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Intel WiMAX- Telecom Whiz-Kid or Problem Child!

WiMAX is a wireless digital communication system. It can provide Broadband Wireless Access up to 30 miles for fixed stations, and 3- 10 miles for mobile stations. Its interference levels are very low. As a result, WiMAX technology for very high-speed wireless internet accessibility through broadband for notebooks and mobile devices with additional Wi-Fi features for expanded connectivity on the move. On the other hand if we compare Wi-Fi with WiMAX, there are certain notable differences;

  • WiMAX unlike, WI-Fi is a long range system covering many kilometers
  • Wi-Fi uses unlicensed spectrum for providing access to local internet
  • WiMAX is core device whereas Wi-Fi is more an user end device

Currently, WiMAX applications provide:

  • Mobile broadband connectivity on a city-wide as well as country-wide scale
  • IPTV services (triple play) and data telecommunications services (PoIV)
  • A wireless alternative for locations that do not have cable and DSL service
  • A source for uninterrupted Internet connectivity so as to cover the continual connectivity requirements of businesses
  • A network that can easily support machine to machine communication

Apparently, the technology of WiMAX did not see much success in its representation. According to sources, the hype made by Intel is very target driven with lesser facts. Nevertheless, Intel continues to be loyal and refuses the media reports on breaking the tie-ups with WiMAX. It has confirmed that the company is not shutting down its WiMAX Programme office in Taiwan. Bill Kircos, representative Intel has further explained that the company is looking forward to the developing of WiMAX wireless standards. And in regard to this, he has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan based VMAX. There is hardly any practicality on why Intel would back off from marketing that sector which is currently undergoing its moments of peak attainment.

Future Of Technology With WiMAX

Technologists are currently claiming it to be the next replacement for cellular technologies such as GSM and CDMA. Next in line for WIMAX are gaming devices that would take online gaming to a new level, ahead of the Xbox, Playstation or even Nintendo for that matter of fact.

Its compliant with IEEE makes it one of the most sought after brainchild of Intel. Though there have been numerous break-up news between the two, Intel has finally stated its ground and it is now confirmed that Intel is not shelving its WiMAX based projects. Though American telecommunication companies like Clearwire and                  Sprint are not favoring the idea too much, yet, many third world countries like India and some African nations are very keen on going ahead with Intel. Its longer and wider coverage range will boost the mobile technology like never before. So the good news is that many countries can expect a slash on their mobile rates and internet usage bills.

WiMAX – State Of The Art Or Not

It is too early to decide anything on the device yet. It sure has promising features but its accessibility should be made easier, more like a user end media. It demands some more precision based on functional test and protocol monitoring solution and most importantly advanced troubleshooting applications for network and service analysis. With expanding networks regarding WiMAX, its market is opening up and various sectors are promoting for its development. 4G is happening and it will soon be prevalent like any other new generation technology.

Communication Watchdog’s Close Door Meeting With Big Bugs Of Internet

Connectivity is the most important deal in the current world. The world becomes a village when any computer signal  reaches to millions within a fraction of second. This fast connective world is a result of the connectivity through Internet. Thus Internet is evolved as the most powerful media in the present scenario. But as we all know “more power comes with more responsibility”, this may be forgotten by some sections of the media. In order to regulate the whole thing under a uniform law a meeting was held between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the associated companies. They discussed about the frame and modification of regulation to avoid any controversy of law while applying it in the right context.


FCC Chairman Julius presided the meeting where chief of staff and members of strategic planners of FCC were present to help him. On the other side of the table Broadband providers including AT&T and Verizon, as well large Internet firms Google and Skype, to elevate the misunderstanding between the watchdog and business agency. The most discussed issue was net neutrality rules that would require network operators to treat all content equally.

Background of the discussion

The discussion takes place in a ground of a ruling of U.S. federal court where they raised question about the regulatory agency about their capability of running neutrality regulation over the telecom and broadband sector. The broadband connectors and Internet based firms were emphasizing on a firm law but at the same time they want an assurance of right and equal use of law in every case. The court accused the watchdog authority that they were unable to stop Comcast when they slow down the traffic to a popular file sharing site. This is term as a suicidal step which may greatly hinder the speed of spreading the Internet network all over the country.

What FCC says

FCC chief of staff Eddie Lazarus said the agency held the meeting to “seize an opportunity.” “Today we began a process to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders in an effort to support the process that Congressional leaders have started to examine updating the Communications Act,” Lazarus said.

Washington post correspondent Cecilia Kang mentioned, “Companies have already begun discussing various aspects of possible net neutrality regulations, considering, for example, how carriers could manage traffic on their networks and whether wireless services should be subject to the regulations.”

Whether the meeting is going n for avoiding reclassification of broadband or not, it’s a concern that’s for sure. In this context Lazarus said only that, “this is a way to see what policy consensus exists on most important issues we face.”

New law and proposals

The lawmakers started to make a new draft of communication law. In this context this discussion could place a very vital role. In fact FCC wants to make a new agency for the control broadband connection only, but the business society opposes it strongly showing that this can hamper the effort of neutrality or uniformity in the network.

Ultra slim Android based Laptop Released by Toshiba

Android OS has been a new entry in the world of OS and is expected to do great business around the world. An increasing number of manufacturers are taking up the OS for their smartphones or even laptops now. A recent news rose from the world of Toshiba. The laptop is an excellent development that is casting the Dual Core ARM processor as well as Android 2.1 to bring an excellent machine to you.

There was news in the beginning that the laptop model named AC-100 would be running on Linux and the processor would come from the U.K based manufacturer ARM. The laptop was said to use mobile technologies instead of the typical laptop based technology. It was termed as a smart book.

The reality

The reality of AC-100 is just amazing. You can easily get this machine running the perfect way with the design being contemporary and different from all other laptops that are in the range. The unique design would certainly get you enough experience to enjoy. The machine is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 250 combined with Android 2.1 as being the Operating system. The processor is from a line of cutting edge processors that is being used in the world of smartphones and is said to rise up to the speed of 1GHz. The processors that have been used up before this were all single core processors while the latest development that would be integrated with Toshiba is a Dual core version.

The use of Android is justified in the world today for its functionality for some of the very exotic and exhilarating smartphone experiences have been brought to you by Android. This includes Motorola’s Droid and Nexus One by HTC. The whole laptop is like a smartphone more than a laptop because of the integration of the use of the mobile broadband being used in the development. The machine is said to take less than 1 second waking up from the standby mode. This feature makes this machine “always on” like a mobile phone.

Technical Features

The laptop is uses a 1 GHz Dual core ARM processor with a memory of 512 MB DDR2. It has a built in storage space of around 32 GB that is being provided by the solid state drive. The battery life is also remarkable that gives you a power back up of around 8 years. The laptop is having a display of 10.1”. The device is also been integrated with Bluetooth 2.1 and WLAN (802.11 b/g/n) as well as mobile broadband that gives it an edge over many other machines of the same caliber. The device has one USB 2.0 port, one Mini USB and one SD, MMC port. You even have the HDMI connectivity port as well.

The laptop also has a 1.3 megapixel webcam that has an integrated microphone. The machine is expected to strike the Japanese market somewhere in the third quarter this year with a launching price of less than $500. The weight to this laptop is another factor to consider. The ultra slim laptop is ultra light as well with a weight of 870g.

ESPN and Xbox Partnership

The two year long deal has finally come to a shape between one of the leading sports television network ESPN and one of the leading gaming console Xbox. Microsoft has finally made a deal with ESPN and have turned into a partnership according to which the ESPN’s events would all be available to the users of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The advantage

ESPN has a complete broadband network that is known as ESPN3 the membership of which was quite expensive and was not opted by many a sports lover around the world. The access to ESPN3 will be accessible to all regular members of Xbox’s membership that is known as Xbox Live. The partnership would certainly come up as a huge news to all the sports lover around the world. Microsoft would certainly pay all the sum of the license fee on your part so that your experience on your gaming console vitalizes.

Microsoft is expecting to reach a wider horizon through this association as people using the console would enjoy the gaming experience even more than the normal conditions as being updated from the real time world of sports world. This way, more people would be certainly attracted towards becoming members to Xbox live as well.


The prior feature that the association guarantees is the very access to ESPN3 that is the broadband channel from ESPN. This would give you an exciting new look by keeping yourself updated with the happening around the world of sports brought to you by ESPN. The very spirit of gaming would certainly be enhanced this way becoming richer. The live event experience would certainly be a fun to all the gaming fans.

The joint venture would certainly be accompanied with collaborative technology. This way, the gaming lover would enjoy both the benefits of gaming along with news and other updates. The feature would let them bring closer to other online friends from around the world. They could even be able to play trivia quizzes. The new collaboration would also feature voice recognition that would be used to answer quizzes along with the gaming experience.


The collaborative feature would certainly come up with in the end of this year and would certainly be of no threat to any other renderer around the world as this association is targeting the members of Xbox live only and no other audience would be entertained this way. This would bring the users of Xbox 360 in touch with some 3500 sporting events that occur around the world that ESPN network focuses on through the year.

The outcomes would be quite exciting as you would certainly have a watch on the Golf tournaments, Soccer matches, NBA, MLB and tennis matches. This all would be available to them in the DVDR format that they could even use to replay their favorite matches. In brief, this would get Xbox members with all the exciting features that the broadband channel of ESPN in form of is offering online.

The scope of both the ESPN network and Xbox Network would certainly expand with this development. This is perhaps an excellent collaboration between both the main stakeholders in their respective scopes.

How To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

In the current cyber world, Broadband Internet is considered as the modern standard for internet services. For people today, time and speed are the two influential decision making factors that are followed closely for all types of services. Slow traditional dial-up connections are gone thus paving the path for faster internet services and new technologies. These new innovations are either the DSL connections that connect using the telephone lines or the simple cable wires that connect using the same connection as that of the Cable TVs. If the need be, you can also subscribe to the range of wireless internet technologies such as WiMax, 3G, etc.

Having a broadband connection at your workplace or home is extremely convenient for downloading files, movies, images, etc. or even transferring important files to your clients and friends. In the initial stage, your internet speed will be simply amazing but with the passing time, you will see a sudden decline in its actual speed. Just as more and more people start using the same connection with the same bandwidth, your internet speed will slow down drastically. Usually, people using the cable internet connection are more susceptible to this speed issue. Similarly, when a large number of people use the internet under the same sub-network and consume huge amount of bandwidth, your broadband speed will surely face a great dip. Well, if you are also facing a similar problem, here are a few points to help you improve your broadband internet connection speed.

  • Keep a check on your speed: Comparing the speed as promised by your Broadband provider against the actual speed you are receiving is extremely essential. As a result, it gets essential that you check your actual internet speed before making a complaint. Usually, the speed is measured in MBPS (Megabits per second) or KBPS (Kilobits per second). When you compare the two speeds, you will notice that the actual speed is a lot lower than the provided speed.
  • Reset IP address: Usually, the slowdown in the speed is caused due to the rising number of total people using the similar subnet connection. In such conditions, resetting the IP address will help you to automatically retrieve a fresh IP from the system. All you need to do is simply click through your network settings and then click on “Renew DHCP Lease”.
  • Check other active background applications: Apart from the problem with your connection, it is also possible that your own computer is the culprit. Hence, it is necessary that you check out the OS for enabled Automatic Updates which will keep downloading new files for your softwares, movies, songs, etc. without your knowledge. If the system is enabled, it is better that you disable it.
  • Secure your wireless internet network: A similar problem with you internet speed is caused if your wireless connection is not protected and is intruded by other users. Hence, it is better to have your network protected using an encrypted protocol.

Make sure that you check all of these points if you are also facing issue with your broadband speed.

BPL – The New Face Of Broadband

Broadband connectivity service has been around for a while now and has made the lives of many Internet users much easier. Broadband over power lines is the latest advancement in the market of broadband Internet connectivity.

What is broadband over power lines?

By using BPL, broadband over power lines, you can plug-in your computer at any electrical source and you will get high speed Internet connectivity. This technology combines different types of radio, modems and wireless networking devices. It allows data to be sent over power lines at a speed equivalent to ordinary data cables and DSL. This speed is around 3 megabits per second. At the moment, manufacturers have introduced two different types of BPL. The first one is in-house connectivity that will network various machines within one building. The second type is access BPL, which will use power lines to carry broadband Internet.

How exactly will it work?

There are many more power lines for electricity like fibre optic cables for telecommunication companies. When you think about the path of electricity you will see how this works. Lines, generators, transformers and substations are used to carry electricity. Once the power leaves the plant, it is sent to the substation and then to the transmission lines. The problem is that these lines are high voltage. BPL gets around this problem by automatically sending information via low voltage power lines instead. The problem is that information can become degraded, and to get around this devices acting like repeaters are used in order for the transmission to be carried further.

How does it compare to other modes?

As with any product, there are those BPLs that will perform well and those that will be average. When compared to other modes of connecting to the Internet like cable and DSL, it has some drawbacks and some benefits. When you compare it to data cables it comes out tops. Data cables are often slower in terms of how long it takes to connect and transfer data. When many people are using it at the same time this makes it even worse. The BPL wouldn’t have this problem because there are enough power lines to go around. The DSL on the other hand, trumps the BPL in a few ways.

The BPL modem

In order to have access to the Internet you need a modem. The BPL modem is much like any other, and is designed in such a way that it allows for the sending and retrieving of data via an electric current. It is the size of a power adapter and features a silicon chipset. You can plug it into any wall socket, and it can either connect to your computer wirelessly or make use of an Ethernet cable.

Once all the kinks are sorted out, BPL may be one of the best choices for those who want fast Internet at an affordable rate.

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