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Apple’s Chip Sale High Due to iPad and iPhone Popularity

iPad and iPhone  have become a popular these days and one could certainly assume is no more interested in the Mac or the Mac books anymore. Apple is certainly working on the Mac Book and Mac in the same way as it is working on the iPad and iPhone series; the only difference is that no other product has been marketed this well by Apple so the reward they are getting has been paid for in advance. Apple has exclusively made the iPad and iPhone for the youngsters and the most elegant people and that is probably the reason that these devices are giving way more revenue than any other product.

The devices certainly demand the company to make Chip Purchases and according to a recent survey, the iPad and iPhone are the reason to the rising chip purchases from the company. Apple is expected to become the second largest OEM semiconductor buyers in the next year. It is also possible that the company rises to the top on the first slot by year 2012.

iSuppli Statistics

iSuppli came up with this news in the recent past where it said that Apple can become the world’s second largest buyer of OEM superconductor buyer in 2011 and there is no doubt that the company can rise to the first slot by the year 2012. The company is expected to invest $16.2 billion in the field of chips and OEM superconductors for 2011 and this is higher than the expected purchases that Samsung has planned worth $13.9 billion. HP is going to lead the market with $17.1 billion altogether. This is going to place Apple between HP and Samsung for the next year.

The move up the chart in the purchasing of chips and OEM superconductors mean that the company is rising up in the channel with the products successful with the consumers. Every latest launch is even better than the previous ones and attracts more people to the venture. The company is doing pretty well in the search and development that lets it stay on the top of other companies. The rise in the position certainly refers to the success of the Smartphone and Tablet PC launched by the company. They are expected to do even better in the future.

Financial Position-2010

The company has already spent $12.4 billion for the year 2010 that shows a growth rate of 54% and it is expected to rise by 30.4% to reach the second slot in the next year. The Apple officials are positive about getting to the number one slot in case HP does not take over any major hardware company around the world. An acquisition by HP might make the whole lot difficult for Apple.

There has been an excellent sale in the third fiscal quarter of 2010 with 3.27 iPad sold, 3.47 Macs, 8.4 million iPhone and 9.41 million iPods. The revenues rose to $15.7 billion with the quarterly profit of $3.25 billion. The iPod however did see a sale decline but that is well justified with the launch of the iPhone that is both and iPod and a Smartphone.

The Cheapest Processor Has Just Landed

Advanced Micro Devices has once again made its mark on the history of microprocessors by announcing the release of a new family of microprocessors for Cloud Computing serves and this includes a chip that is worth a sensational $99.

This chip is from the Opteron 4100 family and comes in six-core and four-core variants. It was previously code-named Lisbon. They draw less power than their predecessors while achieving the same levels of performance. This little piece of information was confirmed by Brent Kerby, senior product manager at AMD.

The processors include the $99 Opteron 4122 processor, the first ever chip AMD has priced under $100. This quad-core chip operates at a speed of 2.2GHz, has a 8.6MB cache and draws 75 watts of power. Compared to Intel’s cheapest server processor which is priced at $167 according to a processor price list issued on June 20, the Opteron 4122 processor is a sure bargain if there ever was any doubt.


Cloud Computing servers is the target of a movement towards processors that can quickly scale performance. Dan Olds, the principal analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group states this while asking, “Can you take a huge number of inexpensive, low-power chips and get useful work out of them?”

SeaMicro and Tilera introduced specialized 512 core servers designed for Cloud Computing this month. SeaMicro announced a server that packs 512 single core Intel Atom processors in one server.

The $99 quad-core Opteron 4122 promises to draw more power than any low-power Atom chip while performing faster. However, they are doubting if the traditional servers with cheap Opteron chips are the better option for scale-out environments in place of specialized servers.

Opteron 4100

The Opteron 4100 family will also include two six core processors, the Opteron 4162 EE and 4164 EE, that draws only 32 watts of power. This is considered to be the lowest power threshold achieved by any generation of the company’s server prpocessors right now. The 41622 runs at 1.7GHz and costs $316 while the 4162 EE runs at 1.8GHz and costs $698.

The company included in its announcement a five Opteron 4100 series six-core chips that draw between 50 and 75 watts. The chips run at speeds between 2.1GHz and 2.8GHz and are priced between $174 and $316. These chips have been targeted at single and two-socket servers in scale-out environments.

These new chips reduce power consumption by 24 percent if compared to their predecessors. The improved manufacturing process are the cause of the power benefits. The 45-nanometer process is used to make these processors.

They also support DDR3 memory which is considered faster and more power-efficient than the previous DDR2 memory. There are also some chip-level improvements and advanced power management features like power capping at the hardware level so it could lower power consumption in servers.

The socket compatibility will also allow AMD’s future server chips to be plugged into servers. AMD plans next year to release a server processor with up to 16 cores based on a new microarchitecture called Bulldozer. The Opteron will be available worldwide as soon as possible which translates to, immediately. Server makers including Acer, Dell and Hewlett-Packard are exoected to announce servers soon so this process will be served to the public in a quick and convenient way.

Green technologies and Moore’s law

Companies are trying to double the performance of clean energy technologies, but that is quite a tough goal to achieve. The concept was implemented with the help of Moore’s law in which the number of transistors can be placed on ICs after every two years. Information technology has become an integral part of every industry and so in Ecology also. Moore’s Law, which calculates that the number of transistors a chip can hold will double every 18 months, has changed the speed of technological growth in an upward direction which is normally measured in months now rather than in years, when we are talking about energy. Some people say that Moore’s law is not the best example to increase the capacity of technology exponentially. However as far as the Green technologies are concerned; they are following the same kind of cost curve, which was conventionally used in semiconductors.


Moore’s law can be beneficial for many types of industries. Here if we take the example for Dell who is immensely investing in manufacturing not only in computers that can process information efficiently but also that are environmentally friendly. Companies like Dell and many others can save a lot of energy if they reduce the energy they are consuming in their data centers. This action will not conserve the energy but also it has a lot of environmental benefits as well. However, the biggest problem in this case is the performance of IT managers and other staff is not measured in terms of how much they have conserved energy. Green business is making efforts on quality movement where the focus of companies in next 20 years would be improving the quality of different tasks like product development, customer service etc.


Due to the environmental challenges that our society is facing now days, it is not possible that companies work in isolation to fight against these environmental challenges. All the companies who are dedicated towards making these environmental changes need to collaborate. The biggest challenge in this initiative will be companies, which are coming from different types of industries and the how they are going to collaborate and contribute to fight against the environmental challenges.

When talking about the Green Technologies, the policies play a vital role in scaling up. General Electric Policy plays a huge role in scaling up green technologies, said GE’s Fludder. GE and their representative fully support such kind of programs, which will strengthen the energy deployment and climate regulations so that the price can be put on carbon emissions

Nevertheless, if we do not consider these policies GE has been successful with its Ecomagination project. GE invested $5 billion in that program and Even without these policies, though, GE’s Ecomagination had been successful when we talk about sales as they have a lot of customers who buy these eco products as the sales yielded for around $7 billion, generating awareness among people who are increasingly capitalizing on these technologies.

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