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Microsoft Plans to Open More Stores

One thing that had rather become very noticeable about Microsoft Corporation is their undying desire to satisfy all their teaming clients and customers. Though some people say that it is impossible to satisfy everybody, but Microsoft seems to be calling the bluff of that kind of understanding. In fact, Microsoft corporation seems to be telling the world that they are actually looking beyond the level of limitations and that they are really gunning for the stars by making  it a responsibility to seek towards pleasing majority and possibly all their customers to a great extent.

Microsoft’s desire

This desire to please the customer is exactly what is pushing Microsoft Corporation towards opening more stores so as to meet the high demands of their clients. By the time theses stores are opened, your favorite Microsoft products that you have erstwhile found difficult to obtain will become a possibility and you will be able to get your desire accomplished.

The reason behind it

One of the reasons that are pushing Microsoft to go for the opening of more stores is the backlog of feedbacks that are received from several end users of their products. These end users get their report of the scarcity of various Microsoft accessories down to Microsoft Corporation and the company deems it fit to take responsibility by making themselves available to the customer all the more. With this, we can call Microsoft a company that is big enough to serve you and small enough to know you.

Places already touched

The opening of new stores is already in force. Microsoft Corporation started this push for new stores some months ago, and in the first nine months of what can be termed “Roll Out Service Everywhere (ROSE)”, Microsoft Corporation already has various stores in places like Colorado, California and Arizona.   

The benefits

With several Microsoft stores being available, the damages done to your purse by third party agent will be totally removed. These stores will see to it that you have completely direct access to various Microsoft products without having to go through any third party agent. This also ensures that the products you purchase from the Microsoft corporation stores will have some kind of iron clad guarantee on it. This will ensure that you are able to either get a replacement for unsatisfactory purchases or able to get your money back without hassle.

Products to watch out for

Parts of the products that will be sold at these new stores include all forms of Microsoft products like the personal computer and its accessories. There is also an inclusion coming on the way. This is a technology that is termed ‘Microsoft Kinet’. It is a kind of motion and sound sensing enhancement technology which will enable your television set to recognize you when you walk up to it. The TV set will be able to recognize who you are, what are saying, what you are doing and even all your gestures. You will agree with me that the world had never come across something better.

Why Microsoft Store Opens in San Diego

Microsoft is always ready to excel its competitors in the market around the world and it was clear when it inaugurated its fourth retail store in Sand Diego, California just at the moment as Apple announced to launch its iPhone 4 device. This is also very interesting that its stores are not far away from respected rival Apple’s store. The new store is only 4 shops away of Apple’s in San Diego.

It is also speculated that Microsoft is shortly going to open its fifth retail store in Seattle, having Microsoft latest products such as mice, keyboards, Xbox360 and Windows new versions, hoping Apple to be ready to do something new.

Market analysts say that Software giant is very keen to excel others market players than producing favorable products for the customers. The recent opening of the store is one such example of M.

Apple has over 286 stores and the fourth store of Microsoft is nothing but to compete and Apple nationwide. Thursday morning was looking like a battle ground before dawn, as there were two kinds of people waited for their respective stores to open. One crowd was eagerly waiting for Apple’s latest iPhone and second kind of crowd was excited to know what special Microsoft store has for them.

It was looking like a heavy and hard effort of M to take a bite from the share of Apple. According to the officials of Microsoft, there is no competitive environment in that region; they selected Fashion Valley just because it is considered the home of Microsoft customers and there is huge mix of people wishing to get both the stores at short distance. Before being inaugurated, the Fashion Valley store entrance was covered with a large white sheet, which was lifted on June 24.

Carolyn Hesse, a consumer, said that she is just a PC person and has nothing to do with iPhones. She also admitted that she is not sure if Microsoft is going to give any run to the Apple. Hesse said that this it not possible to beat Apple is there is any competition between them.

Microsoft new store spreading over 7,500 square feet area and is situated on the first floor of the huge mall is on the same place where Ann Taylor was once located.

George Belch-San Diego State University marketing professor said that having two business rivals at the same place is good but not for Fashion Valley. People come to the store to see and get knowledge of different things; they do not come just to visit Microsoft and Apple.

Microsoft will offer its valued customers a unique range of products including PCs, display featuring touchscreen laptops, MP3 players and Xbox video game system and much more, expressed Belch. He also said that people are curious to go to the products but it matters how they draw the customers back to the store; as you must have more than enough choices because there are several stores showing uncountable stuff.

Scientists Largest Laser- Can it light up our world?

Have you ever imagined what the world’s largest laser would do or how it could be used? So how large is the world’s largest laser meant to be? The one that is currently being devised by a few government lab scientists is almost the size of 3 football fields! According to these scientist the laser would be big enough for a star to shine right here on earth.

You are probably thinking that this is some kind of stolen script from a movie theme, very fictional and very funny. However this is nothing related to Hollywood or even fantasy. It is an experiment that will soon be carried out and news has it that it will be sometime during the later parts of summer. Definitely this is a novel way of bringing in autumn!

So why are scientists hell bent on creating the worlds largest laser? The only answer is that they are looking at a plan that will help energy crisis that the world has already begun to suffer. With this huge laser scientists will be able harness all the energy that this mini star is meant to emit.

Although this seems to be a possible idea, the downside about the laser is that there are not many labs’s who feel assertive about the invention. The researchers at California are looking to make use of huge nuclear fusion that would generate high energy reaction. However this dream has been an ongoing dream that is yet to be fulfilled. What you and I do not know is that although it may sound like one brilliant idea, it’s been almost half a century that this idea is still only a dream. Although it does seem that the invention would power out our energy crisis, the idea still has to take off!

An audit that was conducted by the US Government Accountability Officer this month itself has stated that the project has a lot of delays along with some mismanagement, and it would be highly unlikely that the project will ever see the light of day this year.

A few other researchers at Livermore however say that the topmost thing on their mind is not the specific time when this will be ready, but that the laser works like it’s devised to. According to these researchers, the device could take another two years to complete. The success of this experiment will also show the world that controlled fusion is now not just a distant dream but a possible reality. This was reportedly said by manager of the project Van Wonterghem of the National Ignition Facility.

So how does the lab intend building the world’s largest laser? Very simply put in, all they need to do is build the largest laser first, and then split it into two 192 beams each. All of this will be aimed just like how it is in firing range style. With deuterium and tritium applied on the tiny target and two hydrogen isotopes that are reactive in saltwater. Once this entire experiment goes off, it will be huge enough and hot enough to power the entire world.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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