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Lync Unified Communications Platform launched by Microsoft

Microsoft on Wednesday launched its Lync 2010 communication platform considering it to be the descendant to the Office with new features including conferencing capabilities, support for high-definition voice and options for cloud delivery. It’s a Communication Server product lines which will give the users the feeling of subsist meeting. Microsoft will made this unified communications platform available as a hosted service as well as habitual on-premises servers tying together email, voice, instant messaging (IM), audio and video tele-conferencing and desktop sharing capabilities all in a bundle.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft Lync & Speech Group Gurdeep Singh Pall said that minute to minute things have been taken care of while developing Lync so that it meets the toughest enterprise standards as well as being user-friendly. It is bundled with all the mode of modern business communication

Lync is also assumed to interoperate better with the third-party systems, including the consumer messaging platforms from AOL, Yahoo as well as Google. The product is also made-up to incorporate better alliance, where the users will be capable of keeping track of the status of key contacts of co-worker in an organization, through a direct IP call over the internet, thereby saving call costs. While in use on a single platform, with one interface, it will be capable of working with business applications such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Exchange.

What’s New in Lync?

Now any sort of interaction between users, the users will feel similar to a conversation as if confronting each other because of its audio-video conferencing, application and desktop sharing, instant messaging and telephony. Lync will work with the applications that people are already using due to which it will be counted as user-friendly technology.

Some of the added Functionalities of Lync Server are as:

Embedding Communicator in your application will be much easier than before with all new Microsoft Lync Server 2010 as it provides the control of Visual Studio in .Net Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight. In short it will be like no coding required while embedding Lync UI elements into your application.

There will be more powerful ways to extend Lync Conversation using the Lync Conversation Extention Window, like information about your conversation, call control tools, adding functionalities etc.

There will be Enhanced contextual collaboration with Launch Links which will enable you to launch an application right from the communicator thereby allowing the user to establish call background quickly.

Will help the user to build his/her own client experience in .Net using the Lync2010 Management AP, so that user can build according to the experience to meet industry and organization specific needs.

Researchers state that the overall unified-communications market will be worth $14.5 billion by 2015, which will make it a ripe target for the tech giants like Microsoft who is looking to spread out their place of work reach. Lync too operates in similar way with software platforms as Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Exchange. Users will have the facility to collectively input on a PowerPoint document while busy in a conference call, for example.

Microsoft’s Lync website is offering a free trial of the softwarewhich will be available by Dec. 1. Various mobile clients for the Nokia phones, Apple iPhone and Windows Phone 7 are expected within the year but Microsoft executives have been hesitant to talk about the clients for other platforms likie Research In Motion’s BlackBerry.

Microsoft officials also noted at this week launch event – “Lync signals the end of the PBX era”.

This is all because Lync supports the critical PBX functionality that was not there in the earlier versions which includes E911 support that automatically transmits a user’s location to emergency responders and automatic reconnection functionality for branch offices.

AOL Strengthens Video Content by Acquiring 5min Media

AOL is a website which offers e-mail, instant messaging, news, cricket, sports, games, entertainment etc at one platform. Recently AOL announced that they acquired a video syndicate platform 5min media. 5min media is a type of online video library and if the sources are believed then it is a leading syndicate platform. The AOL guys want to take the advantage of this leading platform and it becomes very famous as the number of visitors crosses 160 million marks. In the 5 min media videos are divided into 20 categories and 140 subcategories.  The content of the library is as diverse as you think; it includes yoga, health, entertainment, tech videos, fitness routines and many more. Considering the fact, it integrates web contents of 1000 leading media companies. Here we discuss about the philosophy behind this collaboration of these two big players.

5min video collaboration is not only limited to the leading companies but they also collaborate with independent professional video makers. As per CEO of AOL, the acquisition of 5min media is one of the most important steps taken by the organization, this step should be seen as the betterment of AOL in the video opportunity on web. He also said that AOL is trying to create a video ecosystem in the next decade. As the online videos are creating a rage among users, the 5 min video will be the best complement to the video capabilities on web. AOL is also believed to provide a value chain that serves end-to-end video offering and it creates contents by distribution and sharing of the consumer experience.

Ran Harnevo, the co-founder and CEO of 5min video said that the excitement level is same in the both organization for the collaboration and both of them complement each other. He also said that now we have seen a rapid growth and success as a single player, we want AOL as a big platform as it has vast library and audience base. We will utilize the syndication and distribution of the contents and also it will become a bigger platform the publishers we serve. As the AOL is one of the most popular website among web users, the 5min video guys want to take this opportunity from both the hands and it is same for AOL also. They also want to utilize the powerful features of 5min video to provide broadband support and lifestyle videos. The collaboration is also believed to bolster the AOL appeal to the advertisers as online social networking and online videos market is booming like never before. So you can say that this collaboration is just the need of the time.

This 5 min media and AOL collaboration is due to the tough competition from other websites and online video providers. As per the market research over 1million people hits these videos daily and audience is more interested in viewing everything online. The audiences also want these videos real time so 5min media the best deal by AOL.

Thing Labs and Brizzly Acquired by AOL

AOL is an American Company which provides world wide Internet services and is a popular media giant. It was founded in the year 1983 under the Services known as the Quantum Computers. It provides franchise services to a lot of companies all around the globe and has got an International version of the services world wide. The AOL is mainly in lime light because of its outstanding “Online Software Suite.” It rather helps its customers to explore one of the largest Online communities known as the “Walled garder.” The latter helps to reach the ample internet services in a huge. It has near about a huge 30 million users’ around the globe and mostly AOL is accessed through AOL Software Suite.

In the recent past, AOL has joined hands with the Thing Labs. Things lab is a giant behind the adroit services of Brizzly. The Brizzly service has helped an AOL user to get in touch with the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and My space. The social networking websites have begun to hold a kind of hegemony over all Internet giants and facebook has succeeded by attracting near about half a billion users’ towards its desk. Brizzly is given a name of “Social Media Reader”, because the latter helps one to peek in the social networking events and know what is going on in their social networking accounts. It aids one review updates and post the same to Facebook or from the AOL console. It also helps you to scroll through friend’s latest add-on. One can have a glance at the photos of their own or of their friends’ n folks using Brizzly and at the same time enjoy videos of their pals.

The AOL’s group of Consumer Applications’ President Brad Garlinghouse came up with the AOL’s perspective. He added,” AOL Company is same different in approach firm that it used to be an year ago. The Company has encased the change by introducing the new Brizzly feature. The change took place keeping in mind the experience a consumer holds and insight of the team of Thing Labs. The Things Lab does maintain a record of zenith successes that can help to give the messaging space a very new definition.” The Things Lab team work forecasts the great combination of the product’s knowledge, an innovative attempt towards the experience enhancing social products and the team’s insight. It was also adds by the AOL officials that the master work by the Thing Labs team will rather supplement the work of AIM and Life stream den of workers, who are currently engaged with AOL. The Thing Labs den of workers will direct the AOL’s Life stream, Brizzly and AIM applications. The Brizzly will climb new mile stones in terms of application in the near future.

Thus, the AOL effort towards the Brizzly tab in their console is going to be of great support to its users’. The users’ of the AOL can access the Social Networking giants and enjoy AOL unmatched services in one go.

5min media Acquired by AOL

AOL is a website that integrates news, sports, cricket, videos, downloads, email, messenger, entertainment and much more. Now AOL is going to acquire the video syndication platform of 5min Media. 5min Media is the online video library and a leading syndication platform and AOL wants to take the advantage of 5min Media. Here, I am going to discuss the business philosophy of AOL concerned with 5min Media.

5min Media provides online support for broadband instructional knowledge and lifestyle videos. The library of 5min Media includes tens of thousands of videos. The 5min Media claims to reach over 160 million unique monthly visitors and it has tens of thousands of videos spreaded across 20 categories and 140 sub-categories. The video content from 5min Media includes diverse collection including tech tutorials, recipes, yoga and fitness routines, DIY projects for home and garden, beauty and fashion tips, health videos on specific conditions, video game walk-throughs, etc. It integrates the web content from more than 1,000 of world’s largest media companies. It also had collaboration with professional independent video producers. According to AOL, the acquisition of 5min is the latest in a number of ways. According to them, 5min media is the fastest growing company in online video support and that’s the reason behind their interest in 5min Media. AOL wants to capture the growing opportunity of online video on Web, according to Tim Armstrong (AOL CEO).  AOL is also building a video ecosystem for next decade and for this, they will indulge 5min Media. 5min Media is a perfect complement to powerful video capabilities in this cyber age. Apart from that, it is a missing part of AOL and it could be a right platform for AOL. It could provide a value chain that completes AOL’s end-to-end video offering. It could serve from the content creation through syndication and distribution.

AOL and 5min Media had the same excitement regarding the collaboration of two companies. The content of 5min Media could be a great add-on to the AOL and both the companies are agreed about this direction. Apart from this AOL will introduce the content of 5min Media as a part of its Bolster video content. With this collaboration AOL will take the complementary video capability that makes the website compelling fit.

According to Ran Harnevo (Co-Founder and CEO of 5min Media), the collaboration of AOL and 5min Media will make an attractive combination for the content creators and publishers. The 5 min Media is already a leading online video support website and its next step toward success is the collaboration of AOL. According to Harnevo, AOL’s organization is the horsepower for his company. The combination of these two companies will result in major success. The resulting website will offer the vast library; present compelling opportunities for AOL audience, 5min Media offers syndication capabilities, as well as the content creators will work for the publishers.

Are Students Web Savvy or Search Engine Savvy?

The present generation of students has had a tremendous amount of new age facilities. This has assisted them in matters not only specific to course related material, but also in better understanding of the overall environment. The Internet facility, with technology dishing out new age Wireless networks and routers every fortnight, is one such assistance which has proved to be extremely helpful.

This may give an impression that the new generation of students would be web savvy; however this is not the case. According to a study published in the International Journal of Communication, University students have a substantial trust in Internet search engines. The same generation who has enabled the social networking sites, the iPods and cell phones make a killing in the market, is apparently not that web-competent. Students seem to have blind faith and trust in Google as their singular source for web search.

Further findings suggested a remarkable fact. Students trust the Google search engine so much that they would click only on those links which appear on the top of the resulting search page. This would be irrespective of the credentials of the website, which proves students believe more in the search engine than a particular web page as the ultimate source of information. Completing assigned tasks seems to be their only priority and if they don’t use Google, then students lean on other brand name search engines and websites to look for sufficient information. Apart from Google, the other top research engines included Yahoo, Wikipedia, MapQuest, AOL, Microsoft and Facebook.

The above conclusions were drawn after students in the study were given information seeking assignments. When they finished each assignment, they were videotaped. It was found that the University students’ adeptness at using the Internet for research purposes had nothing to do with the fact that they have grown up with the Internet. In theUniversity of Illinois, Chicago, 102 students were sampled. More than a quarter of them told the researches that they had clicked on a website because it was at the top of the search list. In some cases, the students said that the search engine was more trustworthy than the particular website from which the information was gathered.

In one instance, a Social Science student was asked about the website from where she had got the needed information. She replied that she didn’t know and it was the first thing that came up! Only about 10 per cent of participants made any remarks about the credentials about the site’s author while completing tasks. But even among these respondents, none made any attempt to verify the qualification or identification of the authors. However, students involved in data research cannot be held solely responsible for lack of web incompetency. Search engines like Google don’t often rank websites on the basis of their credibility. In cases like these, it is a social responsibility on their part and they must recognize the level of trust they have garnered from users all over the world.

Install AOL on Windows Vista

AOL is one of the eminently popular Internet software which handles all your needs like web browsing, e-mailing and instant messaging.AOL is currently accessible in two versions: AOL 9.5 and AOL Desktop Version 10.1. AOL is quite handy to use.

Installing AOL on Windows Vista is simple and uncomplicated and it involves some simple stages.

These are few simple instructions which can give you a simple idea about the installation process:

First check if your device is compatible with this software. If it is then go to desktop and double click on “Internet Explorer” now just click on the icon on task bar. You will get the internet browser open. Now enter the URL in the address bar of your browser and press the enter button. In the case of any difficulties while downloading you can go to any online helpline article like “Unable to download AOL”.

When you get the AOL page just scroll down under “services”, click “downloads.” Now you will move to the page named as “Free AOL download” .Before you start downloading it is recommended that you terminate all open applications. Now you will have two options to choose from “AOL 9.5’ and “AOL desktop version10.1,”choose any one of these according to your requirement and click the “download now” button.

After the successful installation you will get a prompt message stating that “you have successfully installed AOL application.” Now click on the launch button to start a new program.

Tips and Warning

After the installation process you need to restart your computer to ensure that the installation process was successful. If you are new to this AOL software and you want to choose from the two versions then AOL provides you a preview of both the programs. To do this process you just go to AOL home page and click “download” now you are taken to “free downloads page” click  the “find out more’ link alongside the message “Aren’t you sure whether to choose AOL 9.5 or AOL desktop version 10.1?”. now preview the two versions and decide which one to download.

You can also install AOL by using AOL CD

If you have AOL CD then you don’t need to go online, just insert the CD in CD drive, the CD automatically start installation of new and latest version of AOL application on your PC after performing the compatibility check.

You just need to perform following steps to install the AOL CD:

Insert your AOL CD in CD drive and stick to on-screen prompts.

To select the version you want to install double click on “my computer” icon on your desktop and Open “folder” options in Windows Vista on the left side click the “Organize” menu and go to “folder and search” option. Now just click on the “view” tab, you will get advanced setting now in the “hidden files and folder” section click on “show hidden files and folders”. After that click “ok.” Now go back to window explorer and right click on “TRYAOL” then click on “explore” button. After that you will get a list of folders and files, now double click on the AOL folder corresponding to the version you wish to install. Double click on “setup.exe” file and go along with the on-screen prompt.

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