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Google™ Catalogs now available on your Android™ Tablets

Google Catalogs, which was made available for iPad on October 2011, is now available for Android tablets. Now you do not have to waste money on buying magazines because Google Catalogs has everything you can imagine. It has partnered with different brands and offers a wide range of categories. You can now browse and shop things from your Android tablet and digitally view hundreds of catalogs.

It has partnered with more than 125 brands; such as, Nordstrom, Nike, Williams-Sonoma Housing, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Sundance, Bergdorf Goodman, Anthropologie, Bare Escentuals, Land’s End, Crate and Barrel, etc. You can download Google Catalogs from the Android Market and it’s free of cost. Right now Google Catalogs is loaded with around 400 catalogs with a wide range of categories like sports and athletics, toys, gadgets, gifts, jewelry, fashion and apparel, and lots more. Google has plans to add more catalogs in the future so that it meets your everyday shopping needs.

You can read about the items you are interested in and zoom images to take a closer look. You can also create your own collage from your favorite catalogs and view collage created by other users. Not only that, Google allows you to send catalog pages and collage to your friends through e-mail. There is also a “Search” option, which will help you easily find the product you are looking for.

Here is what Google has to say about the new application it has created for Android Market, “With rich product images, videos, and the ability to accurate your own personal collages to share with friends, Google Catalogs makes browsing your favorite mail order catalogs easy, fun, and interactive.”

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Apple® vs. Microsoft® and Android™ Tablets

Apple COO Tim Cook was straight to the point when he said that iPad has no competition in the market. Apple had an excellent quarter with an enormous earning as customers all across the globe happily welcomed 7.3 million iPads. Apple has been able to achieve 7% of the entire global PC market in the last sales quarter of 2010. Cook said that Android tablets do not give any kind of Tablet usage feel. Android tablets are modified with extra features and are more like a smart phone.

iPad was launched last year by Apple, and it created enough curiosity and stir among the consumers till the launch date. So when it got finally launched in April 2010, it was very well appreciated.

Apple iPad is a unique product which gives real feel of a tablet PC. Android is owned by Google and its one of the operating systems for mobile, on the other hand iPad is a product of Apple where it’s focused on video and audio platforms for books, games and many other entertaining factors. Apple has clearly proven themselves as the market leader in this segment with a very distinct margin where Google follows second and Microsoft not even close to the above two. Google has themselves mentioned that the Android and the size of it doesn’t really give a real tablet experience so they are anyways not even close to competing with the iPad. Microsoft didn’t create much stir about their tablets.

Microsoft and Google definitely need to work on their tablet technology. In case there is a rival for iPad, the pricing will be more affordable. New technologies are always welcome as competition helps customers.

TiVo Premiere App for iPad

TiVo has recently announced the availability of the TiVo(R) Premiere App for iPad, the companion app for TiVo Premiere.

Earlier the website informed that the TiVo iPad application will appear in the Apple App Store by the end of January. The company has announced this on Twitter. As we know, the last video recorder TiVo Premiere been heavily criticized, yet most who tried it already is unlikely to revert to a standard DVR DVR. On the application for the iPad company TiVo announced in November, promising users of Apple devices to help deal with the new TiVo. Frankly, I think that the application appears to the Christmas holidays. It would be logical and easy to learn a new TiVo with your favorite iPad in spare time.Indeed, the emergence of a worthy replacement, or a competitor, QWERTY-remote control of TiVo whose advantages are obvious opportunities. iPad also can work as a remote control, using it can be controlled by the support of gestures , view a visual program guide, schedule recordings and use the full-search mode.

The new application is available for free download from the App Store . TiVo Premiere will allow you to view and learn the necessary content directly on your iPad, as well as the application can fully operate in tandem with the “pill”, the iPad will now be able to function as a remote control to the user video recorder company TiVo. The list of things an iPad can do grew little longer thanks to a new app from TiVo. The new app entitled TiVo Premiere that allows iPad users to turn their device into a remote and program guide. Sensational QWERTY-remote control of TiVo is definitely unique, but the remote iPad may be more interesting and functional. In this panel will be implemented sufficiently flexible management tool by supporting gestures, visual program guide, the possibility of scheduling recordings and full-search mode.

In other words,the new app from TiVo will allow customers to view full screen guides on their iPad, schedule recordings on the go and even control playback, all with minimal effort. In short, the latest app permits customers to revolve their iPad into their single hand control to use their TiVo device. Additional qualities like searches, browsing, and sharing shows can be used without breaking off what is presently being played or used on TiVo.

The fresh TiVo Premiere app reached in the Apple App Store and it is a free-of-cost app. Customers will need to have either a TiVo Premiere or TiVo Premiere XL box in company with a existing TiVo account. But this   new application will require iPad connect with the same network as the TiVo.

Android Tablets Seem To Have Lost Their Way To The Market

It was the James Cameron’s movie “The Abyss”, in which there were aliens who live deep in our oceans. The movie showed aliens generating gigantic waves that come towards the beaches. Then they stop at the height of skyscrapers at the coast and the aliens give human a chance to surrender.

No Major Production

The same kind of feeling is raised when I start thinking about the Android Tablets. In the previous year, at CES and other technology fairs, there was announced “The Abyss” type waves of the Android Tablets and it seemed to wash over us and create revolution in computing technology. It now well over 7 months and these waves are still over our heads. A few weeks back a news broke out that HP has forfeited form producing their Android based slate and more inspiring slates like the Notion Ink Adam are coming after a long delay, somewhere in November.

iPad Leads The Way

The people who have been ever waiting for the tablets to arrive have already bought the Apple’s iPad. Still there are people who are sanely waiting for Android based slates to arrive in the market. As a matter of fact, such people thought that within a few months there would be a number of tablets in the market and there would be a wide variety to choose from. But alas! It’s been months that there are no major slates present in the market that even come close to the functionality of the Apple iPad. And the situation shows that there won’t be many slates in the market till October 2010. And with all this delay, iPad is becoming more and more enriched in its features.

The Rumors

There is no solid information on the fact that why it is proving so hard to produce a better functioning Android based slate for the market. There have been many rumors and one if it is that the nVidia’s Tegra 2 chip is facing serious problems. Many of the slates that have been delayed/ cancelled were based on the almost failed platform of nVidia. Coming to the case of the Adam slate, the rumors are that the Pixel Qi screen is responsible for the delay. But remember that all such news is just rumors. No one till now has heard one solid reason that why these devices are taking longer than usual to come out.

According to the New York Times the year 2010 has been declared as “The Year of the Tablet” but as we see no major tablet releasing till now, 2010 seems more of a year of the Apple’s iPad. It still is a long way that this title would be taken away from the Apple’s list of achievements. And for those who have the ultimate hunger and thirst for the Android based tablets, there has to be a wide variety the slates to choose from. And this variety should be in meaningful and presentable form, unlike the choice of choosing between a 16GB and a 32GB iPad.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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