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How to Organize a Family Reunion Blog

A Blog is a very effective way to share new thoughts and innovation with the world. Blogs are also used for online marketing and online diaries. If you are planning a family reunion in next month, you can create a reunion blog. You can use blogs to connect with every one in the family and also you can provide upcoming and previous events. The best thing about blogs that you can share pictures, videos and texts. We will help you to create a family reunion blog with this article. You just need to follow the steps given below.


First step is to organize all events and programs on paper and make a list of family members you are going to visit. Create a family tree and create a check list of all upcoming events in family.


Now you will have to setup a blog website, you can easily create free blog website online. There are number of websites are available like Google, or They are user friendly and they also guide you through the process. You can write blogs, organize events and also upload pictures and videos related to the family. You just have to sign up with these sites and they will give you instruction, follow the instructions carefully. After completing the process the blog site will be ready to use.


After creating the blog, it is important to contact your family members. You can connect with them using e-mails, e-mail them regarding blog sites and provide a link to open the blog site and share information. Most of them should have an e-mail account, if they do not have, then create and sign up for free e-mail account. Tell them about the account information and they will start using the blog and share all the upcoming events in family. You can provide blog access to the family members if they are interested and it is also very important to inform them about all events.


The last but most important step is to update the blog at regular interval. It is very important to make the blog live and happening so every one can enjoy the blogs. You can also perform polls about some events and family members can cast their vote on any topic. It is very important to know the opinion of your family members. The blog should be a recreational place for the family where everyone can enjoy online and share their experiences with each other.

You can modify and improve the blog; there are many methods to improve the quality of family reunion blogs. But according to us the most important thing is the regular visit of family members on the blog site. You can also link with them on various social networking sites to share information and events.

How to Calculate blog traffic

If you are a blog writer then you know the importance of blog traffic. The revenue from a blog is dependent  on the blog traffic i.e. the number of readers visiting the blog site. Therefore it is essential for you calculate the blog traffic according to the amount of revenue that you would like to generate. Google is the only search engine that provides you a blog rate and also it calculates the popularity and visibility of blogs. Follow the steps given below to calculate the blog traffic.

Step 1:

You can calculate blog traffic through “BackLinks,” which is measured by the number of visitors or readers linking to the blog. The backlinks happen when they visit the blog site or read the blog; it will create more traffic and make a big impact on the popularity of blogs.

Step 2:

You can also calculate blog traffic by counting the number of pages. The number of pages refers to the number of articles published on the website or the number of posted articles. Number of pages is fully based on the content of the blog, so, you will have to post or create as much articles you can.

Step 3:

Last but not the least is the page rank of the blog. A page rank is determined by the number of links, if you have 100 links then you are on rank 3 and you need 10000 links to reach rank 5. The ranking of a page is numbered 1 to 10. So you can see that the number 1 is weakest and the number 10 is stronger.

Step 4:

We also recommend you to install Alexa tool bar on the system to know the blog traffic. It shows the popularity of the website with some fluctuating graphics. As Google is ranked number 1 and Wikipedia is ranked number 7 among the websites in world. But the problem with Alexa toolbar is that it can not be installed in Windows 7 and Vista so you can use Webandrank; it is also same as previous and very easy to use. You can also calculate the blog traffic by calculating the number of RSS feeds or subscribers you have. We also recommend you to use Quantcast tool to calculate the blog traffic, the main feature of the tool is that it shows the statistics of entire websites available not just your own website. You can calculate the traffic and also calculate the blog traffic. So these are the methods we know till now and what we got from internet, these are really helpful in calculation of blog traffic. You can easily compare the blog sites with millions of sites and know the ranking.

Near Ending of Google and China Spat

The Chinese authorities have expressed their negative opinion on Google’s practice of redirecting Chinese searchers their uncensored search site from Hong Kong. In order to prevent any further downfall of business the search engine has decided to terminate this redirection. Google started this activity in the month of March after a decision it made that stopped censoring of search results in the country of China.

This resulted into an almost immediate protest from the Chinese authorities. An unnamed official of the Chinese State Council Information Office said that by stopping search filters and by blaming the country as a source for alleged attacks by hackers, Google has breached the written contract it made prior to entering the Chinese market. His report further included that the action was wrong by all means and that the government of Chins was completely in opposition to making commercial issues political. The report expressed the government’s indignation and discontent towards the search engine for its accusation and conducts and termed them ‘unreasonable’. This was followed by disruptions of the Web services by Google. It prompted the search engine to introduce a dashboard displaying the status in which its offerings were. As on Tuesday only Gmail, Web search, News, Images and Ads were fully functional on Google in China out of a total of twelve services. The completely or partially blocked services include Blogger, Mobile, You tube, Groups, Sites, Picasa and Docs.

Google is planning to stop redirecting the users in China to

According to his blog on Tuesday, David Drummond Google SVP and chief legal officer said that Google is planning to stop redirecting the users in China to and they will be routed to a new page on that is linked to, this step has been taken under the continuing threats from the government of China. According to him the conversations that have taken place between the Google officials and those of the Chinese government have made it crystal clear that the later consider the redirection highly unacceptable, also it is obvious that a continuation of the same practice will lead to a cancellation of the renewal application of Google’s Internet content Provider license in china, the absence of this license means that Google will not be able to operate as a commercial web site hence failing in the Chinese market.

So they are left with little options apart from the chosen one, according to Drummond, it is an approach that will allow the search engine to fulfil its commitment of not censoring their results on while still giving users an access to all of Google’s services from the same page.

According to recent reports Google is even seeking for a license that will enable it to make its mapping services operational in China. This is due to the new rules issued by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping in China.

This is going to affect Google a lot and China was also one of the major source for web traffic generation.

Flock Favors Google in Contrast to Mozilla

Flock is a prominent web browser. It is fabricated on Mozilla Firefox codebase which is a  specialize in giving Web 2.0 and social marketing amenities put up into its user interface. On May 19, 2009 Flock v2.5 was released officially. Flock browser which can be downloaded freely supports Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Free BSD platforms. Media Services and social networking sites like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Flickr, and Twitter etc can be integrated by Flock 2.5. It helps you to follow your friend’s updated profiles, uploaded photos etc. For this you’ve to log into the supported social networking sites.

Rise of Flock

Flock 2.5 version has introduced Twitter Search functionality via Facebook Chat. It has introduced instant messaging. Using its Media Bar, you can preview the online photos and videos. You can also subscribe to photo and video feeds. Flock 2.5 has a blog editor and reader. Using this, you can directly post to any designated blog. It has a feed reader which supports RSS Media, RSS and Atom feeds. It has a special component known as Webkit mail. Using this it is possible to check your mails offsite but your e-mails should be web based. You can compose new messages. From the Media Bar, you can drag and drop videos and pictures into a new e-mail message. It can support third party add ons which includes a number of Firefox additions.


With the release of Flock 3, the new age band of Flock has begun. It is now operating on the Google Chromium platform. Thus Flock has left behind the Mozilla Firefox platform and it has been designed with care so that the users can easily access online social media sites. Flock has noticed the complaints of its browsers and has made some impressive changes in Flock 3 and thus making it suitable for regular users.

Mozilla Firefox is the Number 2 web browser with Microsoft Internet Explorer being the first. It has many third party browsers. Over the past five years, the number of downloaders of Flock has been increased than Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. The appearance of  Flock 3 is similar to that of Chrome. It has started to include many social media tools using the Google Chrome’s prompt and effortless design on the Google Chromium platform.

. You can get an experience of using regular Chrome. Without reducing the pace or usability of Google’s browser, it gives many extra practical options. Flock CEO Shawn Hardin is expecting 70 million Flock downloads within a year. He has stated that only the tuning from Firefox to Chrome has given the way for its growth. He has also stated that he has noticed some differences between Flock 2.5 and Flock 3. No doubt Flock 3 beta will give a path for your immediate future.

Google Linux Command Line Tool Creates Ripples of Positivity!

The introduction of a utility command line by Google for accessing diverse services like calendar, Google Docs, Blogger, Youtube and contacts has created a ripple among the tech freaks. Gadget freaks obsessed with text-interface have responded to this invention happily. The coders just love this amazing product. Google is flooded with thank you messages and positive responses. Some people just couldn’t believe that this is actually happening. The application is simply awesome and the feedback is cent percent positive.

Google CL

Now let’s take a look at what Google CL is.It is a kind of Python application which makes use of the “gdata Python client resources in order to formulate Google data (API) calls from command line. Presently the application supports Calendar, Contacts, Google docs, You Tube, picassa and Blogger. Just imagine how it feels when you can browse or revise your blog or videos or calendar without bowing down to the point of GUI Interface. Have you ever tried uploading a folder filled with photographs from command prompt to Picassa. Google tried doing so and finally came up with the required command.


A programme was written and a lot more was done. The Google CL is open source and is hosted by Google Code. Once downloading the application is complete you can also enjoy a variety of command lines. The entire project is lined towards Linux. Moreover   a tar archive for downloading and a Linux.deb package is also being offered by Google. But some independent developer named Isaac Truett, is providing instructions with which you can put the tool to use on Windows. There are a variety of blogspots and websites where you can get the instructions for setting up Google CL on Windows XP. Once you go through the entire instruction set you can easily set up the wizard on your operating system.

Some user had actually updated on Reddit that Google CL is available through Macports as well. The commands are again available on the blogs and forums run by the geeks and technocrats. It is unbelievable but it works as most of the technology lovers have admitted. It’s a continuous method. It might happen that you are not successful in downloading this application for the first time. Try out the instructions of Truett if you are unable to get it in the Google way. This is a fascinating technological application and it will be of great use. So, try installing it and you will find a whole new world to explore.

Better Ads from Google Display Network

The most effective way of selling a product is through the proper of promotion. This promotion is best done through advertisements. We’ve all seen the ads on television and newspapers. And we’ve all heard ads on the radio. This is how businessmen show their products to the world. Without advertising your products, how can people be aware of its existence?

Advertising is indeed the most effective way of making your business a success. Without it, you’ll be nobody and you’re product will be nothing. Through advertisements, you can do your sales talk to the world just once. It might be expensive at times; however, the feedback will all be worth it. For example, how can people vote for a politician if he is not recognized by people. The same goes with products and services.

Through the past few years, people have been focusing on display advertising on the internet. More and more people engage in this kind of campaign with the help of Google. And today, Google will once again present a great program made especially for advertising.

The program has new features and targeting options. It will be able to create a more precise and accurate measurement tool. Publisher sites have also been added in order to provide more places for display advertisements. This is done through:

  • Google AdSense and
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

This new and improved system is what they call Google Display Network.

Google Display Network is made up every site wherein you can purchase advertisements, except for search sites. You can do this through Google and its properties like:

  • Google Finance,
  • Gmail,
  • Blogger and
  • Google Maps.

It also includes more than one million other sites who are display partners.

It can either be a display partner on video, gaming or the like. Google Display Network is truly an improved version of a typical display ad. Your ads can come in different forms like text, photos, rich media and videos. Just choose whatever you want. You can reveal your innate creativity through the ads and strongly attract your target population throughout the World Wide Web.

Google Display Network works in the same way the ads have always worked. You can either place them on AdWords or make reservations on YouTube and Google Finance. You can also ask for the assistance of the Google account team. This is fairly easy and is very practical. A few weeks from now, you will be able to see a transformation in the AdWords system.

It will show the Google Display Network on the same place you have seen the Google Content Network. Google has also launched a new site that reveals all the sites and benefits that Google Display Network has in store for you.

Google has been working really hard just to offer us the best display advertising we could ever imagine. Currently, they are developing Google Display Network for it to provide more features for the benefit of online businesses. With Google Display Network, every businessman’s advertising goal will surely be met.

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