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Sharp ISO3 Android Phone based Smartphone with Retina Display

The market share of Android is growing day by day and you can see new models in every week. There are several features in Android Smartphone which attract consumers, like it can integrate with a number of applications, Android is an open source environment and it offers developer to innovate new functionalities. You can integrate with 70000 applications available for Android and it make it second most used mobile operating system in the world. Main programming language used in the Android is JAVA that makes it more secure and user friendly. As smart phones market is growing up by 64% then it is very obvious to see new technologies and innovation in Android phones. Some mobile companies giants like HTC and Motorola use Android in their Smart phones.

The Japanese electronics company, Sharp unveiled the new Android phone which has a very unique quality Retina display.  Right now it is available only in Japan later they will launch in other part of world. The features of this phone are pretty cool like it has 960×640 resolution on 3.5’’ screen, it is way ahead of Android based phone handset Android 2.0. This one has only 800×480 resolutions. There is 9.6 mega pixel camera, with 3.5’ screen can boost you to create some good images like a professional photographer. It has autofocus option which makes it very good when you take picture on the go. This screen also has super view technology which makes the pictures more clear and you can view pictures at wide angles.

It has so many new features as it lets you make payments in subways and it has a cool integrated one-seg TV tuner. Right now it is the best smart phone available in Japanese market, it is available in three colors. It is already launched in the Japan market with CDMA connectivity and later available in other part of world. The Sharp ISO3 will be powered by Android2.0 and it is already becoming very popular in Japan which makes him a good contender in Smart phone market. As Android phones are growing like never before, we are pretty sure that this new model will affect the smart phone market. The features are way ahead of some handsets available right now and consumers are looking forward to this Sharp ISO3 model with retina display. And it will also increase share in south Asia’s cell phone market.

How to Unlock an Android Phone

If you are Android user you may sometimes wish to unlock your phone in order to use them with local SIM cards while traveling, or on domestic carriers that don’t offer an Android phone for sale. Luckily, you can easily unlock your Android phone with an unlock code and a second SIM card. While doing so, be careful, since unlocking can cause unintended consequences such as decreases in data speed. Try to do your research before attempting to unlock your phone so that you do not lose necessary data. You would not like to feel hampered.

After you have decided to unlock your phone, follow the simple steps given below.


First, you need to obtain an unlock code. Here comes a little waiting for T-Mobile user! So to unlock your phone, plan well before if you are a T-Mobile user since you will have to wait three months from the date your contract starts and then request a free unlock code from T-Mobile. If you’re not a T-Mobile user or wish to unlock your phone immediately without the hassle of waiting, you should purchase an unlock code online. For this, you’ll need your IMEI number, which you can find by going to Settings, choosing About Phone and then choosing Status.


At this point, you will need to switch off your Android phone and remove the battery as well. Search for the SIM cards and remove the SIM card as well. Now insert the new SIM card and replace the battery. Once these steps are done, you can turn on the phone again.


When the phone boots up, a screen will come up asking for an unlock code for the new SIM. You can enter the unlock code when asked. This will unlock your phone.

Now you are ready to use your phone with local SIM card or on domestic carriers that do not offer an android phone for sale.

How to choose the right Android phone

Google’s android phones are becoming very popular these days and there are different number of models are available in the market. It is obvious that you also want to own an Android phone but you will get confused when you will have to choose one because every one has some attractive features. In this article we will help you to choose a good android phone.

Follow the steps given below and we are sure that you will get a very good android phone.


The first step is to select the cellular carrier because android phones are still to launch with At&t carrier. Now select the style of the outlook of the phone may be you like a full touch screen phone or you will like a physical QWERTY phone.


Now you will have to choose the user interface that best suites you. There are only a few versions of Android phones are available in the market from different manufacturers. These are HTC sense, Motoblur, Touchwiz(Samsung) and basic vanilla Android(no manufacturer changes) is available through U.S. cellular carriers. Now these operating system gives you option to customize the android phone from a number of operating system designs.


Before you plan to buy one, do a little homework. Now just list out your Android options and find out which has the best specifications for you. Phone which has more internal store will be better for use. The advantage of internal storage is that you can download more applications and your phone will run better. Now check out the RAM, more the RAM more the speed of the phone. Processor speed is very important for any phone especially in the case of smart phones, more the processor speed more smoothly the phone runs.


As we all know that competition is very tough and every week you can see a new version of Android phone. So always concentrate on more homework because the next new Android device is always around the corner. We recommend you to check out these phones on internet; may be you are buying a phone today and in the next week a new and improved version will be launched then you will regret the purchase. Try to check out the review available for the phone and also compare the Android phones. Every Android phone available in the market is pretty cool but there are3 some differences like some are more users friendly and some are not.


The last and final step is to get some hand on experience as it is important because you do not want to be locked into a phone on a two year contract and regret it Everyday. Just remember one thing for a first time user; using the Android phone is little awkward but once you will use one, you can use every type of Android phone with ease.

If you follow these steps; we guarantee you that you never regret the purchase of an Android phone. And you may become a android freak after using one system.

How to Transfer Music to Your Android Phone

The Android Operating System which is an operating system for mobile phones has considerably become popular now. This Operating System is developed by Google and comes bundled in many smartphones. Android was first released by T-Mobile in their first Google Android Smart Phone in year 2008, and since then Android has become a tough competitor of Apple’s iPhone because of many features this operating system carries. The key feature of Android which has made it popular in the masses is its browsing interface which gives a whole new and enriched experience. Other than browsing this operating system has support for high quality Audio and Video playback. Because this operating system is quite new, so many of its users find difficult in transferring music from their computers to the phone, and vice-versa. Unlike Apple’s iPhone this phone doesn’t sync directly with the computer and so transferring media is a little challenge. Since there is no syncing software available for this phone, so one might get troubled in transferring the media as it requires some technical steps for doing the same. Also Android only supports M4A, MP3, MP4 and WAV format of media, and formats which use DRM may not work in an Android powered smart phone. In order to transfer and listen to such kind of media one will need to transfer it to some supportable format. In this post I will tell you how to transfer media to Android powered phones in a simple and easy way.

To transfer Media to your Android phone you need to follow some simple steps as mentioned below:

Step1: Mount your Android Phone as a USB mass storage device on your computer. To do this you need to plug in the phone using the USB cable and when you get the new USB device popup on the screen choose “Mount”.

Step2: After this step open “My Computer” or Computer Window and there you will find the phones storage listed as a removable drive. Double click on it to open it.

Step3: Now open another Window of the folder where you have your Music files and cascade the two windows side by side. To transfer the music to your Android phone just select the music files and drag them to your Android Phoes Storage Window.

Step4: Once the copy process finishes you can un-Mount the USB drive and then remove the cable which connects the phone and your computer.

So far by following these simple steps you have transferred the music to your Android phone and all that is left is to listen to the same on your phone. To listen to the music which you had just transferred just open the music player application which you use to listen to the songs and play the songs. You might not get the songs which you have just transferred listed in the playlist, so please refresh the playlist by scanning for new songs. This action of refreshing the playlist scans the phone’s memory for any newly added songs and saves the same in the playlist making them readily available for next time playback.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant Android Phone

In the ever increasing competition of Smartphones it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide which phone to go for. Whether you decide to go for Apps, Social Networking, Gaming or any other parameter that you are looking for in a Smartphone; you are bound not to get all these parameters in a single Smartphone. With the Samsung Vibrant Android Phone this is where the buck stop, as it is an all in one multimedia, communication and entertainment phone.

Samsung in collaboration with T-Mobile have released another firing line of Smartphones called the Samsung Vibrant Android Phone. Unlike other Android Smartphones, the Samsung Vibrant Android Phone does not focus on one parameter but offers to provide its users with cutting edge innovations in terms of Apps, camera specification, social networking and Internet connectivity.

Key Features

  • Packed with mobile Apps: Harness your appetite for mobile Apps with some Samsung Vibrant’s latest service offerings. The itinerary in the mobile entertainment Apps include:
    • Exclusive The Sims 3 Collector’s Edition
    • James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar
    • Amazon’s Kindle for Android App
    • MobiTV mobile
    • Slacker Radio
    • Gogo Inflight Internet service
  • Android 2.1 operating system: Now you certainly would need a powerful “engine” to drive the applications, at a much smoother pace. What’s more, is that, multitasking can only be increased further with a stronger central operating system, just like the Android 2.1
  • 3G connectivity: You would need to worry about Internet Connectivity issues as Samsung Vibrant Android Phone is a contractual Smartphone which has been designed for the needs of T-Mobile customers. It just happens to be that T-Mobile has one of the highest Internet penetrations in the US. However the 3G coverage will only be limited to HSPA networks.
  • 1GHz Hummingbird processor: You may ask-“If it is an entertainment Smartphone, then it must certainly have a robust processor to meet the gaming requirements?” Well, yes 1GHz in a Smartphone is the minimum “torque” speed that you will be able to find in a Smartphone these days.
  • HD Video and 5 Megapixel Camera: This feature is a direct attack to Sony Ericson’s Vivaz and Samsung’s Omnia. Video Capture in HD has certainly proven to be a Hallmark these days when you only get 2-3 megapixel cameras. With HD recording you are certainly loaded to get quality videos.
  • Price: $99

Final Word

If you have never faced any problems with T-Mobile services and are within the reach of Internet, then Samsung Vibrant Android Phone should certainly cater to your needs. Besides being a third generation Smartphone Samsung has added a lot of features that may seem similar to its Galaxy and Wave phones. So if you want a budget phone at $99 then Samsung Vibrant Android Phone should suit your needs.

Android Phone Sales Beat iPhone Market Share

It looks like Android phones have made a “kill” in the Smartphone market. This has effectively nosed down the iPhone in the top ten Smartphone ranking  for the 2nd quarter ending. With Android phones sales gaining momentum each month since 2009, it might be possible that the Android phone’s reign over iPhone might not be just for this quarter.

A recent survey from the Nielsen Company shows that the Android phone has indeed surpassed iPhone sales during the 2nd quarter this year. In the US mobile phone market, Android phones got ahead by gaining a 27%  share of the market, while iPhone only has 23% of the market share. In comparison to these Smartphone giants the RIM blackberry still holds the top spot with 33% market share.

Over the past six months, Android’s popularity has risen from six percent on the last quarter of 2009. Back then, Android phones were only peeking from under Windows Mobile’s not so distinct figures. From being third most popular last quarter, Windows mobile has gone down a notch with very disappointing figures set at eleven percent this quarter losing almost nine percent of the market share during the course of six months.

Some might argue that Apple’s figures might well change in the next quarter. This quarter, Apple was really set-up to lose since only a portion of the new iPhone 4 is reflected. After all iPhone 4 was just released almost at the end of June.

When it comes to loyalty though, iPhone still leads the way with ninety percent of its users pledging allegiance to its OS. Moreover, Android and Blackberry has seventy percent and forty-two percent loyalty ratings respectively. The same argument might be said about figures for iPhone 4 about it just being released a week shy of the end of the quarter. Recent publicity coups have had Apple scrambling to quiet down enraged clientele with the “grip of death” iPhone problem.

On a worldwide scale, a survey from Canalys has shown Android shipments hitting a rise of 886% second quarter this year. Androids market share during the first quarter was just around 2.8 percent, and that considerably grew to 17.1 percent in just three months. Nokia Symbian still leads worldwide shipments with a share of 43.5 percent and RIM Blackberry a far second with 18 percent. Apple’s share remains almost static at 13.7 percent. This effectively lets Android take the third spot from Apple’s iPhone

Canalys’ data also show that Android phones have taken almost 34% of the US market with 851% growth making Android phones the largest smart phone platform in the country. Asian sales also look hopeful for Android phones. According Canalys Senior Analyst, Ty Lau, there is an increasing demand for Android phones in China and Korea markets as more and more users are appreciating feature-packed smartphones. In China alone, an impressive number of 475, 000 units have been ordered during the second quarter. And to think that just a year ago not a single unit was present in the country.

The number’s race seem more important to the manufacturers than to the users. These numbers will feed the frenzy of excellence and creativity as one company tries to beat the other in convincing users that they have what you need. For now these figures are dancing to Android phones’ tune.

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