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“Buzz” to come to Blackberry OS6

If you don’t know about it, then maybe you are not so interested in IT sphere news. But we will fix what you missed now. Buzz was introduced few months ago by one of the biggest player on the information technologies market – Google.  Its idea somewhat resembles Facebook’s idea of following your friend, keeping close track on their life and activity. There were also some new principles integrated, and having in mind that it was enabled by default in the free mail service offered by Google – Cmail, people learned about it fast. Though it may not reache the success of social networks, no one dares to predict the exact future of the service, having in mind the highe and higher integration of Google’s services with time. Google Buzz can easily become powerful work instrument for international teams, or outsource companies, and integrated with Google Office apps – the result can be surprisingly good.

BlackBerry and Google Buzz

Research in motion (RIM) BlackBerry smartphones have been around since 2003. RIM had enough time to learn many things about the business class smartphone market (most of business oriented smartphones sold in US are BlackBerries). They always offered high quality support for mail and other “stay in touch” applications, and in the last few years such support was integrated for social networks too. Communication between members of a team is always a critical task in any project, and with the social networks created with maintained communication in mind, they grew to be extremely useful business tools.

BlackBerry’s integrated browser didn’t include support forBuzz till now. Of course some third party decisions to problem existed (for example Opera with specially developed plugin), but RIM tries to keep BlackBerry as equipped for any business task as possible out of the box. SO now it is official – BlackBerry OS6 will include full support integrated in the default browser for the Buzz, allowing you to access your contacts with no additional software needed.

This means that their expectation is the Buzz will grow bigger over the year, and with many companies considering web based office solutions offered b Google, thi is not impossible thing to happen. Of course the Buzz’s development will not be easy – it will have to fight with serious, well established social network services, that have hundreds of millions subscribers, and such fight cannot be easy. If Google plays their cards well, it may happen. But soem project in the last few years that failed big time, show such domination will be neither easy nor cheap to be achieved.

Either way, the announcement of Google Buzz support in BlackBerry OS6 will give both Gogle and RIM a boost, and shows good cooperation between both companies still exits. Cooperation that will be neededm in case they want to fight with the dominated by Apple and Nokia US smartphone market.

Google Plans a Facebook Rival

There is a huge rumour doing the rounds that Google plans to launch its own social networking site called Google Me to compete with Facebook. There are reasons to believe that the news is credible, however it is unclear as to how it would function. There is however enough reason to believe that once put together successfully Google Me could actually take facebook on. While some people term it just as another trouble shoot effort by Google in the area of social networking, many are expecting a big clash between two of the greatest web giants.

Why is the news credible?

The news can be considered credible because on the one hand Rose is as famous for spreading rumours as he is for getting them right and on the other hand, if experts are to be believed, Google already has most of the required tools for a social networking site functioning. But how does the company plan to integrate it with Buzz, latitude and Orkut is yet to be seen. The first being the Google Profiles function that helps you create a personal page with your info on it, the second is Google Buzz which is Google’s own battered twitter, the third being Google latitude that facilitates sharing of location. Apparently Google Me would be an amalgamation of these three services.

How will Google me function?

However the way this is going to function is quiet unclear a majority of the people are left speculating, some say it might just be an upgraded Google Profiles service. But how does the company plan to integrate it with Buzz, latitude and Orkut is yet to be seen.

Experts like The Next Web’s Brad McArty favour the combination of Google Buzz and Google’s Brazilian networking service-Orkut. He says that keeping in mind the fat that orkut requires a Google account and Buzz requires Gmial a combination of both gives us a good two hundred million users, which is already half as many in facebook. While some people term it just as another trouble shoot effort by Google in the area of social networking, many are expecting a big clash between two of the greatest web giants.  If this plan be considered, one can easily make out that once Google Me comes into the picture it will for sure give facebook a run for its money.

Another misguided attempt by Google

One the other hand there are many who remain unfazed and advise the same for facebook, many people like The San Francisco Weekly’s Alexia Tsotsis reminds us of what became of Google buzz that was to rival Twitter. She thinks that Google is just throwing social networking efforts against the wall and waiting for one that sticks.

Others however have reason to believe that a war between the world’s two greatest web giants can be expected. Will google learn from its mistakes or will Google Me take the beaten track as well is yet to be seen

Google Launching Facebook Killer “Google Me”

“Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch facebook competitor very soon “Google Me”, very credible source.” was what a tweet read from the Digg founder Kevin Rose recently. Could this be a brand new social feature from Google or perhaps a combination of the existing ‘Orkut’ and ‘Google Buzz’. Experts suggests even a combined package of Orkut and Buzz alone could claim a customer base of nearly 200 million, already amounting to nearly a half of Facebook’s.

Not official yet

First of all there is no official announcements regarding ‘Google Me’ yet. Since this is supposed to be a Facebook competitor, Google probably would attempt a sudden launch in order to take Facebook by surprise. Nevertheless ‘Google Me’ has to compete for a market share of a market mostly created by Facebook itself. Regardless of the reputation of Google, the new social network component will have to prove itself first.

Facebook shaken? Probably not…

With over 400 million users, Facebook probably are not bothered in the least bit. However it all depends on what Google puts forward in the way of ‘Google Me’. If Google somehow manages to sway its Gmail users away from Facebook towards ‘Google Me’, then possibly Facebook might have something to think about.

What to expect

While some suggest a combination of Orkut and Buzz, few feel a developed version of Google profiles would come out as ‘Goofle Me’. Which ever one it is, or even a brand new Google component, no doubt will have a ton of features probably integrated into Gmail/Google mail just to make things worse to Facebook.

Competition or go along?

Competition no doubt brings the best out of rivals. However competition is not always the best method to follow. The problem here is, the credible source of Kevin Rose has specifically mentioned a rivalry of ‘Google Me’ against Facebook. While such rivalry could bring the best out of Google, consumers on the other hand may not be requiring anything against Facebook at the moment. At the end of the day all depends on what people like. Currently Facebook is being loved by the masses.

People are overwhelmed with social apps already

With the limited time that they have, average web-centric people are overwhelmed with social networking apps. The last thing they want is another place to update their status. Typical consumers of Facebook would not totally abandon accounts because of the existing networks around them, yet they may chose to use other web 2.0 apps, keeping Facebook as the primary source of networking.

What exactly is ‘Google Me’ comprised of, nobody knows yet except Google itself. In fact Google will have to come up with something phenomenal to get Facebook thinking, at least. With Facebook having millions of networking groups, pages, applications, users and businesses, ‘Google Me’ referred to as a Facebook killer is a bit exaggerating for the time being.

Buzz off Google!!!

Google released its new feature, Google Buzz, with lot of hype. Somehow it just did not garner as many thumbs up as it had hoped to. Many of you Gmail users might have already indulged in the Buzz. You can share your status updates with all your friends along with pictures, videos and links. These can also be commented upon. Sounds a lot like Facebook or Twitter eh?

Well Google Buzz aims to bring social networking facility along with email for users to access everything in one place. You can now follow updates, links and videos from family and friends in one place in a threaded format. You also have the option of making the post public or choose from a list of contacts. Google Buzz also has the added functionality of updating your Picasa and Flickr web albums with the pictures you add in Buzz. The same can also be done for videos with all your videos being uploaded to YouTube. You can also update your Google Chat status. All these updates and links are also available for others to comment and be liked. Google aims to bring every aspect of social networking and email under one roof.

While the plan was great the execution was not so fine. Many people adapted to Buzz very quickly and a lot was written and said about its greatness. People started comparing Buzz to Facebook and Twitter till they realized a big flaw in Buzz. Your most commonly mailed contacts were auto followed and irritatingly also made a public post about it. You really would not want the world to know who you mailed the most, would you? Google faced a lot of criticism for this gross violation of privacy. The Electronic Privacy Information Center also filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. There also have been complaints from other highly placed individuals with the latest coming from German Consumer Protection Minister who called Buzz was a massive intrusion of privacy. All this has shaken up Google to act and act fast.

Privacy problems apart there also have been other problems with the general working of Buzz too. Somehow the flow of information is rather messy. And the worst part, people may lose their Google profile if they choose to opt out it. While Buzz is definitely a very nice and interesting feature of Gmail, Google should have ironed out at least some of the bugs. The whole Buzz package seems very much in the pre beta stages.

Finally another social networking site just when we thought it was enough. Will the Buzz gain more points over Facebook and Twitter or will it just buzz away is yet to be seen. If intial reports are anything to go by Buzz sure has a long way to go.

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