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After Windows 7 Microsoft is Scheduled to Launch A “Mouse”

The recent buzz surrounding Microsoft and Windows 7 is an innovative mouse in development at Microsoft, which would have multitouch input capabilities. This is being initiated, according to many rumors, also keeping Windows 7 users who are awaiting on changing their displays. There is nothing official about this yet, although Microsoft has already registered a domain “” and redirected it to Bing.

Revolutionary technology

The innovative mouse, as it has caught a lot of attention even before Microsoft has officially announced anything, must be consisting of some trendy features that users need alongside the new Windows 7 OS from Microsoft. Obviously the standards of products from Microsoft has always been above average and has most of the times provided with some excellent features that are unique to the devices.

Apple magic mouse

Apple magic mouse which has a lot of multitouch features, is expected to have plenty of resemblance to the expected hardware component from Microsoft. Apple magic mouse was a brilliant innovation from Apple to enhance user experience with Apple products and operating systems. Beauty of Apple magic mouse is the seamless integration with the system in both aspects hardware and software.

Windows 7 features

Windows 7 has a lot of inbuilt multitouch features that average users don’t actually have necessary hardware to explore into. One reason why multitouch mouse concepts were initiated. Multitouch mouse peripherals will not only enable users with high end features on its own, but also expand the usage of inbuilt Windows 7 features.

The price range

Some European retailers have listed a “Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse” in their sites for around 70 dollars. Whether it be an indication of the original price or not, 70 dollars for a mouse seems a bit on the higher side given the current situation of an average consumer. Even if the expected piece of hardware is a PC clone of the Apple’s magic mouse, if the functionality would justify the price, no one knows for sure yet.

Early indications

Microsoft registering the corresponding domain and several retailers listing the item in their sites are all clear indications of such peripheral being in the process. The Redmond company has also been involved in a multitouch mouse research back in 2009, which also gives a clue on something happening from Microsoft.

Recent product releases

Several mouse models have been introduced to the market by Microsoft with the average price range of them being around 40 to 50 dollars. These releases from Microsoft too indicates an upcoming high end mouse component slightly higher in price.

Brilliant software features without supported hardware to operate and explore are virtually useless. Microsoft has realized a similar issue with the features of Windows 7, an important reason why a multitouch mouse is on the making, if any exists at all.

Arc Touch Mouse to be Released by Microsoft Soon

Microsoft, the software giant, has just developed a new product in its hardware sector. It seems to be an upgrade for its Arc Mouse which is to be called the Arc Touch Mouse. This new multi-touch based mouse seems to be looking like one of Apple’s products.

This could be Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Magic Mouse when it comes to its features and what it can do since they are pretty similar. Upon first glance, the Magic Mouse and the Arc Touch Mouse may seem to be really similar and with Microsoft’s anticipated launching this year, then Apple really has some competition on this area.

The original version of the Arc Mouse launched many years ago hence this new version is already an update of the first version. What is cool about this mouse is that it is shaped like an arc coming into contact only at the front and back, hence the name Arc Mouse.

It’s an attractive and portable little mouse and its design is probably one of Microsoft Hardware’s best. In terms of aesthetics, it comes in a cranberry colored and black colored version. The design also allows less friction in general and it also saves weight. However, since the point of contact is only the front and back, there is more pressure in those areas of contact. Using it would require a light touch but in general, it works just like an ordinary computer mouse and one would have no major problem in using it.

The updated Arc Mouse would surely be an improvement of the original one. Reports have said that the updated version would make the Arc Mouse touch-based. This rumor came from some information which spotted Microsoft registering a domain name from European retail sites called last March.

From this domain name, it was rumored that the next Arc Mouse would be touched-based. So far this is the only evidence of such upgrade. The said new mouse would have a product code RVF-00003 according to the same source. It is also estimated that this new device would command a suggested retail price of around $70

Microsoft has denied saying anything about the issue. They have refused to say any available information as of the moment. When asked, they say that nothing is available yet which indicates that Microsoft is indeed cooking up something and will be made available soon.

This piece of news is very encouraging for all the techie people eyeing the latest development in Microsoft hardware. If this new device would be as cool or even cooler than the Arc Mouse, then it would surely be another good sell for Microsoft. Apple surely has found a good rival in terms of multi-touch functionality.

Well I guess the least we can do for now is to wait for the formal launching of this soon to be touchable Arc Mouse. We’ll just keep our eyes and ears open until something more substantial would reach our news lines.

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