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Business Uses for Apple’s iPad

Upon its initial release in January 2010, the Apple iPad was greeted with a hesitant welcome. Its main drawback was the lack of internet connectivity which seemed to relegate it to a ‘nice toy’ status. The new 3G connectivity that is now offered with the iPad makes it the business man’s friend and the college student’s bosom buddy. Access to the World Wide Web and e-mail services can be gained at nominal prices and this makes the iPad incredibly suited for those who undertake long business trips. This connectivity has been described as the iPad’s “keystone feature”.

Long Battery Life

This device had initially not broken through the waves of the business user’s arena. It is, however, far from being irrelevant and is now considered a valuable tool to the businessman. One reason for this shift in perspective is the long battery life that this Apple product boasts off. Though Apple estimates its battery life at around 10 hours, users have clocked in more even while heavily using it which makes it a feasible option, particularly, during long distance flights.


The iPad allows for better organization and computing of relevant data for business purposes. Ideating becomes simpler and more efficient with applications like the very innovative, Ideate. With this application, the iPad acts like a virtual whiteboard allowing you to visually create and save ideas as photos available for quick transfer through e-mails.

Of course, the iPad has personalized sets of iWork apps like a spreadsheet, word processor as well as programs to create presentations that are built-in. The more exciting prospects emerge from the Apps store which includes not just numerous games but also various inventive and efficient productivity apps. More than 200,000 apps are available for download. You can download these third party apps to help you read PDF as well as DOC files. In order to keep the light weight format of the iPad, the operating system used is that of the iPhone which unfortunately works against it. This operating system limits the iPad to running one application at a time which is definitely a down side for a multi-tasking business enterprise. It has enormous potential as a reading device for updates, news and analytics in the business world though, due to its open internet format. In company meetings and evaluations, the iPad could potentially do away with the reels upon reels of business documents.

The iPad, however, faces the distinct disadvantage of being trapped in what is known as the Apple rigid ecology. This makes it less flexible and maneuverable in the business arena where it often becomes necessary to create and design a particular application that serves the individualistic purpose of the business in question.

To summarize, while the iPad entered the market with the vision of reviving the slate and tablet PC market, it seems to have quite a few annoyances associated with it. Until and unless, the Apple iPad can provide the market with a feasible alternative either to the usage of Smartphones or that of personal computers, the iPad might just be relegated to the status of a business reading device primarily used for light computing with easy to access data.

How to Build a Website for Free to Get Business

With each instance passing beyond you, it’s time that you start thinking of a website for your business if you don’t have any. Perhaps, website and online content for your business has become more of something essential to make sure that you have the content available on the online world for your clients around the world. This creates more opportunities into your business and gives you liberty to advance on economic fronts.

Free hosting:

There are service providers around the world that provide you with free hosting. Most of them usually place an ad or two on your website and get the revenues against the visitors that come to your website but who certainly care for this stuff. All you need is a space online where you can place your company or business portfolio and let people contact you on your website for just ease of communication. You can get a fairly reasonable amount of storage space from these hosting service providers.

In addition to just that, you have the option to use a number of tools available with your free hosting space providers. At least, you get a web page builder or a file manager to manage all your files and folders on the server with information regarding your web page. You can save a complete portfolio online on the webpage to publish the services that you provide to the world. This gives you a complete edge over other businesses.

There are a number of services that provide you with a handsome package of storage space along with a number of free applications and scripts that are free and open source to manage on your hosting just to make sure that you have the complete liberty with your space and you can mould it to the best possible way.

Domain Name:

Your business does have a name all the time and your domain name will be similar to your business name. You can avail the domain names that are offered by companies around the world or you can even opt for a sub domain name if you want it to be completely free of any cost. You can have your business name or something similar to the business name to be as your domain name so that people from all around the world can access your page and do not have trouble locating you on the online arena.

There are even services that provide you with free domain names with the suffix of their choice and place certain conditions for the domain name in terms of activity on the page. One of these domain name services help you own a domain name until or unless it drives a limited amount of traffic every month.

Benefits of having a business website:

Websites is one of the ways that can help you improve the quality of your business services to a great extent. This is probably because of the fact that more and more people are using the ICT tools now to locate service provides around the world. Your website will highlight you in your respective domain of your business attracting more clients towards you.

China Throws ball in Google’s Court

Chinese government issued a 31 page long statement on the Internet in the start of June when many of the websites from around the world were censored in the country. With 384 million Internet users in China, the restrictions were coming up as huge to the Internet market. The country tried to restrict all the possible websites that contain information against the interests of the ruling communist party.

Google’s verdict

Officials from Google certainly came up with their perspective. They were of the point of view that though the ban and restrictions was because of the government based privacies. The ban is justified at the government level but tends to disturb the international trade opportunities. The restrictions tend to violate all the rules and regulations by the World Trade Organization. In addition, many of the multinational businesses are doing business in the online world. They have been restricted in the country restricting access to them and the commercial activities.

There have been efforts from the European as well as American governments in order to lift the ban and smooth the ties between Google and China but this didn’t serve profitable in any way and the restriction as well as the statements on it were responded well by Chinese officials.

China’s Response

China came up with a very crude response to the statement released by Google. The paper released said that the Internet administration of China is not dealing for trade interests or trade policies. The Internet administration is making domestic policies according to the rules and regulations. The WTO has no concern in this regard as it is not an organization that is dealing with internal issues of any country. The statement was given by the WTO research center at Beijing’s University of International Business and Economics.

The statement was also consisting of the fact that China was not discriminating any local and international companies and both of them were given equal royalty. They have equal opportunities in the country therefore WTO is not being violated with this restriction.

Any information that is against the interest of the country as well as that violates the integrity and status of the country need to be shut down immediately. China has the right to restrict any such information that is against the interests, as well as ethical issues such as pornography and terrorism. No country around the world is completely free from Internet restrictions.

Google’s Response and aftermath

The company is coming up with changes in the region. after the search engine services being restricted in the country, the search engine that was entitled to China has been moved to Hong Kong and all request have been rerouted to Hong Kong instead of China. Google still has an office in Beijing but it seems pretty difficult for them to get their license renewed by officials. They even find it difficult to continue business in China. Google is still offering the non restricted services like Google Maps to China and the future to such services is not decided as yet.

Motorola’s 2GHz and Android combo for serious business

Motorola seems to bring in some real competition to the world of smartphones by producing the fastest of the smartphones in the world today. It seems that the company is not only focusing the normal customers this time. The phone was announced recently and it is expected to hit the stores by the end of this year. This is doubtlessly one of the super powered phones in the world of smartphones today that would certainly attract all the users who need power in their handheld machines as well.

The phone will certainly outrun all the products in the market in terms of power. The combination of Android and 2GHz would certainly outrun every other smartphone currently in the market. The current product line of top smartphones include HTC EVO 4G as well as iPhone 4 both use a 1 GHz processor as compared.

Why 2GHz?

The future is mobile. This is what Motorola has been focusing on while coming up with the very idea of producing such a powerful phone. There was a time when Desktop computers used to rule the world, and then came in the laptops with specifications even less then the slowest smartphones these days. This lust for power in the mobile devices increased with time until the time came when the laptops reached to such a powerful state with a real powerful processor in them. The time is not far when these notebook devices and tablets would even be replaced with powerful smartphones. The employers would be handing over some of the high end smartphones to their employees for work related activities. Motorola’s combo of 2GHz and Android is an initiative to the worldly need of tomorrow.

Rumored Specification:

We certainly cannot come up with the right specifications as the phone is just announced but certainly the rumors know more than we do. The device has a powerful processor of 2GHz and that is for sure. This has been announced even and there should be no doubt about it. There are rumors that the machine would come up with a real powerful graphics processor as well. There are strong rumors about the use of Nvidia Tegra-based graphics processor with complete Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration. The device is also expected to have a HD display to justify the presence of the graphic processor. The machine is also said to support a 720p video output.

Why Android:

The phone is not about power only, but the OS that is being used up is expected to be the most powerful of all the available OS that are being used in the world of mobile. HTC is moving on to Android with the Nexus One and Hero while the range used to consist of all smartphones using Windows Mobile. The use of all the enterprise applications within Android would certainly give it a high end business appeal to many people around the world. Motorola is using Android 2.2 to power it machine and give it the kind of security and business friendly features.

The expected phone is something that would certainly give you the kind of functionality that one could expect in a handheld device of tomorrow.

Google says the deal is closed

Google has no plans of going ahead with its deal of the AdMob acquisition. This has come as a surprise for lots of people as it has been just three days since FTC (Federal Trade Commission) gave a green signal to the seven hundred and fifty million dollar deal. People came to know about this when the Vice president of Product Management of Google, Susan Wojcicki, came out with the decision on the official blog of Google. The blog said that Google was more interested in integrating the portion of AdMob with the advertising unit of Google as soon as possible. The people of the top management at Google are making use of the time given to them by FTC in this regard.

Google is now more interested in creating newer products for its customers and they want to offer their current services in the best possible manner to its public. They want the upgrading and integration to happen as soon as possible and have also promised that they would keep their followers and customers up to date about the recent change of events taking place.

Google is also paying special attention to the mobile advertising space. This is mainly because business rival Apple is getting into some unfamiliar territory and is succeeding in getting hold of some prestigious clients which once belonged to Google.

Google has plans of repurchasing the shares of AdMob which would be issued by them in the open market. This repurchase activity is expected to begin as soon as the acquisition is over. The money for the repurchases would be available from the working capital already present with Google.

If you have a look at the letter given out by Omar Hamoui on behalf of AdMob, it clearly states that the acquisition deal is closed and that the two companies would be working together as one unit in the future. Even though AdMob is very happy to be working with Google, there are certain things that they have made very clear to the general public. They have stated that their topmost priorities are their advertisers and publishing partners and that they are committed to delivering a smooth integration process to their valued clients.

Speaking to their publishers and advertising partners, AdMob has stated that their employees and staff would give their best efforts for ensuring the satisfaction of the clients. The staff includes the sales, marketing, engineering, product and business development teams. As far as the smooth integration process is concerned, they are committed to provide better service and products to their customers in collaboration with Google. The integration process has some things that need to be taken care of, hence it might take some time before everything is sorted out. Till then the company has given assurance that their usual business would be carried out with the same effect and efficiency as it was done before. They have also promised to keep the general public posted about things that will happen in the days to come.

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