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Samsung® Star II S5260 Smartphone

The new Samsung Star II S5260 smart phone has been officially announced by Samsung. This smartphone is an upgraded version of Samsung Star which had become popular, selling over 30 million handsets all over the world. The specifications and features of the Samsung Star II include a 3-inch TFT capacitive touch screen display, Bluetooth, a 1,000mAh battery, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, Wi-Fi b/g/n and a micro SD card slot to increase the storage capacity. The display of Samsung Star II S5260 smart phone is very much similar to GT-S5230 Star. The WQVGA touch screen display of Samsung Star II S5260 smartphone has the same Touch Wiz UI 3.0 as in Samsung Star. You can simply add various widgets directly as per your choice and personalize the home screen of your mobile.

The Samsung Star II has a 3.2 MP camera with which you can take pictures and even videos of good quality. The wireless connectivity is an added feature of this smartphone. No matter where you are, you will be always connected with your friends and relatives on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter with Samsung Star II Smartphone as it supports all the popular social networks. The multi-IM 2.0 in Samsung Star II S5260 smartphone allows you to login into many IM accounts at a single time. So you can easily access your accounts on Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, AIM and Facebook simultaneously. The Samsung Star II S5260 smart phone has a QuickType T9 Keyboard which is going to be a great help for chatting or typing text messages at a very high speed on the phone.

Touchscreens Options in Windows 7

In today’s world there are revolutionary changes in computer world and the revolution comes with the introduction of touch screen technology. In short touch-screen changed the concept of hard-press to soft-press which gives a lot of ease to the end user.

With the introduction of touch screen you can tap your finger in button of viewing window of computer with less effort .The touch key board in tablet PC input panel is very easy to use and in one touch you can manage and access all program and files .The common task will be more easier by the new gestures .Now you can easily enter into the text on a touch screen without using a physical keyboard, by updated touch keyboard in tablet PC input panel. Touch screen is an electronic visual display which can detect the presence of your touch. It is very sensitive and it helps users to interact with computers with one soft touch .There are three basic systems to recognize a person’s touch:


In resistive system a normal glass panel is covered with a conductive and a metallic layer of resistive. By spacers the two layers are separated from each other and the whole set up covered by a scratch resistant layer on the top so when users touches the screen the two layers make contact with each other with that exact spot and the change in electrical field is recorded and this coordination is calculated by the computer.
In surface acoustic system two sensors (one transmitter and one receiver) are placed with the horizontal and vertical axis of the monitor’s glass plate. If the wave has been disturbed, the receiving sensor will be able to detect and accordingly locate it .It do not leave any metallic layers on the screen and produce an absolute perfect picture quality. This makes the surface acoustic wave system best for displaying graphics.
In capacitive system a glass panel is placed with a layer of stored electrical charges and some of the charge is transferred to the users when he or she touches the monitor so charge of the capacitive layer decreases in the monitor where circuits located in each corner of the monitor measures the decrease of the charge.

This type of technology is obviously very beneficial as in this technology you don’t have to input any extra device such as mouse or a key board. the user only need his or her finger to manipulate the chosen device so the possibilities with touch screen monitors are endless .Touch screen computers are commonly used in medical field , stores ,industrial applications , cell phones , ATM machines etc. Touch screen technology used in I Phone has provided user a new leap in using various applications in a single touch.
The touch screen computer’s best feature is the ease of selection without use of mouse to scroll and select .A touch screen computer users can click on music files or photos with a swipe of their finger on the computer screen. So at last we can say that if computer makes mans life easy touch screen made it even easier and effortless.

How to Find a Bluetooth Network

In today’s supersonic age, quick and effective communication is the key to success. Various options of sending streams of data are available to us, such as wireless technological devices like Bluetooth, Internet, USB, etc.

Through a Bluetooth network one can transfer and receive data, but only in a limited range. This network cannot be used in isolation; it requires the presence of devices like cell phones or laptops to send and receive signals.

Advantage of a Bluetooth network

Transfer of data via Bluetooth network is one of the safest methods to exchange data. Other methods like USB, CDs, floppy disk etc. have the danger of being corrupted or/and carrying viruses.

Ways of searching a Bluetooth network

The facility of Bluetooth can only be enjoyed if your cell phone or laptop has a built-in mechanism to allow you to use it.

Usage through cell phones

Almost all cell phones come with a built-in Bluetooth facility. Through this network one can send any number of songs, pictures and other kinds of data. Steps for usage are:

  • The primary step is, to know whether your mobile phone is enabled to establish a Bluetooth connection with other devices. To find this, one has to go to either the “Settings” section or “Connectivity” section in the menu.
  • Once you find the “Bluetooth” option present in any of the sections, just switch on the Bluetooth network by clicking on the icon.
  • Once the network is activated, streams of all kinds of data can be transferred. Just select the data you wish to send and click on “Options”. Click on the send icon and you will be asked to choose “via MMS” or “via Bluetooth”. Once you choose the second option, the system will automatically search for other devices open to receive data.
  • All the devices present at that time will be flashed on your screen. You have to select the receiver and click on “Send”. At the click of “Send”, the data will be transferred to the recipient in a span of few seconds.
  • Once the data is sent, a confirmation appears on both; the sender’s and the recipient’s screen, assuring successful transfer.

Usage through Laptops

The primary step to activate Bluetooth network in laptops, is first to find out whether the laptop has a built-in Bluetooth facility. If is doesn’t, a USB Bluetooth adapter can be used to transfer data through this medium. For the users of USB, scanning the access areas is vital, in order to protect the laptop from virus attack.

Bluetooth network can be easily activated on a network. This is done by clicking on the “Bluetooth” icon on the screen.Users of Bluetooth network through a laptop are susceptible to virus attacks. While your connection is “On” many other users can try to send you corrupted or infected files, which once opened can damage your system. To avoid such an occurrence one can should put a security password for transfer or receipt of any type of data. Once the Bluetooth network is activated, “scan for devices” should be enabled. This will flash all Bluetooth enabled devices in your range. You can select your recipient and the file to be sent.

Different Bluetooth scanners follow different methods for connectivity. To know the detailed procedure your device requires you to follow, you should read the instructions manual or browse through the “help” option available.

Google Acquires Plink

Google just went gaga with its newest acquisition, Plink, a UK based company. With over 50, 000 users since they launched four weeks ago, Plink offered its users a revolutionary visual search technology for their cell phones. The Plink download enables its users to identify work of arts by taking photos of it and searching online for the details.

Plink will now be part of the efforts of Google to develop their own visual search engine Google Goggles. The mobile visual search company owned by Mark Cummins and James Philbin is also Google’s first foray in the United Kingdom. Google Goggles is available for cell phones running on Android 1.6. Aside from artworks, Goggles also enables users to search visually by taking pictures of logos, contact info, books, places, and landmarks. Looking for places doesn’t even need a photo. You could just point your camera at the storefront and Google searches for you using GPS and compass. Barely scratching the surface of visual search technology, Goggles has not integrated search for food, plants and animals yet.

With the Plink team and technology onboard Google’s expanding visual search technology, wonders will be in store for us users who are developing taste for possible search options other than typing text and putting voice input.

Google plans to acquire more promising companies at the rate of one startup company per month.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003