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How to Remove Trend Anti-Virus

Antivirus programs are the shield for computers. It is very useful to keep your computer intact from any malicious activity and security threat. These programs are designed in a way that no hacker or virus can trace the coding of the antivirus application and that is why it is also very complex to remove any antivirus application.

An antivirus program cannot be removed only by using windows un-installer, you might need to perform multiple steps to remove any antivirus programs and these steps includes removing the registry entries for antivirus applications, running the uninstaller utility, etc. Trend Micro is not exception for that. It is a very complex application and very useful as well but it can give you lot of problems while you try to un-install it.

Here are the complete steps to remove Trend Micro antivirus application from your computer:


The first step is to remove the application using the manufacturer’s utility. Click on ‘Start’ button and then select ‘Programs’. Now select ‘Trend Micro’ option. This will show you the list of tools and utilities attached with the application and you need to select ‘Uninstall’ option from that list.

This will initiate the un-installation process and you need to reboot your system once after the process is completed.


The second step or method is to use Control Panel remove application.

For this, you need to go to ‘Start’ and then select ‘Control Panel’. Now select ‘Uninstall a program’ if you are using Windows Vista or ‘Add/remove programs’ if you have Windows XP installed on your computer. This will load the list of programs installed on your computer, select Trend Micro from the list can click on uninstall or remove. Reboot the system once it asks for it and the application is removed from the computer.


You might also need to remove some remaining antivirus files from the Windows Registry.

Click on ‘Start’ and then select ‘Run’ option. This will load a dialogue box where you need to type the command REGEDIT and then press enter.

This will bring a new window with five hives on the left hand side. First you need to take the back of current registry file. Click on ‘File Menu’ and then select ‘Export’ option. Choose the location and save the file.


Once you have taken the backup, you will need to search for the files or entries related to Trend Micro Antivirus. Delete any file which contains word like ‘Trend’ or ‘Trend Micro’ and reboot the system.

This is the process to remove any antivirus application completely from the computer. However you should be very careful while working with Windows Registry as any mistake there can lead to no boot situation.

How to Remove AVG Antivirus

AVG is name trusted by many. It has made its own presence by bringing many things in one. AVG has its Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Email Scanner and many more features in just one application. Just like it happens with many of the security software that they try to be extra cautious and start stopping even the genuine and legitimate data, similarly AVG at times works erratically. If you have good troubleshooting knowledge and experience then you can play with the settings of this security software by configuring the port numbers and adding exceptions. Un-installing any security software is not a big task but there are certain factors you need to look into otherwise you might end up with the adverse after effects of the removal. In this post I will help you in understand the procedure of AVG Anti-Virus removal.

Prepare your computer


Make sure that you have turned OFF all the features of the program by closing the program from the system tray.


You can ensure the same by un-checking all the AVG related entries from the System Configuration Window (MSCONFIG) and restarting the computer. This ensures that no feature of AVG is running when while you remove it.


Create a Restore Point using the Windows System Restore Utility.

Remove from Control Panel


Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu and then open “Add/Remove Programs” in Windows XP or earlier or “Programs and Features” in Windows Vista and later.


Once you have the Window opened, look for the entries of AVG. There could be multiple so select first of them and then click on Remove or Uninstall depending upon the Operating System you have.


Removal of Security Software might demand system reboot, so just follow the instructions passed by the un-installer to complete the removal.


Security Software if not removed properly might end up in no Internet Connectivity, so make sure that your Internet Connectivity is fine.

If somehow the removal doesn’t go through then you can download the removal utility from AVG’s website and follow the steps given below

Removal using the AVG Installer


Run the EXE file you downloaded from the internet


It will prompt you for accepting the EULA so please agree to it, as there is no other choice to proceed.


This utility will no scan your computer for existence of all AVG products and will then give you options to either Repair the installation or to remove it completely.


Select Remove and continue with the Wizard. This will take a while and will remove the AVG Anti-Virus completely from your computer.

Download-Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 2011

Kaspersky is a famous and one of the most used antiviruses in the security industry. It was developed at Kaspersky lab and you can buy a complete package or download free version to protect the system. Kaspersky is tested and provides protection from all types of computer threats. There are several versions available for personal and commercial uses. It also provides basic tools to protect the computer. It has a wide range of virus database and you need to update it at regular interval for complete protection. We describe its usability, advantage and disadvantage in this article.

Click here to download Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 2011

Usability of Kaspersky antivirus personal 2011:

There is several usability features of Kaspersky and some of them are as follows:

  • Provides automatic configuration during installation, wizards for common task, visual reports with charts and diagrams, automatic or interactive mode, 24/7 technical support.
  • Automatic database update if connected to Internet. It also provides information necessary for informed user decisison.


There are several advantages of Kaspersky antivirus personal 2011. Some of them are as follows:

  • Complete Spyware protection: Kaspeskey provides complete protection from Spyware and Adaware by blocking links for such malicious websites and blocking unwanted pop-ups.
  • Email scanning: It provide complete incoming and outgoing scanning from email to internet connections and instant messengers like ICQ and MSN. The utility also scans the complete operating system and software to check for any possible threats.

(Kaspersky Security Network),  Advanced Protection & Recovery,  The program can be installed on infected computers,  Self-protection from being disabled or stopped,  Restores correct system settings after removing malicious software,  Tools for creating a rescue disk,  Data & Identity Theft Protection,  Disables links to fake (phishing) websites,  Blocks all types of key loggers.


Like every computer application, Kaspersky also has some limitations like it has only 30 days trial period. After the 30 days trial period you need to buy the antivirus. After buying the complete package, you will get the full and updated version.

The Kaspersky antivirus personal 2011 require Intel core 2 duo with minimum 512 MB RAM, a CD ROM which can be useful for installation. You also need an internet connection to activate the antivirus. It works best with the Windows 7 and it displays the protection state and allows scan objects for threats.

How to Uninstall Shield Deluxe Anti-Virus Software

Shield Deluxe Anti-Virus software is just another software which ensures safety and security of your computer. It gets installed on your computer and stays resident in the memory all the times. Though Shield Deluxe Anti-Virus has the same duty to keep your computer safe from Viruses, which all the other Anti-Virus programs also promise but the way it is done by Shield Deluxe is quite different. Shield Deluxe Anti-Virus takes its place in almost all the parts of the computer from where there is any possibility of intrusion of infection. It attaches itself in the Mail clients and scans every incoming mail along with its attachment. It scans every file which we open on the computer. It scan every single bit of data which enters into our computer from the network, to be precise it scan everything. This level of security is good but at times it becomes a pain because it stops or blocks most of our useful traffic. If you play online games then it might block the port on which the game communicates. It might block your emails or its attachments, and much more. Often adding exceptions isn’t enough or disabling the Anti-Virus still doesn’t make the computer work the way we want and then the only resolution left with us is to remove the Shield Deluxe Anti-Virus software completely from our computer.

In this post I will let you know the steps to remove the Shield Deluxe Anti-Virus Software from your computer safely.

Steps for Removal


Open the user interface of the program and disable it and disable its auto start with Windows option. If you wish you can do the same from the MSCONFIG Window by un-checking its entry.


Restart the computer and check the System Tray to ensure that it is not running. The reason why we want it not to be running is because it won’t get fully un-installed if it is turned ON.


Open the Control Panel and the open Add or Remove Programs (In Windows XP), or open Programs Manager (In Windows Vista or Later).


Look for entry of your Shield Deluxe Version in the list and select it.


Click on Remove Program or Uninstall Program


Step 5 will invoke the installer of the Shield Deluxe Anti-Virus software and will ask you if you want to Repair or Remove the program. Select Remove.


Accept the options which come further for its removal so that the program removes.


Restart the computer once again to finalize the removal.

Once you are through with the removal steps given above make sure that you check the programs which require internet access. It is quite possible that some traces of the Anti-Virus program still remain in the computer which would need manual removal from the registry. If you face any further issues even after the removal of the software then contact the technical support for getting the problem fixed.

How to Block Websites through Norton AntiVirus

Norton Anti-Virus as the name tells is an Anti-Virus program which constantly monitors your computers traffic and the programs that run in the memory to find and clean any Virus like activities. This software has a sole purpose of keeping your computer Virus free, but now its time of Multitasking then how can Norton stay back. Apart from safeguarding our computer from Viruses the Norton Anti-Virus software also gives you some good features like Parental Control. Concept of Parental control was introduced in Windows Vista by Microsoft, when they brought all the security related options in one Window and allowed the computer Administrator to manage what type of content gets into the computer via the Internet. Since Parental Control was launched in Windows Vista and was not available in other previous operating systems so many third party Parental Controls came into existence which offered a similar level of security and features in Windows XP. Not all the Third Party Parental Controls were worth because Windows XP and Vista work entirely on different architecture however Parental control of Norton Anti-Virus is a good choice because it already monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer and adding Parental Control to it will just add another filter to that traffic. Till now Norton Anti-Virus was just asking the traffic if they were viruses or not and now it will ask one more question to the websites, whether they are allowed or not on this computer.

In this post I will let you know how to block certain websites on a computer using Norton Anti-Virus.

Step1: Open Norton Anti-Virus user interface. This can be done by double clicking on the Norton icon which stays resident in the system tray.

Step2: Once you get the Norton Anti-Virus screen click on the Parental Control option in the left hand side.

Step3: the parental control option will now list you all the users which are available on your computer. If you want to set the security for all the users then select All Users

Step4: Click on Sites and then click on the Add button. Please note that the sites which you will add over here will be the one’s which will open and all the others will be blocked. So add only those sites which you want your kids to view and leave rest everything blocked.

Step5: Type the website addresses in fully qualified domain naming convention. For example and not just “”. exit out of the Norton window once done and now if you wish you can try opening the some websites to check the security level.

How to Stop a Fake Anti-Virus Pop-Up?

With the internet world propagating at faster pace, it is very difficult to get ourselves estranged from a computer and the fantastic internet world. But as we know this internet world also certain malicious sources which can be very harmful to our computers. Thus, we found Anti-virus software as a best remedy to fight against it, but how about when you download and install these anti-virus programs your computer get fault stricken?  Yes, the stark reality is that many computer users are nowadays fooled with “Anti-virus” pop-ups saying it is either a substitute to anti-virus program or to its utilities. These pop-ups are so frequent that at least once the user heeds an attention towards them, gets caught in its trap. Sometimes we are given such attractive offers in these pop-ups that we even end up purchasing them, which then becomes inept for us. These pop-ups cycle is endless and interrupts the performance of your computer which is very frustrating.

Is there any way out with this problem? Fortunately there is.

Step one

Start your system in safe mode. You have to choose the option of “Safe mode with networking” in order to avail internet in the safe mode option. You can prompt to safe mode, simple pressing the “F8” on your keyboard during the windows start up.

Step two

Log on to Internet using your web browser and download “Rkill” software from and it is available for free. This Rkill software will actually prevent pop-ups and will terminate the effect of virus on other programs and thus enable you to un-install the virus software from you PC.

Step three

Immediately after the download, start the Rkill software by double-clicking on it. However, wait patiently until the program starts and because it puts up in MS DOS box. The time consumed by the work should not become an element of worry because the Rkill then perform its work. You will have to wait a minute or two lets say. Then the MS DOS box closes.

Step four

Now access the Internet and download reputed anti-virus software from an authentic website like where you can find softwares like AVG free edition which is authentic free software. If you will access the above mentioned website, then forget that you will be deluded by fake anti-virus software. Moreover, bear in mind many anti-virus softwares are developed just to spoil the two top selling program like McAfee and Norton.  Once you download the AVG free edition, all you will have to do is to install the latter in your PC, which is quite easy job to do.

Step five

After you have the AVG free edition installed in you system. Double-click on its icon and a dialogue box will appear. Choose the “scan my computer” option and thus scan for the computer for any malicious program on your PC.

Step six

Once the scanning is done a list of threats will be highlighted. With these threat you can take appropriate action as guide by your software. Thus, in this the irritating anti-virus pop-ups will be trashed.

Nevertheless, annoying Anti-virus pop-ups can be put behind bars by following some simple steps as mentioned above.

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