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How to Configure Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard is the most vital device in any computer system. We can work on a computer without presence of any other input device but we cannot even boot the computer without a working keyboard. Keyboards have been into existence since the time computers were developed. Though at that time keyboards had very less keys just for entering the binary input which was 1 or 0 but now keyboards have so many keys and functions that it cannot be compared with its ancestor in any possible way. Working with keyboards eases our tasks and increases the productivity because this device is the closest to us physically and almost all the times our hands are on this device.

In Windows you can use your keyboard shortcuts to invoke any application or file.


Right click on the shortcut of that application or file on the desktop and go to Properties.


Under the shortcut Tab you will find a text box titled “Shortcut” with “None” written in it.


Click in this box and press the CTRL key. Along with CTRL also press the key which you want to assign to that application.

You will find that the ALT key automatically gets added in the whole string. This happens because shortcuts with only CTRL key or only ALT key are very much predefined in Windows itself. For example CTRL+C for Copy, CTRL+X for Cut, CTRL+V for paste, ALT+F for opening the File menu and so on. There are many predefined keyboard shortcuts in Windows and just for them not to get duplicated the combination of CTRL and ALT keys is used for defining the custom shortcuts.


Click on apply and OK and wait for a while because this change gets written in the registry and then gets loaded in the memory along with the explorer.


Now press the combination of CTRL+ALT and the assigned key and you will see that that application will come up automatically. It really helps trust me.

How to Use a Computer Keyboard as MIDI Input

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a communication protocol. The MIDI file represents a sound file with digital interface. The MIDI signal is generated from PC with the help of software. The action of the key is registered and the equivalent MIDI sound is generated.

Many keyboards Pianos are provided with MIDI in and out as a standard interface.  The main problem is faced while connecting this device with your PC. Here, I am going to discuss the procedure to connect a keyboard as a MIDI input device.

You of all you need to establish a connection between your MIDI input device and computer. Make sure that your keyboard has a MIDI input port or you have a MIDI input device.

There are many ways by which you can connect a keyboard as an MIDI input device. All you need is label USB port, through which you can use a MIDI to USB Interface. This arrangement will cost you a bit more but it is quite simpler to use and provide high speed. This is ideal if you are using a laptop. Most USB interfaces provide fully functional Plug-and-Play support. Further the compatibility is sorted out with the help of driver software.

Some of the soundcards comes along with MIDI ports and in that case, all you need is a MIDI Cable 5 pin.

Some of the latest keyboards come along with USB MIDI port. Now I am going to discuss the basic steps involved in setting up your system along with a simple MIDI input to your Soundcard cable.

Step 1: Connect the 15 pin connector to 15 pin joystick. You have to make all these connections on your soundcard.

Step 2: Now you have to connect the 5 pin “MIDI OUT” connector to “MIDI IN” either on your keyboard or on MIDI device.

Step 3: Now Connect the 5 pin “MIDI IN” connector to “MIDI OUT” on the keyboard

Step 4: After this, you have to setup the software for your MIDI device. This software will help you to setup your MIDI preferences.

Step 5: Apart from that if you have a simple keyboard which doesn’t have a MIDI input port then you will have to use the standard cables as described below.

  1. If you wish to produce the sound from your keyboard then set the “Output Driver” to use with words “MIDI OUT” and “MPU-401” or “EXTERNAL MIDI” in it.
  2. If you want to “listen” to your recorded sound, then you have to set up the “Input Driver” to use the words “MIDI IN” and “MPU-401” or “EXTERNAL MIDI” in it.

By configuring your keyboard in the above mentioned manner, you can easily use your computer keyboard as a MIDI input device. The software used to generate MIDI sound from the keyboard commands. It lets the MIDI data go into the controller to generate the MIDI output.

How to maintain the standards of your keyboard

Keyboards are one of the most important component of the system but users ignore keyboard most of the times. Keyboards are open to environment and physical world so it is more prone to dust and debris. To keep the keyboard in a good position we should clean it at regular interval. Cleaning of a keyboard is not a very tough task to do; you can do this in less than 10 minutes. Most of the users also do multitasking; they eat and drink while working on the keyboard.

To clean the keyboard keep the instruction given below in the mind and you will do it in minimum time.


The first and the important step is to turn off the system and detach the keyboard from the computer to avoid any electric shock. It is not necessary every time to turn off the system but you can do it for your own security.


Now just tap the keyboard smoothly from any surface, you can also tap it with hand to replace any debris or big particles present in the keyboard. You can use compressed air to reach every nook and corner of the keyboard.


You can also use vacuum to completely clean the computer. You can easily buy a USB vacuum which is compatible with the computer and it also gets power from computer. If you do not want to use this vacuum then you can also use bowl of water and a piece of cloth to clean the keyboard.


Take some artist brush then pour it into the mixture of water and squeeze it completely before you clean the keyboard. The brush should not be dry but also should not be completely wet. Make sure that there is no liquid present in that brush otherwise it can harm the keyboard. This method is very useful to clean the greasiness and oily surface from the keyboard. After you clean it with brush just take a clean cotton cloth to wipe the keyboard and clean any other dust particles. If you want you can also add mouthwash into that mixture for hygiene purpose.

Some people also use old methods like screw drivers and all to clean the keyboard. But the risk is that it takes so much time to take the keys out and again place the keys to their original position. You can remove all the keys using the screw drivers and clean the keyboard with cloth or brush. But before removing write the keys order; it will be helpful when you place the keys to their position. While placing the keys press them gently. You should also not eating and drinking while working on the keyboard. You can keep the keyboard clean by doing some small things and cleaning it regularly. The performance of the keyboard depends on the cleanliness of the keyboard. If you are more in typing then it is very important to clean and sanitize the keyboard at regular interval.

How to use a computer without a keyboard

Keyboards are the most effective and convenient way to communicate with the computer. There was a times when keyboards were used in laboratory but time has changed now and it becomes a household thing. Keyboards are essential to communicate with the computer, but if the keyboard is not working properly or it is disabled due to any software or hardware malfunction. Then one will look for other options to use a computer without keyboard.

One of the easiest ways is to use the Microsoft on-screen keyboard. Microsoft on-screen keyboard is present in every Windows operating system. Especially the Vista and Windows & operating system allows a user to use the on-screen keyboard. The layout of this keyboard is very much similar to the traditional keyboard; you can operate the keyboard using any pointing device. Windows 7 provides text prediction for users to speed up the point and click typing. The prediction function gives the predicted word above the keyboard; you can click on the word to complete the word.

We also recommend you to use an application called The Gus! Access Keyboard that brings the virtual keyboard built into Windows 7 and Vista to earlier versions of the operating system. This application is Compatible with Windows 95, 98, XP and 2000, the working of the Gus! Access Keyboard is very much same as Microsoft’s On-Screen Keyboard; it allows users to click on keys to replicate keystrokes.  It also provides predictive text options like Microsoft on screen keyboard. This application is also customized with hot keys that allow instant access to the Start Menu, Task Bar and other applications are also included in the virtual keyboard set up.

If you don’t want to use a pointing device to use with a virtual keyboard may opt for voice command software, such as e-Speaking. This software is available free of charge on internet; you can download and install it on the system. You just need a compatible microphone to use this service, it allows users to communicate and control the system with speech.  This application is very useful to the people with visual impairment and also for those who do not have fingers to operate the keyboard or pointing devices. We also recommend you to use a software say-now, it is very useful like the e-speaking. It will also control the system using the speech and it is based on voice recognition method. The say-now software has some predefined voice commands to open to do works like open or close the documents. This application is very useful in surfing the internet and switching the Windows.

There are many computer games controllers available that can be programmed to work on your computer. The X-box controllers and the Wii controllers can be programmed to use with the computer.
But we recommend you to contact the system manufacturer before applying any setting. You can use games controllers like gloves or shot guns to use as keyboards.

But it will be fair to test them before installing on the computer; it will save the money and the time.

5 Tips to choosing the right computer Keyboard

Computer keyboard is one of the vital components of the computer system. There are a lot of varieties available in the market; it depends on you to choose among them. Never buy a keyboard before testing the touch of the keys. The choice of buying a keyboard is as personal as buying any thing for you, as per old saying that one person’s cash is one person’s trash.

This article will help you to buy a good keyboard.


One of the most important steps is to be clear about the choice of the keyboard. If you want a keyboard with stiff touch then you will get a lot of keyboards in the market. But some people do not like the stiff touch and they look for feather touch keys.


We always recommend you to buy a keyboard after testing the keys. If you buy a keyboard without testing the keys then it will be like buying a car without test drive. It is very important to see the angle of the keyboard because it is very important for writers specially.  If you are not feeling the keys right according to your requirement then you are compromising your work.


Now one of the most important things to keep in mind is the budget; the price of the keyboard varies as per the functions and quality. You can get keyboards as per your budget.


Most of the keyboards come with lot of additional features and it depends on your requirements i.e. what you want from the keyboard. If you are going to do simple writing then a simple keyboard is sufficient for you. If you are buying a keyboard for playing games and watching DVDs then a multimedia keyboard will be best suited for your requirement. There are some keyboards available in the market which comes with special keyboard with volume control and games control.


The last but not the least requirement is the compatibility issue. It is very important to buy a peripheral which should be highly compatible with the computer; it is also an important step to take care while buying a keyboard. There are two type of keyboard available today; one is PS2 and one with USB connection. So it is really important to know that your computer has these ports or not. If you have older computer then you might have problem with USB connectivity, you can buy an adapter from the nearby electronics shop.

If you are planning to buy a keyboard for kids then you will have to take more care while selecting one. As most of the people do multitasking and they eat and drink while working on the keyboard, so buy one which is more able to tackle with all these problems like dust and debris. After you buy a keyboard, it is important to take care of the keyboard. Always try to clean and sanitize the keyboard on regular interval; it will optimize the performance of the keyboard and it is also good for the hygiene.

How to Troubleshoot plugin issues of a keyboard

A keyboard is one of the most important parts of a computer system. It is used to do a lot of activities on your system like browsing or typing a document or you can perform other actions also by punching some keys on the keyboard. It is very important to plug the keyboard into a computer correctly to operate it smoothly and properly. When you will buy a computer it comes with a keyboard but you have to attach it properly into the computer, check the connector when you are connecting the keyboard.

If you are a beginner then read the following steps carefully to plug a keyboard into your computer.


The first step is to examine the connector; if you have USB keyboard connector then it will be of rectangular size and if it is PS2 then it will be round shaped. Now a day many of keyboards are equipped with both types.


Now you will have to locate the ports on the rear side of the CPU. If you have older computer then may be it would not have the USB port, and then you have to buy an USB adapter from the electronic shop. If the keyboard has PS2 port then you can find it in every computer. When you connect the keyboard into the USB port the computer will automatically recognize it. But if you have PS2 keyboard then you will have to reboot the computer to activate the keyboard connection.


Now after doing the connection restart the system to activate the connection. After reboot the keyboard drivers will be installed on the computer. Now if your keyboard comes with any driver CD then insert it into CD drive and install the driver. It will help in the installation of some special keys like some gaming function or some media keys. To install the CD, just insert it into CD drive and follow the on screen instructions. It will successfully install the CD and finish the process.

If your keyboard is not properly plug in then you will get a lot a problems. Sometimes you will not any input from the keyboard in that case check the connections or go to Bios setting and see if the Bios recognize the keyboard. If it recognize then you will see installed or enabled under the keyboard. If Bios will show installed and enabled then the problem is in the port. If you are a beginner then you may plug the keyboard in the mouse port, in that case just restart the computer and plug it into the specific port. Now the keyboard should work properly, if it is not working properly again then see the Bios settings as told before. If Bios setting is also OK then you may have a bad port, just go to a hardware engineer and replace the port. Keep some more things in mind like clean the keyboard at regular interval and avoid drinking and eating while working on the keyboard.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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