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New AVG Premium Security To Guard Your Identity

As everybody knows ,AVG is a category of anti-virus as well as Internet security software for the Microsoft Windows/Linux, , Mac OS X, and many other FreeBSD computing platforms, which was originally introduced by AVG Technologies which is a privately maintained Czech company previously called as Grisoft.

Thus the brand name called AVG is derived from Grisoft’s initial product called “Anti-Virus Guard”, introduced in the country Czechoslovakia in the year 1992. In 1997, the prime AVG licenses were purchased by Germans and Londoners. AVG was launched in the U.S. in 1998.
A new suite named Premium Security is launched by AVG which has a naïve characteristic that the other AVG’s like Antivirus as well as Internet Security doe not have. But now the new AVG Premium is only utilized by the people of UK as well as USA. The new feature that is added called Identity Alert is useful to protect the personal information from an intruder.

According to Tony Ascombe, who is the brand ambassador of the company supplying free products said,”the new addition is a direct response to the favorites of the customers of AVG themselves. He says, the identity on the PlayStation mesh absolutely spotlights. About 94 millions among the Japanese were hacked by intruders and most of the information that were hosted on the servers got affected by it. Thus this process has been a worldwide problem.

Whenever you register for the new AVG service you will be signaled when your personal information like telephone number, email address, Insurance Number, Social Security or credit card number or any other such information are hacked will be disclosed in the internet. It also helps in counseling you to repair the anonymity to your own personal information when it has to be compromised.

The feature ‘Identity Alert will keep a guard on your Social Security, credit card number or phone number ,National Insurance Number or email address etc. which are all crucial to you.
The new characteristic is delivered by what Ascombe named as ‘A recognized service ‘, though he wouldn’t expose which company had accredited their technology to AVG ,only that which are all belong to USA as well as UK. Thus users who are well known of the features of the products of AVG has to check it out twice at the newly added interface, which will have the feature Identity Alert which they simply need to insert the alternative as one extra option among many others.

AVG Premium Security 2011 sells for about 70 dollars and it does not arrive with a trial version too. Comparing with other products, AVG Premium Security 2011 market price is 55 dollars, though it’s currently available to download from CNET download .com at the rate of 44 dollars. Nevertheless, the repose that a tracker for identity delivers is likely worth the yearly value to those who have had personal information theft issues.

Reports: AVG Free 2011 Update Pulled Back after it Crashes Windows 7

The latest update for AVG free 2011 was pulled back after it created many mishaps regarding the crashing of running windows 7 64-bit. The antivirus database update – 271.1.1/3292 (432/3292) was pulled after the users were disappointed. After it’s used by the users and the prompt that the updated is finished, AVG 2011which was demanding a system restart, which is then followed with a “STOP: cc0000135” error that completely crashes down the system. To be able to boot the system after the crash or to rectify its mistake AVG has come up with a “Rescue CD” available which can also be used for the package to boot from a USB drive.

When anyone uses the free AVG 11 on their PC, they will get an update notice for program files and the virus database. When clicked OK, but the installation process fails and the user keeps on getting the same update notice repeatedly. After the download file once started the resident shield is no longer active.

The website named as has an AVG free from 11/27/10, but after the crash even this has been removed. The users are frantically searching for the AVG site to download the “rescue CD” after their system has been crashed.

Several methods like Going to tools advanced didn’t seem to resolve the issue, resident shield was listed as enabled and even after the users tried to apply a disable followed by an enable, it shows as enabled in the advanced screen, but reports not being enabled.

Many users who were using Windows 7 64 bit ultimate OS have come across that all the patches not are up to date. The installation of MalwareBytes and Super antispyware are also there but with no other AV program it gets activated. Another user has blogged about the same problem. So after reports gushing in and not showing positive results have compelled AVG to withdraw its latest launch as it causes BSOD’s or other problems.

An AVG staff indicates both a bad update and the update being pulled after several systems crashing after the new AVG product download. Affected products seem to be several AVG Products which are also been affected and as a result being heavily critisized by users. The users been complaining about something strange is happening with the date that is displayed. It’s been showing 12-020-2010 which is being confused as the cause of the problem by many consumers.
The users shared their experiences saying that the computer rebooted after an update to AVG and also received a BSD. In Window 7 the BSD during reboot is very brief so it is easy to miss and then a recovery screen comes up next. But with a twist after the update and reboot are in a real pickle. The new launch by AVG automatically downloads the update again and recommends a reboot. It can be delayed for sometime but once the user starts reboot the computer the sequence repeats.

Even if the user decide to remove AVG altogether it was not possible to do that. And it failed to uninstall completely and kept going after the long processed update. Then after research, when a removal tool is discovered on the AVG website then after several tries it was able to get AVG off the machine.

These being experienced by AVG new launch users causing much of tension and frustration to its dedicated users which may affect their budding growth too. And so an s result AVG has pulled its new launch.

How to Remove AVG Antivirus

AVG is name trusted by many. It has made its own presence by bringing many things in one. AVG has its Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Email Scanner and many more features in just one application. Just like it happens with many of the security software that they try to be extra cautious and start stopping even the genuine and legitimate data, similarly AVG at times works erratically. If you have good troubleshooting knowledge and experience then you can play with the settings of this security software by configuring the port numbers and adding exceptions. Un-installing any security software is not a big task but there are certain factors you need to look into otherwise you might end up with the adverse after effects of the removal. In this post I will help you in understand the procedure of AVG Anti-Virus removal.

Prepare your computer


Make sure that you have turned OFF all the features of the program by closing the program from the system tray.


You can ensure the same by un-checking all the AVG related entries from the System Configuration Window (MSCONFIG) and restarting the computer. This ensures that no feature of AVG is running when while you remove it.


Create a Restore Point using the Windows System Restore Utility.

Remove from Control Panel


Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu and then open “Add/Remove Programs” in Windows XP or earlier or “Programs and Features” in Windows Vista and later.


Once you have the Window opened, look for the entries of AVG. There could be multiple so select first of them and then click on Remove or Uninstall depending upon the Operating System you have.


Removal of Security Software might demand system reboot, so just follow the instructions passed by the un-installer to complete the removal.


Security Software if not removed properly might end up in no Internet Connectivity, so make sure that your Internet Connectivity is fine.

If somehow the removal doesn’t go through then you can download the removal utility from AVG’s website and follow the steps given below

Removal using the AVG Installer


Run the EXE file you downloaded from the internet


It will prompt you for accepting the EULA so please agree to it, as there is no other choice to proceed.


This utility will no scan your computer for existence of all AVG products and will then give you options to either Repair the installation or to remove it completely.


Select Remove and continue with the Wizard. This will take a while and will remove the AVG Anti-Virus completely from your computer.

How to Disable AVG Antivirus

With the new viruses and spyware attacking computers every day the antivirus software have to be kept updated all times. The ways the infections attack the computer are changing and there are many gates for  viruses and spyware to enter your computer system. To stop such attacks at times the antivirus software or the firewall of your computer needs to be  extra cautious and needs to block programs that may hinder your PC’s security. If you have good knowledge of communication ports or the way Internet traffic moves then you can easily add exceptions in your security program but if you do not know much then you can disable your security software for time being. Disabling the security software is never advised and neither it is wise to be done. All the security software have different interfaces and have different ways how they get disabled or turned off. In this post you will understand the ways to disable the AVG antivirus from your computer system. AVG is one of popular security software and has been in the market for quite a long time now. After Norton and McAfee, AVG is the most widely used security Software and is like by many because it is light weight, easy to install and certain versions are totally free of cost.

Steps to disable the AVG antivirus

Step1: When AVG is running it stays minimised and stays resident in the memory. Its presence can be found by the presence of Resident Shield icon in the system tray. Right click on the Resident Shield icon in the system tray and click on Open AVG User Interface.

Step2: Action taken in step1 will open the main user interface of the AVG antivirus and on this screen again you will see a clickable option titled Resident Shield. Click on this or you can go to the Tools menu, then Advanced, and then click on Resident Shield.

Step3: In the new window you will find a check box titled Resident Shield Active. You need to uncheck this check box to disable the resident Shield.

Please note that action taken in step 3 will only turn OFF the Resident Shield, but the email scanner and other virus protections will stay ON in the memory. If you have to turn OFF the entire AVG then exit the programs completely. But let me reiterate that doing this is not advised.

Step4: Make the changes that you desired after disabling AVG and then turn the protection ON again.

Step5: protection can again be turned ON by following the steps 1 to 3 and then checking the check box titled Resident Shield Active.

Step6: close the main user interface window so that the AVGs interface window closes from the front and from the task bar but stays resident in the memory and in the system tray, and will continue to scan the incoming and outgoing traffic.

How to use AVG Antivirus

One of the most famous software on the Internet, in the field of antivirus protection is AVG Antivirus. Often rated as one of the best antivirus programs a, AVG also has a free spyware detection program. This free version automatically updates itself once it is installed in a system, and is scheduled to run automatically as well. It is a perfect way of keeping your computer safe against virus and other threats that may harm the hordes of files, folders and disk drives on the system.

Instructions to use AVG Antivirus protection

Those of you who are interested in using the AVG software on your computer can follow the below mentioned instructions.

Step 1: As it is a product of website, the AVG antivirus protection is required to be downloaded from this website itself. This would help to set up an internal virus database on the computer. Although you can get a free edition, it is not as vast and extensive as the paid one, which offers more scanning options.

Step 2: The program must be set to automatically update itself every day. You can follow the process of manually updating it by right clicking on the AVG Antivirus icon on the taskbar. From there, select ‘check for updates’ and the job is done.

Step 3: Now you need to add the email scanner for scanning your email as it comes into the email program. This amazing feature scans your email to check for viruses every time you receive a mail, not just once a day.

Step 4: You can check it yourself by right clicking on any file or other program on your computer and run a specific anti virus check.

Step 5: When a virus is found, you can follow the action recommended by the AVG Antivirus. There are different options to follow like healing the infected object, to wipe it, to delete it, or storing it in the virus vault. However, it is recommended to go through the help section or the online help center before you proceed to delete the object.

Step 6: To make sure that you’re doing your best to avoid virus infection on your computer, you should also run the AVG protection on any new downloaded program or software before opening it. There are chances that it may contain some threats as there’s no guarantee of any file being downloaded from any website or installed from any unknown device.

Step 7: Perform a daily check on your computer to ensure its safety, by using the AVG test center. Right click on the AVG Antivirus icon on the taskbar and from the list of options that come up, select ‘launch test center’. You will have the option of performing a scan on selected areas or going through a thorough check, involving all the hard drives on the system.

There are new viruses which are created daily; in such cases the internal virus database should be kept up to date, as it is only you who has the responsibility of keeping your system protected.

How to Delete AVG Antivirus Program

AVG Antivirus Software leaves its traces on the computer after its uninstallation. So, I am going to discuss the basic steps involved in the complete removal of this program from your system. You may be sick and tired of getting error messages when you try to uninstall AVG through the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs method. Using the best “uninstaller” software, you can get complete peace of your mind. Perfect Uninstaller is a program that completely uninstalls AVG for you and removes its all traces of files and extensions. You can simply Uninstall AVG when AVG is a Full Version. For that, find AVG in the program list then Click on Uninstall and Follow up the prompts. This will lead to complete removal of AVG from your PC. You can make a Force Uninstall of AVG, when your AVG is corrupted or half-installed.

Now let us discuss the steps involved in the complete removal of the program by using Perfect Uninstaller program.

Step1: To start with this program execute the application. Perfect Uninstaller will launch instantly then press “Next” to go. Perfect Uninstaller will find the drivers’ position in the registry information and auto-running program and you have to press Next to remove or stop them.

Step 2: After the removal of drivers and shutting down the auto-running program of your computer, Perfect Uninstaller found the directory of AVG again and removes the other dump files.

Step 3: When Perfect Uninstaller found all AVG files and registry information in related directory then press NEXT to remove them. After finishing the above steps, AVG will be 100% to disappear from your PC.

All the Trial and Free versions of many Anti-Virus software makers in the market today, purposely make it difficult to remove them from your computer. Unfortunately AVG is one of those companies that doesn’t support much to you with a Trial or a Free Version of the software. Now, I am going to discuss the two most common errors observed during the uninstallation of AVG. These uninstallation errors of AVG Free version are also known as Local machine installation errors and the error appear to you on the screen is Local machine installation failed. The details of the error shows: Action failed for file avgwdsvc.exe: stopping service%u2026. It means the uninstallation can’t be proceed. Another error is appeared on the screen as 0×8007041d. it is because Installer initialization failed due to following error: “Error: @AvgErrorCode_0×0253 %FILE% = “C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8%u2033 @AvgErrorCode_0×0020”  Now you can Forcibly Uninstall AVG Free Trial Version using a good uninstaller tool. Perfect Uninstaller is such a tool. Perfect Uninstaller will guarantee to completely uninstall AVG for you and remove its all traces of its files and extensions.

The safest and the most effective way to uninstall AVG Anti-Virus software from your PC is by downloading Perfect Uninstaller and let this amazing software do all the work within no time.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249