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How to preserve notebook battery life

We often complain for poor battery performance our notebook computers. It drains fast as soon as the external power source is removed. But have ever thought that it we who is responsible for the same. We use the battery in such a manner that its life degrades with time and it is not able to deliver the performance which it could actually have given.

In this post I will discuss some practices which can extend the battery life and keep it running for as long as possible.

Step 1: Avoid unnecessary charging – We have a habit of charging the battery all the times. Avoid doing this. Battery should only be charged when it is completely drained out. There are batteries like Nickel Chromium batteries which remember the status of their charging and discharging. So if a battery is 50% charged and you try charging it again it will assume that you have to charge only 50% and will intimate you that it is fully charged thus reducing the battery life. So charge a battery only when it is fully drained. Avoid the habit of leaving the power connected to notebook all the times.

Step 2: Don’t Disconnect – Even if you are powering your notebook from its external power source, still you should not take the battery out of it. This maintains the maximum battery life of the notebook.

Step 3: Use the battery – Most of the times we work with a power source connected with the notebook. From now on at least once in a month use your notebook only with your battery. This will help the battery to drain out completely so that it can further be recharged. Periodic drain and recharge helps in extending the life of your notebooks battery.

Step 4: System Options – If you use your notebook without power source then make sure that you have done appropriate power settings in your notebook to preserve the battery life. You can select many options like hibernating, turning the screen off, standby mode, or sleep mode to save the precious charge in your notebook’s battery.

Step 5: Clean the connectors – You should clean the connectors of your battery once in a while so that there is not impedance at that level and your notebook gets appropriate power. This helps in proper usage of batteries and thus results in extended life.

Step 6: Keep it cool – Batteries work the best when used in a cool and dry atmosphere. Avoid using your notebook under direct sun or in direct heat. Heat seriously diminishes the batteries capability of accumulating the charge and thus reduces its life.

If you have to leave your notebook off for quite some time then make sure that the battery is not fully charged. As per manufacturers, the idle state to keep a battery is when it is 40% charged. Do not drain it completely, and neither keeps it fully charged if you have to keep your notebook off for long. These tips are not only for notebook batteries but can also be applied to cell phone batteries as well.

Unboxing A New Laptop

In the recent years, computers in the form of desktops and laptops are being considered as an essential thing to have. The machine is being used in almost all spheres of life in a huge way. It is extremely important for all users to learn the importance and to deal accordingly. The laptops have made the equation even simple by supporting the cause of space management. The laptops are portable as well. This factor has made the laptops the most popular machine in the entire world. There are users from all parts of the world who use these machines in their everyday life.

Laptops have now become extremely affordable. Thus, more and more people are purchasing laptops. However, the important thing to note is that, people must learn to unpack a new laptop correctly. It is extremely important for people to learn the technique correctly.

The laptop is normally packed in a very safe manner. The users must ensure that they unpack the box very carefully to avoid any damage of any sort. The users must note that the laptop is a very delicate device and it needs to be handled very carefully. The machine would then need proper charging before using it. It is strongly advised to the users to ensure that they charge the laptop for enough hours to load the battery correctly. The users are strongly advised to read the manual that is supplied along with the laptop.

How to Replace a Security System Backup Battery

A Backup battery is a secondary power supply. It is usually a direct current battery to provide power to your appliance in the absence of main power supply.

Computer systems also have a Backup battery inside the UPS. The devices that use Backup battery normally get its power from a sustainable alternating current (AC) source or from solar cells (DC). The backup battery will give power to your electronic appliance only in the case of main power failure otherwise the battery will charge from the same primary circuit.

After a certain cycles of charging and discharging, the battery becomes unusable. In that case you need to change the backup battery with a new one, so that you can go with your work smoothly.

The Security system batteries have a life typically ranges from three to five years. Replacing your system battery is quite a simple task that will take only a few minutes. If your system displays the “Low Battery” message regularly even after getting charged, then your battery needs to be replaced.

Here, I am going to discuss the procedure involved with the replacement of a System Backup Battery. Below is the step-by-step procedure to replace a Backup Battery.

The following are things that you will need, while replacing a Backup Battery:

1 .  Phillips screwdriver

2 .  Regular screwdriver

3 .  Key to control panel (if it is applicable)

4 .  A New battery

5 .  Felt-tip marker

Step 1 . First thing you should do, is to make a call to the manufacturer’s company that monitors your system. Thereby you can ask any doubt( that you may have) regarding the Battery replacement.

Step 2 . Remove the main power cord supply by unplugging the power transformer or even by turning the circuit breaker off.

Step 3 . Now, open the control panel with the help of a screwdriver (if it is applicable).

Step 4 . Disconnect the black lead provided on the battery. After disconnecting the black cord, disconnect the red lead also. You may find difficulty in removing these cords.

Step 5 . Remove the Battery from the case with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 6 . Now, you can connect a new battery. Before connecting the new battery make sure that you plugged the red lead into the terminal with red mark. Then plug the black lead.

Step 8 . Mark the current date and time on the battery and close the control panel and then reapply the power.

Step 9 . Finally, you should make a call to your monitoring company to inform about the accomplishment of the task.

Some Tips and Warnings regarding the replacement of battery:

There are many security companies that recommend testing your system at least once a month. It takes around 24 hours for your new battery to become fully charged. System backup batteries contains chemical like lead and acid, so they should be handled with care and disposed of properly.

How to Use Laptops All Day without Battery Recharge

The need of laptop is different for different users. One person may work for 6 hours on laptop, the other one may need to work for 8 hours daily on his/her laptop. There is a possibility that a person has to do computing even for 12 hours daily. One can not remain in office all day. The usage of laptop for so long can create hurdle in your work if you have not charged its battery in between.

But now with the advanced technology in this computerized era, you can run your notebook for the whole day without recharging the battery. So as day after day, you are available with much lighter laptops, its improved battery life will be a blessing.

Need for this innovation:

With the globalization and modernization, computers have become the necessity for all entities today. They have made the work very simpler and easier and with this, work efficiency of people has also improved. But you cannot sit at one place in front of your computer daily for completing your work, so laptops entered the markets and catered this problem. But all day computing is not possible as the laptop’s battery also needs to be recharged. So there is good news here for all laptop users that now you can use your laptop for even whole day without power supply to it in the upcoming years because in future, all day battery life would become a necessity for all and not just an added feature.

Items in notebook that can be changed for enhanced battery life:-

  • Processor in the notebook:

Eden is considered to be the father of modern mobile computing i.e. laptop from the time he created the Intel’s Centrino laptop technology, which was the invention of the Core line of processors. He                 always tries to make the notebooks better day by day in order to enhance its efficiency.

Eden has been able to bring this feature of the increased energy efficiency by his feature “hurry up and get idle”. He has made The Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 chips which runs at a vey fast speed which was never there in any other Intel silicon, and the power consumption is also minimized. This speed efficiency helps to boost and give extra life to the battery.

According to Eden, if the chip will do its work at a fast speed and come back to its idle position quickly, it would enhance its performance and would help in extended battery life.

  • Screen:

Only processor is not responsible for power consumption but the screen also pays a major role for power usage. The notebook screens which has LED backlighting will be more efficient in power saving and will give you the bright picture quality as compared to the models which doesn’t have this backlit feature.

  • Hard Drives:

Such a hard drive would be built which would combine a hard disk with high capacity plus a solid memory which will automatically store the data which is most commonly used. This crazy combination of hard disk and solid memory would help to boost the battery life.

  • Operating systems:

Now days such operating systems which are very lightweight are coming which will allow web browsing, music, emails etc all without installing Microsoft Windows.

This way, by making some changes in the items that combine a notebook, the battery would last for long, so long that you can work for even whole day. People would be able to avail this advantage very soon in the next few upcoming years.

How to Conserve Battery Power of Your Computer

Ever experienced running out of batteries in the middle of doing something important? Meeting maybe or a conference? Or you are in a flight that would take hours and ran low on battery on the middle of the flight? If you have, then no, there’s nothing wrong with your batteries, it’s just the normal limitation of a laptop battery as it can only serve you so long in each single charge.

Solutions to Lengthen the Battery Life

There is always a solution though for this dilemma, two of which would be to:

•    Bring an extra battery – so that when your current battery runs out, you will have a spare to get your laptop going for additional hours
•    Bring your power cord – so that in time that your battery is out, you can charge in the nearest outlet and continue using your laptop

Tricks to Lengthen the Battery Life

However when these two are not available or not possible, there’s always of your laptop, here’s how:

•    Click on the battery logo ion your tray and Click on “Power Saver Plan” or you can do it via Control Panel – Power Saver Plan.
•    Choose a plan that will save you power – windows 7 offer two plans as default;
•    Balance – gives full performance and brightness display, but when the laptop is idle, it saves energy
•    Power Saver – if you want to extend battery life, this is the best plan of choice, but this will also give a lower display brightness and slower performance
•    You can also personalize the power plan according to your satisfaction and need.
•    Reduce brightness of display – the display is the most power consuming among all parts of the laptop, more than the hard drive itself. Some laptops have display brightness control button, to know if your laptop has one, check the manual or brochures given along with the laptop, or better yet, contact your manufacturer. You can also manually adjust the brightness by going to the Control Panel and on to the Power Options.
•    Hasten the time the Window’s dim and turns off the display – when the laptop is on idle, there is a certain amount of time allotted before the laptop dims or turns off display, in order to save energy, you can adjust the time and make it shorter, so that when your laptop goes idle, the monitor will dim and turn off.
•    You can also remove unused devices attached to the laptop such as USB. A lot or devices consumes power when it is attached to the computer. If you are in need to save power, unplug unnecessary items or optional devices such as mouse, and use the touch pad, USB flash drive, and other devices that will consume energy from your laptop.
•    Turn off wireless devices that are integrated and PC cards – these can also consume energy on your laptop that you want to conserve for a longer battery life.

Laptop Batteries can go a long way if done with tricks by turning off or lessening the things or devices needed in your computer and diverting it into basic functions to extend its life as far as it can stretch.

The Launch of New Battery Technology from Microsoft to be Scheduled Soon

Its rather strange how giant tech companies end up creating innovative stuff outside their expertise. One such example is the launch of a new battery installation technology from Microsoft. Its named Instaload that consists of a simple yet efficient technique in accommodating batteries regardless of the polarity of the inserted direction.

Microsoft into battery cell business?

Microsoft the software superpower has launched this battery installation technology, although strange, as an innovative development within a sub department of the firm. No, Microsoft does not intend to step directly into selling their battery installation devices or batteries. Instead they have expressed intentions of licensing the technology to the leading gizmo manufacturers.

How did Microsoft end up with this?

A spokesperson of Microsoft said Instaload is now available for companies to license after about two years being spent in the development phase of the technology. Anyone would think that this was just a random technology somehow ended up in the hands of Microsoft, by accident. However, it turns out that Instaload was initiated, developed and completed intentionally by the hardware division of Microsoft.

Instaload technology

Instaload works on a simple fact that positive polarity nodes of batteries are sticking out. Instaload ends up in detecting the polarity nodes of the batteries correctly and connecting them accordingly to produce the total voltage from the inserted batteries. Its all based on the simple physical nature of normal cells.

Licensing the technology

Microsoft are planning to license the technology to gizmo manufacturers and their line of initial partners include the likes of Duracell, Black Diamond and ClearSound. Microsoft who themselves produce mice and keyboards will no doubt integrate the technology into their own products. After all its a neat little innovation from the software giants themselves.

Royalty free licensing for some

Businesses that produce accessibility devices for people with disabilities are offered a royalty free licensing from the Redmond company. Obviously such innovative technologies are far more useful to people with disabilities, hence the reason for a royalty free licensing as an encouragement to the manufacturers.

Although the innovation itself looks minute, and even bigger inventions have hit the markets without being noticed, the Instaload technology is highly useful and worthwhile. However the news of this particular innovation from Microsoft has gained attention of the mass for reasons other than the use and knowledge of the technology. It was rather strange why such technology is introduced by Microsoft.

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