have been liked by majority of the users. This new interface displays the items and buttons of the same category in front on the screen all the times. You do not need to search for options in the small over crowded toolboxes or in the tree type menu bars; every thing is readily available for you right on your screen. In Office 2010 Microsoft has continued the same ribbon style interface and has added a lot in the feature section. If we talk about the new Microsoft Outlook 2010 then now it is capable in keeping you connected with the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Office Excel and Office word is integrated with online Office and so you if you want you can get your data and files available any where on any computer. This was just the tip of the iceberg and a lot more is inside the new suit 2010.

Just like the previous versions of Office the new version also comes in various editions and you can choose the one which best suits your work type and budget. The Home and Student Edition includes Office Word, Office Excel, Office PowerPoint and Office OneNote. The Home and Business edition includes Office Word, Office Excel, Office PowerPoint, Office OneNote and Office Outlook. And finally the third edition which is Office Professional includes everything in it. It has Office Word, Office Excel, Office PowerPoint, Office OneNote, Office Outlook, Office Access, and Office Publisher in it. You can select the edition that you want and the prices as of now are $149.99, $279.99 and $499.99 for Home and Student, Home and Business, and Professional respectively

To get your copy of this new Office suite go to and get your copy. You can click on New copy or Upgrade copy and do the purchasing right from there. After downloading the file you can install it by double clicking the downloaded file which starts with the extraction of files and then initiates the Installer. Installation is very simple and just like any other product but it would be wise to install it in separate directory than the one in which you already have your existing version of Office. This good because 2010 is new software and it will take a little time for you to get used to it so it is good to keep both of them installed on your machine for some time and later you can remove the previous version. Microsoft has really put in lots of efforts in developing this new version and using this product would again be fun just like always.


There is no reason as to why a Firefox addict should not be excited at this time, because they are reaching every nook and corner to satisfy their customers. Their latest venture is the entry into mobile phone browsers, thus the first things all other players will have to think is “run baby run”.

Mozilla in the recent past has been the biggest hit among the other browsers with its advanced features and user friendliness. Now Mozilla has recently come up with its pre- mature version of the mobile browsers, which definitely promises all the action and thrill that is available in the desktop browser. Mozilla have named this as the Fennec, which happens to be the codename of the mobile browser. The most interesting part to the users and of course not for Google’s android platform will be the sneak peak to know what they can expect from Mozilla.

There has been review that the pre alpha state is so called, as the browser is still in development. Though it’s still in developmental stages the expectation has already been created. Here are a few advantages that the reader gets to know about the new android application.

The most thrilling feature in browsers is the ability to switch, toggle and handle multiple websites in a single window, but, in different tabs. The newer version of the browser for mobiles also, promises multiple tabs usage in a mobile. You can scroll on the page using this browser which is really fun because scrolling on each side is like getting two options for just scrolling, for eg: scrolling the page until the far left of the page enables the a vertical tab panel and this tab panel shows tiny pictures/images of the other pages that are currently open, all that it takes is a click on it and then within a flash the user is in the page.

Scrolling to the right brings up another panel , which has options to mark the page as a favourite , and then all that we need to do is navigate forward or backward and open up a preference menu. The users have the privilege to enable or disable the JavaScript and manage their privacy settings. The most attractive feature is the add-on they provide. These add-ons are really good and user friendly which can help the user on further expansion and customization. I can approximate that there could be more than hundred add-ons to facilitate customization.

Another exciting feature and the most gravitating feature is the Weaver Browser Sync which allows users to save passwords, browsing history, and also allow cookies to be in sync between the desktop and the android browser in the mobile.

There are further add-ons for Youtube and Twitter fanatics. Though there is heavy expectations for this browser, the audience has to wait for the complete version of the browser, if the excitement is too high and you want to try it, one should be careful about his own system as there is a higher opportunity cost that they might have to pay.


Here is a small set of important and most popularly used add-on that is differentiating the choice of browsers amongst most of us. Most of us at a point of time did not know anything more than what is so called the “IE” but, days have changed where the selection of browsers not only depend upon the parameters like speed and ease of usage but add-ons.

Given an option to use the historic Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google chrome and so on… Undoubtedly majority of the people choose Firefox over the others for their advantages and amazing add-on they provide. Here are a few add-ons which have found their way to the top to differentiate the browsers and have become best pals to most of the users who stay loyal to the browser.


The name itself sounds cool and iris refers to the eye, its not only the name it also is the way the add-on works. It is the best way to review and have a look at the beautiful memories and moments that your camera clicked for you. This arranges the pictures that we have which looks like an array of pictures posted on the wall of our house and is really COOL for the IRIS. It is a compatible page like the Google and Facebook and far more interesting outlook for us to review and look at the images.

Power Twitter:

This is one of the best client for Firefox from twitter. It though is not a replacement; it is the highly used substitute in the case. It is a fascinating way of reading and writing your tweets on twitter. The promising advantage of this ADD-On is its ability to shorten the URL and image uploads. Another great feature would be the access of Facebook with #FB.

Twitter bar:

Updating Information on Twitter also has been made easy with this add-on. This add-on lets the user type their twitter status. It is a small and easy to access bar which is the key reason for this add-on to be one of the most used.

Fox Tab:

Managing the websites that we visit is one of the key things that anybody wants to do while being online for continuous hours. One of the best an Internet buff should actually by the time finish reading this should have among his add-ons. This is basically like a speed dial from a phone, it speed dials the page you want to visit. It is highly customised and further can be customised based on the user. This tab makes the user feel that he need not type the address of his favourite website each time.

Fastest Fox:

This is one of the key favourites among the top add-ons. It gives more options while we are searching for information online that can make complicated things much easier.
These are the top add-on that differentiates the browsers. There still is lot more for users to review about the add-on that Mozilla Firefox has to assist its users.

Top 5 Add- Ons

Mozilla Firefox has been the recent buzz in the world of Internet and this has happened because of the significant amount development they have been doing in their browsers to help their users in the most effective way. They have been doing well particularly in terms of the ADD-on service that they provide for their users. They have almost neared and are still developing more add-ons that are more than 100,000 in number. Apart from the ease to use these are the features upon which they have been banking a lot. Here are the top five important Mozilla Firefox Add-ons(plugins):

Add-on for Adobe reader and the Adobe Flash player:

These are one of the most needed add-ons for any user online as most of the sites these days have data in its websites in the .pdf format and it is not always possible to access the information from one’s own system. Thus, to access data in .pdf format one will have to install the add-on.

Another add-on would be the adobe flash player that helps us in viewing flash videos in websites like because, these Web sites that can be viewed with the help of flash players. While browsing those Web sites with the browser from Mozilla Firefox it becomes easier as they have this Adobe flash player add-on.

Java Add-on

The growth of java in technology can be compared on parallel lines with the growing of a weed in the garden that which cannot be controlled at all. Most web sites these days require a java plug-in or a java runtime environment to be installed in your system for it to function one hundred percent. Fire fox helps the users with this add-on for viewing such websites.

Windows Media Player

We all very well know that Windows Media Player is manufactured and is a sole property of Microsoft, but we also have known and experienced that there has been any add-on and at times some of us would have felt there is not one single add-on that was free. Mozilla’s Firefox is now ready to surprise those users with these add-ons that are very useful. This is the important Add-on when the user needs a real fluent flow of data.

QuickTime Add-on

Another video player that is in use by most in the market is from Apple Corp. The player from Apple Corp is the Quick time player and this player is now one of the most used media players in the market which can become second to none in a few more days. Mozilla Fire fox also provides add-ons that are well in use for those users who use quick time player. This ensures continuous flow of data which makes the viewing more comfortable and a pleasant experience with the add-on.

These 5 add-ons are just a small part of the entire collection of add-ons that Firefox actually has to give its users. These add-ons apart from making the usage of the browser easy for the customers also makes them loyal to the browser as these are a must for any browser.

ADD-Ons to help Internet companies

“A small step towards a giant leap” is an age old saying that would immediately come to every business man’s mind when they really understand and appreciate the use of add-ons that firefox has introduced. These add-ons are more useful to companies that are gravitated in doing online business because, Firefox has a unique feature, that can help such companies to improvise the ease with which they work and deliver things to their customers.

The feature is the adaptability that Firefox has always been giving it a finer edge over its competition. The add-on indeed is an added feature for Firefox to win the trust of the market and win the competition in the market. The special part about Firefox is it allows third party applications to be installed in the browser that can become a part of the browser, thus called as Firefox extension. There are many types of extensions available in Firefox to serve its niche market’s purpose in a better way.

These add-ons are helpful for many reasons like knowing the traffic rankings, Google page ranking and many more. An add-on called Gadget Advisor, is a web technology that has been developed and has served its purpose beautifully. Another extension offered that has been really serving its purpose would be the lightweight application that allows the user to know if a page has been cached on Google. The application basically shows a green coloured arrow in the status bar if the page is cached by Google and if the page is not cached by Google then it will show a red arrow on the status bar, this could be really useful to online companies while they are considering if or not to acquire a link. The online company can use the following extension if they happen to notice a green arrow on the status bar then the directory is good to be purchased. The same logic for analysis can be used by online shoppers while purchasing goods. All that an online shopper has to do would be to watch if the page is cached by Google. If the page is cached by Google then the page is likely to have higher levels of traffic and also is useful while buying a website.

In general, this particular extension helps in knowing the sites that are indexed by search engines and provides an evidence of much more valuable organic traffic, this extension can be helpful to the due intelligence of a purchaser or seller online. It now becomes much easier for a purchaser to know if the seller is selling a banned website using this extension. This, reduces the job for a purchaser to cross check with Google if the website has been indexed and cached in Google. One can easily try and know about the extension if anyone wants hands on experience it is easy to download and install to have a hands on experience.

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