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HTC Merge CDMA world phone coming this spring

HTC Merge CDMA world phone solves the problems of people who have to deal with situations when they are not satisfied with their GSM service and want instant access to CDMA service. Very few phones were available in the market which had both the features of a CDMA and a GSM phone. In such situations, several companies tried to bring and integrate the CDMA and the GSM features in one single phone. With the integration of the CDMA and the GSM type network connections in one single phone, the model would have looked bulky and at the same time, the cost would have been quite higher.

To avoid such problems and to get an upper hand on the supply of the new generation cell phones, HTC provided an opportunity to customers to get new cell phones, which would be compatible with both the GSM and the CDMA networks. There are also several other features which had been incorporated in the HTC phones. Such kinds of CDMA and GSM merged phones are also 3G enabled and they have been equipped with the most updated Android operating system. It was for this reason that the demand for such phones slowly increased in the market and now they are considered to be one of the highest selling cell phones in the market.

Most of the phones of the series have got a 5-mega pixel camera and along with that, the phones have also got W-Fi connectivity as well. Since the phone is 3G enabled, hence faster Internet connectivity can be expected along with improved performance. A 3.8-inch LCD screen enhances the chances of getting high quality pictures and the phones also support 720p full HD video which is one of the most incredible features of the phones made available by HTC recently.

Latest Microsoft Windows Phone 7 updates

Microsoft has released a patch for the Windows Mobile during the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) which includes some new features compared to the older version. The patch can be installed on all windows mobiles by February 2011. This update has features which were done by Apple Inc. about three years ago and which were done by Android one year ago.

One of the special features included in this update is the copy paste function. By using this feature, you can copy data from your email, text messages, and office documents and paste it wherever you can type. You just need to tap the starting of the word and drag over to select it and select the copy function and tap on an area where you need to paste it and select the paste function.

This feature is very handy when you need to send over your updated facebook links, or any route links related to a map or a link in the internet explorer which you feel needs some special attention. You can select the copy function and you will be able to paste the data again and again. The copy paste function was not available in the windows mobile and is a newly introduced one.

The update also includes faster apps and games. The time that is taken for loading and resuming the apps and games will be much reduced. Microsoft has focused on the fact that people were used to wait for a long time for the games and apps and has speeded up this section.

In  Marketplace, you will be able to search for all music, games and apps. But the search results are common to the games, apps, and music and you would receive all the results as one. But the latest update has made this search easier by putting a marketplace in each section namely games, apps and music. By this feature you will be able to search music, games and apps separately so that when you search for music you will get results related only to music and so on.

There is also a support for the CDMA location stack called the Qualcomm 7×30 chipset. The copy paste function and the Qualcomm support was together called “NoDo” which stands for No Donuts and the name may appear so because one of the updates by Android was named “Donut”.

There is also an update named “Mango” which will include Internet Explorer 9 with a new type of rendering engine named Trident 5. It also includes HTML version number 5 along with Silverlight and gesture support. The “Mango” update will also include new enhancements related to the field of entertainment.

Microsoft had earlier given a confirmation that they will introduce “Multitasking” in 2011 but it seems that it will be included in the Windows Phone 7.5 update which will be released in Quarter 4. However there will be small types of updates before the release of update 7.5.

Review of Samsung Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab 4G

Samsung announced at the CES 2011, the introduction of the Infuse 4G and Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab positioning themselves as the number one Android device provider in the US. The Galaxy Smartphone is the first actual device to get certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Direct certification body, although there are a number of other Wi-Fi modules and chipsets awaiting the green signal, for certification. Samsung has done it once again after the Samsung Omnia made its mark 2 years ago as the first DivX certified handset in the USA.

The Galaxy Tabs featuring a 7 inch display and running Google’s Android 2.2, has already crossed1.5 million units sold mark since introduction last year. The support for Adobe Flash 10.1, a front facing camera of 1.3 MP and camcorder for video chat, as also a 16 GB of internal storage makes the product really formidable. The only Wi-Fi model is compact and conveniently designed making the Galaxy Tab ideal for watching movies or TV programs, reading books or emailing on the go.

The Infuse 4 G using HSPA+ for its 4 G doesn’t have to deal with the bulk of an LTE chip making it a real skinny thing at 9 millimeters. With its massive screen and slim structure, it looks like a light device that should rest pretty naturally in the user’s hands. It is still too early to position the product in virtue and strength with quite a few products on offer expected to hit the markets in the coming months. The USP of widescreen beauty and slim structure of the body are interesting, let’s hope the software and the rest of the design in ease of use and convenience can keep up that excellence projected by the peek preview of the product at the CES 2011.

The Samsung Wi-Fi only Infuse 4G is one of the thinnest phones on the market with a humungous 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen running on a 1.2 gigahertz CPU and an 8 MP auto focus camera besides a front facing shooter and having phenomenal outdoor legibility. Thanks to the improved brightness over the first generation SUPER AMOLED plus the unique TouchWiz interface running on top of the Android 2.2 Froyo.

Appearing to be one of the toughest iPod touch arrivals, this portable media player was displayed at the expo with a matte back cover in comparison to the earlier Galaxy S with a glossy plastic back. Available in the TDMA, CDMA and GSM technologies, this smart phone offers data management, types of EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA – 14.4 Mbits  / sec, HSUPS 5.76 Mbits  / sec, GPRS, CDMA2000 1xRTT, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, etc. The multiple frequencies of 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, along with the Candybar form factor and internal antenna, color display in 800 x 450 pixels, capacitive touch screen, multi touch, proximity sensor and light sensor make the phone invincible.


From latest cell phones to computers, technology has made it possible for people to reach for the impossible. We see that the HTC Thunder Bolt was the new entry into the market for the technology and we saw that the case was indeed a serious affair as it led to a lot of speculation and talks regarding the discovery.

We often see that the main drawback of a Verizon Wireless Network is that the users are often unable to use the both data and voice simultaneously. But the company says that it will certainly change with the carriers LTE services, however. In one of the recent releases the bullet number 2 indicates that HTC THUNDERBOLT 4G is the first of the device that uses the data and voice capabilities simultaneously. This is certainly a good news but then the services of the LTE is not available at all part of the nation at the present times. So all this means that this features will be available to you sometime in the futures or may be never unless you live in the LTE neighborhood. In either way you can actually get a hand on the same sooner or later.

This is an iPhone that enable the function of the voice and data technology. This is one of the sorts after product for sure and has left behind all the other CDMA products that Verizon produced earlier on. This will break all records and going to be the first smart phone that will create history as it brings with it some complicated features that were never seen in a cell phone. There are indeed a lot of evidence to believe that this new phone will certainly provide the customer with the services of the both the voice and data services application. These very facts have been confirmed by the LTE networks as well and this is a great fact that could have happened to the mobile phone users. Although the LTE services do not support the application for the voice calls but this is one aspect that can be produced by digitalizing and then transferring it into small blocks akin to the VOIP services that we get to see with the Skype.

Verizon Charges $200 for Users moving to iPhone

The Verizon iPhone is the most anticipated and talked about phone in the US telecom market. Since the iPhone was introduced, many iPhone fans were eagerly waiting for this deal to happen. There are many Verizon customers who lusted for the iPhone 4, but had no other option but to go for a BlackBerry or Android phone. The recent announcement of iPhone’s CDMA version for Verizon had left many Verizon customers sulking. The reason is that many Verizon customers have recently upgraded to an Android or BlackBerry as they were not expecting something like this to happen.  However, Verizon’s latest announcement of a $200 gift card for customers who have recently upgraded to Android or Blackberry will make many customers happy.

Recently, Verizon declared that a $200 gift card would be given to customers who are ready to swap their Android or blackberry for the iPhone. Customers who are ready for the exchange will have to pay the full price for the iPhone, but the offer is not open for all Smart phone users of Verizon. This offer is only for those Verizon customers who have upgraded to an Android or Blackberry between 26th November 2010 and 1st January 2011. Also, this offer is only available for accounts with less than 5 lines. Customers who are eligible for this offer have to return the existing phone and pay full retail price for iPhone. Verizon will then give them a $200 VISA gift card.
Verizon’s latest shift towards iPhone have kept the market speculating. It is said that Verizon has made this bold move because of the declining flavor for Blackberry. Besides, moving to Android has not helped its rival AT&T grow. Verizon also thinks that the introduction of new Blackberry devices is not likely to make much of a difference to its dwindling sales. There is also a speculation that Verizon has finally favored iPhone, to prevent iPhone from going to other rival companies. Insiders are contemplating that Verizon has made a pseudo-exclusive deal with Apple for its iPhone, to prevent carriers such as T-Mobile Sprint and small carriers from acquiring it. It is said that even Apple will welcome such deals with Verizon, as it will have a significant effect on iPhone’s sales. This would certainly help Apple gain some ground that it has lost to Android. The Verizon iPhone deal is also likely to bring back the customers   that shifted to AT&T because of the non availability of iPhone. Verizon is also expected to give some kind of discount to its smartphones users who do not qualify for this offer in the near future.

Expectations high for Skype enabled iPhone 4G

Reports are concluding that the latest iPhone 4G marked to be released this June during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. Also reports have pitched in that Verizon is testing a CDMA based iPhone 4G which could be released as earlier as Christmas 2010. Also Skype released an upgrade allowing customers to make Skype to Skype calls on iPhone 3G.

iPhone which has brought a ground breaking revolution in the fortunes of Apple’s business and which alone amount for one third of the forty billion sales Apple made worldwide. iPhone 3G which was launched in 2008, was backed up with a newer and faster version later on the year with the launch of iPhone 3GS. Now during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference everybody is expecting Apple to release iPhone 4G, the successor in the range of iPhone series and this phone may also mark and end to iPhone 3G. Though Apple has always been very strict regarding the security controls for its unreleased phones, two of new iPhone 4G’s were leaked out. While one of them was found a month ago in a bar, the recent one was found in Vietnam, and when it was connected to iTunes, it was recognized as an Apple Device.

Currently Verizon is testing the comp abilities of launching the iPhone 4G on CDMA platforms and plans to avail it to the eager customers by Christmas 2010. While when the reports questioned the authorities at Apple and Verizon head quarters, they refused to comment on any such issues. The new iPhone 4G will have faster downloading, multi tasking enabled, video chat and even work on dual core processors. The graphic card and the camera may get higher resolution pitch adding to the charm of the phone.

While on the other hand the major Internet telephony company Skype which provides free Skype to Skype Internet telephone calls, provided an upgrade to it customers so that it can work swiftly on Apple’s iPhone 3G. but the catch it that the free calls are for a limited time, as in the brochure of the Skype application it has been mentioned that the free calls last only till August 2010 end. While the Internet telephony major has refused to comment and also provide details about the charges and tariffs the company plans to charge. While it has been speculated, the company may charge a user fee every month while providing the free calls. Skype could not be used in iPhone until the launch of iPad, when Apple tweaked its SDK interference and allowed Skype to be downloaded on its hand held devices.

Skype has made a huge and potential migration from one’s personal desktops to hand held mobile devices, which also allows the Internet telephony company to make greater revenues by creating new plans for mobile devices users.

While the soon to be launched iPhone 4G would also allow, non core applications like to Skype to work on it, Skye’s revenue potential has only increased.

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