We have seen and used phones which have navigation facility in them but how about a navigating device which has a phone in it. Garmin which is a leader in developing navigation devices has announced its new release named Garminfone. Garminfone is a navigation device which also carries feature to make calls, browse the internet, listen to audio, view video, and check emails. Garminfone has two devices built in one: first is Garmin GPS unit and the other is a Smartphone powered by Google’s Android Operating System. Garminfone has been developed in partnership with a Taiwan based company called Asustec Computers Inc.

Garminfone has a wide 3.5 inch touch screen which is bright, spacious, and helps you navigate easily. It comes with a car charger and a dashboard mount to make it easy to use when you drive. It offers options for changing the navigation voices and attractively the Garmin Navigation services are free once you buy this phone.

All the applications on the phone can be accessed just by sliding your finger from right to left. Unlike other phones Garminfone has multiple screen support and supports 5 additional screens. You can keep the applications like Facebook open on those screens for real-time use. When it comes to the main purpose of the phone which is navigation, Garminfone proves it worth. Garminfone has very precise traffic calculators and distance vs. time information. The routes shown by garminfone are very precise and it’s really of a great help for travellers. The database for various outlets and help lines is also very latest and updated.

Besides the above mentioned features there are certain features which should have been there and would have made Garminfone the only option for navigators. Garminfone doesn’t voice the street names, so you always have to keep an eye on the phones screen for the same. Garminfone is to be used by travellers so the camera should have been of high quality. The camera which comes packed with garminfone is a simple 3-megapixels camera with a not very good resolution. Pictures taken in daylight looks fine but the sharpness misses once you view them in full-size. Garminfone supports music playback or streaming from online radio tunes but doesn’t support the standard headphone jack. This just adds another cable in your travelling bag. Garminfone is good when it comes to its own display of text and images and also loads the web pages quit fast.

Lastly Garminfone is built on Google’s Android technology but supports only the old Android 1.6 version. This makes the phone to lack the latest features provided by Android and thus stands to be a second choice for people who wants a good navigating device along with all the other smart phone features.