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Fanless Heat Sink Design Promises Cooler, Quieter CPUs

The noise emitted from a fan fitted inside a computer is one of the reasons for irritation and disturbance when you try hard to concentrate on important things while working on a computer. The noise from the fan becomes a common issue as your computer gets old. A computer can have many fans that can be source of disturbing noise. The heat sink is one fan that tends to become noisy as your system become old and components starts wearing out. The heat sink fan makes a grinding noise that can prove to be major disturbance when you want to concentrate. The only solution to this problem is replacing the heat sink fan with a new one.  There has not been a major change in the heat sink design in many years. However, things are changing for better and now hardware components manufacturer have come up with a novel idea of fanless heat sinks and cooling system without fans.  The new concept of heat sink relies on design itself to dissipate the heat generated by CPU, GPU and other components which are fitted with heat sink.

Heat sinks play an important role in keeping the processor cool by absorbing the heat and dissipating it. Generally, the metal heat sink is fitted with a fan which helps in dissipation of heat. The problems with older design of heat sink are the design causes formation of boundary layer of air that causes the air to remain closer to the outer part of heat sink. Therefore a   fan is required to dissipate the heat that gets accumulated at boundary layer. The old heat sink design is inefficient to dissipate heat by itself and it has to rely on fan that needs power supply to run and protect the CPU from overheating.

The new heat sinks will not have a fan but the heat sink will rotate to dissipate the heat. The spinning heat sink will eliminate the formation of boundary layer and thus do away with the need of fan. The fanless heat sink will be so efficient that  it will operate quietly and at low speeds and yet dissipate the heat. The fanless heat sink   looks like a big, metal fan. The cooler has a static metal baseplate that is connected to the GPU, CPU or any object that needs cooling. The cooler also has a rotating heat exchanger that is cushioned by a thin layer of air. As the metal blades spin( the heat exchanger rotates) a centrifugal force is created which forces the hot air to move upwards which leads to cooling of the component. Another advantage of fanless heat sink is it also prevents build up of dust on the heat sink. The new fanless heat sink can be the technology processor manufacturers are waiting for.  It may encourage the processor manufacturers to design chips beyond 3GHz clock speed as the cooling solution has already arrived.

Troubleshooting Overheating Issues In Laptops

If your laptop suddenly overheats and shuts down, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. There are very many reasons why the overheating problem begins. The keyboard area as well as the laptop bottom area heat up when the laptop is being used. The CPU fans keep operating throughout and suddenly start becoming louder and noisier than before. The laptop shuts down suddenly without a warning. Sometimes the laptop shuts down after a few hours but sometimes it shuts down in 5-10 minutes itself. While the laptop works fine when idle, it starts shutting down as soon as high memory based applications are used like the DVD player, any video editor, image editor and so on.

First, is the CPU heat sink, check to see that it is not clogged with dust and lint, and then it is a good idea to blow air into it. Open the case to access the heat sink and laptop fan. In some of the laptops, you can access the heat sink by opening the latch at the bottom of the case. Either ways, you need to open the laptop completely. Disconnect the fan cables from the board completely. Remove the fan and if the fan is making grinding sounds, it needs to be removed for a complete overhaul. Clean the fan and heat sink with compressed air, Remove old thermal grease and apply new fresh thermal grease. Now run the fan and see the noise will have reduced or eliminated completely. However, you need to be extremely careful if you a taking the laptop apart. Another method to avoid opening up the laptop is to use a heavy duty suction machine and suck out the dust from within the system. This enables you to get the laptop working, while you do not open the machine too, but really not recommended, as heavy suction can leave remnants of lint and dirt stuck to un-accessible areas, inside the housing.

Apparently, one finds that the heating up of the laptop bottom is the only kind of problem that occurs widely. Using the laptop in higher ambient temperatures can cause overheating. Using heavy memory guzzling applications can also cause overheating. Placing the laptop on carpets or cushions can also cause overheating blocking the cooling systems from working. A chocked up cooling system can also cause overheating. It is advised to use the laptop on a laptop tray. Use of air-conditioning can also avoid overheating. Do not use broken or damaged batteries. All these measures should ensure that your laptop is well looked after and overheating is controlled. These days we also see products like laptop cooling pads available, which can more than push the performance to much higher levels.

Intel® six-core i7-990X Extreme processor

Intel six-core i7-990X Extreme processor can be regarded as the company’s fastest desktop chip. In the year 2009, Intel launched their experimental 48 core central processing unit (CPU), on a stamp sized piece of silicon. What is really interesting is the processing capability of this 48 core CPU chip, with amazing power management and power efficiency. So, a 6 core or 4 core chip from Intel with high speed and performance capabilities was likely to be launched.

There has been an increase in the number of processors that can be squeezed into a single chip and the concurrent speed of processing uses cutting edge technology. In fact, the company Tilera has claims of production of 36 core and 64 core chips, and have even announced a 100 core processor. NVIDIA, is reportedly working on a 512 core graphics processing unit (GPU). Working hand–in-hand with Microsoft and various cloud computing technologies, Intel strives to retain its position as the best processor manufacturer around. The concept of requirement of less cooling and reducing power consumption against the erstwhile higher and highest frequency race, maximizing processing capacity in smaller and smaller data centers, is what Intel is beating the competition at.

Ranging from the Intel 4004 processor introduced in 1971 commercially, with 2300 transistors and 10 Micron Silicon technology, Intel has, over various steps grown to 3 GHz speed, with 820,000,000 transistors and the 45nm silicon thickness technology in their Core 2 Quad processors in the year 2007. The transition from 1969 to 2007, in 38 years, with technology changing at breakneck speed is something to reckon with. Multi-core processor chips, principally are designed to do more work per clock cycle, run at lower frequencies, with each core behaving like a discrete logical processor with multiple threads to share the core’s resources. HT technology or Hyper Threading technology gave birth to this need. In fact, Hyper Threading technology allows maximization of performance by splitting the resources of each core, in the multi-core technology system. This logical evolution of Hyper Threading technology has brought about various software vendors like Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat and others to develop software, treating the multi-core processor as a single central processing unit.

This parallel processing system and threading technology have brought about dynamic changes in power consumption, memory latency and performance. This requirement of heavy performance requirement and scarce processor resources in various rich media content with demands on encoding and decoding multimedia as also editing video, 3D modeling, heavy scientific calculations, high-end digital content creation are the major factors responsible for chip manufacturers to think diverse and make available hardware to suit. Computing architecture and high-end platforms will definitely bring major changes in computing for medicine, IT, digital office, digital home, mobility solutions and even gaming.

Keep Track of ‘Who does What’ on Your Computer!

Ever wondered why your computer behaves abnormally at times? Or why your personal settings look changed when no one except you uses the computer? Anyone from a virus to your own little kid can do the above things without your knowledge. Well now, you need not just wonder about these things. You can use this new system to monitor who made changes to your system and when the changes were made. You need to have administrator rights to do this. By monitoring your system in this manner, you can find out who created a user account, which person changed security settings and even who opened a file on your computer. You just have to go to the windows event viewer and find out who spied on you. Listed here are the important features of this system.Monitor Network and Web Settings

Many spyware can connect your network to a remote network can use your network for either their benefit or your destruction. Network Monitor not only monitors your network activities but also closes down any suspicious networks. Additionally it terminates the process that was trying to establish connection in the first place.

Internet Explorer Monitor

Many people complain about their home page changing frequently or their clicks leading to unwanted web pages. Spyware can manipulate your internet explorer’s restriction registry keys to redirect you to their own desire web pages. IE Restrictions Monitor will prompt you before any such action are forced by any spyware. Frequent problems such as NoFileOpen,  NoBrowserSaveAs, NoFavorites, NoFileNew and NoBrowserContextMe are easily overcome with the IE monitor.

Improved CPU Performance

the spyware processes that continuously run on your computer actually use up CPU and RAM, thus slowing down your computer. This monitor continuously scans your computer and keeps killing any spyware processes. In fact live process monitoring can ensure that no spyware installs on your computer in he first place. Due to the extreme importance of this monitoring, it is recommended that this monitor be kept on all the time.


Perhaps the best thing this software has to offer is the security to your computer. You can see when someone accesses an Active Directory object. You can monitor policy changes to your computer thus keeping track of changes such as changing administrator rights, trust policies or auditing policies. Different spyware can install cookies on your PC that helps them track your IP address and extract information from your computer. The monitor continuously deletes any cookies that try to access your system have. Now you can tell them who’s the boss!


Monitoring Your Subordinates

If you are working in an environment where you are the boss in charge of a number of people, you can use the monitor to great effect. You can see when someone performs a task that they were not allowed to perform, or when someone shuts down or restarts the system without prior permission. Even program activation and termination can be monitored so that you can find out from whose computer a problematic program had originated.

ASUS Motherboards

Are you a computer geek? If you are, then you must be aware of the importance of a good motherboard? Even if you are not an IT enthusiast, as long as you work regularly using a computer you should know that the ASUS motherboard is what keeps the operating system together. Everything that is used along with the CPU such as the monitor, the mouse, the keyboard, speakers or even the printer depends upon this motherboard to function accurately. Hence, investing in a high quality motherboard is a good idea if you want to experience a long life for your PC.

The Universal ASUS motherboard:

ASUS motherboards are used all over the world for their excellent service to customers. That is why all computer users know the importance of having ASUS as their motherboards. Because of such positive reputation garnered by the ASUS group, their motherboards are always in demand. Not only are they the best as far as motherboards are concerned, the company develops chipsets for any kind of operating system known in the world. That is why an AMD user uses an ASUS motherboard and so does the Intel or the NVIDIA user.

Although all products of the ASUS group are of absolute quality, different motherboards developed by them have various facilities and utility functions. If you want to understand what a fairly good motherboard should have as its features then you should look for one that has a minimum memory space of 100 MHz that is configured according to DDR3. If you can get an ASUS motherboard that also supports a side port memory then it is an even better deal.

The reason why an ASUS motherboard provides such excellent service to its user is because of the simple flow concept followed by its developers. It can be understood by the common man if he follows a logical path of thought. Its integrated graphic performing features make the ASUS motherboard a steal to own.


In spite of being the popular name in the manufacture of motherboards the world over, ASUS has managed to keep its prices at competitive levels, making its products one of the most easily affordable in the market. The quality (clarity, resolution, sharpness, etc) of any image shown on the computer follows a direct correlation with the motherboard. The makers of ASUS have mastered the art to perfection.

However, the company also manufactures higher priced products such as the 975x motherboard for Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme using processors. These higher end chipsets are of course more costly. Such advanced design chipsets are only compatible with the more exclusive versions of the ASUS motherboards. The Core 2 Duo processor also works on the ASUS Rampage formula. This is the most advanced in the category of motherboards for this type of processor, making it an ideal choice for a computer that runs a high number of programs.

The bottom line is you must have a sound knowledge of your PC and draw up an idea of your requirements for the computer before choosing the appropriate motherboard for it.

ARM is offering 1.2GHz Snapdragon with its Dual Core CPU onslaught

The processors that are primarily considered to be lowest in Intel Mobile essentially are those that utilize the optimum architecture of Atom and can provide 0.65W that highly corresponds to 800 MHz Silver throne, Atom Z series. In the meantime, it is proved that processors of ARM are effectively found to be typically utilizing below half watt power consumption.

Are you as an interested user still wondering why ARM has stomped on the architecture of x86?  The natural benefit in holding certain advantages of power efficiency preferably in the segments of mobiles has inevitably enforced ARM to sit back and wonder whether they are compete in the most efficient segment that is the computing power sensitive notebooks and notebooks alone.

Exploring the two most optimum MSM’s of Qualcomm

Qualcomm, the giant worldwide who is considered to be one of the biggest organizations effectively holding licensees of ARM has grandly unveiled its two amazing Mobile Station Modem’s namely  MSM8260 and MSM8660 Snapdragon chipsets which are basically of the marvelous 3rd generation. These are undoubtedly availing the incomparable option of dual-core ARM CPUs clocked at up to an unbelievable level of 1.2 GHz.

The MSM8260 is highly found to be supporting HSPA+ which is a novel and fast accelerating 3.5G technology of the present era and that has effectively deployed not only by AT & T but also T-Mobile. However, the MSM 8660 has found to be supporting both; HSPA+ and the rival 1xEV-DO Rev. B tech, which is also a 3.5 technology that is utilized efficiently by the two topmost organizations namely Verizon and Sprint during their 4G transition period.

The support that is availed for such advantages standards greatly prevailed in technology clearly integrates the route of the making of high speed next generation devices popularly known as namely smart phones.

The most incorporated features of these incredible chipsets; MSM8260 and MSM8660

• 1 GPS

• GPU with 2D/3D acceleration engines optimally for Open GL ES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1

• 1080 p video encoding and decoding

• Dedicated audio engine that is unbelievably low powered

• Support for 24-bit WXGA that avails an irresistible 1280 x 800 pixel display

It is very important to be noted that the GPU is however sourced for the incredible AMD or ATI which is quite similar to the earlier chipsets. The prime example of this could be the one that is effectively used in Nexus One which avails a dedicated GPU that is on chip. Moreover, it is die base on the Z430 ATI or ADI design.

Preserving battery life

Recently Android platform has been quite busy with Snapdragon. So, it is evident that as a user you have not to be surprised if you detect a dual core Android Smartphone that is truly waiting for the greedy hands of users to invariably adorn it. Fortunately, technology is very advanced to take care of the second core tuning where it makes handsets to automatically switch off thus effectively preserving the life of the battery.

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