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Dual boot tablet computers

There can be multiple operating systems on a computer. A computer having more than one OS is known as a dual boot system. In a dual boot computer, the hardware usage is shared by two different operating systems. There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with the dual booting of computers.

Advantages associated with the dual-boot operating systems are as follows:

Multiple operating systems can be operated on a single computer with the help of an option provided in the boot menu of system. If one of the operating systems was corrupted, you can work with other operating system. In this way, the dual booting of the system offers a smoother work environment. If any software or application is not working with an operating system, you can check it with another one.

Following are the disadvantages associated with the dual booting of operating systems:

The main disadvantage of dual booting is the degraded performance of a computer as the hardware and memory usage is shared with two OS. Another bug in dual booting is the clash between different applications. The clash between applications uses system memory and thereby the performance of system may be affected.

Nowadays it is possible to have a tablet PC with dual-boot functionality. Earlier, only single OS was supported by tablet PCs. Tablet PCs prove to be very helpful to take your data on the go. Azpen is scheduled to launch their dual-boot tablet PCs in 2011. These will be capable of booting Android OS along with Windows 7. This model of tablet PC released by Azpen will be available in two different versions. The details regarding these different versions of Azpen tablet PCs are as follows:

First one is a 10.1 inch model and the aspect ratio is 16:9. Another one is available in a 9.7 inch size and the aspect ratio is 4:3. These tablet PCs come with touch screen functionality. They are equipped with Intel Atom N455 processor, 32GB storage space and 2GB of internal memory. With all these power packed features of Azpen tablet PCs, consumers can take their data and work anywhere with dual-boot operation. Dual- boot operating systems greatly help consumers to work frequently on different OS environments that enhance their working capabilities.

AT&T® ShopAlerts texts location-based promos

AT&T has launched a new marketing service Placecast to deliver its ShopAlerts text messages. These messages will be received by shoppers nearby the market place where they are visiting. This is the first of its type of services and AT&T is the pioneer in it. Subscribers signing up for these alerts are from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago who can get alerts based on the location.

At&T is expecting to create a virtual service around the shopping area that the subscriber visits for their shopping. The messages will also include weather forecasts, details on local shopping areas location wise and traffic alerts. This is to enable the shopper to ensure good weather and low traffic snarls to visit the area which they want for shopping also getting first-hand knowledge on the deals available in these shopping areas.

Here AT&T is working with its large subscriber base creating a relationship with the advertisers, while Placecast is kicking in with geo-location services. Placecast is very excited to work hand-in-hand with AT&T on the geo location opted services which help and direct the customers to go to shopping arcades where they stand to gain a lead on fair prices shopping with alerts which help the subscriber to make it for good shopping deals.

Placement CEO said that subscribers and retailers alike benefit from these alert subscriptions with advantages of tailored offers based nearby and on AT&T. The services being a geographical based service will provide alerts based on the vicinity where the subscriber chooses to shop. Therefore AT&T has tied up well with Placecast to provide these subscriber services so that people visiting the shopping areas can avail of discounts and special prices to be able to buy at an advantage.

AT&T’s services are welcomed by the people subscribing for these services as these make the subscriber alert to the deals available at the shopping location that they visit. A timely intervention of the deals available in the particular location is a useful tool in the hands of the subscribers. They make it to those selective stores to shop at bargains and take advantage of price discounts and other such deals.

Shops at these locations will also benefit since they will get directed customers and the retailers can make their bargain deals with shoppers. This is a beneficial bargain for both retailers and the subscribers each benefiting in their spheres of existence in the market as the sources of demand and supply. AT&T is helping both ends, by creating a demand and a supply chain so that the alerts subscribers can avail good bargains by first getting to know about the bargains and the retailers by making such bargains to the subscribers who get piqued with interests in their offers. This is obviously affecting the market forces and AT&T will make a difference.

How to close an unresponsive program in Windows®

Windows is the most widely used operating system and this is the one for which the maximum software and applications are designed. Windows is a good multitasking operating system and has offered a lot to its users. You can work on multiple programs with ease and keep many applications open at a time. All applications and files are handled by the operating system and they stay resident in the memory till the time they are closed. More and more applications are programmed and developed for Windows operating system and some of them are not always tested to work on the same. Such applications at times make the system to crash or become unresponsive. Not only such applications become unresponsive, but they also make other Windows applications to hang up because of memory conflicts or read and write conflicts. Many applications offer you options to save your work when they do not respond so that you at least do not lose the work done so far, but not all the applications give you this liberty. When an application or a program hangs up, you have no choice other than closing it and opening it again. Closing an application from its close button on the top right corner may also not work because this close button is also a part of the application. In such cases, to close the application you would need help of the controller managing all the running applications. This controller in Windows operating systems is known as the Task Manager.

In this post I will let you know how to use the Task Manager to close any non-responsive application.

Step 1: Try to close the application from its Close button and Windows might give you further options to force close the program. If you get this option it is well and good else go to step 2.

Step 2: Right click on the Task Bar and select Task Manager from the context menu. You can also chose to press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘Delete’ keys together to get to the Task Manager.

Step 3: Once you have the Task Manager open you will find a few tabs in that window, but the first two Tabs, Applications and Processes are of our interest. Click on the Applications Tab and then right click on the application which is not responding and then select End Task. This will help you closing the application. If not then go to step 4.

Step 4: Before you click on Processes Tab you must be aware of the actual .exe name of the program which you want to close. For example if you want to close Microsoft Word then you must know that its process name is winword.exe. similarly right click on your process and then select ‘End task’.

Steps given above are the only ways of closing any application from within Windows. If nothing works, then you can try to logoff or restart the system.

HTML 5: The future of gaming

Time is the best teacher. It is a universal saying and it holds true for all the walks of life. Whenever there is something new in the market, its first version is always complicated to operate. Take the example of computers. When they were launched, it was not so easy and it needed special qualifications and skills to operate the first computer. Because the user interface was not so user friendly and it took too much skill as all the commands were not so easy to remember (command prompt). Then it took a new avatar of Windows where it is all possible for you to execute all the tasks you want. It is as easy as anything. Now with user friendly interfaces it is all possible for you to make your own website. Even if you don’t have knowledge of HTML and other high level programming languages.

With the new and never before software, it is all possible for you to make your own website within a few moments. All it is possible through the Microsoft Publisher. It is all possible and easy. Now you don’t have to spend a huge amount from your pocket. Moving ahead, lets come to the gaming zone. It is believed that it is not possible to develop games if you don’t know the programming languages like C++ and other advanced languages like Java. But now it is your turn to turn the dream of becoming a game developer into reality. It is all possible with the help of HTML 5 based application software game maker.

With the help of this HTML 5 based game making application, it is all possible to design your games. You are the grand master of the virtual world, and what’s more you need not know programming languages like Java, C and C++. It feels so great to have such an amazing experience. Thanks to the revolutionary technology that has made all the programs converted into a pictorial way. From the menu you have to choose the desired movement you want to add into your game. It is as simple as that. What’s more it is all possible to convert your game into 3D version and use colurs like never before.

There was a time when gaming zone was reserved for the professionally trained software developers but now technology has taken a swift turn and as a result you can become a game developer. It is really great to stand among the professional gamers. Gone are the days when it was HTML and XHTML. Now it is HTML 5 which is the key player of different 3D gaming and other applications around the virtual world. This is something really amazing because you are your own master and you can develop games according to your needs.

Android™ 3.0 version

Android is an open source product from Google. The present version of the Android operating system is based on the modified version of the much talked about Linux kernel. The history of the Android operating system began with the release of version 1.0 in September 2008. After that there were much advancements related to the operating system. The new versions typically fix bug and has other new added features.

Android is nothing but a mobile operating system developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Android has given a new dimension to the phones of this age. Recently we came to know that Android has been affected by malicious applications. As soon as Google came to know about these, they identified them and removed it. Thought it couldn’t affect Android 2.2 versions and the versions above, it did affect the lower versions in which the vulnerabilities were known. The attackers couldn’t affect the device (in which they could penetrate) much. The only part of information that they could gather was the unique code each mobile has and could know the version of Android they were using. The other data couldn’t be traced or affected but the Android team took measures to remove the malicious application. The Android team has updated its security system so that the attackers are not able to trace any other information.

Android has also upgraded a few new features for its users’ benefits and all of them are successfully accepted by the users. Now Google is all set to launch its 3.0 version, the Honeycomb, which is optimized to work on tablets and other devices.

Skype® to Go direct call service

Skype is basically an application service that allows you to make phone calls. A person can make phone calls by using Skype and that too for free. It is because of their service that Skype stands out to be the one which has grown very quickly. In recent times, the company got acquired by the eBay. It is yet another stride forward for the company in terms of achieving their final objective which is to make Skype the largest company of communication in the world.

It is very easy to install Skype, and is even easier to use. Skype allows the users to make calls with crystal clear sound. It works perfectly and does not get affected by the location. One can use it to send messages instantly. It can also be used to switch between texts flawlessly. Skype also allows one to make video calls and conference calls. It can be also used for voice communication, transferring files and calling on cell phones and landlines.

Skype has modifications to its service, Skype to Go, so that it could allow a person to make direct calls from any landline. There has been a new revision and it is because of this the users can at present save the direct – dialed Skype call. This direct – dialed call from Skype can be saved as a part of the contact list of the phone. The users can now enjoy the benefits of having at most of nine of the numbers that get saved in the phone.

Skype introduced its service of Skype to Go in the year 2007. This allowed the users of Skype to call another user of Skype and that too over a mobile phone or landline. More importantly this could be done without the user having an Internet connection. The Internet connection is generally used in order to smooth the progress of a VoIP call. Skype has improved their service in the previous few years. They have added support for the Skype Credits and also for the subscription plans. Recently Skype introduced a mobile version for low bandwidth users.

Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249