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Ricoh® expands its range of printers

Ricoh, the renowned name in the world of automation equipment, has lately introduced three novel printers under the SP 100e series, including SP 100e (RM299), SP 100SUe (RM499), and SP 100 SFe (RM669).

All of the newly released models are capable of delivering printing speed of 13 ppm, which is ideal for small to medium size businesses and home users. Weighing 6-9 kgs, all the models in SP 100e series are slim and compact standalone devices having a plug-and-play function. SP 100e (RM299), SP 100SUe (RM499), and SP 100 SFe (RM669 ensure optimum mobility and convenience.

However, amongst all the models the SP 100e (RM299) model is a compact black and white printer while on the other hand SP 100SUe (RM499) is multifunction product that comes outfitted with scan, copy, and print functionality. Last but not the least, SP 100 SFe (RM669) has all the three functions of SP 100SUe (RM499) along with the most recent G3 fax functionality.

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Microsoft Enhances Copy and Paste Utility in Windows 7

It is good news for anyone using a Microsoft operating system. People specially using the Windows 7 OS will get an update for crashes and sudden restarts. We hope the coming updates will solve the matter.

From among features that this update will bring is the copy and paste feature which is being highlighted. With this new feature, you can copy any text from emails, or text messages, and web pages, and put it on a ‘paste’ command wherever you can type.

This update according to the company will reduce time taken for apps and games to begin as well as resume.

The update also surely will give an improved WP7 search feature for apps market place. This will ease it to find specific applications, music or games. For example, in case you press the ‘Search’ button, in the applications or games section, you will see only results for applications and games.

Microsoft is anxious to get copy / paste functionality out to Windows Phone 7 users in a hurry. In his CES keynote, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft said it’d be coming soon a little hint on Microsoft’s site shows that it be as soon as January 2011. The URL used by Microsoft for the update details page has “january-update.aspx”, which can be pretty telling. The launch date can slip up and the Microsoft’s Paul Thurrott thinks it could be early February before it can actually reach the users’ devices.

No clipboard activity is supported in Windows Phone 7 – which is crazy, given that Windows Mobile platform has supported copy/pasting for many years. Instead according to Microsoft there will be data-detection service built-in which will make available phone numbers and addresses.

But will that be good enough for the users, especially given reactions over lack of features on an iPhone. Also given we know Windows Phone 7 will not multitask, either, and here we are not able to fathom Microsoft’s strategy.

Using copy / paste is easy as well as intuitive. In many instances, you just type a word, the slide to highlight any additional text then, click on the Copy icon. To insert the text into a message or application, just tap the place where it has to go then, click on the Paste symbol.

Copy and paste a handy way for quickly sending someone’s latest updates, turn-by-turn directions from Maps, or a link from Internet Explorer on your Mobile. Once you have copied some text, you can repeatedly paste it. So these features and facilities on the Windows 7 will be added on as an update that is forthcoming by February end or so.

How to Copy a DVD in Windows Vista

Windows XP was launched with an inbuilt tool for writing data directly on a writable CD. You did not require any special CD burning software for the same and writing to the CD was just like writing to a flash drive or to a floppy disk. Windows Vista has taken this feature one more steps ahead and in Windows Vista you can write data on DVD by just dragging it or by pasting the copied contents. In Windows Vista you can even create Audio DVDs or Video DVDs by using the other built in applications like the Media Player and the Movie Maker. It was never so easy and again for writing to the DVDs you do not need any special software. Just insert a blank or re-writeable DVD and use it just like a flash drive or a floppy disk. Though now we use DVDs instead of CDs but you can also burn the CDs the same way in Windows Vista.

Before we tell you how to burn DVDs in Windows Vista you need to understand a bit of technicalities behind it. The first thing is that your DVD drive should be capable of writing on DVDs. Second you need to understand the difference between the DVD+R and DVD-R disks. Though the writing and reading of DVD+R and DVD-R is similar when these disks have to be used on a computer but if you have to use them on some DVD player then make sure to use the disk type which is supported by your player. A DVD+R DVD player might not be able to read the DVD-R disks in it and vice versa.

Let’s start burning. Take out a new blank DVD and insert it in your computer. After inserting wait for few seconds so that your computer recognises the disk and give you the appropriate auto run options. When the AutoPlay Window comes up you will see options like Burn a DVD data disk (using Windows Media Player) and Burn files to disk (using Windows). If you select the first optin the Windows Media Player will come up and then you can select the songs which you want to burn and it will further burn them on your DVD after collecting all the choices from you. If you select the second option it will give you a small Window asking you to enter a title for the disk. By default it is the date but you can change it to anything of your choice. When you click on Net it takes a little time in making the disk write ready and then opens the same in Windows Explorer Window so that you can simply drag the files into it.

When the Disk opens in Windows Explore you will find that there are no icons in it because it is blank. It is good practise to open two windows for Explorer and then tile them next to each other. Keep the DVD open in one and use the other Windows for browsing through the files which you want to burn. This ways it is easy to drag and drop in to the DVD. When you open a writable disk in Windows Explorer you will notice that a new button called BURN appears in it; you have to click on this button to burn the files which you have copied on the DVD. Once burnt just eject the DVD. It will not get ejected instantly because on ejecting the Windows will first close the session so that the data which you have written on the DVD can be finalised and so that it can be used on other computers. After finalising the session the DVD will come out and it is all ready to be used anywhere else. Wasn’t it simple?

How Can I Make Word 2007 More Efficient?

Word 2007 has extensive features and it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the Microsoft Word 2007 Office Suite. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the features; however, choosing the right features is the first step to making Word 2007 more efficient.

Set some time aside to begin choosing the options you want. Do you see the button “Word Options?” You will find this towards the screen at the bottom. Once you click this you’ll be presented with several choices. Begin scrolling down the screen by clicking the features you want. You can also remove the options you don’t want.

Proofing Settings

As you are working on documents it is very important to proof them before you send out the final copy. Word 2007 has a “Proofing” selection. When you go into this tab, in the menu, you can designate which options you want to proof, spelling, grammar, and style or any combination that works best for what you need. This tab allows you to choose whether-or-not you want to check for errors while you type or at the end of the document when you do your final spell check.

Saving Options

For those of you who have ever lost documents (myself included) it is important to save your work. However, when you are in the meat of your document it is easy to forget to do this. Word 2007 offers you the choice to auto save your document. When you click on this option Word will begin saving your work at regular intervals.

Advanced Settings

Now, you can stop there or continue to the “Advanced” settings. When you click this tab you will find options that allow you to set formatting features such as, “Cut, Copy and Paste.” Some other settings that will allow Word 2007 more efficiency is to choose your preferred font and size. When you click save your settings, the document will automatically load. This saves precious time by having your features preset and not having to do this with every Word document you open.

Doing this feature does not mean you are stuck with the options you chose; you can change your choices at any time. Many find it easier to have template’s preset with the options they need for various projects.

The bars at the top of your screen have several icons. You can change the icons to fit your needs. Take the “table” icon for instance. You may not be working with inserting tables into your document so you can remove this and add a different choice that simplifies your work. Another benefit is shortcuts on your keyboard. You can set a command that if you use a set of particular words or phrases, instead of typing them out, you can use the shortcut you created. This can be done under the “customize” tab.

As you become more familiar with Word 2007, you can always go back anytime and change the options you choose. You will find that working with Word 2007 is fairly straight forward once you have your preferences preset for your document. Now that your settings are in place, it’s time to enjoy all the Word 2007 has to offer.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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