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Google TV: Review and Features

The search giant, Google has a habit of coming up with new technologies. Google TV is the latest product from the house of Google. Google TV is all set to give competition to Apple TV. Let us take a complete tour of Google TV.

Below are the features of Google TV:

  • Search your television

Now, you can search whatever you want to watch using the Google TV. Just type in whatever you want to watch and Google will get you that. With the help of Google TV, you can flawlessly search the content on the web while watching TV and can access the content just by performing a single click. Also you can easily switch between TV and the web without changing the input mode of your television.

  • The web is now a channel

The search giant Google has loaded the Google TV with a number of features like Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player 10.1. With these, you can access anything on web, watch your favorite videos, view photos, play games, chat with friends etc.

  • A new world of apps for your TV

When it comes to any Google product, support and applications for that product is unlimited. Google TV comes pre-loaded with applications like Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora, Napster, NBA Game Time, Amazon Video On Demand and Gallery. Also in near future, applications from the Google Market will work on Google TV.

  • Your phone = remote control

With the Google TV at your place, you can use your Android based mobile phone or your iPhone or multiple iPhones or Android based phones as a remote for Google TV. Apart from this, you can also use your voice to search the Google TV.

  • Fling a video to your television

With Google TV, you can share anything from a website to whatever you are watching or listening to on your phone to your Google TV by just pressing a button.

  • Watch it now

Now with Google TV, you can access over 40,000 shows and movies by subscribing Netflix just for 8.99 or Amazon Video On Demand (shows start at 99 cents!).

  • YouTube perfected for TV

With Google TV you can watch enormous videos on YouTube. Just imagine watching a video related to your favorite content on a 40 inch TV in HD. Apart from this, you can even create new channels on the fly.

  • Watch and browse, simultaneously

Now, with Google TV, you can watch your favorite TV show or your favorite movie and can browse web simultaneously with the great Picture in Picture technology.

  • TV gets a homepage

Always wanted to get your favorite site as your homepage? Now, you can enjoy this facility in your TV as well. You can select your favorite website as your homepage. Sop that whenever you switch on you television, you can get directly go to your favorite TV shows.

  • Find your favorite episode

With Google TV, you can find and watch your favorite TV shows quickly. Google TV has a special page that lets you quickly find and watch any episode no matter whether it is on TV or the web.

  • Create a TV playlist

Got an important work to do and cannot watch your favorite TV show? Now, there is no need to worry. Just send your favorite TV show to Google Queue and you can watch it later. Also you can subscribe to your favorite websites and video podcasts and can add YouTube videos.

  • Record from the search bar

Now enjoy many enhanced TV and DVR features by combining Google TV with your DISH. You can record a show right from the search bar and can search all of your recordings at once.

  • Rock out in your living room

With Google TV you can listen to your favorite music on your home theatre system by creating a personal radio station on the fly with Pandora or listening to any song, any time, with Napster.

  • The ultimate picture frame

With the help of Google TV, you can watch your favorite images on your LCD or LED TVs. You can stream photos from Picasa, Flickr etc on to your TV.

  • Over-the-air updates

With Google TV there is no need to worry about the latest updates. Google TV updates itself automatically, So that means, you will get the latest features and updates for free and that too without any hassle.

Android Devices to be New Platform Of MobiTV

MobiTV, Inc. is a global television and digital radio service provider for cell phone users. The MobiTV service is available in US through Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T Mobility, Alltel, and several other regional carriers; and in Canada through Bell Canada, Rogers and TELUS Mobility. MobiTV is not live broadcast TV, but it provides primarily pre-loaded video clips for download (streaming), but for the FIFA 2010 World Cup, ESPN Mobile TV via MobiTV offers live match broadcasts depending on your carrier.

The company claims more than 7 million subscribers and offers video clips of many popular channels such as MSNBC, ABC News Now, CNN, Fox News, Fox Sports, ESPN Mobile TV, NBC Mobile, CNBC, CSPAN, Discovery Channel, TLC, The company has raised more than $100 million from investor’s including Redpoint Ventures, Mehlo Ventures, Oak Investment Partners and Sorrento Ventures. MobiTV has also earned revenues by developing applications for Apple iPhone, and has made many top-grossing applications for the same. MobiTV’s program is the second highest revenue generating iPhone application in Apple’s store, gaining in popularity since World Cup began two weeks ago.

MobiTV’s Chief Executive officer Charlie Nooney said in an interview “We are very much in the acceleration phase, and our pipeline is extraordinarily Android heavy”. MobiTV is now targeting Android Phones which jumped to 9.6 percent of the global Smartphone market in the first quarter, from 1.5 percent last year. Android Operating System is a Google’s product and is used on phones sold by many manufacturers including Motorola, HTC, and Samsung. The main reason for MobiTV’s success is that its services are supported by most of the top selling mobile phones. It faces competition from FloTV, the world’s largest phone-chip maker, but FloTV has failed to attract people because its services are not supported by many phones.

Users of MobiTV on iPhone have to pay $10 per month for live news about the world and sports. It also gives the access to 200 shows on demand. MobiTV shares revenue from every download done. Nooney said “We have more than 10 million subscribers and we are planning a drastic increase in the same upon launching are services on Android.”

After great response on iPhone, MobiTV is very positive for its success on Android phones. Android is Google’s operating system for mobile devices based on ARM architecture. It is a competitor for Symbian Platform phones, Apples iPhone and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. Since there are good number of Android Phones lined up to be launched this year.

Some of them are:

1.       HTC EVO 4G – Brought out in collaboration with US mobile carrier Sprint.

2.       Samsung Galaxy S l9000 – Its amazing piece of machinery and Samsung’s customised version of Android 2.1

3.       Sony Xperia X10 – Its the first Android phone by Sony

4.       Dell Aero – Claims to be the lightest Android Phone

5.       HTC Desire – Another featured pack mobile by HTC balancing cost and features.

With these new phones and technologies coming up one thing is for sure that customers will get similar features among all the phone models and their will be a good chance for them to get the best value for money deal.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003