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Google™ Removes Malware from Android™ Market

Recently, there have been reports regarding malware affecting apps available from the Android Market, an online store of Google. When the iPhone was introduced, there were issues regarding botnets, malware and hackers affecting various applications. Whenever a new product or technology is launched, this is nothing new.

The Android operating system has become very popular, with its wide usage in cellular phones. One can easily personalize their phones which are based on the Android platform. The features of an Android-based phone, courtesy the open source platform, make it extremely convenient for users. Google charges a specific amount for paid apps and subscriptions on Android Market.

Basically, both the Apple iOS and Android are Linux-based platforms for smartphones and tablets. Google, in the past, had for the first time, taken steps to disallow a few apps from the Android Marketplace, due to the said apps containing Trojans and malware. Google has removed more than 50 apps from the Android Market, which contained malicious programs such as Trojans, potentially infecting unsuspecting users. With this move, one can be sure of the success of the Android platform. Added to this, the new version of Android OS, the Gingerbread, has much better security measures.

It is suggested that users should be careful in downloading and installing applications. They can use antimalware software for securing their smartphones.

Google™ adds e-books to Android™ Market

Recently Google has taken a step forward in providing the maximum amount of satisfaction to its customers by offering a dedicated e-bookstore over the Android Market. In previous days, in order to download e-books a person had to open a website over the Internet and download a book on the PC. This was for the reason that most of the cell phones, which were available then did not support any HTML viewer or any Flash Player as well. They did not support PDF format or any other web formats, which could be displayed over the phone screen. Though the phones then had an Internet connection, yet it was quite slow and with that kind pace, no e-book could have been downloaded on the cell phone.

There was yet another problem with downloading the e-books over the cell phone. In the recent past, the cell phones, which were available in the market, did not support several kinds of file formats, which could have been easily viewed over the PC. It was for this reason that most of the people who wanted to download an e-book from the Internet went for downloading them to their PC.

With the advent of Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, the world of Internet changed dramatically and this only amplified the potentials of Internet. Now with 3G-enabled phones, one can easily open some website, which offers the service of providing e-books, and download them easily the phones. Most of the phones today have the Android operating system, which enables faster downloading of the applications that can enhance the speed. The phones also support most of the file formats, which were previously not supported. Hence, now a person can access any online bookstore and get his desired e-book.

However, one problem with that was e-books were not available for free and those sites which offered free e-books could not be relied upon. Most websites charged exorbitant rates and it was for this reason that Google introduced its own e-bookstore over the Android Market, which can be easily accessed by any person. He can simply access the Android Market and go to the e-bookstore of Google for getting the publication, which he/she wants to download on his phone.

The process is simple and can be handled easily. This feature from Google provides faster access to e-books.

MasterCard launches ATM finder for the Android™ smartphone

The CES 2011 and the tablet explosion are definitely headed towards technological innovations to the common man with applications, beyond imagination erstwhile. As early as March / April 2009, MasterCard launched their application called, ATM Hunter for the iPhone, with capability to lead you and your iPhone to any of more than a million ATMs, worldwide. The application automatically senses your intention, integrates with Google maps and gives you the location of various ATMs in the area, as also specific, ATM / Bank chain, if required.

MasterCard’s foray into the smart phone and tablet technology, has won many applauds with the free application, available. This app found its way next into the Blackberry from Research In Motion, very successfully.  19th of January, 2011 saw MasterCard announcing the launch of the ATM Hunter application for Android Smartphones too. It was, definitely the next logical step, bringing it to the next fastest growing platform and a brilliant move at that. The customization of search and search for a specific financial institution, as also specific financial institutions, that do not charge them fees for a transaction. Unlike other ATM finders, MasterCard’s version has a helpful filter to zero in on the following ATM types like surcharge – free, drive through, wheelchair accessible, 24 – hour and deposit sharing. It allows you to text the location of the ATM to a friend, on a share function.

The ATM Hunter application is a boon to MasterCard users. The application can also locate wheel chair accessible and Drive-thru ATMs. In fact, ATM Hunter also enables, card holders reporting of problems, at specified ATM locations, facilitating real-time communication back to MasterCard to report to a non-working ATM or even an ATM that no longer exists at a specific location. The Android revolution has not only set foot in areas like the ATM Hunter app.

This MasterCard initiative and other apps definitely are appearing to be a social boon and the high expectation Android Market has still more, to prove and be successful.

RealPlayer® makes its Android® media player much better

For the Android operating system, the RealPlayer application has been launched. It has many improvements and new features, including support for playlists. This download is now fully configurable with mobile devices. One of the improvements is the addition of a new widget to control the playback of tracks. Finally, the application interface has been redesigned. In addition it now supports the landscape mode. The application RealPlayer for Android has undergone an update as stated above. The application is a multimedia player that centralizes all your files, music, videos and photos. RealPlayer is presented as an ideal solution for managing and organizing your media files.

This update adds two major elements, managing playlists and the appearance of a widget .The application is free to download now on the Android Market. The RealPlayer updates include a new design of the screen, widget that allows playback from the home screen, improved graphics, improved way to select the folders for music, videos and photos, music playback in landscape mode, play music by folder, hide the status bar in the video, ability to select the visual mode (16:9 or 4:3), and added support for music playlists. Thus, RealPlayer app for Android-based phones helps you in experiencing high quality music.

iPhone® and Android™ apps from The Baltimore Sun

The mobile revolution has created immense interest and growth from various sectors worldwide. The cloud computing sector, has taken the lead in the dynamic Android market. Several new Android apps have been introduced such as games, financial calculators, picture sharing, multimedia, location based services, e-readers, and more.

The Baltimore Sun, a leading print newspaper has gone mobile. The Baltimore Sun has come up with a unique method, bringing up to the minute coverage, breaking news, business, entertainment, sports, weather, archived photographs and a lot more a nominal $1.99 for this wide range of premium content.

This Baltimore App for iPhones and Androids brings you anytime, anywhere premium content on the go. Just imagine – Online Live News, Football Coverage, Sports Web, Classifieds, Baltimore Crime Beat, Jobs, School closing and Delays, Food, Travel, Subscription and Advertising Information on the go. The Baltimore Sun has introduced Apps for the iPhone, Baltimore Sun Android, Baltimore Football App, Baltimore Apps for the Kindle etc. With companies like Amazon coming into the fray with a massive content behind them, products like the Kindle, have hit the horizon. Amazon’s Kindle is one of the best e-book reading devices in the market.

Trust the Baltimore Sun to associate with the Kindle and reach all time highs. The Baltimore Sun has focused their approach to such, like Amazon’s revolutionary wireless reading device, Android tablets, iPad, etc. increasing their apps by the day to reach an ever growing population of tablets and smartphone users. Various WebKit based browsers increase the reach for web over the Wi-Fi, making location based information a reality, be it the Blackberry, or Mac PC or an Android device, Kindle, iPhone or the iPad.

Various Flash based Apps and PDF reader apps have made communication in highly innovative and interesting methods a reality for the Baltimore Sun.

Kongregate Arcade removed from Android™ Market

Google`s Kongregate Arcade is an application gaming software that consists of more than 300 games. This software is for your phone. You can share and review the ratings and on top games you can collect mobile only badges on some of the top games. It is fully integrated with your mobile account.

This software was released and subsequently removed from the Android market. Why? This is because the Google Company does not comply with the MDD agreement, which clearly specifies the need to avail permission from them to distribute the software. There are no apparent reasons for the removal of the software app. It won 4.5 stars in appreciation of the quality of the software. However, Flash developers distribute these wrapped in an individual APK file which can be downloaded from the Kongregate website under

Since the reason is not apparent one cannot really pinpoint it as an error from Google. However, the very release of the software app was not approved by the MDD and as per the agreement developers launching their own portal and releasing the software is considered to be in error. While, the violation was on the non-compete clause, this means that the app is not available the store. However a direct download is available from the concerned website as above. Moreover, it can be run on the Android 2.2 independently with Flash installation.

Kongregate being a website with 36,000 games available for download provides entertainment means. These come from 9,000 developers enabling PC, Laptop, smart phone users to use and play these games on their respective systems. These games application are made social for comments, review, rating and forums. So the app is displayable on a 4 inch screen mostly. It works very well on tablets too. The pps is provided with weekly updates that enhance the number of games and playing features.

Then why remove it from the market? It was removed from the market the same day. Google was optimistic about re-instating the app and making it available on their app store. From Kindle to Slaker to Google Reader, these are available for browsing and downloading. According to sources in Google, the app was shown and run in front of the Google users. However, these were not necessarily the decision makers and there was a rejection when the authorities at Google came to know. In the event of the caching functionality being rectified, the apps can be enabled.

Additionally, Kongregate is working with Google to re-instate the apps. The apps itself has several apps within it which is another reason for the Google authorities to reject the apps from being published at their store. Only still available on the mobile, the Kongregate apps is dealing with the Google authorities to get back on board.From GameStop side, they will be working in combo with retailers to allow people who want the download to take it directly from the Kongegate website.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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