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Download BitTorrent® files with Google™ Chrome extension- OneClick

Traditionally downloading a BitTorrent file requires a piece of software called as uTorrent. But by some means, you don’t have the mentioned software on your machine and at the same time you want to download a BitTorrent file, what would you do then? Probably download the software.

But now with Google Chrome’s one-of-its-kind extension known as “OneClick” you can straightaway download BitTorrent file.

Here’s how?

If you don’t have uTorrent software on your PC and want to download BitTorrent file, then just install Google Chrome’s OneClick extension.

Developed by BitTorrent’s Torque Labs, OneClick enables you click on a torrent and it will straightaway download the file, eliminating the need of having a separate BitTorrent client.

Wondering, where does the file go after downloading with OneClick? As soon as you click on a torrent, the files within it automatically get saved right in the browser.

How’s OneClick useful?

This Google Chrome’s extension is extremely handy and makes the torrenting process super simple.

“IS Drive”-App for BitTorrent Released

Apple has recently launched an app for BitTorrent which enables users to get access to the latest torrents. The app has been in Apple’s App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The ID Drive app seems to be a U-turn from Apple’s previous policies regarding Internet Privacy, to which it had earlier refused to introduce into its apps market.

The services of the app are solely distributed to ImageShack torrents however the app can be also used for other torrent downloads including Mininova and IsoHunt.

The torrent app is seeing its debut in the App Store due to easing of guidelines of Apple’s policies in including apps to its inventory.

The IS Drive costs $4.99 in the App Store.

How to install Azureus in Ubuntu?

Previously known as Azureus, Vuze is a popular BitTorrent client that has many features, the primary one being file transfers through the BitTorrent protocol. It uses the Azureus Engine and is written in Java. In addition to transferring files to download data, it allows its users to view, share and publish original HD and DVD quality video content.  This content is presented through categories and channels that contain music videos, TV shows, video games, movies etc. Users may also earn additional money through it if they prefer to publish original content.

Vuze new version also consists of additional features like format converter to play HD content. This can be run through PC, iPod, iPhone, PlayStation 3, XBoX 360, Mac and Apple TV. There are few steps that can be followed for downloading Vuze in Ubuntu.

Instructions to Download Azureus / Vuze in Ubuntu

Step 1: A dedicated user account needs to be created for Vuze. It should be because Vuze is used for all intents and purposes and requires a server. This is even more applicable in the case where users activate the built in tracker and web server.

Step 2: Then Vuze needs to be downloaded from their official website. It can be found easily and you can select either 32 bit or go for 64 bit. For both of these, the documentation is the same.

Step 3: The terminal needs to be run. Find the location from where you downloaded Vuze. Unzip the tar file with the appropriate command.

Step 4: The permissions of the file must be changed for temporary bases. It will allow you Vuze to be installed.

Step 5: To include the file in the application menu, following commands can be issued:

‘sudo nano /usr/share/applications/Vuze.desktop’

Add this to the nano text editor.


Comment=P2P Client






To exit from the screen, press Cntrl and X and type ‘y’ for yes.

Step 6: Issue the following commands if you want Vuze to be launched from the terminal windows.

‘sudo nano /usr/bin/vuze’

add this into the nano text editor.

#!/bin/sh/opt/vuze/vuze “$*”

Again, to get out of the screen, press Ctrl and X and press ‘y’ for yes.

Step 7: The /usr/bin/vuze command must be made executable by changing the file permission with the following code

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/vuze

Step 8: Get any updates that are available after opening up Vuze.  It must be made sure to not install the plugin at the time. Restart vuze after updating.

Step 9: To change permission to the user and group,

sudo chown -R vuze:vuze /opt/vuze This takes care of the directory where we installed Vuze. It also secures all files and sub directories contained within “/opt/vuze”.

Step 10: The permissions on the /usr/bin/vuze file created earlier, should be changed.

sudo chown vuze:vuze /usr/bin/vuze

Step 11: Plug-ins of your wish need to be installed now.

Step 12: Change permissions to update Vuze


sudo chown –R

Follow the above steps to install Vuze and have fun with the latest applications.

A Tale of P2P Lawyering: Straightforward Legal Blackmail?

Well, legal actions against illegal P2P stuff have been very much evident since a whooping 10 million lawsuit was filed against, and cost of defending such cases in UK is easily £10,000, but it has become pretty common t o get away with small infringement cases merely by paying off under £10,00.

While such cases are pretty common nowadays in UK, entrepreneurial copyright lawyers in US haven’t been known to exist in large number; at least those who believe in sending out blackmail letters threatening prosecutions in case the alleged P2P users don’t settle to pay a decent amount.

Now, P2P lawyers have grown, just the way content plagiarism, and copyright violation lawyers have grown to significant numbers. And, now the day has come that P2P lawyers send out straightforward legal blackmails threatening to sue, and ask them to pay money to avoid being established to be guilty.

In legal terms you may call it blackmailing, but since the lawyers are not asking for something wrong, it may not be considered a crime, though not very ethical either. However, things in UK are a bit different from the US, as they’ve several lawyers, and small law firms operating within the country to monetize on P2P. ACS is one of the renowned law firms in UK, operated by Mr Andrew Crossley. They’re experts in tracking IP addresses on BitTorrent swarms, and then reveal the identities of those who’re involved in the process, and send out straightforward threats in form of letters and emails, asking them to pay money to settle the matter.

Just to give you an idea of the amount of money such lawyers make with these claims, one of the lawfirms run by Crossley claimed to have grabbed well over a million pounds this way. Keeping this trend in mind, even the US lawyers have adopted the same strategy; however, it would be interesting to see the kind of response from the Americans, and how well this strategy bodes on US shores.

Coming to the million dollar question whether someone really gets sued in this process – well, things aren’t as transparent as you’d expect them to be. The way they identify such infringements apparently comes from Swiss firm, and hence remains to be pretty much a secret.

But, when you take a look at the records, there have been thousands of letters sent out with legal warnings, but still no traces of any legal lawsuit filed against any of the infringers, and ACS law doesn’t really look too keen on filing lawsuits and taking any legal actions.

Most of the major music labels don’t favor the way ACS tackles illegal file-sharing, nevertheless, it looks like a nice effort to control copyright infringements. But, who’s really getting benefited from all this?

Well, not the music makers, and movie producers to say the least; but, there are many lawyers and lawfirms who’re presenting minting money sending out such legal blackmail letters, pretending to support the law, and doing nothing much in the end,

Beware P2P users – Straightforward Legal Blackmails are just a great way to make money!

So, will P2P lawyering emerge out as one of the newest ways of generating revenues? Well, only time can tell how American users are going to respond to such warnings. As of now, UK P2P lawyers are more than happy with the situations prevailing in the country.

British Music Companies Pressure Google to Remove Piracy

This news will sound interesting to many of you out there. While there has been a restriction on contents that are pirated all over the internet world, there hasn’t been a restriction against Google that is your destination no matter what pirated stuff you wish to search for. It gives you access to pirated software as well as film and music content. It serves the same as The Pirate Bay and any other BItTorrent search engine around the world.

The first request

This was never noticed before the people from the British entertainment industry requested Google to remove all the possible links to such media. The file sharing sites like Megaupload, 4share, Rapidshare, ZippyShare, Mediafire and hotfiles are all heavens to such file sharing violating all piracy terms and conditions giving you access to almost all the stuff on the world.

There were a number of link that were reported to Google that were found by the Google’s search engine. The writer of the letter requested the links to be blocked or removed as soon as possible therefore restricting access to them. The links were having no appropriate information about the copyrights therefore violating all the rules and regulations that are set before any content is published on the internet.

History of requests

Such request have not been noticed in large quantities apart from a very minute number of large copyright owners requested Google in the past to sort such issues and find a solution. They requested a block to such services providing pirated content. These requests were not catered properly. The evidence of which is the blocking of The Pirate Bay link in October last year. The link was back up quickly and it was said that the removal was nothing but a mistake. Rests of the request were not even catered.

The current request

This request from the British music industry is something very important to Google because of the fact that Google is planning to come up with a complete new web store where they were planning to help people download and listen to streaming music of their choice. Though the recent request has no serious back up from the officials in the industry but still it needs to be catered in order to help officials from Google have a positive response with the launch of the music store that Google is planning.

The stake holders of many of the largest companies around the world even wish that Google takes hold of Apple’s iTunes that is causing great competition in the world of music therefore the music industry cannot let the British music industry to hinder in all this process.

The future to this request is mixed content till now because of the fact that BPI, the group launching the request is a major stake holder but putting all links down refer to a great loss to Google itself. The BPI is a combination of some of the many major and minor music labels. The request also awaits the three strikes law from the United Kingdom’s House of Commons that would enable copyright owners to suspend internet content providing access to copyright materials.

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay allows users to search for and download BitTorrent files, small files that contain metadata, whichare necessary to download data files from other users. The torrents are organized into categories: Audio, Video, Applications, Games and other. Pirate Bay is a long-running project of performance art. Normally the front page of Pirate Bay features a drawing of a pirate ship with the logo of the 1980s anti-copyright infringement campaign, ‘Home Taping Is Killing Music’, on its sails.

Pirate Bay is a site where one can easily find pirated videos, audios, applications and others. It contains millions of pirated objects. People are allowed to become its members for free, by just providing their name and an e-mail address. After taking membership people can download torrents of any type from Private Bay. Pirate Bay is updated on regular basis and even members can upload torrents to share them with other members. Pirate Bay is an advancement over file sharing and registers millions of logins per week. Recently it released the pirated copy of Iron Man 2 on its site.

Legal Issues
Bit Torrent trackers have been subjected to raids and shutdowns due to claims of copyright infringement. Bit Torrent metafiles do not store copyrighted data, however it has been claimed that Bit Torrent trackers(which only store and track the metafiles) are legal even if sharing the data in question would be considered a violation of copyright. The verdict against the founders of Pirate Bay is being hailed by many as a triumphant win against illegal file-sharing. Four men who were involved in the Bit Torrent tracking site, were found guilty on Friday of being accessories to violating copyright law. A Swedish court sentenced each of them to a year in jail and a collective fine of $3.6 million. Pirate Bay doesn’t actually host copyrighted files — it simply allows users to post links to material hosted on third-party servers. That’s why, incidentally, prosecutors ended up dropping the initial charge of assisting in copyright infringement and pursuing a case for assisting in making available copyrighted material free of charge instead.

Just recently, Pirate Bay team prepared a new service called IPREDator. It allows people to surf the Net more anonymously using a virtual private network, or VPN. Unlike other VPN services, the Pirate Bay promises its IPREDator will keep no logs of customer activity and therefore no one could never turn user information over to authorities. As pirate bay has been recently sold, some of the things the new owners must keepin mind:
• Pirate Bay needs to avoid Napster’s fate at all costs. Despite being launched three times, Napster has not been able to capture the imagination and interest of people.
• People come to Pirate Bay for everything from MP3s to episodes of their favorite TV shows, the site should not mention rogue copies of movies and music.
• Pirate Bay was primarily a conduit for file sharers to find each other, so the site really had no control over download speeds. The new owners must focus on maintaing the speed.

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