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HTML 5: The future of gaming

Time is the best teacher. It is a universal saying and it holds true for all the walks of life. Whenever there is something new in the market, its first version is always complicated to operate. Take the example of computers. When they were launched, it was not so easy and it needed special qualifications and skills to operate the first computer. Because the user interface was not so user friendly and it took too much skill as all the commands were not so easy to remember (command prompt). Then it took a new avatar of Windows where it is all possible for you to execute all the tasks you want. It is as easy as anything. Now with user friendly interfaces it is all possible for you to make your own website. Even if you don’t have knowledge of HTML and other high level programming languages.

With the new and never before software, it is all possible for you to make your own website within a few moments. All it is possible through the Microsoft Publisher. It is all possible and easy. Now you don’t have to spend a huge amount from your pocket. Moving ahead, lets come to the gaming zone. It is believed that it is not possible to develop games if you don’t know the programming languages like C++ and other advanced languages like Java. But now it is your turn to turn the dream of becoming a game developer into reality. It is all possible with the help of HTML 5 based application software game maker.

With the help of this HTML 5 based game making application, it is all possible to design your games. You are the grand master of the virtual world, and what’s more you need not know programming languages like Java, C and C++. It feels so great to have such an amazing experience. Thanks to the revolutionary technology that has made all the programs converted into a pictorial way. From the menu you have to choose the desired movement you want to add into your game. It is as simple as that. What’s more it is all possible to convert your game into 3D version and use colurs like never before.

There was a time when gaming zone was reserved for the professionally trained software developers but now technology has taken a swift turn and as a result you can become a game developer. It is really great to stand among the professional gamers. Gone are the days when it was HTML and XHTML. Now it is HTML 5 which is the key player of different 3D gaming and other applications around the virtual world. This is something really amazing because you are your own master and you can develop games according to your needs.

How to Run Advanced startup Options on Safe Mode

Repairing a computer is a job that was taken over by experts in the fields for quite some time now but you can do that all by yourself if you want to. Windows provide you with every possible way to sort the problem out and act wisely in order to solve it. Windows give you advanced startup options with multiple scopes just to make the repair job easier for you. You can access the menu with all these options before your computer starts.

Safe mode, for an instance starts you computer in the limited state using the essential applications and drivers only where you can get to know the problems and fix the issues. This is the most basic application that can be used by a user in order to diagnose the computer. The advanced startup options that would help people with professional skills in the field include:

  • Repair Your Computer: This advanced startup option gives you with some recovery tools to repair startup issues mainly. You can run a diagnostic test or restore your system through these tools but they need to be installed on your system before you access them. Not all system have this startup option. Your Windows installations disc has instances of these tools contrarily.
  • Safe Mode: Safe mode is the instance where your computer starts with the minimum number of drivers and services that are just required to start your machine. You can use other tools to repair your system.
  • Safe Mode with Networking: Safe mode with networking is the advanced startup option that needs to be used when the repair involves other resources on the network. You would have your network drivers and services running in this more that would certainly help you gain access to either of the internet or network.
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt: This startup option uses even less drivers and services. The only mode available under this startup option is the command prompt. This option is used for administrators and IT professionals who know how to use command line tools to solve computer related issues.
  • Enable Boot Logging: This option involves advanced troubleshooting and could be done by experienced people. The mode starts up with the creation of a file ntbtlog.txt which has lists of all the drivers that are installed during the startup. This helps diagnosing issues with the drivers.
  • Last Known Good Configuration (advanced): This is a reasonable startup option that gives you with the startup configuration of drivers and registry that worked perfectly in the last normal run of your computer.
  • Directory Services Restore Mode: This is another of the advanced startup options that give experts a way to resolve issues related to the Active Directory. The windows domain controller starts running the Active Directory so that the directory services are restored to normal.
  • Debugging Mode: This is another of the advanced startup modes that give professionals experienced with repair and problem resolution with advanced troubleshooting options.
  • Disable automatic restart on system failure: This option needs to be used with proper care and expertise. This is because Windows only restart where it has a serious issue. You can turn the restart feature off and it would not restart on failure. You are suggested to use this option only when you face the problem over and over again.

These advanced startup options help you a great deal in setting your computer to the running mode and fixing all possible problems that might occur.

How to Run Diagnostic Tools On Safe Mode

Safe mode is an excellent feature that helps you diagnose your computer using many different diagnostic tools available with the Operating system. You can troubleshoot different problems as well as you can restore your computer to a working condition once it stops working. The diagnostic tools along with their uses are summarized to help you diagnose your computer and get it working as normal.

System Recovery

System recovery is one of the diagnostic tool that helps you a great deal if your computer was working perfect previously. You can avail the option of restoring your computer to a previous state with respect to time. For an instance, you can restore your computer to the same state as a week back in case everything was working fine then. You can search for Recovery in the search box within the Control Panel of your computer.

Device Manager

Device Manager holds all the information about all the hardware that you have installed on your system. This utility helps you manage your devices and the drivers associated with them. This is another of the diagnostic tools that you can use while in the Safe Mode of your computer. Search for Device Manager in the Control Panel and you would have the link. Use the device manager to update your computer’s hardware and their drivers making sure that none of the drivers is having an issue with the computer’s performance.

Event Viewer

Another diagnostic tool that is quite helpful in the computer diagnosis is the Event Viewer. You can easily find link to the Event Viewer within the Control Panel. Write event viewer in the search box in the Control Panel and you would be given the short cut to Event Viewer. Event Viewer is a log of all the processes that are taking place on your computer therefore giving you with each and every detail that would help you diagnose the problem with your computer. This utility shows you the errors and their reasons as well.

System Information

System Information can sometimes help you diagnose your computer. You can find a link to System Information in the search box in the start menu. Open the system information and see if your computer’s hardware is configured properly and there seems to be no error in them.

Command prompt

You gain complete access to the Command Prompt of your computer. You can certainly make every possible change that is possible through the command prompt. Any command line tool that can possibly help you solve the computer issue can be easily dealt with using Command Prompt. For those who know the computer well, this is something that can help them solve any problem within their machine.

Registry Editor

Safe Mode also allows you to access registry and make all the possible edits that you need to do in order to make your computer work good. Anyone who knows the registry can certainly get rid of literally all the possible issues that might rise in your computer. You can gain access to the registry editor by typing regedit in the search box of your Start menu.

All these diagnostic tools help users to fix their computer issues very easily.

How to Start System Restore through Command Prompt

A tool which allows the automatic monitoring and recording of any changes which are made to the core Windows system files and to the registry is known as System Restore.  If a change brings an imbalance in the system then System Restore can undo the system to a point in time when your computer was known to function correctly. For instance, your important data is lost and if your computer is not working, System Restore can bring back that information which might be very crucial for you.

Essentials One must be logged on to Windows with a user account that is a computer administrator to complete the following steps. If a new program has made the computer to act randomly, and uninstalling the new program did not help, you can try the Windows XP System Restore tool.

If there is no previously set restore point in System Restore, computer cannot be restored to a previous state. In case of uncertainty or restore point is not set, Support Center should be contacted.

In order to start System Restore using the Command prompt follow these steps: at first, computer needs to be started followed by the pressing and holding of F8 key during the initial startup to start the computer in safe mode with a Command prompt. Next, the arrow keys should be used to select the Safe mode with a Command prompt option. In case you are prompted to select an operating system, use the arrow keys to select the appropriate operating system for your computer, and after that press ENTER.

One has to log on as an administrator or with an account that has administrator identification. At the command prompt, you must type%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and subsequently press ENTER. Lastly, the instructions should be followed which appear on the screen to restore the computer to a working and functional state.

In order to access System Restore tool with an additional safe mode option, the Microsoft Help and Support Web site can be visited and the article “A description of the Safe Mode Boot options in Windows XP” can be referred to.

Running the windows using the command prompt is just a few steps. But the instructions need to be followed properly. A step by step guidance is available for the users. Starting System Restore in safe mode with command prompt is easy. But, in case, the above methods did not resolve your issue, you may want to ask someone you know for help, or you may want to contact your ISP service or network administrator for help.

How to Hack or Break into a Windows XP Computer without Changing Password

It would have happened with you many time that you would have forgotten your Windows XP password, and then the crisis drive you crazy as you can’t stand a minute without being able to access your important data. Well, now you can have the assurance of being able to access an account and reset the password without previously knowing the password. This works for any account with a Windows XP operated computer that’s not booted off a network. There are very few simple steps that one needs to follow in order to have an access to the system for which you don’t remember the password. The user has to just follow some simple steps in order to do this.

  • One needs to have a CD or DVD as hardware. Along with this the user also needs to have Professional version of software called disc ISO. After downloading the file, burn the ISO onto a blank disc using an ISO writer or CD burner. This creates the EBCD bootable disc. This also has many other tools and utilities. You may do this on the target machine or on another machine.
  • Subsequently you have the disk, enter the bios of the target machine and make sure that the first boots drive is the CD or DVD ROM. Change it and boot from the disk. It should automatically load the main screen, but if it asks you to press any key to boot from the CD, do so.
  • After the system has booted, choose option number 5, the password recovery. This will guide you through a set of steps and instructions, and if you don’t know otherwise, just press enter and it will use the default options, which will work just fine.
  • When you get to the list of users, choose the user whose password needs to be reset. Follow the instructions that the program gives you, such as type in the user name, and put the password in as the * key to just blank the password. This is much more successful than changing the password through this program. Once this is done, make sure that you write the changes to the SAM files.
  • Reboot the computer and take the CD out before the computer boots from it again and Log in as that user. You can now create a password for that user.

If you know the password to an account, you can change another local password through the Command Prompt. This can be done by going to Start > Run and type in cmd which opens the command prompt. When the screen appears, type net user username and press enter, replacing username with the actual username of the account you wish to reset the password for. Enter a new password. You will then be required to confirm this password. Do so. Then type “exit” and press enter.

The user must take some precautions because doing this on another computer without permission is illegal and might land you in serious trouble. So, use it cautiously only on your own system to recover your lost password. Be wise and avoid and deny all malpractices as we all know that such utilities can cause huge damage to someone.

How to Format Windows XP from the Command Prompt

The hard drive of a computer that runs on the Windows XP operating system could be formatted using its own interface or by using the command prompt. As command prompt is an interface that is using command line, you cannot use a mouse and there will be no Windows. You must type the commands by entering the correct text. There are various procedures to follow when you do this.

How to go to Command Prompt

There are a couple of ways to access command prompt. One way is to use the Windows XP CD Rom, boot the computer and go to command prompt from there. Insert the CD in the CD Rom drive and select the command prompt, or you can select MS DOS interface. You will end up at the command prompt. Another way is to select the “Run” option and typing “cmd”. Then click on OK or press enter. This also will take you to command prompt.

Entering the command for Formatting

The command for formatting a hard disk is Format(C). C here stands for C drive. In case, you need to format another volume, you must enter the corresponding letter – D, E etc. What you have entered is the basic command. You can enter further details into the command line. These commands specify other actions to be performed in the process of formatting the disc. The command that specifies the file system to be used in formatting is “/fs: (file system)”. The file system could be any one of the three file systems used; FAT, FAT32 or NTFS. In case you need to format the C drive on the NTFS file system, the command you must enter is ‘Format C:/fs:ntfs’. If you need to go for quick formatting, you can give the ‘/q’ command. It is just a case of  adding it to the command line and then the command will look like ‘FormatC:/fs:ntfs/q’. Remember to leave a space between each of the commands. If you miss this point, syntax errors will not let you proceed and the computer will not understand your commands.

Reinstallation of the Operating system

When you format a hard disc or any other storage device, all data in it will be erased and lost. So normally you format a hard disc only before you install the operating system or when you need to reinstall it, due to some reason. When you need to install the operating system, store all your data in the particular storage device before starting with it. You can store it in a removable drive such as a flash drive or writable CDs or DVDs. Now insert the Windows installer disc in the CD Rom drive and the auto run program will pop up. Follow instructions and you will end up with a fresh installation. Copy the backed up data and you are done.

Learning how to use the command prompt, how to format disc drives and how to install operating systems is important, as you need to carry out these tasks to maintain your system and to ensure optimum performance.

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