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Apple Shuts out Adobe’s Flash

A developer working for Adobe Systems decided to come up with Adobe’s own version of a highly functional video calling system, which he named with something that is strikingly similar with the Apple product, FaceTime.

Mark Doherty, the platform evangelist of Adobe’s Flash, is the one who prepared the entire software. He called it the FlashTime. It is actually a combination of the multimedia system of Flash and the proprietary video conferencing program of Apple for the all-new iPhone 4. He has since changed the name of the software to P2P Video Calls on the Android, which is a name that is actually pretty less amusing.

The spokesperson of Adobe has stated that this particular application is actually not officially supported by the entire company. Moreover, she says that it is merely a demonstration that the AIR platform of Adobe for today’s latest gadget, the Google Android, can be utilized for making video calls. Applications from other companies that exist today, just like Skype and Fring, already allow Android phones to be used for video chatting.

She further states that the application creator only decided to call his creation FlashTime to immediately send the idea that his application has relatively similar functions with other more famous and older video applications. Today, there will no longer be any confusion between Apple’s FaceTime and Adobe’s FlashTime because Mark Doherty changed the latter’s name.

It was because of this similarity in the name that Apple and Adobe fought in court. Despite the pleas from Adobe, anything from Apple, especially the iPod Touch, iPhone, and, today’s most wanted gadget, the iPad, any Flash or applications from Adobe will not be supported.

This does not mean that Apple is not open to other companies, because, in fact, it has released its word that the company will be opening its FaceTime framework to outside developers, hoping that iPhone owners will be willing to connect with those who make use of gadgets that have been manufactured and distributed by other companies.

This means that those who own any Apple gadget can no longer use Photoshop for editing photos, making them look like photography experts. Also, they can no longer read files that have the PDF format, which is actually the format of most of today’s eBooks. There are also other famous Adobe applications that can no longer be installed in any Apple device.

However, despite the cold war, Adobe has given Apple “love” in exchange. In fact, the entire company has launched an onslaught of love in their full-page press advertisements, as they proclaim that they will always have undying affection even for those who claim to be their enemies.

This “expression of hearty quotes” is the latest in the increasingly bitter fight between these two extremely huge international companies. Each of them wants to be known to the entire world as the champion of openness. Apple claims that they only decided to shut Flash out because it was a closed and proprietary product. However, Adobe denies this and says that it was actually Apple’s iPhone ecosystem that was closed and proprietary.

Google Chrome Integrates Flash

If you are using the old version of Google’s Chrome, you will require downloading Adobe’s Flash separately. But, you have good news if you want to install Google’s Chrome new and latest version having interesting features, you do not need to download Adobe’s Flash and save it on another place. Google’s Chrome presents its latest version having integrated Adobe’s Flash which will directly and automatically get installed into the browser. Chrome 5.0.376.86, which is now accessible to download for Linux, Mac and Windows version was inaugurated over Google’s Stable Channel. In addition to this, there are some other updates like five bug fixes comprising 2 relevant to video handling.

It is expected that after latest version getting popular, a large number of internet users will adopt Google’s Chrome in comparison to other Google’s versions. It provides great facility and two in one single pack. Chrome and Flash being integrated on a single platform means user-friendly Google and now users have the complete freedom from a separate plug-in for Flash. According to the latest Chrome blog, Flash is there by default. You need to manage the shift to EPC (Enterprise Private Cloud). Simply first consideration, then control and at last technologies; you are ready to see now.

Remove Flash

You also have the option of removing Flash, if you are not very keen to retain it or you are not flattered by harsh words of Steve Jobs for Adobe. You have the solution from CNET which provide complete step by step guidelines to get rid of by default installed Adobe’s Flash. Simply type into the Chrome address bar ‘about plugins’ and you will see a ‘disable ’ and a list of plug-ins button by using them you can shut down what you do not want there.

Adobe Flash has been the bone of content for Apple and Adobe for a long time in news after their fight got public on the subject of Flash on the ipad. But, after a lot heated words being exchanged on internet, Apple stepped back from Flash and embraced its other version for future for internet video. In addition, HTML 5 is also supported by Google which means more competitors in the market.

In the beginning of this week, Flash Player 10.1 was sent by Adobe to Smartphone manufacturer, particularly Google’s Android. The news is highly awaited Android update version 2.2 or Froyo will definitely support Flash, which means to bring video and internet games to Smartphones. If you are lucky enough among Android smartphones, you will receive Froyo, as there are a very few who will get it. Have a look at the list and think.

In Flash 10.1 hands-on test on Android, PC lovers appreciate it much more and consider it great with amazing speeds. But unfortunately, according to Adobe, Hulu will not be lucky as it does not have distribution rights for the content to be available on mobile devices which means it cannot send video to smartphones. Hope Hulu have an immediate Android apps very soon.

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