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Welcome is an Easy Target of Hackers, Security Experts Have Testified

Four computer security experts including a ‘white-hat hacker’ have testified Obamacare website Microsoft Silverlight could be an easy target of hackers. The website invites sign up for attaining new healthcare insurance for individuals, family and small businesses could be a readily available resource to capture details on signee’s details. Security experts have warned Congress that the “website should be shut down” at the ‘Republican-sponsored hearing’ held by the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

Why should be offline?   

Four computer security experts have warned that until the critical security flaws are addressed and patched, the website can be hacked by malware writers to extract personal information of signees. David Kennedy, the white hat hacker of the group of four computer security experts have suggested before the Science, Space and Technology Committee that –

“The purpose of security isn’t to say, ‘Hey, we’re 100 percent impenetrable all the time,’ but can we detect the hackers in the very early stages of the life cycle of the attack, monitor that, and prevent the attacks from happening. And none of those are clearly being done on the website,”

He added that “Just by looking at the website, we can see that there is just fundamental security principles that are not being followed.”

Hackers can monitor chat and webcam!

Kennedy who hacks online programs and websites to identify security flaws has demonstrated at the committee how hackers would try to exploit and compromise the database of the site and extract personal information. According to Kennedy, the security flaws can even expose signees to much more than data theft. He had shown that how hackers can get access to and monitor users’ activities via webcam, listen to their chats via microphone, steal their passwords and any activity they carry out using their computer.

Rep. Lamar Smith, the chairman of the Science, Space and Technology Committee has affirmed that “massive amount” of personal and financial collected through the website has made a “tempting target for scam artists”. He concluded that “Mr. President, take down this website.”

The website is currently down stating that “scheduled maintenance” is being performed. Before you sign up for any site, equip your PC with the security of hacking-proof protection by installing TechGenie Total Security.

Microsoft® identifies malware targeting Mac® OS X

Microsoft Corporation’s security research team has discovered a new malware that exploits an old bug in Microsoft Office. The strange thing about this malware is that instead of attacking the PCs, the bug is actually targeting Mac OS X systems.

The vulnerability, which was categorized as critical when it was discovered and patched in 2009, allows the attackers to execute remote code, which enables them to take control of a computer system. According to threat researcher Jeong Wook (Matt) Oh, a new malware utilizing the vulnerability has likely surfaced now, because not all machines are kept up to date, indicating that malware authors are taking advantage of users’ reluctance to patch.

Microsoft’s perspective

The malware is put under severe category by Microsoft, and named MasOS-X/MS09-027.A. Due to the way that the exploit code is loaded into memory, and how OS X Lion protects certain segments of memory, the exploit fails under Lion. But, Snow Leopard and earlier versions do not protect the area of memory that the malware targets, and are also vulnerable if Office for Mac is not patched.

Oh said that the RunFile function proves that it was designed specifically for OS X. He also indicated that the developers of this malware had a particular target group in mind, since it seemed they knew their target would not be running Lion.

Malware infects Apple® computers

According to F-Secure Corporation, a computer security solutions providing company, a malware program called ‘Flashback’ had infected some computers made by Apple Inc. The malware program was capable of infecting Apple Macintosh systems through Java software, an element of programs developed by many companies.
Apple released a statement saying that it has released a fix for the Java vulnerability on Tuesday through its software-updating service. If Mac computer users suspect that their systems have been infected by the malware program, they can visit the official website of F-Secure to get instructions to remove Flashback malware from infected Mac computers on removing the malware from their systems.

This incident is the latest blemish to Apple’s reputation as a technology platform that is rarely infected with viruses and other malware. A Russian security firm has claimed that more than half a million Macs may have been infected by the ‘Flashback’ malware, though this finding has not been verified by other security researchers.

How To Keep Your Web Browsing Private on iOS 5

Every person in today’s world wants to be connected to the rest of the world for maximum possible time. This is only possible with the help of the social networking websites available on the internet. But due to these kinds of websites the personal space that every individual possess is decreasing day by day. So now there is more emphasis on the security things. Anything is more used just because of the safety of information and data it provides. During browsing over the internet there are the personal information that shouldn’t be out, can be leaked out just because of unreliable sources for surfing of internet. So many persons don’t even use their friends system just because of this reason.

The newly launched iOS 5 gives complete privacy to the user to secure its personal information from others. The web browsing facility that it provides has a special feature for the private browsing. This is done for the Mobile Safari. Once the private browsing is activated, the Mobile Safari ends keeping the history of the web browsing. Many times when a person borrows iOS device for web surfing then he is generally very conscious of the personal information that can be leaked out. Thus with the help of this device the individual can be tension free about any kind of information stored on the device. Just by following some very easy steps any person can activate the private browsing mode of the iOS. Following are the required steps:
Step 1: The very first step to turn on the private browsing is to open the settings app and then go down by scrolling to select safari
Step 2: Once the first step is finished and the Safari is selected, the user can see a toggle switch for turning on the private browsing. The user has to turn it on by moving the switch over. Once the switch is on the user can open the Safari.

Initially the bar at the top and bottom are gray or blue. This is before turning on the private browsing. But once the private browsing is turned on, the same bars that where either gray or blue colored now change to black color. This is an indication that the private browsing in the iOS device is currently enabled. These steps are repeated for restoring the iOS device to the public session. The user can also go to the history and delete the desired part. But this requires that the user should remember to do this job. But private browsing is one step and the desired mode is activated in just few steps. The drastic color change in the iOS always makes the user to keep in mind the fact that the current mode is private and has to be changed accordingly. Thus iOS makes life easier and more secure.

Computer security

The modern world is almost completely based on the world of technology. Almost all fields of the modern life are completely based on the usage of latest technology. However, it is important to understand the amount of risk that is involved with the virtual world. Technology has opened the gateways for cyber crime in a huge way. There are several hackers which have managed to find the key to the extremely vital and confidential information that is passed through the virtual network, from one Internet protocol to another. This factor forced the introduction of e-mail encryption gateways. The basic idea is to provide the required degree of safety to the mails that are being sent and received. There are several extremely confidential data that are being sent. This data needs to be protected correctly from the hackers. It is extremely important to understand that antivirus programs are not enough for the complete protection of the system. It is important to protect the system as well as the entire network from any unwanted activity.

The modern world has tagged the computer as the most essential tool. The machine is used in almost everything. However, it is important for the users to understand that, they must secure their machines correctly as well. The advanced form of technology has enhanced the mode of cyber crime as well. There are several spam websites, phishing sites, virus attacks which the world has started to experience. There are various types of impacts which can take place if the machine faces a virus attack. It is thus, extremely important to secure the machine which is so very crucial in the current world.

There are several ways to secure the computer. You can use firewalls and antivirus programs for computer security. However, the important thing to note in this regard is that, most of these modes have money involved in them. The users would be greatly helped with a free mode of securing the machine. There are several websites which allow the users to check their machines with the latest programs at completely free of cost. It is important for the users to find these websites. The search engine would list out all the related websites in the correct order of priority.

How to Start a Computer Security Consulting Business

Are you planning to start Computer Security Consulting business? You must know it has certainly proven to be a rewarding decision for many entrepreneurs. This article will help you a lot if you are planning to launch Computer Consulting Business. A Computer Security Consulting business specializes in providing companies with the tools needed to protect their network. Along with that they offer safe distribution, auditing, testing in regard to distribution and net connection. A consultant has knowledge about working system encompassed in online network. It is not necessary to have sound knowledge of software and hardware of the system, but a basic knowledge is required.

Just like how it is for starting a business of any kind, starting an IT consulting has to be done with taking several things under consideration. Few things which you should always keep in mind while proceeding in this business is that, until and unless you are not sure about the profit ratio of this business don’t quit your present job. To obtain a steady flow of clientele may take some time, so first be assured. Safe credit card processing and data leak prevention are the two security system which is mostly requested by firms, so you must learn it. Companies which operate on network basis will require safe transaction, either at one point or other. As a consultant you should be at the top of your game. Identify your specialty and improve them. Narrow down your expertise, & define your specialty. Decide on your consultation fees for your services, it is recommended to charge less as compared to the market. However, a low fee should in no way hinder your quality of service. Soft skills are also important for this business, i.e. project management, communication & customer service skills. Most people who are successful in this field, holds many year of experience working in IT field. So for those who are lacking experience in this field it is necessary to obtain as much training as they can in different operating system and platforms.

Find out weather you require any kind of registration, permit or license to start your business. In some cities it is compulsory, to register your business even if it is home based. It is better if you hold a separate bank account for your business transaction, so that it will help you establish your professional capacity.

Consult an insurance provider to purchase a business insurance policy for your consulting firm. You can even contact local technical schools, libraries and businesses about holding a seminar on the importance of computer security. You can even offer free 30 minute consultation, assuring not to offer too much advice, to ensure that the client is interested in purchasing you services. Responds to call quickly and warmly, with growing business you may need to arrange a 24 hour answering service. Always keep yourself open for information regarding any changes in your field. Be prepared to sign non-compete agreements and privacy contracts, this will assure your clients that you will not abuse their sensitive information.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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