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Sony unveils Amazing Second Screen app for Spider-Man Blu-ray disc

If you are a die-hard Spiderman fan and have vested interest in the making of The Spider-Man, then this one is surely for you! With the launch of Sony’s Amazing Second Screen app, you get an exclusive chance to dig deep into the extraordinary universe of The Amazing Spider-Man. The app, which can be accessed exclusively on Sony Tablet S, Sony Xperia Tablet S, and Apple iPad, will sync with Spiderman’s upcoming Blu-ray Disc. It will give you a complete behind-the-scene entrance into sparkling world of The Spider-Man. Through this app you can check out the making of The Amazing Spider-Man motion picture.

The app was released a month before the scheduled launch of its companion – the Blu-ray disc, which is scheduled to be released on November 9. The release has come naturally as no blockbuster movies in 2012 can have home release without its second screen companion app. This will allow fans to view some extra content while they enjoy their movie on the TV sets. Each week, leading up to the release, new content will be unlocked through this app, which can be easily downloaded on Sony Tablets and Apple iPads.

The app works on dual interactive modes – the production mode and the timeline mode – both of them delving you deep into the Spiderman’s world with a home-bound video. Through the production mode, you can browse through the production notes and can get complete in-depth behind-the-scene coverage of film, ranging from production to development to its completion. In the timeline mode, the app syncs with the Blu-ray Disc allowing you to experience various featurettes, trivia, storyboards, interviews, and much more. In addition to this, you can also refurbish your Twitter and Facebook pages and share facts and trivia about the making of Spiderman with your friends and family.

The app gives you a complete footage of:
• Dangerous stunts performed by Andrew Garfield and the stunt team
• Photo galleries of costumes, make-up tests, and props used in the movie
• 360 degree interactive models of the Oscorp Tower and The Lizard
• Interviews with stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee, director Marc Webb, other cast and crew, and much more.

The Amazing Second Screen app is absolutely free of charge and can be easily downloaded from the App Store on iPads and from Google Play on the Sony Tablet.

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Cool Ways to Use Your iPad® at Work

Many months before the launch of the iPad, Apple created awareness about the possible uses of the tablet computer. Today, after the year long availability of the iPad, and the launch of the iPad 2 with improved features, the gadget has become very versatile as it is used for entertainment, education, business, and a lot of other applications.

With the introduction of the front and rear cameras, the iPad serves as a wonderful video conferencing tool and enhances the visual communication experience. Documents, spreadsheets and presentation over the iWork suite make the iPad a very handy device. The EverNote App makes note-taking in meetings a very innovative feature. The Keynote App is an ideal presentation tool.

The 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi features make browsing on the iPad, a pleasurable experience. The Mobile Safari App makes browsing interesting with the Apple A4 processor. Although, utilization of the iPad is evolving in a nice manner, cloud access and document management are still way behind. With this feature enhanced, the iPad will become a really powerful tool for most work applications.

With a very comfortable screen size and good connectivity, as also convenience in portability, the iPad and all similar tablet devices are poised to change the computing market forever. The wonderful multi-touch features and multi-tasking capabilities of the tablet are bringing about dynamic changes in productivity. Time management has moved to the next level.

Tapping out a message off the touch screen, gesture based app handling, innovative EverNote based note-taking, and ease of social networking, make the iPad an efficient gadget. The large screen makes the calendar on screen, a much more user friendly application. The Dragon Speech to Text App, Remote Computer Access and Sharing, and Wi-Fi printing to dedicated printers, also make the iPad an excellent tool at work.

iPad® Application Gets On-Demand Streaming

Comcast has updated its iPad application for allowing the customers for streaming on-demand TV shows as well as movies to the Apple tablet. Now the subscribers of Comcast app and iPad can access up to 3000 hours of content from the on-demand network of Comcast without any extra charges. It includes TV shows and movies from Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, Encore, MoviePlex, TNT, TBS, BBC America, Cartoon Network etc.

Comcast said that the selections include “Dexter,” “True Blood” and “Boardwalk Empire,” as well as the movies like “An Education,” “The Hangover,” and “The Blind Side”. Comcast added that this feature is accessible on Wi-Fi with 3G choice which is coming in an app update. The senior vice president and general manager of Comcast Interactive Media, Matt Strauss, wrote in a blog post that their main focus was over taking the advantages of larger screen and the mobile compatibility of iPad as well as deliver high quality video streaming. He added that there were many enhancements and feature updates planned for the coming months, and they will continue to evolve the video streaming feature based on customer feedback, including extending it to more handheld devices and platforms.

Afterward this year, Comcast is planning for joining the live TV streaming to the tablets. Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, made the appearance during the CES this year at Samsung keynote event for announcing that the content includes live TV and will be available on Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Samsung Smart TVs by the end of this year.

Now the app allows the Xifinity subscribers for accessing the on-demand programming from TNT, TBS, BBC America and Cartoon Network with no additional charges. Comcast claims that it is planning to bring about thousands of more programming options to iPad in the next few weeks. Previously Comcast announced that the potential releases of app would support the live streaming of TV channels, and include the social networking site accessing facilities so the customers could share in real time the programs or live TV channel streaming with their friends. The app will offer “MyTV” feature which would allow the users to send or receive personal recommendations from or with their friends on what should be watched.

The iPad® Now Can Take Command of Computers

You can control one PC from another by using certain applications. The process and the set-up are not easy to do, but it is used by companies as a maintenance and training tool. It is also helpful for some consumers as it can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

Now you can control a PC from a multi-touch tablet computer. There are several applications available for that. These applications are present in iPhones for years but phone screens are too small to open and operate programs on a PC. With iPad it is a different story because of its 10-inch screen.

While testing different applications on iPad to control Windows-based PCs and Macs, we found that these apps work on iPad. We concluded that touch-screen tablet computers are not a great match for traditional computers. They are designed for a mouse and keyboard. There are also some issues of Internet connection as they mostly depend on speed of the network. These limitations make the application slow when receiving things like videos.

The two apps which we tested for average consumers are LogMeln and iTeleport. LogMeln is the iPad and iPhone inbuilt app of a computer-to-computer remote-control product. The iTeleport exists from the early version of iPhone and now they also come with iPad.

You can simplify the complexity of set-up by installing a special free program on the computer that you are going to control from the iPad application. The advantage of these apps is to see and control all the computers with this installed program. The set-up is very easy and connections are also reliable and fast.

There are some issues with these apps though. One of the big issue is related to the controlling of a computer. Each one of them has two basic methods for this. The first one will allow you to move the computer’s mouse cursor and you can click the virtual mouse by tapping. In the second one, you can directly tap on the things on the remote screen. Both these apps i.e. LogMeln and iTeleport are better with their own methods. But we also found it really tedious with the regular requirement to use touch to move the image of the screen around the iPad’s display.

Both these apps are available at different costs such as LogMeln will cost you $29.99 and iTeleport will be available free for 30 days. After 30 days you need to buy this application at $2.9 a month or for one-time you can pay $24.99.

Apple® iPad® 2

After the huge success of iPad, a gadget that was a turning point in the field of technology, Apple recently made its second generation iPad official. In a recent poll conducted by a website on the future of iPad 2, about 46% of the correspondents felt that Apple would continue to dominate the market with this instalment, while about 33% felt that it would increase competition. Around 9% felt that it changed nothing, while about 8% said that a better and cheaper tablet could win it all at a later stage.

Featuring a 1GHz dual-core A5 chip and cameras on both sides of the device, iPad 2 also has a CPU twice as fast as the original. Its graphics performance is said to be nine times quicker, whereas power needs have been kept the same as the iPad. Battery life, along with the pricing, has been unchanged. The price starts from $499 for a 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 and goes up to $829 for a Wi-Fi version with 3G SKU and 64 GB of storage. The new tablet would come with HDMI output that would set you back $39 for the necessary dongle, which is recognized as an Apple Digital AV adapter. As expected, what you would get is an enlarged speaker grille on its back, and the same 1024 x 768 resolution and IPS LCD screen technology like in the original iPad.

720p video recording at 30fps would be on tap from the rear facing camera, which could too present a 5x digital zoom, whereas the front-facing imager would record at a VGA resolution, at 30fps. Compared to its predecessor, at 8.8 mm, the device is almost 33 per cent thinner, and also lighter at around 600 grams. It would be available on both Verizon and AT&T, and you would get the option of choosing between white and black.

HP TouchPad™ tablet unveiled

2011 can definitely be termed the year of the tablets. A tablet is a portable device which can be used to perform basic computing tasks. Tablets come with touch screens and also have multi-touch features. HP has been known over time as an innovator and a technological giant in the field of instrumentation, IT and applied IT enabled services like cloud computing.

Microsoft made a mark for itself with the Windows platform, Apple with the the iOS platform, and HP looks like will be setting a new trend with its WebOS platform. After their Mac series, Apple has been in the limelight the last four years with their smartphone technology and the iOS. Apple innovatively brought the smartphone with a sleek design and structured functionality with more than 4 lakh apps.

After the takeover of Palm last year, HP has combined the strength of Palm and the technology of HP, to deliver the next generation tablet, which could probably compete with the likes of Apple iPad and Android based smartphone manufacturers.

The HP TouchPad has an extremely user friendly WebOS interface. The new generation TouchTone technology, the 9.7 inch capacitive, multi-touch screen, Wi-Fi and 3G versions, large storage options, video conferencing cameras, Bluetooth, and wireless charging, are features par excellence. The sleek 13.7 mm thick TouchPad brings in HP’s own Beats Audio engine with the unique tap-to-share feature besides cloud computing options. The 1.2 Giga Hertz, dual core, Snapdragon CPU with a range of sensors inbuilt, including Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Notification light, and full connectivity with 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, AGPS and Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, a powerful battery and stereo speakers as well as microphone, make the tablet unique. The superb user interface of the HP TouchPad is definitely unmatchable, in comparison to Android or iOS. HP Synergy brings in powerful e-mail application and integration as also a wonderful pop-up notification system, VPN support, Google Docs / Quick Office / Drop Box / compatibility.

HP, the leader in printing technology, has also provided the feature in the tablet for wireless printing with compatible printers in the network. The activity card feature, for visualizing and organizing multiple panels of work, games, e-mails and even grouping of related cards in stacks or automatic stacking is a feature unique to the HP tablet. Making video calls and seeing your photos from Facebook, Snapfish and Photo-Bucket as also collaborating with other users using Google Docs or are interesting. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and really high speed browsing of the web is what one looks forward to.

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