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Ematic introduces Android™-based eGlide Pro X tablet

Known for making budget-friendly phones, Ematic lately launched a 9.7-inch eGlide Pro X tablet.
Powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the newest eGlide Pro X tablet incorporates an enhanced, intuitive interface and offers superior web browsing experience. This portable device encompasses built-in Wi-Fi, ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 400MHz GPU, 1.2GHz processor, and 8GB of storage, allowing you to stay connected without any geographical limitations.
Ematic eGlide Pro X tablet presumably includes Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g/n adapter, a microUSB port, microHDMI output, and a pair of cameras. It comes pre-loaded with a multitude of Android apps like Kobo eReader for access to an array of e-books as well as digital documents. Also, Ematic eGlide Pro X tablet provides 5GB of cloud-based storage
Roy Rayn, President of Ematic was quoted as saying: “We listened to Ematic consumers’ needs and we’re excited to build on the explosive success from our previously released Android 4.0 tablets. This tablet was created to meet the demands of consumers requesting diverse personal and professional elements in one-touch screen device.”
Priced at $220, Ematic eGlide Pro X tablet is available for purchase at D & H Distributing, and Walmart.

Google™ Increases the App Size limit to 4Gb in Android™ Market

Google is keen to boost the size limit for Android apps so that developers can upload large files without any constraint.

The process of uploading apps in Android Market is considered to be quite a tricky job. Developers are not allowed to share an app having a size more than 50MB. Moreover, the entire process is time consuming that it creates problems for a user while downloading the files. To overcome this complexity, developers took a different route and gave an option to the user to access a tiny app which would later help them to download the remaining files. However, this also did not work out due to several other issues. Hence, Google has finally decided to increase the Android apps limit size from 50MB to 4GB.

In case you are going to download an app from Android server then you might come across two expansion files each having a size of 2GB. Although the size of an Android app is still 50Mb, Google gives out a way to store two expansion files on its main server. And when these files will get downloaded, the main package file will also become accessible. In addition, you would come to know the actual price associated with that particular app just prior to the downloading process. In a way, it is a great step taken by Google to obtain high-quality games, which are usually played on devices with improved hardware architecture. So, get ready to have the benefit of downloading and installing heavy games on your Android device straight from the Android Market.

Adobe® brings apps for Android™ Tablets

Adobe has introduced three new apps for Android-based tablets, and these include Adobe Photoshop Touch, Adobe Proto, and Adobe Debut. These are perfect apps to work on images and perform other designing tasks. These apps can be easily used on touch-enabled slates.

If you are a lover of art and love venting out your inner thoughts on paper, then Adobe Photoshop might be your favorite tool. Whether it’s your photography or your canvas masterpiece, this excellent software can work wonders and can transform your piece of art into a piece of excellence. Adobe is used for multi-tasking and managing various designing projects. The name itself beckons the popularity of this software. Apparently, all these designing tools from Adobe can only be used on PC/Laptops. But with the growing popularity of tablets, software developers have started developing these software for tablets too.

Hence, Adobe landed its feet in the Android market and introduced the latest and happening apps for Android-based devices. The triplet of apps includes:

 Adobe Photoshop Touch
 Adobe Debut
 Adobe Proto

These apps are specially designed for Android-based tablets and are ideally suited for Android 3.1 or higher devices, which boast of a screen size of 8.9 inches and a resolution of 1280*800 pixels. Priced exorbitantly at US$ 9.99, the features that these apps offer are a true value for money. The uniqueness about these apps is that they can be used with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Let’s take up each app individually.

Adobe Photoshop Touch
Your pictures will be your slaves and will dance to the tunes of your fingers. You can play around with your images by editing them, or adding various effects. Your images will get a complete makeover. What’s more, the transformed images can also be shared on social media easily with Android Photoshop Touch.

Adobe Debut
This app will help all the professionals who design on the go. With the new Android Debut, your Adobe Creative Suite designs become even more attractive. Now you can easily gear up for that meeting since your designs can be easily presented on your tab, and the feedback too can be stored.

Android Proto
How about creating website prototypes? Sounds complicated? Well with Android Proto it’s no longer a difficult task. You can easily share ideas and communicate on the Touch-centric operating system.

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The Naïve Market of Android With All In One: Books, Videos, App lns.

The market for Android was opened by Google especially for the Android devices. On most of the Android devices, an application program is built-in, which helps users to go through as well as download applications which are issued by any other developers held on Android Market. Users can get elaborate information about the applications from the website of Android Market.

The Naïve Android Market

The current market has come up with the books and movies. Currently Google has introduced  a naïve version exclusively for the Android Market for all those devices which are running the Android 2.2 version or an operating system of higher version in declaration by Google .The naïve Android market will not only bring innovative designs, but also along with it some movies for rents and books for sales. The people of Google proclaimed through the Mobile blog post that they are going to publicize this in all the available mobiles of Android 2.2 or higher version.

According to the product manager of Google, Paul Monotony, “Now that users of America can choose as well as hire from thousands of films and can also download to their Smartphone instantly which is obtained at the rate of $1.99.Now even applications using video can be downloaded easily without waiting for long and even anybody can download the books also similarly. The design of the page has been wonderfully done with number of charts included in it, with lot of choices open for the editor with number of collections for outstanding messages.

Furthermore, if you are not aware of the market, you can notice that there are about 200,000 applications with about 4.5 billion applications to transfer in accordance with the date of release in May 2011. But, whatever it be, users need not have to do anything particular to get a new Android Market, as it will happen mechanically.

Applications you should not miss

The Android based smart phones as well as tablets are flooding the markets and these are increasing exponentially too. Though some of them are free, some are paid but it quite useful.

LogMeIn Ignition

This is one of the remote –desktop applications, which will work astonishingly and if you have a proper internet connection for the Android device, it is the best in use. The UI is very user friendly and can be very much simpler and it’s easy to access the entire needed file on any of the desktop without any trouble. The quality is obtained at the rate of 1,335.25 which you can choose from Android Market.

Quadrant Standard

These are tools or applications for many of the peripherals of PC. Another best thing is that, Android smart phones have got a clear benchmark to even check the ability of your devices. This tool is quite useful to note the performance of your own set. It is free in the market.


Its an e-book reader and the interface is fantastic and most interesting about  it is, it tracks the life and make the reading more appealing. It is also free.

Some of the long-awaited application of videos will be brought by the Android market, i.e. all in a single marketplace with books, applications and videos.

Korean language adapts to Twitter, iPhone® and Android™ Apps

Twitter has declared that properties of it found on the mobile Web, Web, Android and iOS are available now in Korean. It is the seventh type of international language which Twitter supports, and later in the year there are plans for adding more languages. The declaration, made in Korean, comprised juicy titbit of other type, over the last year, use of Twitter in South Korea has enhanced tenfold. Twitter also has created a suggested User List of special type which, when watched from an account which has language set in Korean, will be only populated for Korean users. There is also “Top Tweets” new account installed in Korean, as well as an account of official nature for Twitter in Korean. Besides, Twitter has declared that it is available now inSouth Korea through SMS on LG U+ network. Apps of Twitter for Android and iOS both have got updates for incorporation support in Korean. One may download from iTunes App Store for iOS, and Twitter from AppBrain for Android. iPhone and Twitter website and Android apps available now in Korean initially appeared on Download Squad on nineteen January two thousand eleven at eleven EST. One can watch their terms for using of feeds.

During the last year, for Twitter one of the fastest developing countries is South Korea. Now, there are ten times Twitter users than the number of Twitter users was just one year ago, as declared by Twitter. Twitter completed the declaration in Korean, it generally opts for this type declarations in the language supported now, but it extended a version of translated nature for those who do not speak in Korea, as translation from Google is not of adequate help for this case. Till today, Twitter will be easier for Koreans to utilize. Updates among other, Twitter’s mobile web site and now are translated in Korean, Twitter said.

Now the Korean is the seventh language which is found in Twitter. It began with Japanese, because the service is popular there incredibly. More lately, it continued adding a series of translations for number of languages in European, Italian, Spanish, German and French.  Twitter is proceeding all out with opening, with for available translations but owing to official apps of mobile for Android and iPhone. It is partnering also with one or two big players from local areas for promoting service and offering also an integrated nature of experience. They wish to thank their partner Daumfor showing Tweets of Korean in their homepage and making the same easier for finding friends from one’s address book of Hanmail and LG U” to work with them for making Twitter. Twitter contemplates to continue for expansion support on other languages and adding new ones during the current year. As because majority of users for Twitter are outside USAand it is seeing vast service growth in some areas, it is sensible for providing localized type of versions.

Can iPhone and Android Apps be used for Spying?

The security researcher at the University of Luxembourg has confirmed that it is very much possible to hack the Apple iPhones and Android smartphones. The hacking process can turn these two devices into remote listening devices while not letting the user even get a hint about it. The demo to show that iPhone and Androids can be converted to spy machines will be held in coming few days.

The research associate, RalfiPhillip Weinmann at the University of Luxemberg announced to the ComputerWorld that the new technique of hacking will break into the baseband processor of a smartphone. The baseband processor will then send receive signals at it to communicate with the mobile network. The hacker will then be able to listen to the conversation from a remote location. The location to listen to a hacked conversation may be very far off from the spy devices.

Weinmann further said that there are some bugs present in the system of Qualcomm and Infineon. The way that the radio chips of these two companies process signals to GSM network have the problem.  In earlier attempts and attacks on iPhone and Android devices have been focused on hacking of the operating systems of these two devices. However, with the new techniques, it will be difficult to attach and hack a smartphone in this manner in real world. As a smartphone is required to communicate with a mobile phone tower, there will be a need to set up a fake cellphone tower. Weinmann said that they will set up this fake cellphone tower and make the mobile phone on target communicate with it. Only when this is done will he be able to send the malicious code across to the baseband processors. Weinmann further said that once the code is running successfully, it can use the auto-answer function of a phone to convert it into a bug. The bug can then be used to eavesdrop on conversations taking place.

It is increasingly becoming easier to set up a fake cell phone tower these days. The research is this area is also increasing and the process of finding new techniques is speeding up. Due to this, there will be more baseband attacks in near future. The world of such techniques of hacking is developing so fast that probably the hackers will be invited to break into cell phones at some important conferences and press meets. The hackers may become very important people in future and they stand to earn some good money from their ability of breaking into the mobile phones.

The governments and various government agencies have been using various techniques of hacking to listen to conversations of people without letting them know about it. They have been using these techniques for wiretapping and the new inventions in this field will be welcome by the government agencies anytime.  These days, we are having phones where the batteries cannot be taken out or they cannot be fully turned off. This feature has been built into the phones as a part of law enforcement and this makes the task of hacking easier.

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