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Top 10 Smartphones of 2010 that stole the show

Smartphones were the most popular gadgets in 2010 and here we discuss the top 10 smartphones of 2010.

The number one slot is of course reserved for Apple iPhone. Despite the slight ups and downs, the market value and share never went down. The 4G version iPhone is the biggest seller to date. Here we are describing its specifications and features. It has some nice features like it is one of the thinnest smartphones, has retina display, stainless steel band, Apple A4 chip, Gyro plus accelerometer for advanced motion sensing, two microphones and perhaps the best of them all is its multi-touch display with pinch to zoom.


It was one of the most sought after phones in the US. Its popularity can be understood in the reviews it gets. Every square millimeter of the EVO serves (or seems to serve) a purpose, nothing is there simply for the sake of design. It has noticeable features like hot-spot that lets you to connect up to eight devices, a 4.3-inch touch-screen display, two cameras, 4G, Sprint TV and speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung also tops the chart with the sales of its Galaxy tablets. It has some amazing features like it has the Android 2.2 operating system, Li-Ion 1500Mhz battery, with a Samsung Hummingbird processor of 1 GHz, 16GB memory and many more. Some of the noticeable features are Super AMOLED display, multimedia powerhouse and TouchWiz 3.0 interface.

Motorola Droid

When Motorola launched it became an instant hit in the US. It is also powered with Android 2.2, 1GHz Tl OMAP3630-1000 processor, 512 MB RAM, 8 MP camera and long battery life with 480 talk time on 3G.

HTC Droid Incredible

HTC Droid has amazing features and it does not fall behind in the list of the top smartphones. This device is receiving positive comments for its distinct features. It has Android 2.2, 8GB flash memory, AMOLED display, 8MP camera and also it has the Verizon network.

Blackberry Torch

Blackberry was once the king of smartphones, but got affected by other products. Around 64 percent smartphone users express their satisfaction with Blackberry Torch.

Google Nexus One

It is powered with some stunning features but it lacks behind due to poor marketing. It is incredibly fast with an amazing display screen and long battery life.

Nokia N8

Nokia is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and they are very famous among cell phone users. Nokia sold 4 million of its Nokia 8 device. It has also nice features including the 12 MP camera, USB port, 5-band 3G support and 16GB storage.

In this list there are also HTC Desire and HTC HD7 phones with Windows Phone 7. HTC HD 7 has an excellent touch display screen with Windows Phone 7 and HTC desire is powered with the Android operating system.

Blackberry is all set to Launch Live Blog

Blackberry has recently launched its new product, Blackberry Torch with some unique features and latest technology. It is a touch screen phone which is expected to compete with several smart phones like Apple’s iPhone. It is said that this new handset would be the first one which would use Blackberry’s Operating System 6.

The product is already in news all over and is expected to give a tough competition to iPhone which uses Google Android as the Operating System. However, Research In Motion is going to launch a live blog for the same on the coming Tuesday.

In the fast paced world, internet has made our life very easy. Companies have a large platform to introduce and promote their new products. Blogs are the best medium for the same because everybody finds it convenient.

Some companies have their own websites to blog and some uses a common platform for the same. However, the main purpose is to share the news and make the consumers well aware of the latest launch with pictures, videos, comments, details, etc.

Blogging is environment friendly also, as it saves a lot of paper and is the best way to reach a large number of people at the same time in different parts of the world.

Blogging is like writing a daily diary or maintaining a news page. It is also known as modern journalism to share news with mass. Almost all of the organizations and corporate prefer blogging to enhance the communication within the company and for marketing the products on a larger basis. It is the most popular way of advertising any product.

Blackberry is going to launch a live blog for its new handset, The Torch, on coming Tuesday inNew York at an event, at 10:51 a.m. EDT. Blackberry 9800 is loaded with new software like desktop software 6.0, which is very impressive and highly responsive.

AT&T is expected to be the exclusive carrier for this new Blackberry phone; also, CEOs of both, AT&T and Research In Motion would be there at the launch. So, everybody is expecting a lot from this event and have an eye on it.

Research In Motion and AT&T might also launch a tablet on the same day, well you need to wait and watch for the same. The new handset is expected to be sold in U.S. first with AT&T as the carrier; however, not much of news is shared by them.

AT&T is known for its great services and 3G network support for more than 30 million HSPA customers. AT&T has introduced most of the innovative smart phones in the market as it has the faster network and innovative applications for the same.

If you want the latest news or updates about the new Blackberry phone, then watch out for this event. The live blog is sure to come up with the latest information about the same.

Latest Blackberry 9800 Slider

Blackberry 9800 or Blackberry Torch is the latest launch from the company. It is a slider phone with full qwerty keypad. It is a wonderful handset with powerful features. This phone is very responsive as compared to other models. It has fluid interface, new browser for universal search, enhanced multimedia, integrated social feeds, etc.

You can view all your friends’ updates at one spot. You can update all your social networks just by typing once. You get 8 GB memory in this phone, so you can store all your favorite music and movies and watch them on the go. Blackberry Torch is launched with new desktop software 6.0 limited Beta version to help the users synchronize their handset with their computers.

People who are looking for some latest news and updates on Blackberry 9800, need to watch out for the live blog on the coming Tuesday, which will be launched by Blackberry inNew York at an event.

AT&T is again in news as it is the exclusive carrier for this smart phone. Both the Blackberry and AT&T’s CEOs would be at the launch. They might also launch a tablet on the same day. Users are expecting some exciting news on Tuesday.

Federal Communications Commission, an independent agency of United States which regulates interstate and international communications through radio and television, via wire, cable and satellite, has given a green signal to AT&T as a carrier for Blackberry 9800, a product of Research In Motion (RIM).

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) refers to the same as, “Blackberry Smart Phone model RCY71UW”. The backside wireframe forms a perfect match to the previous exclusive pictures when superimposed. The test result of FCC liberally refers to various associated documents about “Multi Source Declaration_9800_”.

A document from FCC confirms that the new Blackberry 9800 has WI-fi and Bluetooth 802.11b/g/n, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and tri bands 900/1800 MHz and UMTS (Radio) I 2100 bands. The slider has been tested up and down, open and closed. However, if you are still curious to know more about this latest invention, then catch up with the live blog. It also supports the AT&T’s 3G network.

Other Specifications

Blackberry Torch/9800 has a Tethered modem to provide speedy internet connection. It has a fluid display of 3.2” HVGA and touch screen. It has Blackberry® messenger and maps. Blackberry 9800 has an upgraded 5mp camera with flash and image stabilizer, etc.

Blackberry 9800 is expected to outshine its competitors with its latest technology and advanced features, such as Apple’s iPhone which uses Google Android. This new handset is better than the previous models with its latest software versions. Research In Motion has done proper R&D to invent this impressive smart phone.

Blackberry’s Answer in Smartphone Wars

Blackberry Torch can also be called an iPhone killer, as it is expected to give Apple’s iPhone and Motorola Droid a tough time in the market. The new Blackberry 9800, known as the Torch has some unique and powerful features to outshine its competitors.

Blackberry 9800 will be out for sale from 12th August. It will be first sold in USA and then in other international markets in the following few months time. It will be sold exclusively through AT&T for $199.99 with a contract of two years.

Blackberry Torch has a big fluid display of 3.2” HVGA. It is a touch screen, slider phone with pull out full qwerty keypad. Its address book, to do list and calendar have unmatched capabilities. It has a new browser which is completely renovated with pinching and zooming tabs to let you swap through the web pages easily and quickly.

You will be thrilled by the enhanced multi media experience. The torch has 8GB memory to store your favorite movies and/or music files which you can enjoy any time with its long battery life. The battery’s stand by time is up to 18 hours for GSM and up to 14 hours for UMTS.

Blackberry 9800 gives you a talk time up to 5.5 hours on GSM and up to 5.8 hours on UMTS. You can play music up to 30 hours and play video up to 6 hours. It also has 512 MB flash memory / 512 MB SD RAM. A 4 GB media card is included with the package and the phone’s memory is expandable up to 32 GB.

Blackberry Torch has an upgraded 5 MP camera with continuous auto-focus, image stabilizer, flash, 11 scene modes, new camera modes, etc. The multi media player supports various files like MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV3 for videos and MP3, AMR-NB, AAC-LC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WMV, Flac and Ogg forbis for audio playback.

This smart phone is also known for its push e-mail, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It has an in-built YouTube application and a new brower for a universal search and a lot more.

Blackberry Founder Mike Lazaridis speaks about the Torch

The founder of Blackberry Mike Lazaridis is very excited about the universal search and display functions of Blackberry Torch. In an interview, he said “We have learned that although every consumer is not a business person, every business person is a consumer.” He is well aware of the core customer’s need which is more than just security.

Caris & Company analyst Robert Cihra said, “In the world of iPhones and the Android, Research In Motion can’t be seen as still selling typewriters. With smart phones all about software, we see big improvements in Research In Motion having completely revamped its browser, in its new Blackberry 6 operating system.”

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