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Trouble in the Land of Droid: An Android Banking Trojan Has Resurfaced

Staggering number of malware threats and hacking attacks have been reported this year; with some of those being identified as new found threat while some threats are reported to have re-emerged from the past. One of such old mobile security threat has given nightmares to Android users on Monday. According to the sources, a new mobile Trojan has been found to strike Android users. The mobile Trojan is referred as Android/Marchcaban.A.

Sneaky mobile Trojan masks as official banking app

Similar to other Trojan programs, Android/Marchcaban.A mobile Trojan impersonates as a legitimate program. The Trojan disguises itself as an official mobile app of a Spanish bank, Banca March which is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca. This Android malware has been spotted by a renowned security company F-Secure. According to the security vendor, Android/Marchcaban.A works under different entities but, mostly under the alias and variants of ‘Bancamarch.’

F-Secure has also revealed in their analysis that the mobile Trojan program is created to gather details on the infected Android devices. This Android malware extracts critical information about the infected device; and this includes phone model, OS version, IMEI number, and the country where the mobile phone is being used. Once installed, the mobile Trojan can send messages and make calls using a particular phone number. The phone number the Trojan is using to make calls or send messages has been earlier used by another mobile malware as known as Spitmo malware which infected Symbian-based mobile phones in 2010.

Furthermore, F-Secure also revealed that “We also suspect that it’s a component of another malware, possible a banking Trojan that runs on PC.” Currently, F-Secure security vendor focuses on collecting and researching on this new Android/Marchcaban.A Trojan to reveal more details on the mobile Trojan.

Do you think your Android device is safe from Android/Marchcaban.A? Share what you think and how you can protect your device from this malware.

Have you MessageMe yet?

If you want to redefine the way you send messages across to your friends and family, download the MessageMe app on your Android or iOS-based devices today. Yes, although just a month old, this app has nevertheless managed to give all veterans in the industry tough competition to match up to. Owing to its wide reach (MessageMe is compatible with most devices having iOS 4.3 and later) and rich communication technology, MessageMe is definitely writing success pages for itself.

What does Message Me mean to you?

For the starters, MessageMe is an app that lets you chat for free including sending and receiving messages locally, nationally as well as internationally. Besides text, you can also add songs from iTunes, videos from YouTube, doodles from Google, and photos from Instagram, Facebook, etc. to your messages. Other than messages to individuals, you can also group chat and use this app as a walkie-talkie too!

Wait, this isn’t all. There is much more to MessageMe…

  • MessageMe is available in a host of languages including English, Arabic, Norwegian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese – just to name a few
  • You can use it on your iPod touch and iPhone too
  • You can share your location with family and friends
  • It engages Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, and EDGE
  • Add contacts by sharing your secret PIN
  • Add emoticons, Doodles, stickers and more to your messages
  • Share videos, music, and voice recordings

So, with such a fun way to chat and interact with friends, how can you not explore it right away? So far, according to official reports, MessageMe is sending across 500 messages worldwide a second. Wow, that’s some number. So how about downloading this app today and checking it out yourself? You surely can’t do without this free message app….

Claim to Muscles: runtastic™ Push-Up app for Andorid™

Are you looking for a personal trainer who can help you to build up those macho muscles? How about having it right on your Android smartphone? runtastic, in order to bring holistic health, has  developed an app for Android users to help them to perform perfect push-ups.

This app will motivate and help you to achieve the maximum number of push-ups in a fun way. The app acts as your personal trainer and gives you the best tips and instructions to achieve a well built body. It works on a special technology that recognizes your push-ups through a proximity sensor on the phone or you need to touch the screen with your nose.

This amazing and highly useful app is available in different versions. runtastic Push-Up LITE is available for free. This can help you to tone up your body. When you are done with this level, you can try runtastic Push-Up PRO, which is available for a price of USD 1.95. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now!

Publisher: runtastic
Platform: Android
Price:  USD 1.95

YouMail® releases WhoAreYou, a visual caller ID app for Android™

Now you can know who is calling you with WhoAreYou app from YouMail

Do you often get calls from unknown numbers? Do you have no other option but to answer all of them as you don’t want to miss any important one? Most of the times, you end-up answering calls that are not relevant to you and that don’t need to be answered at all. How beneficial will it be if you can know about the unknown caller in advance before you actually pick the call? Seems that YouMail Inc. has heard your wish and therefore it has come up with a smartphone app — WhoAreYou, which lets you know exactly who is calling you.

WhoAreYou works like a real-time visual caller ID and gives you complete information about the caller, including his name, city/state, as well as an image sourced from a social networking platform. So, whether the caller is available on your contact list or not, you will get to know about him/her with this amazing app. The app is helful in case of any missed calls too. Just type the phone number in the app and you will know who called you. If you find it important, you can call back the concerned person. Thus, the app saves you from telemarketers and suspicious callers.

Another interesting feature of the app is ‘ditch’, which is a call blocking functionality. You are certainly going to like this feature as it allows you to block phone numbers with a single click. Once you mark a particular phone number as ‘ditch’, all the calls from that number will directly be transferred to voicemail. So, if someone is disturbing you with unwanted calls or you don’t want to attend somebody’s call then just block that number with the WhoAreYou app and relax.

The best part of this app is that the app is absolutely free. Android users can download the app from the Android Market.

Developer: YouMail Inc.
Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or higher

Android™ app from VMware® separates business and pleasure

VMware at the Barcelona World Mobile released a solution to separate the use of an Android enabled smartphone into separate entities that would not overlap. This mobile virtualization solution will help people to have separate profiles on the same Android enabled smartphone for both work and personal usage. The technology was unveiled on the LG Optimus Black phone by VMware’s Chief Technology Officer Stephen Herrod. The main thought behind this solution is that employees have the free choice to buy any mobile they wish and the mobile virtualization technology from VMware will enable corporate IT departments to securely manage sensitive information on these smartphones with enterprise level accredited security and safety. According to VMware’s Chief Technology Officer Stephen Herrod they want to move forward into a world where its not the company that is providing you with a phone and you have the choice and freedom of buying what you like and bring it to work and VMware will enable you to use it in an enterprise-safe way.

It is not possible to download the application after the cell phone has been bought, so manufacturers will be required to pre-load the software in the Android enabled smartphone. VMware is currently working with their partners LG to have the software pre-loaded into the phones. And when it is bought by an employee he can get his IT department to load an application in it using the management console and configure it appear on the homescreen of the phone touching which launches the enterprise version of the smartphone. The IT administrator can configure the device in accordance with the companies policies and thus provide differently ranked employees with different capabilities and access options. The administrator can in accordance with the security issues may block usage of several features like the camera, GPS, Bluetooth, cut/copy options (to ensure sensitive files are not  copied into the users personal files). Also the option to remote wipe clean the device is also available with the administrator. The enterprise will also have the option of insuring that any secure calls and voice over IP calls from the PBX have different alert tones than the ones coming from their personal side.

Many other options like Dual SIM option is also available so that the employee can have different personal and work accounts thus reducing the volume of data traffic for both the separate accounts. VMware is planning that the mobile virtualization app preloaded on the phone be for free however enterprises will have to pay per user for the administrator’s management software. The software is scheduled to undergo trials this year and will be soon available for users. However availability of the handsets with the software pre-installed is yet to be known. This is a wonderful attempt by VMware to cash in on the Android boom and make a mark for itself on the mobile app market.

How to develop your own Android App

Android OS for smart phones is one of the most popular OS used by handset manufacturers. There is no doubt that in near future laptops will fall behind from smart phones, in terms of users. The top most feature of Android is the open source development. Developers from all over the world can develop applications for Android and share among themselves. If you are a developer then you can also built any application for Android market place and sale or distribute free. There are more than 70000 applications available for Android OS. You can easily modify and integrate, if you are a developer. To develop any application for Android you just need to install Android’s SDK on the system.

We help you to develop the application for Android step-by-step. Just stick to the instructions given below.


If you are eager to develop the code, you have to first sign up with if you are developing a free application then also you need to sign up there. They charge one time developing fee of $25, this is to make tough to develop and load any spam applications. If you are a first timer, then be ready with a credit or debit card as you need to type the digits without ay dash or break.


Now, the second step is to get a Google’s merchant account. You can easily get the account from market. Android/publish profile. To create the account, go to edit then select create a merchant account at Google checkout. In this step also you need your credit card.


Now you can easily upload the developed application on Android market place. To upload the application, go to publishing page and click upload. Google will fire a series of questions like name of application, description of the product, language of your app and mode of payment. Google also takes 30% cut on the price of the application. The name and description of the product is very necessary to provide.

After the last step completed successfully, you are ready to share your application to the world through Android market place. You have option to set a price for the brilliant application developed by you or you can distribute it free. Google also gives you an option to protect the product from copyright violation, they charge extra money but the product will never be copied to another application. If you want to sell the product on Android market place then there is a limitation; Google only allow citizens from following countries to sell their product on Android market place:

  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States 

If you are a citizen of the countries given above; you can sell Android’s application at Android market. You can take help from Google in development process; Google provides entire information regarding Android’s application development. You can search in Google and you will get entire information and queries regarding code development.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003