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Download-Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Cyber world is in continuous threat with increasing virus attacks and hackers.

There are number of virus and malware roaming on internet and trying to enter into any network or computer. It can come into your computer through any medium like a floppy drive, CD Drive, Pen drive, email etc. So you should be very careful while using such sources. The best way is to keep an antivirus application on your computer which can keep perform regular scan on for such malicious activities and can remove threats from the computer.

Emsisoft Emergency kit is designed for the same purpose, it is a collection of programs which can scan and clean threats from your computer without running any installation process.

It comes with a graphical user interface, which can be used to manage scan and remove virus from your computer. Emsisoft emergency kit also takes care of other malicious activities related to adware, Trojan, spyware, Worms, Dialers, Key-logger, etc.

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit

The latest version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit is free to use, which means it is freely available and users do not have to purchase the license to use this security software.

The download file is available in so many websites, but it is always good to download the file from manufacturer’s website.


Go to the Emsisoft manufacturer’s website,, to download the install file.  Save the installation .exe file on the desired location on your computer.


Once the download is complete, run the setup once. It will ask you permission to run or don’t run the installation file, click on Run and the installation process will be initiated. This single installation process will install the complete Emergency kit and you will be able to use all the functions after the successful installation.

Advantages on Emsisoft Emergency Kit

License free: the best advantage of the software is that it is free to use. Being a new product and brand in the market, this strategy can help to improve the awareness about the product.

Single Interface for Multiple problems: As mentioned earlier, Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a collection of security programs; it gives you the functionality to manage all security related issues from one place. The emergency kit takes care of all the threats like worms, Trojans, key-logging. In normal scenario any user will need an anti-virus program with additional spyware protection but Emsisoft Emergency kit solves all the problems from single console.


The latest version is recently launched and not much problems are reported so far. However, some users have complained that the software is not much documented which means the product manual and support knowledge base is not improved.

Some users have also complained that the Emergency Kit is not working well with Windows 2000 and it crashes while launching the user interface.

Every software comes with its pros and cons and Emsisoft Emergency Kit is no exception for that; however it deserves a trail as well.

How to secure Yourself from Hackers

Hacking is an inelegant practice of taking on somebody’s computer and its information. Undoubtedly it is an offense and should never be followed. However it is the one strong challenge with which the whole world is resisting and struggling hard. Even though there are securities but the hackers have break through of almost every security. Therefore it is important to have the strongest security settings and configuration so that our precious data is never at stake. Whether it is workplace or home, we deal in data and information. However there is always a probability of information threat if we do not have the precautionary measure before. People install firewalls, Internet securities as weapons. However the most vital step is to understand the significance of knowledge of the network system and the possible threats. The steps below help in protecting our information from hackers.

  • Check on a port scanner to know on ports of the system

Post scanner helps in detecting the open ports in the system that are prone to threats. It is also important to have the programs up to date to give right information.

  • Keep regular back up of the data

It is extremely essential to have back up of the information after every interval. The back up of the data ensures that you have a copy of information and under any circumstance your data would not be at loss.

  • Use encryption to add on to security

There is plenty of encryption software available online. If you hold important information on the system it is important to have the encryption applied on the data so that they get an upper hand on security measures.

  • Use antivirus and keep them updating

Make sure that you have antivirus loaded on the system. Most importantly just installing the anti virus do not solve the purpose but it needs to be updated often so that it functions properly.

  • Use anti adware,spyware,intrusion detection software and firewalls

The programs like software intrusion program, anti ad ware spy ware and firewall help in adding extra security to the network and thus it is extremely important to have them loaded on the system s and updating them after every interval.

  • Confirm the right wireless protocols

Check out on the correct wireless protocols so that you could get the assurance that the wireless set up is secure and not prone to threat.

  • Do not ignore an unsolicited mail or a Spam

It is human errors to avoid unsolicited mails which lead to harm of the system later therefore keep your eyes wide open if you get an alert and follow the right ways to fight against.

  • Get assistance from a System specialist

If it is difficult to keep a pace with all the essentials to avoid security threats, hire personnel who could assist in this regard.
Never open emails from people you do not know of and keep security patches updating the system security software’s.

How to Solve a Computer Virus Problem

A virus is a type of computer program which takes control of the system by infecting it. There are various kinds of viruses infecting computers such as malware, adware and spyware. These viruses are not able to reproduce. A virus can easily spread from one single computer to another. To spread, a virus does not require any special medium; it may occupy any file or folder. When one user sends it to another, over internet or any network, there is a possibility of it affecting the receiving system. In addition to this, if a removable medium such as USB drive, DVD, CD, floppy disk can also be used.

After the computer gets infected by the virus, it is very difficult to manage the whole system and protect important files and folders in your computer. Basic computer knowledge is a must to avoid any such incidents, especially when you are working on the internet. If you know about firewall settings or install anti-virus software, you can be protected with a secure cover.

Simple instructions to fix a Computer Virus

If you are experiencing a virus affect in your computer, you can make use of the following ways to get rid of it:

• First try to boot up the computer in safe mode. It is recommended that you perform all your revamp activities in safe mode, if you want to avoid any other damage to your system. Restart the computer. Press the key F8 a number of times until a black and white screen appears. Select the safe mode option and press enter on your keyboard.
• After the computer is completely booted up, clean and optimize the browser. It is also recommended that you clean both the browsers if you are using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. To open your browser, go to Tools, and delete all download and browsing history, including active logs, cache and cookies.
• You should close all open windows and find the “My computer” icon on the desktop. Use right click and select properties. Choose the System Restore tab. If you want to further spread the virus to other files, turn your system off because most of the viruses always occupy the system restore folder.
• Close down all open windows and go to the “Start” menu and then go to Search or Run. Type winmsd and press enter. Now go to the software environment category and select “Startup Programs”. You are now ready to scan the list. Delete all unknown programs which you are not aware of.
• There is another option on the internet. You can run the online anti-virus scan. You can find several sites providing free anti-virus scan such as and All the viruses found by them, will automatically be deleted or removed.

If you want to stop the virus from getting multiplied, the above mentioned points may be used. The best way of preventing any virus attack is installing any licensed anti virus software program, which is reliable and advanced! It always monitors the files you are about to download and alerts you when there is any virus found on your system.

What’s New in Windows Small Business Server 2008?

Windows Small Business Server 2008 brings in a new realm for the small businesses, presenting them with cost-effective solution to protect business data, expand the business capacity, which turns out to be a really affordable integrated solution.

Windows Small Business Server 2008 is expected to be the end result of Microsoft’s best practices, which will be able to work with existing technology, and present a comprehensive network to the small businesses without really burning holes in the pockets of the business owners.

Windows Small Business Server 2008 will be the easiest way to access your business desktop, and even files, business apps, as well as e-mails.

The new SBS allows the users to share resources including but not limited to printers, fax machines, Internet access, to make the most out of your technology investments.


It concentrates on improving scalability, and extends the compatibility by allowing you to add services, users, and apps, to the existing Microsoft technologies. SBS 2008 serves as an integrated administrative console, which isn’t too complex to handle.

Most importantly, the Windows Small Business Server 2008 helps in protecting your valuable business data by backing up literally everything over your network. Therefore, now you will be able to easily recover those accidentally deleted files, and all those unforeseen mistakes, and unintended blunders aren’t going to cost a lot to your business anymore.

Microsoft also promises to roll out constant updates and it will allow you to keep your computers and servers up-to-date, and protected by malicious attacks. You will also be able to use and integrate anti-spam and anti-virus programs to boost up your security against viruses, malware, and adware programs.

What’s more, it will also be possible to schedule weekly or daily reports to keep your IT administrator informed about the security, and other issues.

It integrates all the existing features, and presents a single administrative console to take charge of all the activities, and manage the common IT tasks. Windows SBS 2008 even brings in innovative feature called the at-a-glance snapshot, and green-check report to indicate the overview of the health of your PCs.

Furthermore, the SBS 2008 will also allow you to grow your business capacity, and connect with suppliers, vendors, and customers in a professional manner. It will also add to the capabilities of Windows Mobile–powered smartphones allowing you to stay connected with office work, even when you’re far away.

Last but definitely not the least, the Microsoft Office Live Services Small Business’ online marketing tools will help the small businesses in creating a bigger business and establishing a more professional image in comparison to their rivals, who don’t have the Windows SBS 2008 by their side.

So, check out the goodness of the latest affordable business solution presented by Microsoft; a dream for small business owners in terms of features as well as pricing!

Beat SpyWare and AdWare by Cleaning the Registry

The registry on Windows is a database or a collection of information about the computer’s hardware and software. It’s used to store the configuration of the software installed on the system, the hardware, and other settings contained in the system that the user has set.

The registry is a good way to monitor the software and hardware in the system. All the software is organized according to the user profiles. To change or modify the registry, one needs to be well versed with it’s operations.

The registry is liable to become corrupted by malware, and constant installation and removal of software. This is because some software doesn’t remove them from the registry.

Adware refers to software that is downloaded to the system and displays ‘pop-up’ advertisements on the screen. There are many sites that allow users to download programs free of cost in return for permission for adware to install on their system. This permission is usually hidden in the ‘terms and conditions’ or ‘agreement’ the user agrees to when downloading the software.

Adware are Spyware monitors the user’s activity on the Internet and the type of software the user uses on the computer. These Spyware do affect the smooth operation of the computer by slowing down the system. They can be removed with anti-Adware or anti-Spyware in addition the registry must also be cleaned.

The registry can be cleaned either manually using Windows Registry Editor, or by use of registry cleaning software. Cleaning your computer registry manually is a job for experts. The system may become corrupted if the wrong registry entries are either removed or edited wrongly.

To manually clean your registry using the Windows Registry Editor, first backup the registry, and then remove unnecessary files:

• On the desktop, click the Start button.
• Click Run
• Type regedit in the new Run window. Click OK
• At the top of the window, click File on the menu toolbar
• Go down and select Export
• Type a name for the backup file, and click Save

Click on the plus sign to expand a section of the registry editor. A good place to start is usually “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.” This area is used to make registry changes to hardware and software.

If you are not well versed in how the registry works, you should use registry cleaning software. There are many registry cleaning programs available. These include TweakNow, Regcleaner, Registry Healer and Registry Mechanic.

These programs scan your registry and remove errors such as missing references to files. They will all give you a list of results of what entries are safe. Some of them, such as Registry Mechanic, will allow you to create a backup using their program. The backup can be easily restored if the system becomes unstable.

Changing File extensions – A solution to malware attacks?

Symantec reports that there are nearly 12000 variants of malware detected every day. Isn’t that a big number? It is. We are sometimes “jaw down” by seeing the technological advancements but at the same time there is other side of the coin and the other side is so devastating. Everyday some system or other is reported to be affected by the malware and gets doomed. So what is this all about? What are malware? These are some of the questions that arise in the minds of many hazards that we face from malware of those are felt although we are in the heights of viewing what is happening in moon. Virus, worms, spyware, adware’s, Trojan horse and everything that hinders your system without your knowledge and eats up the information and sometimes corrupts are called malware. The effects of these worms are very fatal to your system that it should not be taken lightly. It is said that one should always do a complete system check of the files once in 10 days just to keep you informed about the effects of the virus.

The reason for almost all of the computer owners to talk about the malware is not by the way it affects the system or the information but, by the way it spreads in the system. A virus, as it is rightly called, spreads exponentially once it sets up its base in the system. In contrast to viruses, the intention of the creators of malware is not to destroy your system but to peep into the important information that you have on your PC, so that they can leverage the information. Attackers spend a lot of time ensuring that the tools and malware look and behave like regular applications, which makes detection difficult. There are lots of organizations working to stop these people to hack your computer. Some of these are Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee etc.

How do they infringe even though we have a firewall? The question is still unanswered. Is there any solution for this fatal ruthless infringement? Some would say that keep your anti-virus software updated and do a system run now and then, scan the external hardrive before using it and keep a back up of all the important information you have in your system. The saddest part is that, there are some malware that could even affect the anti-virus application.

So can we outsmart the virus by any chance? One way of outsmarting malware is through changing the extension of the executable file of the anti-virus program. But we have to make sure that the program runs with no problems what so ever. Experts suggest that one can change the extension of the executable to .com from .exe. One can also check the “hide the known extension file types” in the folder option under tools in Windows. Although this is not the only solution to all the malware attacks but it’s just a try to stop the malware hunks!

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