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James Cameroon’s “Pandora” – Is there a reality to it?

If you have seen the movie Avatar then you know how the movie’s plot is different from the real world. So is the world of Pandora just a figment of imagination that Director James Cameroon used in his movie, or is there some reality behind fiction?

James Cameroon is an environmentalist at heart, and he loves everything about our planet earth. The dwindling resources of Mother Earth are a major concern, and the event that was held at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) saw a few important people come together to discuss just that. What was on their agenda, it seemed like they all wanted to know if Pandora could be a reality. Apart from James Cameroon, there were four other panellists, all impressive heads at CalTech.

Everyone right from environmental Microbiologist Dr. Jared Leadbetter, Dr, Jesse F. Adkins from environmental science and Dr. Robert Hunt who apart from being an astronomer and visualization scientist at NASA’s Spritzer Space Telescope was also the moderator at the board meet.

All of them were majorly concerned about the technology and science behind what was depicted in the movie Avatar, more so because there was a message regarding our environment in the movie.If you’ve watched the video then you could easily tell that Pandora had only a touch of exploration to it, and also the exomoons could be existing worlds unknown in some part of our solar system.

We are glad there seems to be some kind of thought gone into bringing about a link between film fiction and reality. There is a huge “What if!” questioned on everyone’s mind and this has been bought about by the movie itself. That’s not all, the main idea behind the movie that James Cameroon created was to change the way people felt and thought about our planet earth. He wanted to bring about a lot of curiosity in the minds of people to wonder if things that they had seen in the movie were really possible or not.

Without a doubt, behind the movie you can see the director’s passion and love for his environment. His love for nature had begun at the first Earth Day that was celebrated in High School. He seems to have taken this love far into his movie, and infact looked beyond what his mind could nourish him with. The concept of the movie is brilliant and what’s even intriguing is that a lot of thought is currently being put into whether the world of Pandora really exists. No one knows if it really does exist, after all it’s the director’s mind that speaks and has nothing to do with research or experiment.

However the event gives everyone a hope that it could exist and that it is possible to unveil a bounty that no one knew existed earlier.

To show off his love for nature James Cameroon along with Earth Day Network and Fox Studios planted approximately a million trees right across the world. A feather on his hat would be if all that was said about Pandora really turns to be true.

FIFA Launches 3D World Cup

FIFA and Sony Corporation have added a third dimension, for many football fans around the world. FIFA in collaboration with Sony has unveiled 3D technology that enables football fans to view the upcoming FIFA world cup in 3D.

3D TV has currently become the buzz word of entertainment as many movies like Avatar, Clash of the Titans, have provided a new dimension to the viewing experience.  As world cup fever hits this year, FIFA is taking advantage of the 3D technology that will be provided by Sony. Through 3D TV millions of viewers across the world will be able to share the excitement of the world cup.

Over the years Sony has been looking forward to testing its technology on field trials with various cameras installed on a football field that uniquely captures the action and provides a 3D perspective. They tried to uniquely capture every move of the ball through the field so as to provide football fans with a unique perspective of viewing matches.

3D TV will be seen only at five venues of the FifaWorld Cup which include: Soccer City and Ellis Park in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. According to the organizing committee a total of 25 matches will broadcast in 3D.

Moreover, Niclas Ericson, who is the director of FIFA TV, earlier said that”, The 3D feed from these 25 matches will be made available for broadcast on 3D channels, which can be enjoyed by consumers on their 3D-compatible TV sets in the comfort of their home, almost as if they were in the football stadium themselves. Whilst discussions with major broadcasters are ongoing, I am very pleased to announce the first confirmed partners for the 3D live broadcast, who are ESPN in the US and Sogecable in Spain. We expect further announcements to be made shortly.”

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