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WiFi Connection during Flight

Given the fact that today’s era has been into computer centered economy and day-to-day life, people have considerably enjoying the technology as it is today.

Computers, a good example of growing technology, have provided so much since its first invention. Heretofore, it is still evolving year by year to adjust into our needs.

And with those network connections to add up the computer’s main purpose, we can now enjoy it more than anything.

From there, internet connection has evolved too. From a simple home – base broadband internet to a wireless network today.

With this wireless internet connection or most popularly known as Wi-Fi, getting into internet connection wherever you go has been a tremendous trend.

Commercial buildings, shopping malls, airports and hotels are now forming into “hot spots” – a term for Wi-Fi able place; where people could go and bring over their work or activities online when they need to, especially for those people whose works are on online and couldn’t get out without their laptop on hand.

But what if you are on board in a long flight hours? Too risky for someone who can’t leave work behind?
Then worry no more because a new solution has already been into use with some other flight companies. It is about connecting into Wi-Fi network while on-flight.

How is this possible?

Areas in some places in United States have been using Wi-Fi network connection to aid their passengers on board, especially with all of those long hours flight.
This is possible with the help of Aircell.

What is Aircell?

Aircell is a private company that holds and is responsible for airborne communications and development of broadband network connections to aircrafts. With the only company that has given an authorization to function for air communication, it is the main source of on-flight Wi-Fi connection.
It has a specialized towers designed by pointing upward to aid the network connection.
Through their innovative invention, an internet connection hundred feet above land is now possible.

Costly connection

Although this is a great intention for flight companies, getting connected through this connection will cost you money depending on the hours you have consumed. Indeed, this is no free service.

But some people are still willing to pay for the service provided that they can fully enjoy it, expecting a great internet connection. These are those people who can’t leave work. Others were just plainly into it for entertainment purpose to save them from long hours on flight.

But to some, who wants to save money, will just find their selves with books and magazines to entertain them or just go sit and enjoy the flight.

Though it has a great purpose for users, still only the people can fully decide whether to enjoy it or not to enjoy it.

Costly or not, if you are the type of person who prefers reading books or just want to enjoy the little hours without facing work, then this innovation would never work for you.

But if you are the type of person that makes every seconds count, then this suits you best.

How To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

In the current cyber world, Broadband Internet is considered as the modern standard for internet services. For people today, time and speed are the two influential decision making factors that are followed closely for all types of services. Slow traditional dial-up connections are gone thus paving the path for faster internet services and new technologies. These new innovations are either the DSL connections that connect using the telephone lines or the simple cable wires that connect using the same connection as that of the Cable TVs. If the need be, you can also subscribe to the range of wireless internet technologies such as WiMax, 3G, etc.

Having a broadband connection at your workplace or home is extremely convenient for downloading files, movies, images, etc. or even transferring important files to your clients and friends. In the initial stage, your internet speed will be simply amazing but with the passing time, you will see a sudden decline in its actual speed. Just as more and more people start using the same connection with the same bandwidth, your internet speed will slow down drastically. Usually, people using the cable internet connection are more susceptible to this speed issue. Similarly, when a large number of people use the internet under the same sub-network and consume huge amount of bandwidth, your broadband speed will surely face a great dip. Well, if you are also facing a similar problem, here are a few points to help you improve your broadband internet connection speed.

  • Keep a check on your speed: Comparing the speed as promised by your Broadband provider against the actual speed you are receiving is extremely essential. As a result, it gets essential that you check your actual internet speed before making a complaint. Usually, the speed is measured in MBPS (Megabits per second) or KBPS (Kilobits per second). When you compare the two speeds, you will notice that the actual speed is a lot lower than the provided speed.
  • Reset IP address: Usually, the slowdown in the speed is caused due to the rising number of total people using the similar subnet connection. In such conditions, resetting the IP address will help you to automatically retrieve a fresh IP from the system. All you need to do is simply click through your network settings and then click on “Renew DHCP Lease”.
  • Check other active background applications: Apart from the problem with your connection, it is also possible that your own computer is the culprit. Hence, it is necessary that you check out the OS for enabled Automatic Updates which will keep downloading new files for your softwares, movies, songs, etc. without your knowledge. If the system is enabled, it is better that you disable it.
  • Secure your wireless internet network: A similar problem with you internet speed is caused if your wireless connection is not protected and is intruded by other users. Hence, it is better to have your network protected using an encrypted protocol.

Make sure that you check all of these points if you are also facing issue with your broadband speed.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003