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A New Revolution in Communications Server 14

Previously, Microsoft released Communications Server and it was greatly accepted by several companies. As they are utilizing the technology, Microsoft is developing and enhancing the Communications Server to give better experience to the users. Last month, Microsoft had opened the door of the architecture of the new Communications Server 14. Several IT specialists like system managers, analysts and developers all looked into the interior of the new Microsoft Communications Server 14. What these experts discovered are features that make office communication perform at its best.

Name Game

Users of previous Communications Server will recognize that some “names” of the product will not be used in the new version of Communications Server. For example, “Office” description was removed. It may not appear in the new product and Microsoft has not disclosed about the removal of the name. Communications Server 14 or “CS 14” is also another mysterious name Microsoft has not revealed about. What these names mean or for what the uses are, its up to us to discover it this year. 

A Makeover

Microsoft Communication Server’s soft phone, the Communicator, also has been renovated for a better look. The colored balls disappeared and are swapped by pictures and some bars. Almost like any messenger’s feature, a pop out card would appear once you hover or placed your mouse over a contact, where all contact’s information can be found. It basically has basic or expanded details on that pop out card.

Better Dial Pad

Another feature that would surprise Communicators’ users are the dial pad that is more real time and could dial the stored contacts, even the mnemonics. Like typing the 1-800-pizzahut on the dial pad interface would enable the Communicator to dial the correct numbers.

A feature also accompanies the dial pad that would help a user finds its way to access voicemails, and even translates that particular voicemail to text. Now, that would be a big help if some voicemails are just too blurry or there are some background noise on the voicemail itself.

With these new features that Microsoft Communication Server 14 has to offer, there is no doubt that it is one of the new additions in the Microsoft family that would be to look for by companies.

Sure, there is Asterisk as the most widely used open source PBX system, however, most softwares used are in Windows platform. And softwares in Windows platform are sure easier to use than those under the Linux environment, no offense.

How to Establish a Bluetooth and Network Connection on Windows 7

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are two of the recently invented and developed technologies that are producing excellent results all around the world in terms of communications. This is because both these technologies are secure and do not involve any physical connection between devices in order to share data and information. There have been a number of devices invented by now that can be used in order to make your work easier. These include devices like keyboards, mouse, printers and mobile phones.

Bluetooth connection:

Many devices want your system to have a Bluetooth device integrated with your system. In case you have your blue tooth device integrated with your system, check if the drivers are configured properly or not. You can check that by going to the device manager. The following steps would get you to the device manager:

  • Right click on My Computer and click on Properties at the end of the list.
  • On the landing screen, click on Device Manager link on the left side of the window.
  • Look out for the Bluetooth device and see if the drivers are installed.
  • In case the drivers are installed, come out of the device manager, in case they are not being installed, you can use the Windows Update feature to install the drivers. Once installed, you can move out of the Device Manager.

In case you do not have a integrated Bluetooth device, you can still use a dongle. The drivers can be installed in the same way as for an integrated device.

Use the following steps to connect your desired device with the system:

  • Follow the Start menu, and then Control Panel.
  • Select Hardware and Sound selection and then Bluetooth Devices.
  • Click on the Add a Wireless Device and make sure that your device is turned on.
  • The system is going to search for the device and pair it with your system on authentication.

You can then use your system with the other devices through Bluetooth connection being developed between both these devices.

Network Devices:

Adding network devices is another of the easy jobs that you can easily perform. The following steps can be used in order to make sure that you can access the device on a wireless or wired network connection. This device can further be used with your system:

  • Click on the Start menu and then Control Panel.
  • Move to Hardware and Sound Section.
  • Click Add a device tab on the top.
  • The wizard screen would give you a number of options that you can use in order to make connectivity between both the desired devices. A number of devices over on the shared networks would be displayed automatically to select from.
  • Select your desired device and move ahead through the wizard.

There are instances where you might not have the desired device on the network displayed in the wizard. In that case, you need to make sure that your firewall settings are not blocking it. Devices on network take some time in order to be discovered so make sure that you are not doing it all fast enough.

How a Serial Port Works

There are a number of hardware devices installed on our computers and serial port plays an important role. A serial port is a physical interface for communications, which helps in transferring information. It is very important to know how serial ports work: Different kinds of data are being transferred with the help of serial ports; the port is connected between a computer and devices such as various peripherals and terminals. Some interfaces including USB, fire wire and Ethernet send the data in the form of a serial stream. Generally, the term “serial port” recognizes connected hardware, irrespective of being compliant with RS-232 standard which is supposed to interface with communication devices such as modems.

What is the use of a Serial Port?

With the passage of time and advanced technological development in computers, USB and fire wire used to connect different peripheral devices has replaced serial ports. Serial port is also known and referred to as RS-232 port. These serial ports are being used to connect the modem and mouse but it is not very fast. It also creates a delay in transfer of data. A Serial port works with a slow mechanism of sending data bit by bit. You can learn more about how serial ports work from following points:

  • You can see pin 1 and pin 5 on your computer port, connecting the modem port to pin 8 and pin 7.
  • Pin 1 and Pin 8 function share a common ground connection.
  • With the help of pin 5 and pin 7, the PC is able to detect the phone ling signal easily. Pin 6, located on both the ends, is ready to send data ready signal.
  • On the PC, pin 4 is connected to pin 20 of the modem, indicating that PC is now completely ready to receive the data.
  • On your PC, pin 7 connects pin 4, located on the modem, which is ready to send a data request signal.
  • While your PC is ready to get the data, pin 8 on your PC is ready to send the signal to pin 5, which is found on modem.
  • Now pin 2 on your PC is ready to send the data to pin no 3 located on the modem bit by bit. After this, pin 3 gets the data from pin 2 located on the modem.
  • At the end, pin 9 connecting pin 22 located on the modem, is ready to detect the ringing telephone.

These days, there are many modern personal computers having no serial port. However, in some applications like scientific analysis and industrial automation systems, serial ports are still being used. Server computers are still able to use serial ports to control the console for diagnostics, even though switches and routers (network equipment) generally use serial ports to console for configuration. Serial ports have many advantages- For example they are very cheap, simple and easy to use. In addition, their functions are widespread and highly standardized. Moreover, serial ports need very little supporting software from the host system.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003