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Sync Your Smartphone Notes to the Cloud

A smartphone is one of the most popular gadgets these days. While taking notes by hand, you may have to scan the page. If you want, you can also send yourself an e-mail. There are a couple of smartphone applications available to take quick notes. You can check out these applications on your handset.

The first one is the Nebulous Notes. It is a smartphone text editor application. It is very simple and also has an added bonus with the dropbox. It is a very useful application that will make it easier to write notes and also you will have no format issues. You only have to write and click the ‘Upload’ button to upload directly into a folder in the dropbox.

As for example, suppose you made a notes folder for every client, you can easily upload the text file directly into that folder. There is one disadvantage though. It will not allow you to choose a filename. To do so, you have to use the dropbox on your desktop to rename the file.

There is one more disadvantage; it has some security concerns. It cannot connect to any other server other than dropbox and also they are unable to store your passwords on your smartphone. So, be cautious while using it even with the dropbox. Nebulous Notes are currently only available for iPhone, and they have two versions. One is the free version with ads and the other one is paid version for $1.99, which excludes the ads.

The other one is Evernote for all devices. Evernote can sync with all devices, so if you are not an iPhone user and want something more robust, we recommend you the Evernote. Evernote can sync with almost every smartphone platform and it is also free to use. If we talk about the notes, Evernote has an added bonus of syncing all your notes on any device powered with Evernote.

Evernote has many advantages such as if it is present both on phone and computer, the notes will show up on both places. There is a function in which this app lags behind that it will not allow you to directly drop files into specific folders but there is a solution available and you can sync all of your Evernote notes into dropbox. But there is one more disadvantage that it will drop all the notes into one folder and not specify particular folders.

Google presents free Cloud Doc Storage Template

What is cloud storage?

Before moving ahead, it is important to understand what cloud storage actually means. It actually refers to save all the data and information on some separate storage facility which is managed by the third party. So you can save the data to a remote database rather than storing it to the hard disk or somewhere else. So between the database and the computer, the Internet acts as a link. If any information is stored on a cloud storage system, then from any place on the Internet, you can have the access to it without storing it in some physical storage device. Thus, cloud storage is very helpful as it is very comfortable source.

Free Cloud Doc Storage Template from Google:

Google has presented free cloud storage template to all its Internet users which helps to save all software, resources and other information. Google Docs software is in the same way as the MS Word and MS Excel. It supports free processing in Word in the same way like MS Word. So to avail this service, you should have a Gmail account.

Facilities of Cloud Storage Template:

Apart from serving as MS Word, this also provides various other services some of which are mentioned as follows:

Other users can also share the same document and upload it by using Google.

With this Google Docs, any file of Powerpoint can also be opened.

All backgrounds, themes, templates are absolutely free which are used for making any presentation. With Cloud Storage facility, free drawings, presentations, excel sheets, web based documents all can be created and saved online also.

Google Docs also spells checks various languages and is capable of translating any document from one language to other. If any user has revised something, its complete history can be accessed with these Google docs along with the details of users who revised it. The document can even be sent to the particular website by the user.

It will help in publishing the document worldwide. If any URL link is posted on the Web, every person interested in the document can visit it. The document can be made in the same way as it’s made in MS Word. The fonts can be changed, bullets and numbering can be done, pictures and tables can be made, and formulas can also be applied. Google Docs saves the files in the same way as if they are the backup files. So even if the data on your system is lost or damaged due to any reason, you don’t need to worry because Google Docs uploads, opens, downloads and save the files and other information from any location on Internet.

Points to be noted:

Some things must be taken care of such as if Google Docs are opened, it should always be logged out after use otherwise the information can be misused. A password must be created for the security reasons. The format in which document should be simply made.

Virtualization ROI Rises- Confusions about the Cloud

Virtual technology is working hard on the basic benefits that made it popular previously. It is spreading those basic benefits as well as expanding the scope. The latest version of VMware virtualization suite is the representation of a great step towards the practical cloud computing.

With virtualization it becomes much easier for a company to consolidate its inventory of servers and maintain them as it has the quality that it sometimes justifies its own cost through two or more cycles of upgrades.


The infrastructure analyst for Gartner Group Mr. Chris Wolf said that “We had one client that was able to justify a complete server hardware refresh as it could upgrade without having to buy any additional VMware server licenses”.  They were able to move from the servers with 4 cores to servers with 12 cores and were also able to run a number of VMs on fewer servers with great saving of costs.

Most of the technologies when they are implemented for the first time deliver great savings only. During the first round of virtualization the chipsets took some advantage of the virtualization but now the people are indulged in building hardware designed to leverage it and you will gradually get to know that you can get great benefits from virtualizing the things. McWilliams explained that you can get great benefits by virtualizing your things. The switches, networks and storage work in a more efficient manner.

The IDC report that was released in June stated that it was estimated that in the year 2009 the cloud-based services accounted for $16 billion of the $2-5 trillion approx in global spending on IT. The report also gave some predictions stating that the number would rise to $55.5 Billion in the year 2012 to 2014 percent of that spent on IT. The customers whose money would go to the cloud-based IT are suffering from the cloud confusion as stated by the report from the Forrester Research that was represented on 6th of July.

The reason to confusion

This confusion is also due to some vendors who call everything in their inventor as cloud. This confusion is caused mostly due to the wrong explanation of the technology and not understanding its real potential. Due to this confusion most of the companies get a blur image of cloud and fail to understand its benefits. They can actually get great benefits from the virtualization technologies on which the cloud services would be built. Bernard Golden, CEO of consultancy Hyperstratus explained this.

Golden explained that you have to start with the base level of virtualization and gradually add more layers to get full automation and control over it and can associate other things with the cloud computing. It’s too much confusing in building internal clouds as stated by many of the people. Wolf stated that there is a split in the level of adoption of basic virtual-server technology. The range of early adopter is from 60% to 100% of their servers while the late adopters range from 20% to 40%. So it is clear that you can get great benefits from virtualization.

Join Microsoft in the Cloud or Quit!

There are two things that Microsoft has to offer to all the partners that it has been working with for quite some time now; either join Microsoft on the Cloud, or be left behind in the entire technology arena. This sounds pretty simple though and does not need a lot of justifications to prove the benefits. Probably that is the reason why Steve Ballmer highlighted this news on the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington DC a few days back. There had been news that many partners were reluctant to move to the cloud arena and considered cloud transformation to be scary.

Cloud- according to Ballmer:

Cloud has a lot to offer to the whole world as well as the world of developers. This is the time where the technology vendors need to reinvent the stuff for the business models that can be used by everyone around the world. This is an inevitable change though and there is no way that anyone can stop the transformation. There has to be a drift in the values and quality delivery that is not possible without the cloud concept.

Microsoft seems to be a lot more excited about the cloud computing compared to any other venture that it has done over the past. This is the reason why Microsoft is only allowing entry into the venture for all the partners and the other way available is perhaps quit the partnership. Anyone who is going to move into the world of cloud will stay hand in hand with Microsoft while others will not be the folks anymore.

Microsoft’s Mobile Effort:

Another arena that Microsoft is seriously working upon is mobile computing. The concept of Windows 7 Slate is quite into the market these days despite the news that HP is not launching the HP Windows 7 Slate anymore. The company also intends to come up with a Windows Phone 7 Series phone that will have an excellent operating system. The phone basically tends to compete with the iPhone from Apple that has been quite popular in the Smartphone business. Microsoft is certainly concentrating on the Windows Phone 7 Series phone as well as the Slate that will be following in a couple of months.

The company states to launch a number of Windows 7 run slates in the next few months that will be manufactured by many of the partners that Windows 7 has been working with recently. The top companies that are dealing with the Windows 7 Slate include Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and Asus all of which stand tall with Windows 7 in all the ventures of the past. Ballmer clearly didn’t mention HP that stood in the front line back in January this year. It seems that HP is more interested in the WebOS after acquiring Palm recently.

Windows Mobile devices and Cloud:

The recent development paced up in the mobile devices development and cloud computing seems to be another ground breaking trick from Microsoft to acquire better revenues by becoming the first. The Touch feature of Windows 7 integrated with the hardware of a slate refers to the perfect combination that gets you with a rich and vibrant experience of technology. The future is certainly mobile with the domination of Cloud technology all of which will be authored by Microsoft at the first place.

Google Enhancing the Features of Collaboration Safety in Google Docs

Many of the new settings have been introduced by Google for the Google Docs, which is the software used for creating as well as editing the documents over the internet. This is used to making it easy for the control of the distribution of the files so that it should be done to the right people in any organization or the group of people.

Sharing the documents had always been a signature feature of the service of the Docs which is based on the cloud, which ties greatly with the increasing interest in the deployment of the collaborative technologies that are done in the enterprise. But while Google has been making the noticeable strides for the sake of attracting the bigger companies as well as the organizations for its applications, there remains the privacy and the security concerns related to the cloud based or for the applications of the software as a service.

Features in Google Doc

This new feature has the setting of “private” which allows the users for designating the files of Docs which could be accessible only to those people or the group of people which are being invited in the explicit manner. One other kind of setting is the “people at your organization with a link” which would allow the users for making the files of Docs to be available to any user which is a part of the domain of the company and who only knows the URL of the file. If you select the option of “allows anyone to edit” then those same users would be given the access to this particular URL for editing the files. They would also have the facility to copy and paste the link of the file into the email messages, chats or into the calendar invitations.

“People at your organization can find and access” is considered to be the broadest of all the settings that are a part of the Google Docs. This would mean that the files of Doc would be indexed with the help of the search of the Google Docs and might be opened by any person who is a part of the organization.

The users will also be able to make the file “public on the web” and this could be done by the users only if the administrator of the Google apps of the company allows them to share these documents with the outside world which is not part of the organization.

Gavin Haslam is the IT manager of the business services company called the Rentokil Initial. He has said in one statement on the Enterprise blog of Google that this new sharing setting would definitely make for the users to share the information throughout the organization. It would also allow them to save great amounts of the time when they would be rolled out across 35,000 of the users that are on the Google Apps.

Options for visibility

One new feature is the option of visibility, which would allow the users to view the complete list of the editors as well as the viewers who are authorized by the organization.

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