The Apple Genius and the Best Buy Geek are created to assist consumers in technological hassles faced by them. Many consumers are facing a difficulty as to which one to visit for their problems. We, through the medium of this article, will like to solve this problem for our readers.

What’s in a name?

The word selection by both the companies is something to ponder over. Apple’s selection is the word “Genius”. Genius is a person who knows everything and you are sending out signals to consumers that these employees of the company are way superior to you intellectually. The word “Expert” in place of “Genius” would have been appreciated by the audience. Experts are more approachable and Geniuses are usually related to snobbish characters.

The Best Buy has selected a more sober word like “Geek”. Geek as a word sends out signals as to a person who is intellectually well versed but is shown in the light of pity and sympathy. People can relate to a Geek and are more comfortable with them.

Nevertheless the way these technicians help people in solving their queries is important, but reputed companies such as Apple should pay some heed before finalizing a name for their product or service.

Striking difference in styles and approaches

Both the stores have a striking dissimilarity in their approaches towards consumers.

Majority of the Apple stores visited were over crowded with hordes of troubled consumers. The staff was unable to mange such a huge number. If you wish to go to an Apple Genius then you should probably seek an appointment instead of just dropping by.

When one visits a Best Buy Geek store you find a friendly and conducive environment. Though the Geeks preferred to see the actual problem in the computer rather listening to problems which Geniuses did not demand, but Geeks were more approachable. Even if you encounter a sudden problem you can easily visit a Best Buy Geek store and the problem will be solved in much less time relative to an Apple Genius store.

Knowledge testing

When asked related questions about Windows 7 and Mac OS X10.6 to both the parties this is how they fared (one of the many questions):

  • On the question of not being able to play certain video files on both the software’s, the Genius’s reply was; get the Windows Media codec, and download Perian- a multicodec tool. Whereas the Geek replied, you will need QuickTime, an error message would prompt you to this.

Both the answers were satisfactory and solved the queries but Apple Genius, were more technical and to the point of the problem compared to Geeks.

The Final Verdict

The Apple Genius, were as good as Best Buy Geeks with a little difference. The advices given by Genius were more specific compared to Geeks. Though both of them solved the queries but the solutions were different, Genius delivered more result oriented answers in comparison to Geek.

Finally if you can brave in the crowded Apple stores and can catch hold of a Genius to solve your query than Apple Genius, has an edge over the Best Buy Geek. More or less both are good and helpful with little difference.