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Google™ Earth 6.2 arrives on Android™

Normally, it may sound weird when someone wants to envisage the entire globe from naked eyes. Wait, it is rather possible and that too using a handheld device. Google Earth, an application used on Windows-based computers to virtually look for maps and earth locations, is now available for Android and iOS platform. Google Earth 6.2 is packed with exciting features, such as an accessible Earth Gallery that lets you discover some pleasing areas positioned on earth. Also, you can get real-time notifications related to natural disasters like earthquakes. It does not stop here, once installed on your Android device; you can keep a track on all the flights with updated information. For your convenience, you can easily share the screen images on a social sphere like Google Plus. Moreover, you can equally explore the Google Earth page in order to know about the places and maps accessed by other people.

Talking about the performance, the developers have tried reducing its size which automatically improves the loading time. While searching for maps on your phone, you will get a chance to open more than 10 results which was not possible on its previous editions. At last, virtual direction feature is a completely fresh attribute. Right now, the app is only out on Google Play (Android Market), but in few days it will hit the iOS store.

How To Record Your Workouts With 1 Touch on your Android Device

In today’s world of comfort and level of facilities every person is becoming more prone to diseases and other harmful effects like fat and cholesterol. So to avoid these problems the only solution is to workout daily and be fit. But only working out is not the correct and authentic way to solve this problem. The workout carried should be in a proper way and should be completely safe in all respects. And this can either be judged by the individual himself or the trainer. But even for trainer it is not possible to always have a look on every individual. So the best way is to watch one own self to be safe and sound.
To solve this problem our technological world has provided us a very fine and amazing device. These are the android devices. Even if the individual wants to show off his workout to his friends he can easily use this device to solve the issue. Most often during the workouts the person is more close to liquid things like water, sweat. So keeping these things in consideration, the android phones are designed. Just by following some simple steps one can easily get the recording of his own workouts. Following are the required steps to be followed:
Step 1: The very first process is to download and install the Cardio Trainer app and the split cardio Trainer Widget.
Step 2: Then the user has to run the CardioTrainer and set up the options according to the user likes. The user can choose what and where to share the workout videos.
Step 3: In the main screen, the user has to long-press and select Widgets, then select “CardioTrainer (large).” The user will need a 1×2 space for the widget, as the small one doesn’t offer one-touch recording.
Step 4: Now when the user is ready for the recording of the workout, he has to just press the play button which is situated at the right hand side of the widget. Then the auto start window pops up and the recording of the workout begins within a few seconds.
This makes the life of a normal human being easier with the help of just a single click for a work. These recordings are very fruitful as they help the user to actually understand its own mistakes and thus help him to recover. This indirectly removes the possibilities of any mistake and damage during the workout. This also helps to give a living example to those who are new in this field and are in real need of examples. And these are one of the best ways to show them. Thus with the help of the android devices any anonymous person can make a workout recording of himself and that too without any extra efforts.

Dual boot tablet computers

There can be multiple operating systems on a computer. A computer having more than one OS is known as a dual boot system. In a dual boot computer, the hardware usage is shared by two different operating systems. There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with the dual booting of computers.

Advantages associated with the dual-boot operating systems are as follows:

Multiple operating systems can be operated on a single computer with the help of an option provided in the boot menu of system. If one of the operating systems was corrupted, you can work with other operating system. In this way, the dual booting of the system offers a smoother work environment. If any software or application is not working with an operating system, you can check it with another one.

Following are the disadvantages associated with the dual booting of operating systems:

The main disadvantage of dual booting is the degraded performance of a computer as the hardware and memory usage is shared with two OS. Another bug in dual booting is the clash between different applications. The clash between applications uses system memory and thereby the performance of system may be affected.

Nowadays it is possible to have a tablet PC with dual-boot functionality. Earlier, only single OS was supported by tablet PCs. Tablet PCs prove to be very helpful to take your data on the go. Azpen is scheduled to launch their dual-boot tablet PCs in 2011. These will be capable of booting Android OS along with Windows 7. This model of tablet PC released by Azpen will be available in two different versions. The details regarding these different versions of Azpen tablet PCs are as follows:

First one is a 10.1 inch model and the aspect ratio is 16:9. Another one is available in a 9.7 inch size and the aspect ratio is 4:3. These tablet PCs come with touch screen functionality. They are equipped with Intel Atom N455 processor, 32GB storage space and 2GB of internal memory. With all these power packed features of Azpen tablet PCs, consumers can take their data and work anywhere with dual-boot operation. Dual- boot operating systems greatly help consumers to work frequently on different OS environments that enhance their working capabilities.

Google™ Nexus S coming to South Korea

The CES 2011 and the CES 2010 saw the launch of many products. One of the major players and smartphone debutants was definitely the Android-based Google Nexus One. Google and their Android open source project teams have definitely done wonders. After the Google Nexus One, Google introduced the Nexus S. The Nexus series of phones are now heading towards the Honeycomb OS. As we all know, Android open source project was launched by the collaboration of various industry leaders, technology leaders, product manufacturers and service providers. The Android OS and its applications are now available for many smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, TVs and other products.

Samsung of South Korea, one of the players taking the lead in Android-based smartphones and tablets, has definitely made a mark for themselves in this technology scenario. Google launched the Nexus One, which was manufactured by HTC. The Nexus One chapter was closed with Google introducing the Nexus S on the Gingerbread OS – Android 2.3. While Google introduced the Gingerbread OS on the Nexus S with a wide range of features added over the Froyo OS, Google is yet to release updates to the Nexus One users worldwide. Samsung Galaxy S did wonders, capturing a large part of the market of Android-based smartphones.

While Google has been slowly upgrading the Nexus One with the Gingerbread OS, Google is taking Samsung head-on by introducing the Nexus S in South Korea. One would have expected Google after their success in the US markets, to move to Canada, Europe and other developed areas, but Google is introducing the Nexus S in Italy and South Korea. Google will be launching the Nexus S through SK Telecom who, by the way are already the carriers for Samsung Galaxy S. It is heard that SKT is in the final stages of testing the Google Nexus S on their network.

The Nexus S sports a 4-inch super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 16 GB on board memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, HSPA, 5 mega-pixel camera, a micro SB memory card slot as also a wide range of Android sensors. The Nexus S also comes with a front facing VGA camera for video chat, Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR and A-GPS. The 1500 mAh lithium Ion battery and 3G are features to look out. The curved super AMOLED display is again one of the firsts worldwide, besides the graphics co-processor.

Android™ VS Apple®

Android phones are becoming very popular these days and the Android OS is developed by Google. They are now a strong competitor in the smart phone market and user base is increasing day by day. Android is based on Linux and kernel. The market share of Android is growing day by day and you can see new models in every week. There are several features in Android Smartphone which attract consumers.

Android comes with 70,000 applications on its market place. You can see the popularity with growing number of users and it became second most used mobile operating system. There are other features like it uses JAVA for more secure features and it also makes it more user-friendly. The main rival in the Smartphone and Tablet computer segment is the Apple’s iPad. There are some biggies who are showing more interest in Android such as HTC and Motorola. In the near future we can see more news regarding Android.

Android is an open source application and everyday it is getting better. Now they launched the latest version Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Asus one of the biggest hardware producer and now they have launched a range of new tablets at CES. Some of them are Android versions, a 10 inch model and a 7 inch tablet. These will come with the latest Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Apple is launching its new tablet iPad 2 storm and if Google wanting to stand in the specific arena then he needs to pump their tabs up with latest operating system and software. Otherwise it would be a risk to put customer off who would rather wait for a tablet that does come out the box with android 3.0 or they can also opt for Apple’s iPad that will surely come with the latest iOS second generation.

Recently we saw a video that says Android destroys Apple. The video describes the Android power. The video shows that Android has his head attached, then, with a different and awesome act. It uses his eyes to destroy a partly-bitten apple. You can watch the video on YouTube, it shows the awesomeness of Android OS.

With Android popularity is increasing day-by-day it’s a indication of the future created by Android fans. The numbers of users are increasing and if it goes like this Android may become number one by replacing Apple. Apple is taking it seriously and they are upgrading the OS and other parts of iPAds.  Google has to launch Android 3.0 Honeycomb soon. Consumers look for a new technology and interesting Smartphone and Android 3.0 is best for them, as it includes exciting features for tablet computers. In the near future, we can see more of Android 3.0 and more tabs will come with this operating system.

LG Developing Android Tablet

LG Electronics recently revealed news on the development of its first tablet pc, promising that it will be lighter and thinner than the current competing tablets available. The upcoming tablet pc will be based on Google’s Android OS platform. By perusing this field of production, LG has joined the competition along with largely established corporations like Apple, Dell and Samsung. In LG announcement, they expressed their interests in developing a tablet that will run on Google’s Android OS. According to the plans ahead, the tablet will be available by the end of the year. Unfortunately, there are still few details concerning the product to be released.

Why LG entered the Tablet PC market

With so many tablet devices being announced this year, such as the iPad, LG did not conclude on which devices their upcoming tablet will compete with. The iPad is an example of a product that has realized a massively successful release. It is predicted to be the next hot item of this year and might even gain market shares. Forrester Research predicts that by 2013, tablets will overrun notebooks. LG seems to be making appropriate investment plans to prepare for this future. Research director Chris Hazelton said, “a bigger threat will be from the tablet, with people saying ‘If I’m going to mostly do web browsing, why have a keyboard?’ and they increasingly will want a display device dedicated to viewing content.”

How will their product compete?

Hazelton suggested that LG’s Android-powered tablet pc might compete with Apple’s iPad with its “thinner and lighter” form in comparison to other tablets. Rumor has it that the upcoming device will have several features that are lacking in the iPad. Some of these features are removable batteries and expandable memory. “Hopefully, these [Android] devices can run 10 or more hours like the iPad can,” Hazelton said, “having spare batteries is much better than having the whole thing sent for a checkup which sadly the iPad requires if it encounters such issues.” Hazelton also noted that opening the casing of an iPad would void its warranty, causing an inconvenience to customers.

Features that may give LG a leading edge

LG has many other features that it could use to gain advantage in the competition. One of the most consumer demanded features is Video Chat. Many tablet pc in the market lack this feature. LG even has a bonus from incorporating the Android OS in their device: applications like Google Docs and Google Voice are integrated. Hazelton mentioned, “Google Voice…is almost unusable on the iPad and iPhone because it’s a web app and not a native app that was approved by Apple.” A tablet pc that supports this feature will definitely be preferred for those who are experienced with Google products and services. With all the plans for the future, LG has essentially promised more than just a “thinner and lighter” alternative to tablet pcs currently flooding the market. Their new product may be a considerable substitute for consumers that are unsatisfied with the iPad. However, LG has not mention if the new technology would do better in performance. It is expected to be a successful release with the Android OS running in it.

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