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ASUS® E600 WP7 Smartphone

With ASUS E600 WP7 smartphone, the company finally moves to Windows OS for its phone. ASUS is preparing to launch a smartphone running on the Windows OS and has already screened it at FCC. The ASUS E600 is the only ASUS smartphone powered by the Windows Phone 7 OS. ASUS E600 has a stylish black matte finish, an aluminum front and a plastic back with a USB port. It has a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen with a WVGA resolution.

The phone is powered by a 1GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. It has a 5 MP camera with LED flash and offers 720p video recording with a 1300mAh Li-Ion standard battery. The Windows Phone 7 OS supports a large WVGA screen, minimum hardware buttons (start, back, search, camera and photo), a capacitive multi-touch screen, high processing and multi tasking capabilities, multiple connectivity options like Wi-Fi etc mapping with AGPS and a high resolution camera among other features. It appears to be built around the Zune HD platform.

The ASUS E600 phone boasts of a powerful AMOLED screen display, a 5.2 megapixel camera at the back, and supports midrange HD shooting. It will be bearing a close resemblance to Zune HD. This device could be ASUS’s passport into the US phone market; currently ASUS has made its presence felt with the EeePC line.

Microsoft also needs more handset partners to hold its own in the OS market against Android and iOS. Partners like LG are voicing concern over Windows 7 being a winning platform or not. Currently Android is ruling the roost. Microsoft along with its carrier partners, AT&T and T-Mobile, are expecting an increase in revenue with the launch of Windows Phone 7.

Sony Ericsson Elm

The Elm(J10i2) is such an attractive handset with lightweight plastic which provides the most comfortable daily usage. This latest edition Sony Ericsson model comes with its great features such as the Twitter and Facebook integration. The Sony Ericsson Elm has eco Credential features which include a power friendly charger and a digital manual. Its partial chemical compounds are made from recycled plastics and Manufactured with the use of less toxic chemical components. This technologically designed gadget with eco friendly hardware features is the latest added to Sony Ericssons’ Greenheart range compilation. It has great Social networking features with convenient net applications accessible by the up arrows and is able to compile all the apps together. The Facebook features include display of image thumbnails, status updates and many more. Viewing of profiles is also available. The Twitter’s excellent features include viewing of friend updates, updating and writing comments and others. Direct posting of twitpics is also available. The Ericsson Elm has great Eco features such as the Walk Mate Eco which acts as a pedometer and measures the amount of carbon dioxide you have saved for every number of steps taken when walking.

This Phone also provides great convenience regarding its connectivity. It has Wi-fi, aGPS, HSDPA and 3G technology. The Sony Ericssons Elm Has Multimedia Features that would surely leave you astonished with the convenience regarding its Access photos, Music, Videos and Movies. Movies are accessible via the fantastic Xcross Media Bar. These Multimedia applications are stored on an expandable 280MB internal memory. Expansion of the memory card is available via the MicroSD card slot. The Phone comes with the Sony Ericssons’ trio phone features which include the noise shield, brilliant volume adaptation and clear voice. Hence the call quality is at its paramount excellence. The Key pad takes you away from too much effort on pressing since it has soft press ability and pressing is available with just a slight pressure of your touch. The Sony Ericssons elm comes with a fine quality built-in 5 mega pixel camera which is great for taking pictures at bright light. Has a wide choice of scene modes like Landscape, twilight Portrait, Landscape, Portrait, and beach or snow scene. The Video resolution is 640x480P. The pokey screen’s size is a bit inappropriate for movies but the video playback is good. The Sony Ericsson Elm Phone is not that fantastic when it comes to higher technology features. Smartphone lovers don’t often prefer this type of phone, but it has useful features like the eco credential which can be hardly found in other phones.
Eco credential features in phone somehow defeats the nature-antagonist quality that technology has.

This Elm phone is most preferable for people who like things to be simple. Preferable for some one who has the passion for technology but likes to keep every thing as simple as it can be. The elm Phone is convenient for providing you with just the simple things you want with your phone. So as to keep you away from being confused with the complication other phones may have.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003