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Updated Twitter® app for BlackBerry® Released

Here is some good news for all BlackBerry users. RIM has finally released the Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 version with brunch of interesting features. The app is now available at the BlackBerry App World. There are a number of noticeable improvements in the latest version, especially BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) integration. This will enable you to link your Twitter account with BBM and share your latest tweets as a BBM personal message.

What’s more? With Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 version, you can upload your favorite photographs to straight from your phone’s camera, or while typing tweets. Also, it will enable you to share interesting websites with others from your browser itself.

The app also features a fresh layout with automatic link-shortening functionality. So, install the latest Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 version on your device and enhance your social networking experience.

Heins takes over BlackBerry® pioneers Lazaridis and Balsillie

With the new leadership at helm, Research In Motion (RIM) is all set to re-invent waning popularity by shifting its focus back on users

In the latest development at Research in Motion (RIM), Thorsten Heins has been declared as the new president and chief executive officer of the renowned telecommunications company. Heins, who worked as a chief operating officer, has also been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors.

The announcement came soon after the two former co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis (the founder of RIM) and Jim Balsillie stepped aside to make way for the new leadership. Mike Lazaridis would now act as the vice-chairperson of the Board and Chairperson of the Innovation Committee. According to him, the goal behind the decision is to re-gain the competency in the market share and user base. Although BlackBerry has seen a huge fan following in the past, but the ever-rising popularity of smartphones and tablets such as Apple iPhone and iPad as well as the Android devices from Google has affected the company too badly.

“There comes a time in the growth of every successful company when the founders recognize the need to pass the baton to new leadership. Jim and I went to the Board and told them that we thought that time was now. With BlackBerry 7 now out, PlayBook 2.0 shipping in February and BlackBerry 10 expected to ship later this year, the company is entering a new phase, and we felt it was time for a new leader to take it through that phase and beyond. Jim, the Board and I all agreed that leader should be Thorsten Heins,” Lazaridis said.

To read the press release from RIM on the changes, visit the official website here.

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Santa Tracker for your Blackberry®

For all those Blackberry users out there, here is a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas. You can track Santa every moment till he reaches your home. It’s an amazing app for children, whose first question in the morning during the season is: “When will Santa come?” With this app, all your answering blues will be over. Santa Tracker is an app from Lahrs Apps that allows you to see Santa travelling around the globe until Christmas morning.

This app comes with some fantastic features that are listed below:-

Track Santa

This is a perfect app for anyone who spends time with children. On Christmas eve, as Santa keeps delivering gifts all over the world, the GPS on your Blackberry will keep showing the exact location where Santa is. You can feed your child’s bedtime in this app and it will bring Santa closer to your location at that time. This app also shows you the exact hour, minutes and seconds left for Christmas.

Letters to Santa

This is the most fabulous part of the app. Though writing a letter is almost a dying art, this app allows your child to write letters to Santa. Once the letter is posted through this app, a message appears that the letter is received. That’s not all. You can customize the letter that you want your child to receive.

Make sure you do this letter writing exercise with your child; it is going to create memories of a lifetime.

The app is clean and easy to use. This Christmas, let your Blackberry tell your Child where his dear Santa is.

Download this app here.

Developer: Lahrs Apps

Platform: Blackberry

Price: $ 1.99

BlackBerry Messenger 6 Delivering Enhanced ‘Social Experience’

The well known Research In Motion team took decision to see some alternatives for the popular BlackBerry Messenger application named as BBM 6 as per the users .The new features will now add more social experience in addition to the increased application integration ,some of the social discovery for application and some of the modern social gaming facilities.

According to rumors, the new BBM, now called as BBM 6 will alter the game for both the application developers inside the BlackBerry as well as end users. It also permits developers to generate applications with the help of newly designed application interface of BBM , which even permits the users to come in touch with each other from the beginning of the BBM connected applications which means that the currently developed games for example could permit the players to call for IBM connections to join them or possibly have an informal conversation with them without the connections never leaving the play.

BBM6 also assists in discovery of the application by allowing the users view and also download those who are in the list of the profile of friends. According to Alistair Mitchell, who is the Vice President of BBM Platform as well as Integrated Services at Research in Motion, “This constitutes a chance for developers to purchase the spreading nature of the BBM service”. He also added that RIM people have also started working with several other developers worldwide and thus bring their connected applications to the BlackBerry Application World, the coming week. The well known location detectors –check in service named Foursquare is operating with the RIM in order to enable those who are utilizing to indirectly update the statuses of BBM through their application. In the meantime, companies like Wikitude, HuffPo and TelMap are also amalgamated with BBM to enhance the servicing.
BBM6 engenders upheaval to a platform .But we need to wait to see whether it is enough to keep the users from clumping to iPhone as well as Android platforms which already delivers the users the best social experiences.
It is found that analytic thinking in the movement has constructed a decision to flip the favored application for Blackberry Messenger 6 (BBM 6), as the buyers name it , into a good deal which will give a fully fledged social experience along with integration of the application ,social gaming and many of the social application discovery.
BBM 6 will be in the market within the coming days and you can see it in the Blackberry network site. By that time handful of BBM applications that are linked with these will be slowly entering the BlackBerry Application Worldwide throughout the coming week.

3G BlackBerry PlayBook™ Coming to AT&T®

Research In Motion’s Blackberry PlayBook tablet will be launched on the 3G network of AT&T. Also an LTE 4G PlayBook is in the pipeline for a later launch. However, Research In Motion (RIM) has refused to comment on this. The Blackberry PlayBook comes with the revolutionary BlackBerry Bridge technology that allows it to connect itself to a BlackBerry smartphone. It comes with a new operating system developed exclusively for it by QNX Software Systems.

The tablet features technology enabling it to display web pages utilizing Adobes Flash software, something which Apple iPad does not offer. It is also compatible with the servers enabled by corporations and governments to monitor devices for safety and security purposes. It features multiple connectivity options including connection to the Internet through Bluetooth tethering and Wi-Fi. It is powered by a dual core 1 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM. It has a 7-inch LCD display with enough power to run 1080p videos while multitasking with other apps. It is incredibly light, weighing only 400 grams and a thickness of just 0.4 inches. It maintains its light feel with a sturdy design. It has enhances its minimalistic design by removing even the front buttons. It goes one up against the iPad with its 3 megapixel front facing camera and a 5 megapixel back facing camera which has the ability to shoot 1080p HD video. The tablet also has a micro HDMI port with the video out option. BlackBerry PlayBook offers full support for HTML5 and also Adobe Flash 10.1, thus providing you with unlimited web viewing options.

Thus, BlackBerry PlayBook can be regarded as an excellent tablet with an incredible form factor, lightweight yet sturdy design, an OS resembling the WebOS, high definition graphics and the 3G tethering option.

BlackBerry® Messenger Due for Android™ and iOS®

After rumors speculating on the portability of applications on Research In Motion’s (RIM) Android system QNX, some websites released reports that a version of BlackBerry Messenger is being developed for iOS and Android. In recent years, the BlackBerry Messenger has evolved somewhat beyond the standard features of an e-mail client. It is thus possible to create groups of conversation, to send various types of media or to show the music being played.

Rumors are circulated on the Internet that BlackBerry Messenger may soon be available on the Android platform and Apple iOS. RIM might try to adapt its instant messaging BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on Android and iOS, according to the website Boy Genius. This service is one of the strengths of the Canadian firm because it allows all owners of BlackBerry of real-time chatting, share photos, files, voice notes, and more. The idea is to offer versions of the BBM Android users and iOS to provide cross-platform messaging while allowing advanced features to its BlackBerry customers.

Whether these applications will provided for free has not been decided. The application compatible with Android and iOS will be, however, lighter because it will offer limited functionality by simply exchanging the text. Openness to other platforms could also be in the opposite direction, clues suggest that RIM could make some Android applications compatible with its system.

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