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Dual boot tablet computers

There can be multiple operating systems on a computer. A computer having more than one OS is known as a dual boot system. In a dual boot computer, the hardware usage is shared by two different operating systems. There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with the dual booting of computers.

Advantages associated with the dual-boot operating systems are as follows:

Multiple operating systems can be operated on a single computer with the help of an option provided in the boot menu of system. If one of the operating systems was corrupted, you can work with other operating system. In this way, the dual booting of the system offers a smoother work environment. If any software or application is not working with an operating system, you can check it with another one.

Following are the disadvantages associated with the dual booting of operating systems:

The main disadvantage of dual booting is the degraded performance of a computer as the hardware and memory usage is shared with two OS. Another bug in dual booting is the clash between different applications. The clash between applications uses system memory and thereby the performance of system may be affected.

Nowadays it is possible to have a tablet PC with dual-boot functionality. Earlier, only single OS was supported by tablet PCs. Tablet PCs prove to be very helpful to take your data on the go. Azpen is scheduled to launch their dual-boot tablet PCs in 2011. These will be capable of booting Android OS along with Windows 7. This model of tablet PC released by Azpen will be available in two different versions. The details regarding these different versions of Azpen tablet PCs are as follows:

First one is a 10.1 inch model and the aspect ratio is 16:9. Another one is available in a 9.7 inch size and the aspect ratio is 4:3. These tablet PCs come with touch screen functionality. They are equipped with Intel Atom N455 processor, 32GB storage space and 2GB of internal memory. With all these power packed features of Azpen tablet PCs, consumers can take their data and work anywhere with dual-boot operation. Dual- boot operating systems greatly help consumers to work frequently on different OS environments that enhance their working capabilities.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Basically HPC is high performance computing, which brings together multiple computers, software, and expertise to solve problems too difficult to solve by other means within a specific time frame. HPC is something that emerged after the concept of supercomputing. While a supercomputer is a subset of the high performance computer, supercomputing is actually a subset of HPC (High performance computing).

HPC is a measure of performance. HPC is not a computer. The need of HPC arose with the rate of development demanding higher computing power for more demanding problems. A single multi-core, 64 bit, 32 GB RAM machine which most of us believe to be one of the most powerful hardware resources available could only execute one routine rather one problem solving in a dedicated period of time. The physical limits to the speed of a single processor, and storage media capacities in terms of time resources is the basic limitation of this type of sequential processing.

The alternative is to move to parallel processing – use relatively fast, multiples of, cheap processors in parallel. Meaning, concurrent use of multiple processors for the purpose of processing voluminous data, either by running the same program on each processor or even running different programs on each processor. With this technology you can probably get 100x (times) performance. This brings the concepts of Super Computing, growing towards parallel supercomputers evolving into HPC (High Performance Computing) – use a range of small cluster of PCs or Supercomputers to compute – revolutionizing the field of science, changing the outlook of researchers in their respective fields.

Applications like bio-chemistry, chemistry, physics, environment modeling, industrial products and services generally deal with a large range of data and require phenomenal archival storage facilities. From Kb, to Mb to Gb to Tb we have now moved to Pb (Petabytes – millions of Gigabytes). HPC is about the only method that can prepare a platform for such high resource computing power with such voluminous data to be stored for analysis and evaluation of products under development. Recently it has come to awareness that HPC is also being applied to business use like in data warehouses, transaction processing, etc.

HPC is basically computer technology focusing around the development of supercomputers and software in parallel processing algorithms for scientific and commercial use. This is achieved by the simultaneous use of multiple processors executing programs that are divided into multiple small pieces delivering, a co-existing unified result in a very small time frame.

Typically operating systems and the open source environment play a very large role in the development of HPC worldwide. Naturally, the 100x concept of HPC will gain advantage using low cost hardware systems and free open source operating systems.

avast!™ Free Antivirus 6

Free security suites for a long time have been extending protection for computers. avast! Free Antivirus 6 has the new WebRep browser sandbox environment and add-on. It has the feature of Sandbox to distinguish malicious programs when they run. The security suite is available in three versions, avast! Free Antivirus, avast! Pro Antivirus and avast! Internet Security.

The AutoSandbox feature identifies suspicious programs, which pose a security risk to computers. The Sandbox option permits a program to be executed, while keeping a track of the types of files that are created, opened, or renamed and the kind of things it writes and reads from the Registry. These changes of permanent nature are virtualized, and when the termination of process takes place itself, the changes in the system it made will be reversed if the program is detected as malicious. It asks from the users whether a program may be sandboxed by default, though one may opt for the automatic option. There is an option for the programs which one always wishes to keep away from the sandbox, and one can prevent it from fully activating the feature. The settings of AutoSandbox are reachable from the option of new Additional Protection option of the left navigation.

avast! Antivirus 6 will have an optional browser plug-in for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer which is termed as WebRep. Same sort of add-ons are common types of tool which are available in a majority of antivirus suites; therefore it is good to find avast! joining them.

Citrix® XenDesktop Agent for Windows® 7

XenDesktop is a server virtualization application which brings a great amount of efficiency to IT infrastructure. XenDesktop is useful for security measures since it has the advantage of using thin clients as terminals. Migrating one conventional environment with the XenDesktop, you may require repositioning existing firewall or adding new perimeter firewalls. Suppose you have a perimeter firewall amidst a client and database server within a data center. When XenDesktop is used, that firewall has to be placed such that virtual desktop as well as the user device come to one side, and database servers and the controllers of data center come on the  other side. You need to, therefore, think about creating a partition within data center to hold servers and controllers that are used by XenDesktop. Also think of having a protection for the user device and virtual desktop.

All computers in the environment need to be protected with a personal firewall on each computer. When you install the virtual desktop agent, it will prompt for the consent to change the configuration of Microsoft Windows firewall that you add important program exceptions or any port exceptions such that the virtual desktop agent operates correctly.

All network statements need to be adequately secured using encrypted as ideal to match a security policy. You will be able to secure total communication between Microsoft Windows 7 computers with the use of IPSec. In addition, the contact between the user devices as well as desktops can be secured through SecureICA, which by default is configured to 128 bit encrypting. You may configure SecureICA when creating / updating assignments.

You may give users only the permissions they need. Microsoft Windows 7 privileges are always applied to desktops as is usual – so configure the privileges with user rights assignment and through group membership with a group policy. So this is one advantage of XenDesktop which is that you can give rights of user administration to a desktop and not giving physical control over the system in which the desktop is stored. When planning for rights please keep in mind that when the non-privileged user connects to any desktop, they can see what time zone of the system is, instead of a time zone on their user device.

A user also an administrator over a desktop keeps full control to that desktop. If it is a pooled desktop, a user should be trusted like all others, including any future users. All users need to know the probable risk to the data security which is posed by such situations. Using XenDesktop over Windows 7 as an agent, has the above privileges. It is therefore necessary when using a server based system on Windows 7 to assign the user rights appropriately. Moreover, it is necessary to do so such that the data center is secure from malicious attacks.

Study: Expect a billion 802.11ac Wi-Fi® devices in 2015

Using Wi-Fi, computers and other devices can be connected to the Internet very easily. Wi-Fi connections are smart and convenient as there is no need to use wires. The places of connectivity are called hot spots. These are sometimes rooms and sometimes these are spread in large areas. The most important benefit is that they provide freedom from the web of wires. Wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) was first launched in the year 1999.  IEEE 802.11 is the Wi-Fi code largely accepted all over the world. Wi-Fi has changed the way people use Internet.

The reason why it is getting popular is that it is very smooth as compared to the broadband network. The oldest Wi-Fi versions are very fast as compared to broadband. There is an antenna on the roofs of the building installed to spread signals in the specified area. Since the launch of its first version there are versions like 802.11n and 802.11ac. As the technology is getting advanced, data transfer rate is increasing. 1GBps is really a great speed and makes the clients able to transfer data with a lightening fast speed. Because of the convenience offered by Wi-Fi, the number of users is increasing very fast; it is going to cross the mark of 1 billion in the year 2015.

The reason behind the increasing popularity is that it is convenient to get connected and it is fast as compared to the earlier versions of broadband connections. It is really great to get connected without plugging in somewhere. With its arrival it has changed the way people get connected to the world. 802.11ac is the new definition of connectivity. It is time to say good bye to your old broadband connections. It is loved all over the world because it is fast. It is expected that markets are going to be flooded with Wi-Fi in next couple of years.

It has started to capture the market with its hotspots (the connectivity points). It depends on the strength of the signal how it is strong and how it is going to be used. It is simple to connect your devices with this new age technology. You need to just enter the required information and it is all done.

How to Map a Network Drive

Computers are mostly used on networks these days. In offices, in homes, the trend of office or personal network is increasing day by day. The central computer may not necessarily be a server, but can be a file server to safely hold important information of the users on the network. It is always wise to save your critical information on the sever rather than on the local machine because it could get deleted, stolen, or corrupt on the local machine easily, but on the server it stays safe because of the extra security measures taken to safeguard the server’s data. In such scenarios we get a share drive on the server which is a part of hard drive space on the server allocated to users. This portion or quota of the servers hard drive space is accessible by only the account holder and thus the data kept over there is quite safe, however, the network path to the folder allocated to users is at times quite long and hard to type every time you have to access the folder. Keeping this problem in mind I will discuss a simple way to assign a drive letter to such or any other network path, so that it could be easily accessed from your computer.

Assigning a drive letter to a network path is called as mapping a network drive, and it turns out to be very helpful while you save any file because now instead of opening the entire network path you just have double click on the drive letter and save the work. Let us see how to do the same.

Step 1: Open ‘My Computer’ or Windows Explorer and open the network folder which is assigned to you. It would be starting with some IP address then some sub folders, and then your folder. You will get to see this complete path in the Address Bar of the Windows Explorer or ‘My Computer’ window.

Step 2: Once you see this complete path, click in the Address Bar, select it, and copy the entire path. Make sure that you don’t miss on any back slash and copy the entire path correctly.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Start’ menu. Here you will have an option of ‘My Computer’ or ‘Computer’ depending upon the version of Windows you have. Right click on this option and then click on ‘Map Network Drive’ option in the context menu.

Step 4: This will open the ‘Map Network Drive’ window in which the first option will be to select a drive letter for your network drive. You can select any of the letters.

Step 5: Next box over there is to enter the folder location, so just click on it and paste the path which we already have in computer’s clipboard.

Step 6: Make sure that you select the ‘Reconnect at Logon’ check box so that it connects each time you login and then click on ‘OK’ or ‘Finish’.

Now open ‘My Computer’ window and you will see a new drive letter over there. This drive letter will be the shortcut to your network folder.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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