Have you ever thought of turning your smartphone into a scanner?  LimeMouse, an Australia-based design company has created a tiny studio box to help you get high-quality scans right from your smartphone’s camera.

Scanbox and its uses

This ultraportable and easy-to-use scanning box has been primarily designed to optimize all kinds of lighting conditions so that you do not have to compromise on the quality of your scans. Whether you want to scan receipts, live projects for presentations, 3D objects, or a page from a book, Scanbox can do it efficiently. Also, you can turn this amazing innovation into a photocopier, when required.

Scanbox at its best

Scanbox is an ideal option if you want high-quality scans but don’t want to use the precious desk space to keep a traditional scanner or bother about installing drivers and regular updates. Scanbox conversely is easy to set up and can be packed down in the form of a folder within seconds.

Improve your experience with Scanbox

To enhance your experience with Scanbox, it is suggested that you download CamScanner+, a smartphone app. With multiple image processing capability, CamScanner+ can help you scan directly to PDF, do OCR scans as well as make multi-page documents.

Expected to be shipped from July 2012 onwards, the Scanbox is currently priced at $15.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgfyubycCgs]