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How Create a Calendar for Yourself in Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft is reviving with its products now just to stay high up in the business arena. Microsoft Office 2007 was very popular amongst the users with the number of applications and improvements that it had. It featured some of the very useful tools to make your working a lot easier than any of the predecessors. Microsoft Office 2010 comes with even better interface and options to make your office work easier and manageable.

Calendar in Word 2010:

With the latest package of Microsoft Word 2010, you need not to invest a penny to buy a calendar. Word 2010 gives you the option to design a calendar out of very simple process and you need not to rely upon anyone to buy a copy of calendar. You can create a custom calendar, print it and display it wherever you like it to be. The application also comes with a number of templates to design your calendar and make it look interactive for you. You can download a number of these templates from the official site of Microsoft Office 2010. Surf the website and search for the best available option online that suits both your demands and personality.

Make a calendar:

To start making a calendar in Microsoft Office, you need to open Word 2010 from the Start Menu. Click on the Start Menu, move on to All Programs, Microsoft Office and then to Microsoft Word 2010. An alternate way of accessing this is through the search box. Type word and you will have the link to Microsoft Word 2010 displayed in the search results.

Move on to the File menu of your Word and then to New. In the next window, click on “Calendars”; you will have a number of options. You can make a selection between “2010 calendars”, “Academic Year Calendars”, “Multiple Year Calendars” and “Other Calendars”. You need to select the 2010 calendar list in case you are interested in making the calendar for this year. You will need to have templates to apply for the calendar. Make sure that you are connected to the internet and retrieve a list of calendars. You can select the one that you lick that Download that to your system. This will download the calendar in Word 2010 right away. You can download more of them to see which one of them is the best one for your display. Once you make the selection, make the last minute changes.

Draft the printer well enough and send that to print through the Printer. Once printed, you are going to have an excellent calendar for the year 2010 with you that you can display anywhere around your office, home or any other place where you move. This will save you cost that you spend on the calendars available on the internet or stores around your living place giving you with complete liberty to design something out of the scratch in exactly the way as you want it to be. The calendar will be completely custom suiting all your needs.

Backupify Service for Google Cloud Users

Many cloud computing user companies are having much trouble when it comes to safe data storing. Sometimes, data loss is a common. So basically, its main concern is how to prevent data loss and how to provide data security.


Data are important. But sometimes, you can’t determine whether you are doing the right protection or not. Occasionally, data loss happens.

Data loss are sometimes caused by an act of hacking – a malicious way of re-programming system without the consent of the owner or administrator. Another is an unexpected system or program errors, or even harmful program detections.


Backupify service is a very easy and at the same time a cost effective way for data storing and protection. This also helps you backup important files stored outside your computer data files like your online data accounts which is as important as those inside in your computer drives.

Monday, Backupify revealed its new service offering exclusively for all Google Application users. This is to ensure security in data issues regarding data loss prevention by initiating through a good service backup of important files stored. Applications that were covered on this service were Google mostly used service like Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Site accounts.

Rob May, Backupify founder, stated that Google Application users can now fully enjoy its wider service. In addition, he said that most of these users are having small business without proper resources when it comes to data loss prevention.

Some of its service is the Amazon S3 secure cloud storage system that offers Google users daily backups in addition of protection and can even help them select useful backups for their PC or web.

The Backupify service also revealed its additional service channel program. Currently on beta version, this service offers the ability to sell Google Applications with additional backup solution information. The said service program will be due on market this August.

These are the following three levels of the Backupify service offers: the Premium Package which offers 250 GB of storage and 50 Google Apps accounts for $59.95 per month; the Plus Package which offers 100 GB of storage and 25 Google Apps accounts for $29.95 per month; and last is the Basic Package which offers 25 GB of storage and 10 Google Apps accounts for $9.95 per month.

If the new service program will be a success, the Backupify will further move into much deeper structure of single interface wherein you can both monitor your Google Applications and Backupify accounts.

The Backupify also plans to extend its data backup service to other applications like Microsoft Office Online, Zoho, QuickBooks and more online programs.

The Backupify service not just ensures their clients in a full security of data protection, but also aims to give a hassle-free service with a zero failure.

How to Repair Outlook folders with Inbox Repair Tool in versions 2002, 2003 and 2007

Personal storage folders or PST files are a part of Microsoft Outlook data storage used in storing e-mail folders, contacts, calendar and other personal data. Pst files in Microsoft Outlook 2002 and earlier versions are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) format, although with Microsoft Outlook 2003, they were in UNICODE file format. In the event that Microsoft Outlook flashes errors when trying to open PST folders, probably the Outlook PST file is corrupted and inbox repair should be used. This is a small utility that comes as part of the standard installation of Microsoft Office 2000 and later versions, and allows you to repair the corrupted PST files in most cases.

If damaged, PST file is automatically corrected by Outlook at the start of the application. A start window shows that Outlook tries to repair the folders. However, if the scale of damage is high, and this initial automatically attempted repair fails, Outlook may not open. These are the situations when a PST-file-corruption-fix with Outlook Repair Tool is needed.

The Inbox Repair Tool – Scanpst.exe

To repair the Outlook Inbox and the rest of the folders, an executable file called Scanpst.exe is needed with its default settings, can be accessed at local: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office12 in Outlook 2007 and C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ System \ MSMAPI \ 1033 in earlier versions. If the Scanpst tool was not found at the expected location, the file search option of Windows can be utilized for a search of the tool. Once the file is located, steps below should be followed:

1. Make sure that Outlook is closed before starting the tool
2. Double-click the file Scanpst.exe the tool to start
3. Navigate to the location of the PST file
4. Click “Start” to start the file scanning
5. Once the scan is complete, a message may be displayed. Select the checkbox for the creation of the backup copy of the scanned file
6. Click “Repair” to repair the damaged PST.

Damages caused by Third party add inns

Inbox repair has less chance of repairing the PST, when they are from third party add-ins or damages from similar causes. If recovery cannot be done for the desired folders with this tool, it is proposed for a powerful third party PST repair utility, that are freely available in the market. However a careful consideration on security aspects is required before using such third party software.

If the system uses Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003 with PST files created in an earlier version, A 2GB file size limit may cause recovery issues using Scanpst.exe inbox recovery tool. The PST file size has to be determined before initiating a recovery with the inbuilt outlook recovery, but as a workaround a PST file crop can be used if the files are found to be larger than 2GB.

Google Linux Command Line Tool Creates Ripples of Positivity!

The introduction of a utility command line by Google for accessing diverse services like calendar, Google Docs, Blogger, Youtube and contacts has created a ripple among the tech freaks. Gadget freaks obsessed with text-interface have responded to this invention happily. The coders just love this amazing product. Google is flooded with thank you messages and positive responses. Some people just couldn’t believe that this is actually happening. The application is simply awesome and the feedback is cent percent positive.

Google CL

Now let’s take a look at what Google CL is.It is a kind of Python application which makes use of the “gdata Python client resources in order to formulate Google data (API) calls from command line. Presently the application supports Calendar, Contacts, Google docs, You Tube, picassa and Blogger. Just imagine how it feels when you can browse or revise your blog or videos or calendar without bowing down to the point of GUI Interface. Have you ever tried uploading a folder filled with photographs from command prompt to Picassa. Google tried doing so and finally came up with the required command.


A programme was written and a lot more was done. The Google CL is open source and is hosted by Google Code. Once downloading the application is complete you can also enjoy a variety of command lines. The entire project is lined towards Linux. Moreover   a tar archive for downloading and a Linux.deb package is also being offered by Google. But some independent developer named Isaac Truett, is providing instructions with which you can put the tool to use on Windows. There are a variety of blogspots and websites where you can get the instructions for setting up Google CL on Windows XP. Once you go through the entire instruction set you can easily set up the wizard on your operating system.

Some user had actually updated on Reddit that Google CL is available through Macports as well. The commands are again available on the blogs and forums run by the geeks and technocrats. It is unbelievable but it works as most of the technology lovers have admitted. It’s a continuous method. It might happen that you are not successful in downloading this application for the first time. Try out the instructions of Truett if you are unable to get it in the Google way. This is a fascinating technological application and it will be of great use. So, try installing it and you will find a whole new world to explore.

Enjoy your Apple iPad Technology

The Apple iPad Technology is one of the greatest portable computing devices that have been released in 2010. The iPad has many good technologies which are designed to be used vertically or horizontally. Moreover there are multiple application built-in, from Safari and Mail to Calendar and Maps. So far the iPad is proving to be the biggest successful story for Apple.

iPad Design:

One of the most exciting design concepts introduced is the unibody design. Ergonomically users ,really enjoyed the looks and feels of this Apple iPad design.

–          Finally the design is pretty spectacular.

–          Excellent Mobile Computing With Stylish and Sleek Design Notebook

–          Touch Screen with its full-color 9.7-inch screen.

–          iPad applications for creating slide shows, spreadsheets & page design.

–          The iPad Keyboard is lager, and external keyboards are supported via Bluetooth.

The Apple iPad is one of the coolest designs in the market today.

iPad Features:

The iPad has many stunning features which makes it comparatively better than Net books. Check out the various features of this gadget:

–          Multi-Page Browsing: – Using multi-page browsing multiple web pages can be access in a single window.

–          Wi-Fi Connectivity: – iPad features for web connectivity are awesome; whenever you want; Wi-Fi network connection can be access and start surfing rapidly.

–          iPad 3G Connected: – iPad has 3G version in-built that includes certain features such as the assisted Global Positioning System (GPS) and SIM cardholder.

–          Movie-Viewing: – It includes amazing movie features by them your favorite movies can be seen during traveling as well as home.

Apple iPad it is extremely portable, it has long battery life, it is small & lightweight, access Google maps and it can be great for business use as well.

iPad Data Storage Capacity:

Apple iPad storage capacity starting from 16GB and going all the way up to 64GB. The high storage capacities can be exceed just like as net books and desktop computers and different types of data can be stored such as Wallpapers, Pictures, Videos and Games.

Google Chrome Web store: A store of web applications

The most popular search engine provider Google announced a new service to uphold their internet browser ‘Google Chrome’. In the last week in ‘Google I/O conference’ declared the offer Google Chrome web store. Google Chrome OS is going be released very soon. In this context Google takes a more generous step to provide a store where web applications can be attained. The theme of Google Chrome web store is based on the sharing of web applications which are prepared with standard tools and can be useable with all modern web browsers. The offer of web store will prevail with both free and paid services.

Google didn’t specify the actual date of release, but they announced that web store application will be in market by the end of this year. The Washington Post predicts that this release will be done before the grand release of ‘Google Chrome OS tablets’. Although other users than Google Chrome browser have access in the store, Chrome users will get some extra benefits; which will also help to increase the popularity of Google Chrome. Already Google ask for the application from the developers and they want to put them all just after the grand opening.

Google offers a wide range of products in the forthcoming service Google Chrome web store. The preliminary products will be basically Google products like Docs, Calendar, Mail, News, Maps, Picasa and Google Wave. These applications will be available as free content. In the Chrome browser, when one will open a new tab, he will find a link of web store. The store will also contain non-Google applications which will be open source and will be provided by several developers. Google is looking forward to create an online web application store, where anyone can get easy solution of any sort of requirement. The paid contents will be in the format of magazines, games, utilities and premium news. In fact they can provide e-books and attractive magazines which can attract more users because there they can get all collections together. Some experts expect that it could be largest marketplace ever in internet community. The assumption over the price states that the average price could be $3 to $4 for the web applications.

These web applications will be coded with modern techniques of open source coding. HTML5, WebM could be main coding language along with C, C++ could be used to make the applications. Google targets to reach their web browser to mass users. They take this store service as a weapon to do so. Along with this Google’s OS ‘Chrome OS chips’ will be released by this year. So this store will help to enrich that OS. Thirdly Android applications can be benefitted with the web store applications.

Google is extending its market everyday. To attain the goal of reaching mass users with their variety of products, this store could work greatly as a transaction point.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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