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Pick your favorite color for your desktop with these tools

Who’d want to go with kit colors? If you are a creative person, we know that you would like to have new colors on your plate, or desktop in this case. Why just go for the default colors that come with the operating system when you have the option to go for the color that you like. There are some tools that you can use to pick a color for your desktop and here they are

Color cop

Color cop is a small, simple, and great tool that everyone must use. It’s a simple app that lets you check color samples from anywhere on the screen. This tool also has a magnifier which lets you zoom to the pixel that has the color that you’re looking for, if you’re trying to pick a color from the screen. It also has a convertor that translates the color into color codes, in case you’re trying to use this color on a website. Plus, the best thing about this app is that history. There are seven tabs for color history that allows you to see what you’ve selected or picked. This tool has a simple interface and is really simple to use. Anyone would understand how to use this application and you must use it too!

Webmaster’s Toolkit

Now, for people who can handle intermediate level tools and applications that require a bit of understanding, this is a great tool. Webmaster’s Toolkit is one of the cleanest apps in this segment and probably the best. And that’s probably why you have to pay for this tool – it’s not free! Though you can go for the trial version of this tool, which can be used for 30 days, after which you’d need to buy the application. Features like ‘Eyedropper’ and ‘Pixel ruler’ allow you to navigate to the exact pixel on the screen when you’re picking colors. Use this before you actually buy the license.

Instant color picker

This application is available for multiple operating systems and all versions of Windows operating system. It’s a simple standalone application and this app is very different from the other apps in this list. The interface is really simple and refreshing and you’d only see a color bar when you install and open this application for the first time. Again, the features that you’d find on this application are similar to the ones that we’ve already seen. Eyedropper and Magnifier are some of the features that you’d find in this application and other similar options too. The interface is really simple and minimal so people who do not like cluttered desktop screens might like this application.

AMD® Launches Fusion Chips In India

AMD India has launched Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) with the Fusion technology. The fusion of a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is known as fusion technology on a single chip. The launch of the G-series chips by AMD is for embedded systems. A fusion chip consists of multi-core CPUs with powerful discrete level graphics. This is the kind of technology that is being established by AMD. There is an open GL and CL constituted support in the integrated device.

The Fusion chips of AMD deliver high quality graphics performance. The AMD G series processor is the first APU in the world, which combines both the technologies on a single chip. It offers excellent computing efficiency than any other. The applications of  these chips include digital signage, set top boxes with Internet base, point of sale (POS) terminals, gaming devices, thin clients, and a lot more.

AMD has a supportive design team for the manufacturing of various products. The eco-system for the AMD G series platform includes supportive options for Microsoft Windows, Linux, as well as real time operating systems. It also includes a developer’s portal for embedded applications with customer based details of boards and complete systems. A small and flexible platform is available for the APU where designers and developers can make products relating to the technology of the embedded series. According to a recent carbon footprint study, the APU is designed to curtail carbon emissions.

Google™ Chrome 10

Google Chrome is an ultra fast web browser which has changed the way Internet is used. The reason behind it is that it is very fast. Google Chrome takes a space of around 80 MB. The other features which make Google Chrome a very fast, versatile and stylish browser is because of its design. It just changes the way you browse Internet. With its multi-window feature, it is possible to pin the last nine opened web pages just when you open a new tab.

There are 100s of themes which can be selected according to your preferences. Now you are your own trend setter for the interface of the web browser. New Google Chrome 10 is 60 percent faster than its earlier version. If you have used the earlier one you would know how you are able to browse your favorite webpage. It is just amazing to see your web pages before you within seconds.

There is a tip on power conservation when it is used in full screen mode. It conserves around 80 % energy. As a result you are going to get better performance. With its new introductory feature slide show mode you are able to view slide shows online without any glitches. It is all smooth and offers web browsing in a convenient way. This way you can view all the 15 slides one after another. One more thing that adds value to this web browser is that all the setting tabs are opened in a way like if they were web pages. It gives a different look as compared to the conventional way it looks in other web browsers. So if you want to enhance your web browsing experience just switch over to Google Chrome 10.

With the application store on the default tab you can open it whenever you want to view that. For example there are applications related to GPS and maps and games. You just have to click on it and access several useful applications.

Computer issues that users may face

Nowadays computers are more than what they were meant for. They are used for several purposes and have reduced the burden of work. It is really great to use computers as they perform tasks with high speed and accuracy. There is plenty of work that we cannot do without the help of these new age devices. These are really great in terms of the quality and the quantity of work they provide.

When these machines are so important and execute so much things for you, what if there is a problem in your computer. It can be really frustrating to deal with computer problems. As you are not sure, where to go and to whom consult for the problem you are facing. The first thing you need to do is that you should have access and information about the service centers near you. Let us have a look at the problems we generally face in our computers.

The first problem is of genuine software. It is always advisable for you to go only for a trusted software provider and you are really not going to face any kind of problem in future. It is like a drive on a smooth road without any glitches. When all the software installed are genuine it is sure that they are not going to create a problem as they provide safety to your hardware and ultimately they are going to work for a long time. Always use genuine software to overcome and resolve the problems of system crashing, hanging of applications etc.

Always be sure that your computer is kept safe in a healthy surrounding. It is advisable for you to keep your computer in a relatively moisture free and clean atmosphere. Make sure that there are no magnetic devices kept around your machine as it may cause problems. Another problem is that of data loss and hard drive crash. It is recommended that a UPS should be used to provide backup in case the power goes off.

How to Check Hard Disk Space

A hard drive is one of the most important components of any computer system. You might be amazed to read that just 10 years back, the most common hard drive size available was of 10 GB and this was used to accommodate the operating system, all the software and applications, and the user data and files. Today the operating system itself requires around 13 GB of hard drive space. Now you can imagine how precious the hard drive space is and how much we need it in today’s computing world. All the applications, operating system, files, games, audio and video available nowadays are resource hungry and require free hard drive space. If you do not have enough free hard drive space available on your computer, your operating system will not work efficiently.

It might happen that you purchase a 100 GB hard drive but you don’t get the entire 100 GB to work upon. Let me explain that the entire hard drive space is never available for use because some of it is used by the hard drive itself for its book keeping called as the File System. If you want to know the total size of your hard drive, follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: Open ‘My Computer’ window and change the view to detail.

If you have single partition on your hard drive then size of the partition will be the approximate size of your hard drive. If you have more than one partition then proceeds to step two.

Step 2:  Sum the size of all the partitions which you see in this window and this should give you the approximate size of your hard drive.

If you are not sure whether entire hard drive space was utilised while creating the partitions, then follow the next steps.

Step 3: Open the ‘Run’ box and then type the command ‘DISKMGMT.MSC’ and press ‘Enter’.

This window will show you all the partitions along with any un-partitioned space on your hard drive. You can total the sizes of this partitioned and un-partitioned space to get the approximate capacity of your hard drive.

AppShopper app for iOS keeps you updated with new releases

AppShopper is an online application store for mobile devices. It is an all in one application solution store for the users all over the world. And what more this is all in one and very handy and easy to keep and handle. Here are all the apps for your device to make it more interesting and to make it friendlier. For your convenience it is categorized in different groups. Like there are applications under the name of popular applications, utilities, games, applications under the category of entertainment, and many more. You name it and AppShopper has it. What’s more there are applications that are categorized in groups like paid and free applications.

With the AppShopper, online shopping becomes very interesting and quite amusing. The best thing about this is that AppShopper is all convenient to handle. As per the news coming from sources it is believed that there is a plan to launch electronic magazines on the iPhone. It is believed that the entire magazines with complete catalog will be available on the AppShopper.

Another application which is available on AppShopper is Kik Messenger; it is a cross platform messaging application. It was revealed that this messenger has the facility to send and receive pictures and text messages with more than one people at the same time. With these applications it is all possible for one to share all the golden moments with one’s special friends. Applications like Google Earth and GPS make you able to stay informed about your location. AppShopper is all there to make your life more colorful and enjoyable.

Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249