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Kinect engineer shifts to Google™

One of the fathers of KINECTS is now shared by Google. Do you remember Johnny Chung Lee? No? Here is the reference for you. This man had hijacked a very clever way for the famous Nintendo Wiimote to create “touch” interfaces. Following his brilliant demonstration, Lee had been hired by Microsoft and has participated in Project Natal, in other words Kinect, visual interface for the Xbox 360 which has a very great success since its launch. We learned today that Lee was poached by Google. Johnny says on his blog have joined the team dedicated to a “special project”. Given the skills of man can imagine in the short term the launch of a Google TV KINECTS or longer-term adaptation of this kind of interface for PCs and Smartphones Chrome OS Android.

It is via his Twitter account that Johnny Chung Lee , who is one of the architects of the motion detection KINECTS the Xbox 360, said it had resigned from his position at Microsoft for a job at Google. Lee was described as a major contributor to the software algorithms that allow the system to properly follow KINECTS movements. He gave no reason for his choice. This is a big loss for Microsoft and a big win for Google. Kinect developer Johnny Chung Lee will now join as “Rapid Evaluator” at Google.

Lee left his position after getting Kinect reached 8 million units sold in just two months. Kinect, a system that lets you play videogames without physical controls on the Xbox 360 allowed Microsoft to stay on top of console sales charts in the U.S., ahead of the PlayStation 3 and Wii. Microsoft has sold more than 50 million Xbox 360 units sold worldwide; double the number it sold the first generation of the console.

Johnny Chung Lee the developer is famous enough now. He had tinkered with the Wii for example to create a multi-touch table. But what concerns us directly, he was hired by Microsoft to work on Project Natal is now called KINECTS .The ad man after working more than two and a half years on algorithms for tracking human KINECTS , decided to join Google . The decision was very difficult one and he still remembers the early stages of Project Natal (and even before it has a name). He wishes the Microsoft team good luck for the next Xbox and wait to see how the console will evolve. It’s a good console and a good platform; with lots of potential according to his believe.

Will Google be able to use his master brain? Only time will tell but the plans of the company.

Google Chrome OS to overtake Apple’s iOS by 2015?

2010 saw Apple constituting 90% of the market in tablets and smart phones. However, industry think tanks predict that by 2015 Apple’s share will drop to less than 35% with Google’s Android and Chrome OS, RIM Blackberry tablet OS, HP’s Web OS, and many other small players hitting the market after Apple’s success in the arena. It yet remains to be seen what Apple has in its Pandora’s Box in this year 2011. Will Apple again turn the cart of technology to a new dimension? In all probability, knowing Apple the answer is NO!

The general opinion is that internet devices will hit over 150 million mark in 2015. Apple and Google however will attract the maximum attention from the cream of Techie developers. This will include applications, content, media resources, bandwidth hogging and this is what people worldwide consider before taking a purchasing decision. The demand for LITE operating systems will increase by the day. It appears that Google is all set to challenge Apple’s dominance in the smart phones and the tablet markets. Some typical independent technology analysts like Ovum feel global shipments of smart phones and tablets – internet devices will hit the 150 million per year mark in 2015, of which 35% would be just the Asia-Pacific region.

The Android platform is predicted to continue growing due to support from various and vast range of manufacturers worldwide. After Android 2.2, manufacturers are all waiting to see what Android 3.0 will deliver. Prediction is that retail businesses, wholesale, professional services, mining and engineering would be the main beneficiaries of this upcoming tablet technology, due to the phenomenal ability of increased communication and productivity.

With erstwhile leaders Samsung and many others going the Android way, the above predictions are but naturally logical. The market was instigated by Apple’s Super Mega success with their iPads sales worldwide, resulting in massive growth of consumer demand of such portable devices. It is believed that Google will take over at least 36% share with its powerful developer support, boosting the operating system and increasing adoption. This will only mean that the market will grow alongside other mobile devices, and, independent of similarity in form and function will definitely not erode their popularity, rather will only increase the hunger for more. This is especially pertinent given their obvious similarity in hardware and software technology.

Google’s introduction of their Chrome OS designed to run web-based applications is definitely attracting the attention of consumers first, but could also find favor and fervor in businesses having large staff numbers not needing access to processing intensive applications. With Google’s OS and their Android platform, considering business using already Google Apps drawing of larger volume of users and manufacturers of smart phone, enhancing market growth of Google operating systems can be termed a foregone conclusion.

Chrome OS Tablet to be Launched After Nexus One Episode

There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding the launch of the Chrome OS Tablet. The entire technology community has been looking for the roll out of this innovative and highly promising tablet PC from the most successful company in the IT sector presently. However the bad news is that the company is probably not very enthusiastic about the release. The rumors on various social networking sites and other sources give an impression that the launch may be scrapped or at least delayed. The recent failure of the Nexus one phone in meeting the anticipated profit has also beleaguered the faith of consumers in Google. Though the launch is still on cards there is likelihood that it can be delayed.

We by now are acquainted with the fact that Google doesn’t feel like to launch Nexus Two Smartphones due to its’ not so good sales. In reveling news Eric Schmidt from Google has established that it is probable the much sought after tablet PC Chrome would not be presented by Google. He further added that similar to the Android phones, the performance of the allies will decide how well the sales go by. He further added that the company would not get into the picture to support the sales as it did for the Google Nexus one gadget. The Google Chromium Operating System development is all set and going fine. The Open source is already present for the download.

As per the top Google official Schmidt, the rumored Chrome OS tablet is quite unlikely. Earlier the online sales of the Google Nexus phone were also discontinued. There were no anticipated sales and thus the company had to virtually stop its’ web store, Nexus sales. However, as per the Google VP of engineering Andy Rubin there were success factors also included. He said “With every innovation, some parts worked better than others.”

In all equality a Google Chrome OS tablet is dissimilar to the Nexus One. Nothing like Android, Chrome OS is preordained to be practically invisible: a modest doorway to the Internet via an uncomplicated browser. This has been a source of vulnerability for the IT giant and the huge clientele seems to be disappointed with the news. There are still hopes that the new tablet PC may be introduced in the last quarter of the year. There is no doubt that the IT giant Google has established itself as one of the most innovative and successful companies which excels in all its endeavors and there had been no speculation whatsoever till the nexus episode, in the minds of people regarding any Google product or application. In the past decades, this organization has re-invented itself time and again with providing seamlessly efficient services to the wide global clientele. People look forward to each and every product being presented by Google with great hope and faith and there is hope that the Chrome OS comes out soon.

Understanding Chrome OS: Features and Criticism

In 2009, Google had publicized a new product that will centralize web usage into a net book. Chrome OS is the operating system running purely on a cloud model, where web applications are floating and are interconnected through the internet, allowing faster operations for the computer system. However, there are good & bad points about the system which questions the standpoint of Chrome OS operating in current conditions in the realm of programming as well as in computer and internet usage.

Defining Chrome OS

Chrome OS is Google’s operating system solution for net books. This OS is designed to work with web applications. The Interface of the Google OS is minimalistic, much like the Chrome browser. The only application residing in the browser is a media player but most of the applications are connected from the internet. The OS is geared for people who spend most of their time over the surfing the internet.


Chromoting is a feature that will supposedly bridge the gap between Chrome and Windows. Businesses have learnt to appreciate some of the offerings of Google such as Docs, Gmail, Buzz, Voice etc. which will fit right into the OS. Due to its Cloud based origins, the Google OS would be difficult to implement to businesses that invest in Windows software as well as applications based on Windows. Chromoting is the contraction of the words chrome and remoting. This is a great platform to run modern applications and also access those legacy applications within the browser in the PC.

Unlikely Solutions

At the moment, the above features are not backed up with any proof. These are only speculations up to this time and it revolves around creating a remote desktop backed by a Windows based system. The other solution could be accessing using some sort of cloud based Windows software so that the users of Chrome OS can run legacy software from Windows.

Both solutions are neither elegant nor practical. Since there is no compelling argument for businesses to switch to an OS that relies on keeping a Windows based PC live on the internet.

One more reliable answer is a web based served solution. In this case, Google or some other third party will provide the web connected platform for Windows as well as the application instead of users shouldering both for maintenance. The downfall is that there could be a licensing problem in sharing Windows based applications over the internet using cloud computing.


  • Chrome OS on a notebook is not a substitute for a Windows OS since the latter is capable of handling resource intensive applications like Adobe programs.
  • PC World has stated that most of the things that are in Chrome OS can be done without the operating system. Net books have already captured the eye of web centric users and so it is not a big deal that this OS can actually do more of what is being done already.
  • If Google OS wants to be taken seriously as an alternative to the existing Windows OS, it should be capable of standing and functioning on its own and not relying on integration to Windows for a productive working environment.

When Chrome OS can truly impact a change as a standalone operating system, it will be taken seriously for business purposes.

Chromoting- A Remote Desktop Application by Google

Google’s upcoming OS Chrome is said to bring a reform in the world of computers and it is expected that the first system to arrive with its OS as Chrome will be launched pretty soon. The OS is coming with a whole lot of exciting features. The OS is said to be the fastest of all time with a record boot up speed of 7 seconds that is remarkable in every way. The OS comes with a number of applications with it in order to help people get their tasks done with ease and comfort.

An introduction to Chromoting

The application has been names Chromoting but the name hasn’t been finalized as yet. It is the kind of application developed by the developers from Chrome OS that would give a lot of function to people using the OS. The platform would not only be a great platform to deal with the web based applications but would also let you access many of the legacy PC applications by remaining in your web browser.


Chrome OS is an operating system that only supports internet and therefore it is called the internet-only OS. The default operating system does not have all the applications that you might need. In addition, it might not support many of your desired applications therefore there has to be some way to make the OS perfect for use and more effective as well. The legacy software here means all the software and applications that Chrome does not support as a browser.

Range of applications

The Chromoting feature of this OS gives you great command over many of the applications that any normal OS supports. It gives you control over all the possible applications that any developer at advanced level might use. The feature provides you with access to Adobe Creative Suite that is one of the most renowned ones with tools that are helpful in many ways. This is great news for all the content developers out there who were assuming Chrome OS to be something not of their use.

The application list would probably include the complete office suit package as well because of the fact that these applications are still way richer then the Google Docs available online. The best thing about all this combination is that you would not need to spend hundreds of dollars on machines with high resources to run your operating system and even a netbook would be way more than enough to help you through your jobs.

The purpose of the era is to increase the productivity by using lighter applications at the same time. Chromoting is the applications that would take up limited resources of your computer while the rest of the resources would be rendered by the source providing the access to these applications giving you a very lightweight experience.

Google has been trying to increase the effectiveness and productivity of their products. The Chromoting application is one of the same developments that would come up as a great milestone overall. This would also make people from all walks of life to welcome the OS warmly.

Chrome OS the new development by Google

Computer users all over the world are quite familiar with the Google Chrome, a cross platform web browser which was developed by Google. Along with the beta tag the version was first released in September 2nd, 2008 especially supporting the Microsoft Windows. This particular operating system was designed using the concept of Ubuntu Linux Distribution. According to the company’s Vice President Mr. Sundar Pichai it has concentrated in developing the latest Google Chrome hardware device which will be available in the market shortly.

Basic character of chrome

The most important feature of the Google Chrome is that it essentially uses the custom user interface. The operating system mainly concentrates on the browsing technique. However, with the emergence of the latest Google Chrome 5 versions the tradition character changes a lot. The Chrome 5 does not use the so called beta label like its previous versions. Moreover, this edition is supported by Linux, Mac OS X, and all versions of windows OS. The exclusive features of this operation system make it a perfect choice for the netbooks.

Competing with other tablet devices

Since the company highly focuses on the netbooks market, the most vital question piping in the minds of people is whether the Chrome operating system will successfully compete with the various tablet devices available in the market. As for example, the Andriod Tablet Prototypes suggests that the phone operating system provided by Google is not up to the mark in regard to the larger tablet form. The suggestion is given by the Andriod despite of the fact, that the company itself has many faults while developing the tablet devices. In this case, the best thing done by Google is to encourage the hardware constructors to use the operation system of Chrome instead using that of the Android for the said devices. To materialize this aim the company and its co partners are working hard in this matter. They have started working jointly on the platforms of Tegrs 2 support and on ARM.

Challenges to be faced by Google

To introduce a successful browser oriented operating system the company has to walk still a long way. Moreover, there are some challenges which are to be faced and resolved. One such challenge is the “Application Discoverability”. This is perhaps the biggest of all issues. The company is planning to set up store for helping the computer users for Web based application. This planning has been recently declared in the I/O conference of Google. The store will aim in providing assistance by offering people the details of purchasing different web software. The perfect integration of this store with that of Chrome OS, will help the users in installing the web application launchers in the new tab.

Some vital features of Chrome OS

  • The operating system supports printing over the internet with the help of the sophisticated feature Cloud Printing.
  • The company will now be able to compete with the Microsoft through this advanced OS.
  • It will be freely available like that of other Linux operating systems.
  • The free availability will facilitate the hardware developers to escape the cost of licensing.

The Google Chrome OS device will surely open a new horizon in the world of hardware market.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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