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After-Hours Updates

According to huge PC manufacturer-Dell-it expects a potential increase in revenue for the fiscal year 2011, which is estimated to be around 14 percent to 19 percent more than the fiscal year 2010. Moreover, according to official sources from Dell, the company also thinks that non-GAAP operating income is also going to boost ranging from 18 percent to 23 percent more than the fiscal year 2010 and such increased cash flow with operation-if achieved-would be greater than net income in existing year. There is also news that overdue customer refresh among public and commercial customers is on its way and according to the company, it will continue with the same speed resulting in more benefits and business advantages for the company, said Mr. Gladden. He also added that this way we will be able to pay more careful attentions towards selling more networking products, services, storage and servers through better expanded enterprise offerings. It is also expected that the strategy will bring in more operating income and give momentum to strong cash flow from around the world. According to market index shares of Dell had dropped from $0.51 percent to $13.75 in extended trading.

Viacom had to suffer a heavy and unexpected setback by the court verdict awarded against it. On Wednesday, Louis Stanton-United States District Judge-who was hearing the case between Google In. and Viacom ruled to drop all copyright infringement cases against Google and YouTube. A lawsuit of £1 billion was leveled again the company under copyright act.

After the court verdict, Google posted on its website that the decision has been given YouTube on the basis of Digital Millenium Copyright Act as the company is protected it. And, no case could be registered under claims of copyright infringement. In post marketing, Google shares were seen dropping from $0.11 percent to $481.51 percent.

LDK and Gestamp agreement:

There was an agreement between LDK Solar Co and Gestamp Asetym Solar, which will boost market share of both the companies and save a lot of energy with the help of solar products. On Wednesday, the company announced that it is going to sing on a contract with Spain Based Gestamp Asetym Solar to supply high quality solar modules. GA is working as the subsidiary of Gestamp Corporation. There are some strict terms and conditions and according to which Gestamp Solar will receive in the third quarter of the year the delivery of around 15.8 MW (megawatts) of solar modules. Chairman and CEO-Xiaofeng Peng-of LDK Solar stated with complete satisfaction and smile on his face that both the companies are very happy and pleased to start such a joint operation with each other. Gestamp Solar is regarded as one of the leading companies in the development of PV projects.

He also added that this is clear by this contract; we will continue the development relationship with each other and meet solid demand and new challenges for our modules. We are determined to continue to enlarge our core relationship with partners and especially Gestamp Solar on coming projects. Chinese solar panel manufacturer share rose over 1 percent in hours.

A Tale of P2P Lawyering: Straightforward Legal Blackmail?

Well, legal actions against illegal P2P stuff have been very much evident since a whooping 10 million lawsuit was filed against, and cost of defending such cases in UK is easily £10,000, but it has become pretty common t o get away with small infringement cases merely by paying off under £10,00.

While such cases are pretty common nowadays in UK, entrepreneurial copyright lawyers in US haven’t been known to exist in large number; at least those who believe in sending out blackmail letters threatening prosecutions in case the alleged P2P users don’t settle to pay a decent amount.

Now, P2P lawyers have grown, just the way content plagiarism, and copyright violation lawyers have grown to significant numbers. And, now the day has come that P2P lawyers send out straightforward legal blackmails threatening to sue, and ask them to pay money to avoid being established to be guilty.

In legal terms you may call it blackmailing, but since the lawyers are not asking for something wrong, it may not be considered a crime, though not very ethical either. However, things in UK are a bit different from the US, as they’ve several lawyers, and small law firms operating within the country to monetize on P2P. ACS is one of the renowned law firms in UK, operated by Mr Andrew Crossley. They’re experts in tracking IP addresses on BitTorrent swarms, and then reveal the identities of those who’re involved in the process, and send out straightforward threats in form of letters and emails, asking them to pay money to settle the matter.

Just to give you an idea of the amount of money such lawyers make with these claims, one of the lawfirms run by Crossley claimed to have grabbed well over a million pounds this way. Keeping this trend in mind, even the US lawyers have adopted the same strategy; however, it would be interesting to see the kind of response from the Americans, and how well this strategy bodes on US shores.

Coming to the million dollar question whether someone really gets sued in this process – well, things aren’t as transparent as you’d expect them to be. The way they identify such infringements apparently comes from Swiss firm, and hence remains to be pretty much a secret.

But, when you take a look at the records, there have been thousands of letters sent out with legal warnings, but still no traces of any legal lawsuit filed against any of the infringers, and ACS law doesn’t really look too keen on filing lawsuits and taking any legal actions.

Most of the major music labels don’t favor the way ACS tackles illegal file-sharing, nevertheless, it looks like a nice effort to control copyright infringements. But, who’s really getting benefited from all this?

Well, not the music makers, and movie producers to say the least; but, there are many lawyers and lawfirms who’re presenting minting money sending out such legal blackmail letters, pretending to support the law, and doing nothing much in the end,

Beware P2P users – Straightforward Legal Blackmails are just a great way to make money!

So, will P2P lawyering emerge out as one of the newest ways of generating revenues? Well, only time can tell how American users are going to respond to such warnings. As of now, UK P2P lawyers are more than happy with the situations prevailing in the country.

Google And Twitter Takes the Side Of theflyonthewall.Com

Two giants in the Internet market Google Inc. and Twitter Inc. has taken the side of Inc. in the current most talked controversy in the tech world. Inc. is accused of publishing some internal research papers statements which was full right by the Bank of America’s Corporation’s two well established financial agencies Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. But Google and Twitter terms it as ‘freedom of expression’ where district court ruled against the Inc. by banning their financial news updates service.

Beyond the accusation Inc. is a financial news update agency which provides the latest update of share market to the readers. The upgrades and downgrades of current market are published every moment and they discuss about the current market scenario as well as predict the future of the market. Here the main report against them was filed by two prominent financial agency of USA where the accused Inc. for publishing their research report without their permission.  The financial agencies claim that this leads them to million dollar loss for which Inc. is the only responsible media.

In this context the district court of New York filed a ruling against Inc. and postponed their news update circulation. The district court accuse them of violating the copyright rule where the news media claims it as a ‘freedom of media’ to publish any news.

Flyonthewall’s appeal Inc. appealed in the federal court for the consideration of district court’s ruling. The lower court said that Inc. must follow the market until the official release of the report by the two financial agencies. But Inc. denied to move from their position and decided to go for an appeal.

Stand of Google and twitter

The most popular social networking website Facebook and micro blogging website Twitter entitled the whole incident as ‘nude step on the freedom of media’. They urge to ensure the freedom of media with utmost integrity. Google mentioned, ‘It’s a total mess up between the two parties, but we expect a better environments for the news agencies. Thus we urge the court for the justified dispute of the issue which could ensure the freedom of journalism.’

Twitter Inc. Voiced in the same way as Facebook. In a press release they jointly expressed their hopes of upholding the liberty of media. “In a world of modern communications technology, where anyone with a cell phone may disseminate news throughout the world even as it is occurring, the notion that a single media outlet should have a monopoly on time-sensitive facts is not only contrary to law, it is, as a practical matter, futile,” Google and Twitter said in the filing.”

Financial Agencies’ position

The copyright law enables the authority of the agencies to file the case against the news media where they accused them for “systematically and impermissibly accesses” their own research proprietary without their permission.

British Music Companies Pressure Google to Remove Piracy

This news will sound interesting to many of you out there. While there has been a restriction on contents that are pirated all over the internet world, there hasn’t been a restriction against Google that is your destination no matter what pirated stuff you wish to search for. It gives you access to pirated software as well as film and music content. It serves the same as The Pirate Bay and any other BItTorrent search engine around the world.

The first request

This was never noticed before the people from the British entertainment industry requested Google to remove all the possible links to such media. The file sharing sites like Megaupload, 4share, Rapidshare, ZippyShare, Mediafire and hotfiles are all heavens to such file sharing violating all piracy terms and conditions giving you access to almost all the stuff on the world.

There were a number of link that were reported to Google that were found by the Google’s search engine. The writer of the letter requested the links to be blocked or removed as soon as possible therefore restricting access to them. The links were having no appropriate information about the copyrights therefore violating all the rules and regulations that are set before any content is published on the internet.

History of requests

Such request have not been noticed in large quantities apart from a very minute number of large copyright owners requested Google in the past to sort such issues and find a solution. They requested a block to such services providing pirated content. These requests were not catered properly. The evidence of which is the blocking of The Pirate Bay link in October last year. The link was back up quickly and it was said that the removal was nothing but a mistake. Rests of the request were not even catered.

The current request

This request from the British music industry is something very important to Google because of the fact that Google is planning to come up with a complete new web store where they were planning to help people download and listen to streaming music of their choice. Though the recent request has no serious back up from the officials in the industry but still it needs to be catered in order to help officials from Google have a positive response with the launch of the music store that Google is planning.

The stake holders of many of the largest companies around the world even wish that Google takes hold of Apple’s iTunes that is causing great competition in the world of music therefore the music industry cannot let the British music industry to hinder in all this process.

The future to this request is mixed content till now because of the fact that BPI, the group launching the request is a major stake holder but putting all links down refer to a great loss to Google itself. The BPI is a combination of some of the many major and minor music labels. The request also awaits the three strikes law from the United Kingdom’s House of Commons that would enable copyright owners to suspend internet content providing access to copyright materials.

YouTube to ban Hitler’s “Downfall” Spoofs

You must have had a good laugh by watching the various, Hitler spoofs from the movie Valkyrie. Millions of users have logged on to various Hitler spoofs from famous scene of the “Downfall” in the movie, in which Hitler gives a angry speech to his generals, as he is losing the war. Though Hitler speaks in German, the subtitles are replaced by complete different topics, often vivifying hate messages and mocking various brands.

Well, now these spoofs have actually hurt consumer’s sentiments of various brands like Xbox, Apple and Adobe. Due to these boiling issues that are being viewed throughout Youtube, Constantin films, which is the original owner of the “Downfall” scene has filed for a copyright.

According to a spokesperson from Open video Alliance that had informed Constatin films about the copyright infringement “There are hundreds of Hitler Downfall videos, and it is unclear what will become of them. The burden of filing a counter notice or a claim of fair use to restore the video falls on individual users, so it will be difficult to reverse this action notice or a claim of fair use to restore the video falls on individual users, so it will be difficult to reverse this action.”

It has not been confirmed by YouTube if it will go ahead with a complete ban on the spoofs.  However as a copyright issue has been filed it’s only a matter of time to see if YouTube would consider any agreement with Constantin films.

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