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AT&T Promises to Fix Network Problems for iPhone 4

Apple has been among the top producers of electronic devices for a number of years now. Every time they release products into the market, they are full of new, innovative, and impressive features. Apple was the first to introduce a phone like iPhone making it popular only days after its first launching announcement. It had numerous features that other phone did not have at that time. It had a capacitive touch screen making it fully functional without the help of other peripheral devices. Comparatively it had a larger touch screen than many phones in the market. Sequentially, they have released newer models of the iPhone annually. This year, is the year of the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4

This summer, Apple released the much-anticipated iPhone 4. It is, no doubt, an amazing phone. It has an extremely fine (retina) display resolution of 960 x 640 pixels on a screen of 3.5 inches. This is the maximum resolution per unit area that a phone ever had. Unfortunately, their release appeared to have a number of bugs and faults that were not identified prior to the release.

Among Other Issues with the phone…

A large number of people complain that iPhone 4’s antenna does not work properly. A new issue has also surface with people unhappy with how AT&T is not supporting full speed downloads for Apple’s customers. However, some days ago, the company confirmed that it is not limiting upload speeds for iPhone 4 users. They say that the users who are experiencing such problems are less than 2% and that these are actually the after-effects of a software problem found in the AT&T equipment in some towers. The company also said that the software problem would be fixed shortly.

Time will tell…

Some of the iPhone 4 users are claiming that these speeds are much lesser than the speed they got when the iPhone 4 was first launched. There are also reports that the uploading speed does not exceed 100kbps. This is irritating to customers because only days earlier, they reached speeds of several megabits per seconds. It is important to note that not every user faced this problem. The statistics may support AT&T’s explanation of faulty equipment in some towers. When explaining in depth, the company revealed that the problem might be with the Alcatel-Lucent hardware they are using. They assure that Alcatel-Lucent is developing the software fix for this issue.

The best advice for all the iPhone 4 customers who are experiencing this problem is patience. When the software fix has been developed and AT&T has solved the problems that are resulting in the disgruntled customers, the issue will be settled. The Apple iPhone 4 is an incredibly innovative device, promising to reshape the future of mobile phone manufacturing and technology altogether. If you plan to acquire one of these wonderful products, you should be aware of the issues that are currently revolving around. You might want to wait until all the service issues have been dealt with before investing in it.

Almost 2 million iPhone 4 Sold and Still Counting

Apple’s new phone the iPhone4 still continues to rule the market. Apple had released its new smart phone the iPhone 4 which is a forerunner to iphone 3GS. The iphone4 has taken a long stride forward over its predecessor. This phone has definitely changed the rules of the smart phone industry.

Features of iPhone4

The design of iPhone4 has been completely changed. It now has a screen that is sharp. It has two cameras with the second camera on the front of the phone. The rear camera is more enhanced than the front camera and comes with a flash. It comes equipped with a new processor that is much faster than the previous iPhone 3GS. This processor is 20% thinner and quite narrow, but its length and weight remain the same as in iPhone 3GS. Apple iPhone4 comes with a comparatively large battery than its predecessor. The promos and advertisements of this phone suggest that it is the thinnest phone in the smart phone category. The iPhone4 has the highest resolution among the available phones in the smart phone category.

Face-time and new operating system

The iphone4 has new software known as facetime. This software with the camera on the front has enabled the users to a high quality experience of video calling. The users of this phone have reported of having a wonderful experience with the feature of video calling. This smart phone also comes with new operating system which is upgraded from its previous version. It incorporates features like unified inbox for multiple user accounts. It also has folder options for group related applications. This software can be installed for free on the previous models and is called ios4. The appearance of this phone has changed too. It now comes with a glass that is clad behind it. Apple claims that the glass is much stronger than plastic. It will not break or there will be no scratches even if it falls down on a rough surface. The best feature of this phone has to been video calling. What the users need for this feature to work is a wi-fi connection at both the ends and the software facetime. The users can see the images and videos of each other with this feature. Apple is trying to make it free for other users and wants other providers to incorporate this feature.

iPhone4 continues to rule the market

With the kind of features that iphone4 offers, it is a big hit amongst the masses from the day it has been launched. There are reports that this phone is out of stock at most of the places. A review at the AT&T store suggests that the iphone4 continues to be the hottest selling brand in this store. It has been quite some days that this phone has launched but it still continues to set the market on fire. News Channel 15 reported that when they went to review the product, every single product in almost most of the retail outlets was sold out. Some retailers even went on to say that this was comparable to the sale that takes place after the Thanks Giving Day. They said some customers literally were living outside the store to get their product.

The experts believe that this hype that is out there in the market is due to the fact that this phone is a much improved version than its previous version, the iPhone 3GS. It has enhanced in all the departments. Some reports suggest that almost 2 million phones have been sold. Most of these sold out phones were already booked and this is the reason that a lot of customers are finding it out of stock. All said and done this is one phone we all want to get our hands on.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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